50BMG vs Steel I-Beam

Shooting a Lead FMJ, an API, and a turned Brass Bullet .50 BMG through some thick steel.

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Intro made by http://www.youtube.com/autodidactdystopia

Music is called "Club Diver", by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
  • MattV2099: Guns & Food

    Dude... I want a barrett so bad. Are they back to normal price?!?!?!?

  • EweChewBrrr

    They shouldn't make tanks out of that crappy steel. They should make them out of table tops. If movies have taught me anything it's this: NO BULLET CAN PENETRATE A TABLETOP!!!

  • Rampster27

    you should try jet fuel next. that would definitely destroy that beam

  • FilliamPL

    .50BMG can't melt steel beams

  • Pepe Le Pew

    That hole is oddly satisfying

  • Tim McKinney

    Who needs a drill when you have a .50 bmg?

  • AA

    Take an old but running car, strip the body off the front and send a .50 through the hot running engine. Radiator, water pump, block, etc. That'd be dope

  • Nick Tracy

    You went out to shoot a .50 cal but only had 1 ap round? Boy scouts: Be prepared.

  • SoulEjecta

    Whoa, I'm surprised that a .308 actually penetrated that steel.

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    At 2:16 is proof Matt is made out of titanium.

  • FirstDagger

    God I hate the Imperial measuring system. Metric ftw

  • Guns & Gears

    Best bottle opener ever

  • pendrake113

    Now do a video about jet fuel.

  • Ayman Frihat

    Next time try 50JFR, rounds (Jet fuel rounds). it'll take just 1 round to turn the beam into molten steel.

  • Disasterollogy

    You should do a slow motion shooting of the Barrett to show the Gas Recoil Barrel System and showing the Bullet firing and to also see if it leave a Vapor trail. That would be a kool video taht I would bomb the Like button.

  • stuna101a

    I keep thinking your scratching the top of that truck.

  • MegaGearz

    you need to rezero that scope

  • jordanbrennier

    You guys are awesome. I love this .50 caliber penetration stuff. Keep it up.

  • CookieBit127

    Matts answer to everything: shoot it with a 50 BMG!!!

  • baguazhang2

    He has 1.5 million subscribers. Surely one of you has a 20 mm Anzio you can lend him for a day?

  • Keiko Kuribayashi

    Bullets cant Penetrate steel Beams.

  • Naomi Nekomimi

    What is special about brass for making bullets? Could someone explain to me the difference/advantage?

  • Aaron Dawson

    Fire a .50cal at a small, loose brick wall.

  • James Stevick

    Wind... 100yds... 50bmg with a 650+ grain bullet at nearly 3000fps? =___= C'mon son.

  • Sahadi420

    I can't help but giggle every time I see a .50 BMG bullet. I looks like a fake movie prop. 

  • Gregg Smith

    Selling my Drill and buying a BMG

  • J Vilander

    video game logicgoes thru a feet of concrete but doesnt pierce millimeter of steel

  • Chuy Castro

    why not invest into a PTRD? It was WAY more penetration than a wimpy .50 bmg.

  • RGEMadeIt


  • screwloose455

    How can you be such a bad shot from such a close range............

  • Alexander Rol

    I really wanna try shooting an M98B! :Ptoo bad we don't have the same gun law in Denmark as you lucky bastards in the US :D

  • Destroyer0314

    You should do a video with the slo mo guys where you do the same thing but in super slow motion

  • Jeff McAtee

    Steel is a wide flange W12x50 beam. Flange is .640" thick and web is .370" thick.

  • anthony guerra

    50 bmg doesnt melt steel beams

  • Braxton Davis

    50bmg can't melt steel beams

  • Jaren Kelhower

    You can barely trust Matt to hit an accurate shot lol

  • Wejustmight die

    3:47 Anyone notice the shell jammed on it's way out?

  • Sean

    Used to be one of those at my local free range. It made such a beautiful sound. sigh

  • Slightlyegdypinnaple123 Boy

    Shoot the kolibri the 2mm piston at something

  • Harley Butler

    You should make a video with bullets made out of different metals.

  • Brandon Piper

    what's the farthest shot you've made with that 50 cal of yours?

  • NCshooter1213

    I bet that solid Brass round wasn't cheap!! Nice vid as usual

  • Jimmi DA FISH MUN

    did anyone else notice that the brass bullet jammed the barret?

  • Rawny

    Be more Russian, shot from closer.

  • Everything Reinbold

    Is that a piece of... I wait that's straw lolol

  • Jujuhasa Tv

    These holes ain't loyal

  • Johnboy


  • Aaron Dudka

    I'm sure that brass bullet was expensive.

  • Dan G

    my uncle shot a 300 Win Mag from his truck and shattered his side mirror

  • peterthinks

    Shoot a chunk of railway rail! See if you can make it unsuitable for a train to run over.

  • GetTheFO

    Could you line up like 10 houses and see how many a .50 will go through? I volunteer my neighborhood.

  • Abe Gypsy

    Who doesn't like A .50 Cal rifle?The government, that's who.

  • GmasterRED

    Those aren't bullets, those are mini rockets

  • Amanda Fletcher

    gah he looks so much younger

  • Hotdogger808

    5 8ths......??? why not 15 mm? surely its easier

  • Diditallforthexp

    I would love a close up of that hole.wink

  • Violent Kisses

    This is like a building advice show for preppers.

  • Duncan D

    I really like your NEW outro....

  • Edward Bliffin

    Hell yea Im subscribing to this channel!

  • RyanWM91

    Love the sound of the Barrett

  • I SSMDad

    +DemolitionRanch how about shooting 5.56 and 50 cal at the top of a railroad track or an anvil?

  • snowdoggieii

    Nice, should have brought a spare

  • JML Fishing

    you should get a custom built 20mm sniper!!!!!

  • Mauricio Rodriguez

    Jet fuel can't melt steel beams...

  • Neal Ramsey

    Man! get closer or bring another round! lol good one

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