50BMG vs Steel I-Beam

Shooting a Lead FMJ, an API, and a turned Brass Bullet .50 BMG through some thick steel.

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Intro made by http://www.youtube.com/autodidactdystopia

Music is called "Club Diver", by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
  • John Norris

    I bet you can go to your local Metal recycling plant and get them to lend you big steel plates that they plan on melting down (scrap from welding shops etc), Let them know you want to shoot them up a little and will be returning them, they may not even make you pay a deposit or anything if you let them know what you do and offer to give their business a plug in your video, That way you can set up some cool thick steel flat targets, large enough that you do not have to worry about missing and can even place them behind each other at a spacing of your liking, they would also maybe give you access to all kinds and sizes of metal targets such as hard Stainless steel, Iron etc. 

  • EweChewBrrr

    They shouldn't make tanks out of that crappy steel. They should make them out of table tops. If movies have taught me anything it's this: NO BULLET CAN PENETRATE A TABLETOP!!!

  • FilliamPL

    .50BMG can't melt steel beams

  • Nick Tracy

    You went out to shoot a .50 cal but only had 1 ap round? Boy scouts: Be prepared.

  • Rampster27

    you should try jet fuel next. that would definitely destroy that beam

  • AA

    Take an old but running car, strip the body off the front and send a .50 through the hot running engine. Radiator, water pump, block, etc. That'd be dope

  • Pepe Le Pew

    That hole is oddly satisfying

  • SoulEjecta

    Whoa, I'm surprised that a .308 actually penetrated that steel.

  • Gun Runnerz

    Great video guys! I love 50 cal Fridays :)

  • Sahadi420

    I can't help but giggle every time I see a .50 BMG bullet. I looks like a fake movie prop. 

  • stuna101a

    I keep thinking your scratching the top of that truck.

  • jordanbrennier

    You guys are awesome. I love this .50 caliber penetration stuff. Keep it up.

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    At 2:16 is proof Matt is made out of titanium.

  • Taylor

    you should redo the API in the next video and shoot something else i really wanted to see the API go threw both sides  

  • Disasterollogy

    You should do a slow motion shooting of the Barrett to show the Gas Recoil Barrel System and showing the Bullet firing and to also see if it leave a Vapor trail. That would be a kool video taht I would bomb the Like button.

  • Tim McKinney

    Who needs a drill when you have a .50 bmg?

  • CookieBit127

    Matts answer to everything: shoot it with a 50 BMG!!!

  • MattV2099: Guns & Food

    Dude... I want a barrett so bad. Are they back to normal price?!?!?!?

  • HaV1nGI5sueS

    Fire a .50cal at a small, loose brick wall.

  • steelmesh

    API shot was a freakin jip.  I expect more out of you, with 140,000 subscribers you left us all blue balled.

  • pendrake113

    Now do a video about jet fuel.

  • Abe Gypsy

    Who doesn't like A .50 Cal rifle?The government, that's who.

  • Naomi Nekomimi

    What is special about brass for making bullets? Could someone explain to me the difference/advantage?

  • Duncan D

    I really like your NEW outro....

  • MegaGearz

    you need to rezero that scope

  • Edward Bliffin

    Hell yea Im subscribing to this channel!

  • Guns & Gears

    Best bottle opener ever

  • Violent Kisses

    This is like a building advice show for preppers.

  • Hotdogger808

    5 8ths......??? why not 15 mm? surely its easier

  • GmasterRED

    Those aren't bullets, those are mini rockets

  • Diditallforthexp

    I would love a close up of that hole.wink

  • Gregg Smith

    Selling my Drill and buying a BMG

  • Harley Butler

    You should make a video with bullets made out of different metals.

  • snowdoggieii

    Nice, should have brought a spare

  • RyanWM91

    Love the sound of the Barrett

  • jon miles

    Keep it up love your videos, please make another custom shotgun rounds video

  • Joel M

    Barrett .50 Cal BMG FTW!!!!!

  • Dan G

    my uncle shot a 300 Win Mag from his truck and shattered his side mirror

  • anthony guerra

    50 bmg doesnt melt steel beams

  • FirstDagger

    God I hate the Imperial measuring system. Metric ftw

  • pilotkisses

    I Beams are SOFT STEEL. 223 will go thru it too. 50 BMG can't go thru AR500, which is what most targets are made of.AR500 is rated for 50 cal @ 200 yards plus.

  • SeanLukeW

    Used to be one of those at my local free range. It made such a beautiful sound. sigh

  • RGEMadeIt


  • North American Heathen

    Hand load an SS109 sabot into a 308 You'll get amazing results on that steel.

  • baguazhang2

    He has 1.5 million subscribers. Surely one of you has a 20 mm Anzio you can lend him for a day?

  • GetTheFO

    Could you line up like 10 houses and see how many a .50 will go through? I volunteer my neighborhood.

  • daltonboy7154

    Shoot an anvil !!!!!!!

  • Chuy Castro

    why not invest into a PTRD? It was WAY more penetration than a wimpy .50 bmg.

  • 0679Patrick

    Love the video as always but you gotta reshoot the AP round.

  • Braxton Davis

    50bmg can't melt steel beams

  • Rob Harkes

    50 BMG green tip that's a bad ground

  • JP Daily Gaming-Geometry Dash & More!

    You should redo the 50foot tannerite but with gunpowder mixed in.

  • Reinbold Farm

    Is that a piece of... I wait that's straw lolol

  • Five high


  • Jacob Wray

    i shot through one of them with a 270 PowerPoint

  • Silent Russian

    Pretty sweet looking sunflower shape.

  • Sarin Highwind

    I've shot though rail road rails with a 308. This better be good.

  • screwloose455

    How can you be such a bad shot from such a close range............

  • Chris Stokes

    love all your videos. but love to see most of these videos with some good slow-mo footage. they drywall videos would be fantastic in slow motion.

  • James Helmling

    Solid brass round +10, fantastic.

  • Bryce P

    Whats the cost of an AP or solid brass round? FMJ is $3 right?

  • imbok

    The flange thickness on a W12 x 50 (what you were shooting) is 0.640", just over 5/8".

  • Kodi Green

    You should try to find the 50 cal projectiles with fmj after you shoot them

  • Kodi Green

    You should try to find the 50 cal projectiles with fmj after you shoot them

  • TheLang345

    i'ld like to see what a .50 cal made of tungsten would do... :3

  • Jeff McAtee

    Steel is a wide flange W12x50 beam. Flange is .640" thick and web is .370" thick.

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