Skyrim 5 Secret Unique WEAPONS & ARMOR Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior)

Skyrim 5 Secret Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior).
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  • M'aiq The Liar

    M'aiq doesn't need weapon. M'aiq's claws are sharp enough to slash through enemies.

  • Turco949

    I became a blood-kin by giving the Orc chief an iPhone 8.

  • Deadbølt

    You have committed crimes against skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?

  • Blaise uchiha

    the blades armour looks kinda like samurai armour

  • EpicWinNoob

    The notched pickaxe, It could be a profound reference to one of man's harrowing accomplishments by 2 of the most dedicated mountain climbers of their time who left a pick with a notch in it and this may be reflecting that...Or it could just be a reference to a game usually played by screaming 13 year olds and 35 year old man-children trying to make it on youtube.yeah I think Ill stick with the axe being a reference to the accomplishment of dedicated people.

  • Scarlet Fate

    well I'm the Champion of Malacath, will they recognize my status? lol

  • Cleveland Kelly

    Not touching main quest til I'm lvl 60 I'm a 58 right now

  • Highly

    Hahahhaahhahaahhah I killed all the orks at nazlabur.

  • John McCall

    Note on the first one. You actually can enter the Orc stronghold whenever you wish, the orcs simply won't trade with you and will act a bit rude.

  • Evan wong

    playing it at 1.25 speed is normal

  • Satan Before God

    Actually when you enter the sky haven temple for the first time, the new blades won't have claimed it. so you can take the blades armour set and dragonbane without having to steal them

  • Ares FireHeart

    Why your character looks like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn?

  • EagleScopes

    I started playing skyrim again because of your videos ,thank you

  • Sweg pokemon Dob

    Nope. Best sword to kill dragons is..... WindSheir

  • Banana Man

    lol I can't do the first one I'm an ork

  • Thegamingmonkey 45

    if u complete the mage guild u will be welcome to all orc stronghold

  • GokuFoxy 2126Goku

    can you going in the sky Haven temple at level 6?

  • Tuvstarr

    You sir, has one of the best telling voice I have ever heard, you talk slow and clear. Perfect! :D. Thanks for those tips about the weapons. I did talk to Gabriella but forgot about the bow hehe. Was so busy tipping the gargoyle head -.-

  • Zeis

    I knew about the blades armor via me being the looter i am i even took a few plates.

  • Doebe Augustin

    Where’s the armor? The box was empty?

  • jaron keating

    Props to his ability to turn an easy 4 minute video into almost 4 times as long

  • DedWiz _

    I've already done number 4 out of curiosity when I was up the the first time, lol. I disenchanted the pick though.

  • Christopher Rose

    I prefer using Katia's Zephyr as my primary bow.

  • skyline productions

    see u later in skyrim 2 in 2020!

  • jackson

    They sued notch though so why would they put in an Easter egg

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    I don’t think they would have a Minecraft Easter Egg in Skyrim

  • Shane ez

    Your tips and videos are so good! I hope you keep doing them in the future 😊

  • DankStein

    he forgotten dawnbreaker sword i guess

  • Dwanetherock Cena

    I actually started the main quest line when I was level 39

  • Cam

    Who the hell uses armour? Just spend every single perk point on health and like three points for magika.

  • Sean McEarl

    So using dwarven armor perks, I have hit over 2k defense. Using only dwarven armor.

  • Just Monika

    I never knew about the blades armor set. Neat

  • JayJay 44

    Why does your character look so damn sick when swinging at enemies?

  • Andrew Kugler

    i wanna see u go up against the ebony warrior

  • Nick

    Are you using a controller on PC?

  • Paladin Ezrah

    Hey ESO, What enb are you using in this video?


    Notch can mean "Score or Achieve (something)" As in your reward for exploring the highest place in Skyrim.There's also "make notches in" as in make a notch through some ore or stone.But in either way, the Mt. Everest reference would've been better than a Minecraft one, as it'd be putting brave souls who lost their lives into a great game, instead of just saying "Oh, It's a Minecraft Reference, That's pretty fucking cool"


    Thank you very helpful. Hope u reach 1mill subs!

  • Shannon Turner

    Stay out of trouble khajit. 😐

  • Generic Name

    Too bad I can't talk to the orcs cuz I have a bounty of 12,000 to the orcs...

  • phantomeagle

    I got the blades set without stealing I just took it from the chest

  • Volfied

    How did u got 92954 armor????

  • Manny Castillo

    None of these are even close to being "secret"

  • Skuarsky

    When you turned that chest plate legendary my eyes dimmed

  • turkey 115

    i foumd the notched pic whem i fought alduin lol

  • emre_soyatsız

    you can get up to the balcony at number one by simply entering a door

  • alicmann

    So do you have to do the first part if your an orc.

  • Ranger Savin

    ESO, you CAN disenchant the gauntlets but only after you give them to the orcs. By giving them to the orcs it removes the quest item tag and if you steal them back you indeed get the enchantment.

  • Kelvan Taylor

    ESO all of these items are really good and all that. But you do know there is a way to make weapons and armor at a really high level, right? By which would literally mean never having to look for best quality weapons and armor. I'm talking about using a little iron dagger or a hunting bow with a damage of 2,000,000,000% (even though My bow's damage is a little too high, but still gets any job done with one shot), that can be used to kill a dragon with one swing or one shot. I'm talking about using a pair of clothes with no armor and making an increased health and stamina enchantment with 20,000,000%. That way you will never get tired of aiming your bow, or get tired of running, or you'll never get tired of falling from a high mountains and die the moment you touch the ground.

  • Jasmin Jimenez

    Congrats for 1mill subs sorry I'm late

  • Jake Snow

    Roses are red Violets are blueI fell for the clickbatAnd so did you

  • legendarygamer2099

    i've got the first skyrim,are they in the none remaster?

  • DJ double cheese burger

    Full dwarven armor is waaaaaay better than full blade armor. Without the shield(the dwarven armor) it's143 and with the shield it's 153

  • Vuku

    The armor you were wearing looked cooler than the ones you showcased

  • Sidney inyelyah

    what armor mod and war hammer mod does he have? it looks so cool

  • fooking work

    Few things i have so far missed. I want to know where all them blue armour parts are. Jyst got helmet at moment.

  • NiBbLeZpLaZ

    hey eso I love your videos and it would be nice if you replied it would make my day

  • goldenboy269 reser

    I missed the blade armor and the dragonbane sword

  • Michael O Callaghan

    I like using light armour, personally. Your best bet to stay protected wearing light armour is to increase its armour rating using potions. Heavy armour such as Dragon and Daedric look the coolest, but they slow you down. I used to wear them all the time, but, I’ve become accustomed to light armour and a bow. I like the whole Assassins Creed approach of being stealthy and skilful, as opposed to a big brawler type. I usually store all my best stuff in my houses, just for safekeeping. I don’t carry much more than a secondary weapon and Staff, some potions and food, and a few Quest items that I can’t yet discard. 😋

  • GuillotineLaw1

    I always thought Shock was the weakest of the three. Sure enough without an enchanted piece of armour nobody has 50% resistance, though Bretons have 25% to all magic. But isn't magic damage useless against NPCs? Enemy mages regenerate magic too quickly to make it useful. With Frost and Fire, frost does slow down enemies, fire does extra damage. Also don't dragons take extra damage if hit by the opposing element. So fire dragons feel frost harder, frost dragons feel fire harder. So if you have the choice of firing one of the three elemental spells at a dragon, Shock is always the middle choice, the worst one is the element you see it breathing, the best to throw at it is the other element. With hostile Dark Elves, Shock or Frost will work for round about the same damage, frost will slow them down. With hostile Nords Fire or Shock will work but fire will do extra damage.

  • Piper Coughlin

    I got the strongholds to like me by doing that quest for the miners by Markarth, and the orc was like "I'll tell them how chill you are"

  • Ian

    Don't want to be that person but do you mean smithing not smiting

  • prodbySCAR

    i highly recommend listening to this video in 1.25 speed

  • Five finger Death punch

    A samurai? With electricity? How could this be? Oh yeah. Click bait.

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