Skyrim 5 Secret Unique WEAPONS & ARMOR Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior)

Skyrim 5 Secret Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior).
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  • NiBbLeZpLaZ

    hey eso I love your videos and it would be nice if you replied it would make my day

  • Matthew Middlehurst

    hi Danny I hope u reach 1million subs this year good luck mate

  • Andrew Kugler

    i wanna see u go up against the ebony warrior

  • EagleScopes

    I started playing skyrim again because of your videos ,thank you

  • FuSeDoritos

    are you ever going to do a guide on where to find water walking boots

  • swingbean

    B4 any 1 asks the armour is called deathbrand armour, he has a guide on it, the weapon is called the champions cudgel, he also has a guide on that, saved you a job ther eso lol

  • Andrew Buser

    I think I totally missed the Blades Helmet every single time.

  • Aye that's pretty good

    If you find dragons bane when you're low lvl but when you're a higher lvl put in a random chest and then wait like a few days then t should be better according to your lvl

  • Steampunkcraft

    if youre quick you can just loot it

  • Wildpaw

    Wait.. was the pickaxe not in the original edition of skyrim? Because if i remember right, skyrim came out before minecraft.

  • Undergravity Universe

    u got u there before i unlocked it Why You may ask Because I Can!!

  • Death Scope

    you know you can just walk into any stronghold and they wont do anything

  • Loffles

    I couldn't get the first piece of armour because im an orc and they just let me come in

  • Corn Cob

    What y u no include windshear, it's the most OP thing ever

  • Wasabi Overdose

    you can get firiniel's end simply by going through the door on ground level, next to the upper balcony.

  • Addie Marie

    How did you get that pretty hair?! I just started playing and they only had short hair

  • Tapetalraindog 9

    A LIGHTING about clickbait

  • Samanthug

    I found dragonbane in an invisible chest in solitude, is that normal?

  • Marshall Livesten

    I ate all the orcs when I first became a werewolf

  • δupreme Gaming

    Wish there was a hidden laser blade

  • Jokrz

    What's the name of the armor his character is wearing?

  • Mr Toxic.

    Is this for last gen to

  • Jamie Mason

    How the hell did u get such an upgrade on the blades gear??

  • Iver Phillips

    Why she look like an anime character 😂

  • dragonslayer ornstein

    my dragonbane had a base damage of 17

  • turkey 115

    i foumd the notched pic whem i fought alduin lol

  • Neil Hinton

    lol. hes got 5 daedric arrows too. i found 5 in a dungeon but then no more ever again

  • Dead PvP

    Minecraft Easter Egg? GOD DAMNIT BETHESDA!!!!

  • Mr .POOTIS

    or when u give the fingers to the chief steal it from the girl ork

  • Ja Am

    Thank you great collection of videos

  • Tristan Bernek

    do u now how to get the imperial helmet (the one that looks like a spartan helmet)

  • Mijdon Gaming

    I still wanna know what graphic mods are you using ?

  • Poke Chips

    You mean a base damage of 9 at level 7 ugg

  • Dakota Shirayuki

    there is 3 ways to become blood kin that i know of which 1st is the quest cursed tribe then 2nd there is this orc smith in markarth that you can go see and she is looking for a few books you talk to her go get the books then you can head back to her give the books to her and you will be blood kin then 3rd is the forge master's fingers

  • Devin Traigle

    It may look cool, but I would like to not glitch my way through skyrim.

  • FatLi TheLi

    ffs what are the visual mods u're using?, ur skyrim looks so sexy.

  • ElectricSniperz

    quick question, if you go up go the orc stronghold as an orc, will they let you in?

  • Super_Cooper

    Number 5 doesn't work as an Orc, cant get mission

  • legendarygamer2099

    i've got the first skyrim,are they in the none remaster?

  • kellan mcconnell

    the blades armor suck I have an armor rating of 236

  • Malachi Clevenger

    the wedding clothes also from that last quest

  • Lilith Kage

    Thanks, I knew the Pickaxe was here, but not where.

  • Blake W

    pin this comment for a baby dragon!

  • Elijah Jones

    you can actually get those gauntlets in any orc stronghold I had to fight a dragon

  • Harley Lawrence

    please help me find them

  • David Brown

    is that the original or remastered version?

  • Bobby O

    if you turn on subtitles they do a terrible job of getting some of the words right

  • the wandering pigeon

    as someone who got skyrim special edition for ps4 these videos help a bunch

  • Nathan

    Didn't learn anything new from this, wouldn't recommend this for anyone who's played over ten hours.

  • Simon Riley

    I took that bow and blades armor and the dragonbane cause I thought they were useless.

  • Alexis Cain

    The first one, they didnt greet me. So i may of killed them.......XD

  • Jackson Miller

    If u are orc can u enter narzuber

  • MysticLogistic

    His game looks gorgeous. Anyone got a clue what mods are used here?

  • Lucas Johnson

    Number 10 you can do at any stronghold

  • Martin Nguyen

    What armor is this? It looks awesome

  • Argon

    Man i just gave that gauntlet to that orc. If i actually tried to mix it with Blackmith potion i can improve the weapon and armor on about 45%, with Notched Pickaxe i can reach 47% which is insane.

  • Bob John

    you don't have to steal it when I took the armor before I saw this video for the Blades armor

  • Daris Price

    Whats that blood scythe in his inventory.'

  • ehüehü ehü

    change your name brother you are not eso

  • Musical Ava

    Actually (little tip) to get just the blade sword when you walk into Delphine's hidden room, if you look to the table right next to the door. it should be there. The armor itself requires you to go to the temple.

  • Jun Mar

    how lllloooonnngg will it take to make ES6 !? its been 7 or 8 years !!!!!!

  • Ben Fox

    review bow of the hunt

  • xXsAtIrIqUeXx

    I don't know why I keep watcing all those unique item guides when I know all of them and where to find them

  • Stuart James

    I just climbed the side of the rock and just jumped in

  • Talon Mitchell

    Congrats on the new word: Malchite

  • Daniel Cannata

    I never engage dragons with melee. They just eat me every time. Dont know HOW the fuck people do those insanely badass kill animations. fucking impossible for me....

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