Skyrim 5 Secret Unique WEAPONS & ARMOR Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior)

Skyrim 5 Secret Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior).
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  • NiBbLeZpLaZ

    hey eso I love your videos and it would be nice if you replied it would make my day

  • Andrew Kugler

    i wanna see u go up against the ebony warrior

  • FuSeDoritos

    are you ever going to do a guide on where to find water walking boots

  • Radioactivwaffl Slagboom

    Did he forget about the akaviri samurai armor thats just sitting in another room in the temple? Pretty sure thats rarer than the blades set, correct me if I'm wrong.

  • sinfearless robo1

    I find windshear good as well staggers all and anything

  • Alex Cassel

    It would be pretty hard not to goto Sky Haven Temple till level 42 lol unless you're using mods or killing every God damn thing and doing tons of side quests..

  • thatbraneyguy 675

    I gave the orc chief the forge masters fingers but a dragon came and killed the person who had it... I didn't kille the dragon

  • Fergil The Fox

    im level 53 and only just started the mission to get into the Thalmor embassy ( this is like the 50th character though so i have completed the game :3 )

  • Tzeentch

    Whats the texture mod you use?

  • time two game b

    how did you get the hair for your character

  • wietse sinnaeve

    What kinda armour is that? Is it modded or not?

  • Paarthurnax Luke

    Who needed help killing alduin?

  • Storm Bloodbane

    dude.... stop begging for likes n subscribes during the guide n just guide

  • srg forge2 atchison

    last time i went to a khajit camp i lost all my clothes,weapons,food,house,virginity,companion,life x5,armour,spells,scrolls,chests,curses,skills and they lost their lives.let that be a lesson to all you khajit out there.i am a stone cold khajit killer

  • Justin Keefer

    eso where get that armor character location at.. look cool

  • Oblivious 1

    How does your game look so good

  • Sebastian Is my NAME

    Who else came hear to get a staff made of lightning #clickbait

  • DedWiz Gaming

    I've already done number 4 out of curiosity when I was up the the first time, lol. I disenchanted the pick though.

  • jm gold

    i think thats steve picaxe and i think alex and steve just mining and they world just changed

  • TheReAlDragOnborn Ahmed

    Use wind sheer the best gliched weapon, every hit staggers the enemy, ESO has a guide to it

  • Guinea Cat Gamers

    Throat of the world is where alduin was killed first

  • Ulfric Stormcloak

    I love the blades armor and blades sword

  • BananaWrecker

    Ur the only youtuber i know that dont clickbait on Skyrim :D

  • LucidNightmare 134

    For those who think notched means notch it doesnt when something is notched it's stuck in something it's a reference to the people who climbed mt Everest and notched a pick axe at the top

  • Rhiannon M.

    What if I killed the dark brotherhood

  • jonas gateau

    "Skyrim 5"... R U serious?

  • Strahinja Dj

    eso you don t have to mine with a pichaxe that way you can swing it as a wepon and it will mine

  • Chader Cheese

    When I walked up to the orc stronghold they didnt say anything

  • Kevin Graham

    I didn't walk into Skyhaven until 54

  • Onyx_ The_Wolf

    once i got to close to the notched pickaxe and it flung down the mountain .-.

  • Tristan Anderson

    Oh shit did anyone else kill every orc at the camp?

  • Zupacapa

    Your on 999k subscribers great job !!!!!!!

  • useless thumb

    The notched pickaxe is baced on minecraft the creator of skyrim met him

  • oldschoolgames

    What armor set do you use?is very pretty, but I dunno if it's modded...

  • Lemon Soldier

    I Love this game so much i play it evreyday

  • Pete Drek

    skyrim came out a week before minecraft... why would they insert a reference to minecraft ?no fucking reason.... Mont everest version seem more accurate

  • Wazzap!

    yo can anyone tell me the texture pack he's using

  • Banana Man

    lol I can't do the first one I'm an ork

  • Brian Storey

    How did you get your graphics so nice and the different hairstyle??

  • the crafty guy

    I read Skyrim 5.....Fukkah u

  • Daniel Hampson

    How has this cunt got nearly 1 million subs?!

  • Czyżushow

    Hey why i no have this frist quest with gauntlets?

  • Zenoxs 0

    "You can improve it to 567" Improves it to 929199.

  • jinsin4112

    everybody's lucky that they have fun playing Skyrim when I play Skyrim my game crashes

  • wc wolf

    which link shows how to become bloodkin

  • King Gohan

    hey ESO i found a better smithing pair of gloves with 15%

  • Ruf Rubi gaming

    He has gained 4K subs in a few days lol

  • foxy 2126

    can you going in the sky Haven temple at level 6?

  • Brian Thompson

    What if you kill the dark brother hood will the bow be there

  • CyCloNe Gaming

    Roses are red Violets are blueI fell for the clickbatAnd so did you

  • Skate for Life mob

    For the first one I play as an Orc and she just let me into the stronghold lol.

  • Nico Kennedy

    Do a ebony warrior battle

  • Willem

    8:40 you are so good at self advertising your videos

  • Fernando Ibarra

    what i have suppoused to do if i enchant my armor before!? am i scrude? :c

  • The Spy149

    U forgot to add how to be bloodkin

  • Paulo Hawthorne

    thanks a lot I'm a new player and this really helped a lot

  • What Did You Do To My Drink

    These aren't unique and they're not secret

  • Amanda Reed

    how did you get the aetherial crown

  • Juhan Rossouw

    ESO your the best skyrim player I ever seen! 😃

  • Kevin Haidar

    is this the new skyrim or the old one ? it because it's look prettier than when i play the old one

  • Ashton Horstman

    The blades armor is amazing I use it because it's so good and you can get it super early on

  • Logan Miller

    Eso u should do q and a

  • Alexis Cain

    The first one, they didnt greet me. So i may of killed them.......XD

  • brandon wells

    also if i got dragonbane at level 49 dat means im either not doing main quests or im behind

  • Darthplagueis13

    I recommand you to get tzhe blades armour and dragonbane at the time when you enter the temple the first time along with the blades. If you then take the equipment the armour will not be considered stolen. Later on when you technically are given the opportunity to join the blades it would be stolen.

  • Marcus Liles

    "improve the armor rating of the Blades Armor to 567" on the screen behind him: Armor Rating: 929199

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