Skyrim 5 Secret Unique WEAPONS & ARMOR Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior)

Skyrim 5 Secret Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior).
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  • M'aiq The Liar

    M'aiq doesn't need weapon. M'aiq's claws are sharp enough to slash through enemies.

  • Whiterun Guard

    Jarl Balgruuf says he doesn’t appreciate clickbait.

  • Turco949

    I became a blood-kin by giving the Orc chief an iPhone 8.

  • Deadbølt

    You have committed crimes against skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?

  • John McCall

    Note on the first one. You actually can enter the Orc stronghold whenever you wish, the orcs simply won't trade with you and will act a bit rude.

  • Blaise uchiha

    the blades armour looks kinda like samurai armour

  • Cleveland Kelly

    Not touching main quest til I'm lvl 60 I'm a 58 right now

  • Evan Wong

    playing it at 1.25 speed is normal

  • tame596 ticket

    I found the notched pickaxe by a mod all map markers unlocked and I saw throat of the world then I jumped up with super jump then I found it in stone or ebony ore vein

  • Dilly

    Too bad I can't talk to the orcs cuz I have a bounty of 12,000 to the orcs...

  • Mr Fox

    I'm just watching this for the armor my sword "dose" 1099 damage

  • Wow! You can read?!

    Actually when you enter the sky haven temple for the first time, the new blades won't have claimed it. so you can take the blades armour set and dragonbane without having to steal them

  • Alex c

    Don't forget about the Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls that is found in Ironbind Barrow. This weapons has fire damage plus soul trap in one enchantment.

  • Zeis

    I knew about the blades armor via me being the looter i am i even took a few plates.

  • jared america

    I jus kiled all theme and took what i wanted WE DO NOT SOW

  • Mmaaxx I


  • willman 3898

    Am I on crack or something. My sky forge steel sword does 276 damage

  • Shannon Turner

    Stay out of trouble khajit. 😐

  • James Black

    the notched pickaxe is the ONLY thing you listed, that could be qualified as secret

  • Bobbie Donald

    What if ur race is an orc to get forgemaster fingers

  • Sebastian Emnevik

    Dragonbane: "So you have to be Level 46, and then enter Skyhaven Temple. Which is quite unlikely"Me, entering at level 50: Whooops

  • Nick Gur

    I'd Prefer a 999999x Damage Iron Sword, Iron Armor Set with a 999999x Armor and Weighs like a Feather..And Defeat Alduin in that Armor.

  • turkey 115

    i foumd the notched pic whem i fought alduin lol

  • Tuvstarr

    You sir, has one of the best telling voice I have ever heard, you talk slow and clear. Perfect! :D. Thanks for those tips about the weapons. I did talk to Gabriella but forgot about the bow hehe. Was so busy tipping the gargoyle head -.-

  • Vod Kanockers

    Whoever mentioned playing the video at 1.25x is a genius. It's only alarming when you watch another YT video.

  • Ares FireHeart

    Why your character looks like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn?

  • Erica :/

    malachite is pronounced mal-uh-kite

  • Milkdud

    Skyrim is number 1 on my favorite games of all time

  • Diezel Playz

    I killed a guy and got blades sword

  • Gary Dupuis

    FYI...I've never had issues getting the Blades armor set or Dragonbane without stealing them

  • jaron keating

    Props to his ability to turn an easy 4 minute video into almost 4 times as long

  • Jaded Joker

    George Mallory's body was found a few years back.

  • Ko0022 Gaming

    The Master sword from zelda is olso on the mounten

  • Thegamingmonkey 45

    if u complete the mage guild u will be welcome to all orc stronghold

  • Dragon Born

    I will kill every dragon in Skyrim (except for paarthanax)

  • Andrew Kugler

    i wanna see u go up against the ebony warrior

  • EpicWinNoob

    The notched pickaxe, It could be a profound reference to one of man's harrowing accomplishments by 2 of the most dedicated mountain climbers of their time who left a pick with a notch in it and this may be reflecting that...Or it could just be a reference to a game usually played by screaming 13 year olds and 35 year old man-children trying to make it on youtube.yeah I think Ill stick with the axe being a reference to the accomplishment of dedicated people.

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    I don’t think they would have a Minecraft Easter Egg in Skyrim

  • Brock Riedel

    Thank you very helpful. Hope u reach 1mill subs!

  • Eric Nicolaisen

    Man... I gotta say I love your videos Brother

  • EagleScopes

    I started playing skyrim again because of your videos ,thank you

  • Christopher Rose

    I prefer using Katia's Zephyr as my primary bow.

  • Stew Pidd

    Wooden sword is the best sword my dude.

  • Skuarsky

    When you turned that chest plate legendary my eyes dimmed

  • Yiglic Persfactious

    Love number four, don't think I've finished the main quest since my first run.

  • Is that a Car

    I actually started the main quest line when I was level 39

  • Zenoxs 0

    "You can improve it to 567" Improves it to 929199.

  • ian

    WINDSEARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is littarly broken and that makes it the best weapon arpeantly u can find it on a boat in the dark bro hood quest line

  • Blake W

    pin this comment for a baby dragon!

  • Bolt 764

    There not hidden I've got all of those

  • Joe Bob

    I'd definitely slap Lydia in that armor just due to how sexy and decently plausible the armor is. :P

  • Nathan White

    Will you be doing lore based conjecture content as well?

  • The scarfed Eevee

    All the unique weapons Too bad I'm a mage

  • chickenmonger123

    You pronounce Markarth so oddly mahkagh

  • mystical green

    slowly regretting throwing away blade armor and dragon bane

  • doppydoggaming

    Fun fact you can become blood kin by helping any orc in battle I think it must by a battle with any hostile npc

  • Randomer

    you dont have to even do the mission just exept it and they will let you in!👍

  • eehcruoc

    I had to watch it on x1.25 speed

  • Gøhan

    hey ESO i found a better smithing pair of gloves with 15%

  • trixo Caramel

    i already 😭😭😭did everything so cant do this

  • Schnäppchen Hunter

    i like the dawnguard armor mostly

  • Von Penetrante

    Damn this is helpful.. thanks man

  • Undergravity downforce

    u got u there before i unlocked it Why You may ask Because I Can!!

  • DedWiz _

    I've already done number 4 out of curiosity when I was up the the first time, lol. I disenchanted the pick though.

  • teeonezee

    LOVE for Blade's Armor.I love collecting all armor sets

  • pepeman2

    I knew all of these. That's either because I play too much Skyrim or ESO is only making videos for Skyrim SE newbies.

  • SirToasty 55

    Dammit! I was lvl 45 when I entered

  • Thanatos Zevlow

    Do you have a video/class based around the Dragon's Bane

  • xxjosh 777

    Im watching this while playing skyrim. That was just a joke

  • The Grim Reaper

    With the dragonbane I entered at level 104 , god it was over powered.

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