Skyrim 5 Secret Unique WEAPONS & ARMOR Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior)

Skyrim 5 Secret Unique Weapons & Armor Locations (EASY to Get – Early Smiting Warrior).
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  • Andrew Kugler

    i wanna see u go up against the ebony warrior

  • M'aiq The Liar

    M'aiq doesn't need weapon. M'aiq's claws are sharp enough to slash through enemies.

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  • TommyBoi

    So glad I found your channel, I've been looking for a channel like this for ages! :)

  • Blaise uchiha

    the blades armour looks kinda like samurai armour

  • Frankie Roth

    You know the first one can be activated at any orc stronghold

  • That cynical fur

    Wait.. was the pickaxe not in the original edition of skyrim? Because if i remember right, skyrim came out before minecraft.

  • shanezclashin

    Your tips and videos are so good! I hope you keep doing them in the future 😊

  • GokuFoxy 2126Goku

    can you going in the sky Haven temple at level 6?

  • Gazett

    I knew all of these. That's either because I play too much Skyrim or ESO is only making videos for Skyrim SE newbies.

  • Cleveland Kelly

    Not touching main quest til I'm lvl 60 I'm a 58 right now

  • DedWiz Gaming

    I've already done number 4 out of curiosity when I was up the the first time, lol. I disenchanted the pick though.


    Thank you very helpful. Hope u reach 1mill subs!

  • FuSeDoritos

    are you ever going to do a guide on where to find water walking boots

  • DJ double cheese burger

    Full dwarven armor is waaaaaay better than full blade armor. Without the shield(the dwarven armor) it's143 and with the shield it's 153

  • Dwanetherock Cena

    I actually started the main quest line when I was level 39

  • Matthew Middlehurst

    hi Danny I hope u reach 1million subs this year good luck mate

  • Nick Gannon

    Are you using a controller on PC?

  • Harry

    Hahahhaahhahaahhah I killed all the orks at nazlabur.

  • Scarlet Fate

    well I'm the Champion of Malacath, will they recognize my status? lol

  • legendarygamer2099

    i've got the first skyrim,are they in the none remaster?

  • Ian

    Don't want to be that person but do you mean smithing not smiting

  • Banana Man

    lol I can't do the first one I'm an ork

  • dimitreawesome1

    Do a video of how to become a vampire

  • orangevibes

    I got the blades set without stealing I just took it from the chest

  • SHGI

    whats mods do you use in this video or is it just the special edition?

  • JohnYohan Seo


  • Paladin Ezrah

    Hey ESO, What enb are you using in this video?

  • Jasmin Jimenez

    Congrats for 1mill subs sorry I'm late

  • Manny Castillo

    None of these are even close to being "secret"

  • Owen Michtofen

    Man haven't you done videos on everything like 3 times?

  • Zeno FireHeart

    Why your character looks like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn?

  • skyrim freak

    Y need one more dragon priest mask narjiiiin ore something

  • Nani

    Can you spam wind shear on the ebony warrior and kill him no prob, or no?

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    I don’t think they would have a Minecraft Easter Egg in Skyrim

  • Papii Chuloo

    Minecraft was out before this game?

  • Head Back

    I've already done that kill the brotherhood quest so I can't do the last one :/

  • emre_soyatsız

    you can get up to the balcony at number one by simply entering a door

  • Nick H

    What mod to get that gorgeous hair?! Looks amazing with Stalhrim!

  • Jalzim Yassin

    OMG my name is Yassin sluut from moracco keep Going to be the best ok

  • michael perreault

    Whats the mod are you using, cause the colors look more saturate and its nice ???

  • Jeremiah Rodriguez

    Why does your character look so damn sick when swinging at enemies?

  • Tojru

    im your 769,000 sub congrats eso

  • EpicWinNoob

    The notched pickaxe, It could be a profound reference to one of man's harrowing accomplishments by 2 of the most dedicated mountain climbers of their time who left a pick with a notch in it and this may be reflecting that...Or it could just be a reference to a game usually played by screaming 13 year olds and 35 year old man-children trying to make it on youtube.yeah I think Ill stick with the axe being a reference to the accomplishment of dedicated people.

  • Ex3cution3r Skyrim

    ESO couls show were to find the staff of Jyrik Gauldurson in Sartaal? Its a unqiue staff that does 25 damge and twice damge to magicka.

  • Dorkazoid

    Who the hell uses armour? Just spend every single perk point on health and like three points for magika.

  • I Like Sucking Dicks

    Hi sorry for my name my dumb ass friend changed it so yeah...

  • Mason Schuback

    What was the blue armor he was wearing

  • Skyrim Guides

    On number 1 I was a Orc so they let me in

  • EagleScopes

    I started playing skyrim again because of your videos ,thank you

  • Elana Britting

    yeah i belive that its a minecraft easter egg to

  • Alejandro Parra

    I used whirlwind sprint to get inside the mine

  • Bernardo Colon

    Actually to b blood kin, there are several quests. U can do the cursed tribe (which also gives volendrung) bring a daedra heart to an orc in markarth, help his sister by finding a book, or help the librarian in the college of winterhold.

  • shiny emeralds gaming

    60 EBONY ORE VAYNS?!?!?!!??

  • Leonard S. Erdody

    Skyrim might just be the best action rpg ever. Emphasis on action

  • G.R.E Chrome

    You actually don't need the forgemasters fingers to get into that orc stronghold

  • Conner Sparta

    What weapon is on the cover of the video

  • Rion Teref-ta

    Hey u never said any thing about a dragon!!!,


    Just glitch In the area with a wooden plate for doors but use a horse to glitch to mountain areas early

  • Kayleigh Miller

    Can you pls do a video on how to Find the sword of woe

  • falcon 24

    What place was the first one? Im plaxing on the 360 and there its just a cave.. i found the gloves but the place looks really cool and i wanna see these goblins...XD

  • HerpyDerpyDoo11

    I see the Notched Pickaxe as a nod to both Notch from Minecraft and the mountaineers that disappeared on Everest.

  • LiL pump D-rose

    How do I do it im a orc

  • Zombie Swallower

    You killed the bride to early and lost the gold

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