Battlefield 1: A Full Round of Beautiful Gameplay

The little details of Battlefield 1 completely blow us away.

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  • Juniorr Rey

    They gotta have actual announcers. Not some dull lady's voice. I want my ears to bleed from some German yelling that I'm losing Alpha

  • jim jimjim

    Yeah.... keep cutting away to some random people holding controllers....really showcase that gameplay!!!

  • John Cena

    is this what kids will think ww1 was like ?

  • SpaghettiandSauce

    Faaaaar too many auto and semi-auto weapons. The staple weapon for most people most of the time needs to be the bolt-action rifle. You can have pump and lever guns for variety, plus oddities like trench clubs and flamethrowers. But SMGs should be rare, and jamming prone. You had such a great idea with the WW1 setting - don't make it just play the same as all the other FPS games.

  • Kieth Woodard

    I keep throwing money at my screen but nothing is happening

  • Alex Zapata

    Finally for once BF is more hyped up than cod.. :D

  • Kipu

    what? infantry freely moving on the ww1 battlefield? where are artillery strikes every second? where are gas? its a trench war! not like this

  • ElSamuele04

    I think bf1 is a fantastic game, but the speed of gameplay look like bf3 / bf4 as modernfight. I expected a more tactical gameplay and slower (but not static of course) for the world war 1 .. A matter of taste i suppose

  • NitroCorn

    So many immature comments.. We can already tell so many COD fans are converting over..


    If battlefield one looks this good, I can only imagine how good battlefield World War Two will be.

  • Enouch Thompson

    Lol almost forgot that alot of celebs were invited to this event

  • shaffism

    Nothing like hearing a couple dudes with ADD, and no historical understanding of the war play this game......

  • crimsondemonx

    learn from this cod learn!!!!

  • Odde Flow

    06:27 was that Tory bolton? (High School Musical guy)

  • Wolfen Richtophen

    cant you fire artillery through the zeppelin

  • Fat Italian

    Still watching this In May and I just wanna thank DICE for this game.i know it isn't 100 percent accurate from the WWI history.but it really taught me a lot.-You will be remembered for you serving a country.

  • Cervantes Baptist

    6:29 Zac Effron Playing Battlefield ??????Is This Real ????????


    The Game playing a Game. Congratulations, you just played yourself.00:03

  • Rattlecoon Channel 2

    So is everyone just going to ignore the fact that Snoop Dog was playing???

  • Czara Corsame

    The other spectator sounds alot like RadBrad.

  • Cristian Sosa

    Battlefield 2 will be a remaster of the good old BF2, or set in WWII?

  • Spox

    Beautiful Gameplay With a controller......

  • redberries

    You know you've had too much 40k when you think of Mark IVs as Land Raiders.

  • bungaking

    is that Zac Efron? 6:28

  • Mara Gossep

    lol@tank turret rotating as fast as a player....BF1 broken from the start.

  • Waldemar

    Will be sticking to Verdun, thanks.

  • MagesticMango

    What I want from this game is a bigger emphasis in teamwork and strategy, BF4 felt like a total killing spree

  • Côme Thiburs

    Hype? lost. french as dlc and tanks that move like balloons. i'm out.

  • Cornelius McMuffin

    alright, here's a rundown on weapon types:Bolt-action: single shot, then reload (single action rifle)Pump-action: magazine loaded, pump to chamber next shot, long reload once gun is empty (shotguns)Semi-automatic: clip loaded, fires one shot with each pull of the trigger, once clip is empty it must be reloaded, but you dont have to reload between shots. (pistols and semi-automatic weapons, some sniper rifles, and most marksman rifles)SMG: clip loaded, fires while holding down trigger. Somewhat prone to jamming, but has more control than a full-auto (sub-machine guns)Fully-automatic: clip or belt fed, fires in large bursts or when trigger is held down, very large capacity per clip/belt, with longest reload time. Lower accuracy and control traded for sheer capacity and fire rate. (LMG, MG, and HMG, as well as rotary cannon/minigun). and you kept saying that semi-auto had to reload after each shot. The entire point of a semiautomatic weapon is that it dosent have to reload after each shot, you fire as fast as you can pull the trigger, or better, as fast as you can aim.

  • Jarrett Griesemer

    wonder if there is going to be a campaign

  • Ki McKenzie

    This doesn't feel like a First World War game. And before someone states that "This is pre-alpha" or "Its not a World War 1 simulator" or that its the "last 6 months of the war" or "Read up on your history," because believe me, I have; I am going to state my case.The fact the vast majority of the soldiers have automatic weapons, and yes while they existed- they were extremely expensive and experimental, most soldiers utilising bolt action rifles, and semi automatic pistols like the 1911 for the Americans, the Mauser for the Germans and Webley Revolver for the British, Canadians and others, the fact is we should see more bolt action rifles, revolvers and pistols. We should see deployable machine guns like the Vickers. And while it may simply not be that they were featured in this video, France, Canada and other nations should be represented in this, especially that of France due to the fact it was fought on their soil. Its been roughly over 100 years since the First World War, with millions having lost their lives in that tragedy. And while this is a game, we should honour their memory, however distant now, with something that at least captures the feeling of the era.This does not feel like a grimy, gritty trench war. This feels more like an alternative, dieselpunk history game- which if that was what they were going for, that'd be perfectly fine.But it isn't. They stated this was to represent the First World War. They could've captured a really gritty and dark war, with opportunities to show people the brutality of that war- while still keeping it fun. They could've shown the thunderous artillery bombardments on the trenches, the slogging nightmare it was to get across no-man's land. The battles of Vimy Ridge on how the Canadians stormed the ridge, braving machine gun fire and clearing out German trenches with clubs, knives, pistols, flamethrowers, grenades in a gritty battle. They could've shown the brutal battle of the Sommes where French and British soldiers endured horrific losses, how German defenders shot their machine guns until the barrels glowed red, the cooling systems being not enough. They could've showed the muddy quagmire of the Belgian and French fields with rats coming out of the corpses, captured that true grim and massive scale feeling with the common soldier... but they didn't. They could've shown the brutal war of attrition between Serbians and Austria-Hungarian Empire troops on the river Drinu, officers with sword in hand and rifles at the ready, some men not even wearing shoes. Underground tunnel warfare, officers barking orders and threatening to shoot you for cowardice. Even if they split it to where there's an arcade and hardcore mode, would be much better... so much opportunity, wasted. Its run and gun, its the same thing as the last games. I'll admit its got some cool aesthetics, but they shouldn't have said this is a game based off of World War 1. Inspired? Sure. But this is not World War 1. This is some alternative history coughout with the label of World War 1. 100 years since that conflict, and there's people in these comments who ask "What is WW1" and don't understand any of it. Yeah, its a game; and sure it might be fun- but if you're going to make a game about such a big war and state its based off World War 1 at least do it right.Verdun is a game that does WW1 a bit better, imho. It has its flaws, its not perfect but its far more true to the conflict (while still being fun) than this yoke. I'm severely disappointed. Until they show more stuff actually palpable to the conflict other than the Mark 1 British Tanks and German A7V's and a buttload of automatic rifles and zeppelins cruising the sky (which, while Zeppelins were used, they weren't spammed the much. Most of the time they did bombing missions in London and other places, or were used for reconnaissance or hunting submersibles.) They need to showcase the vast amount of bolt actions, and they need to really show more actual WW1 centric battlefields. Otherwise this is just milking profits and being inaccurate off of one of the bloodiest wars in human history.On a positive note, the graphics do look cool... but I honestly can't say on that whole aspect. If there's no ground deformation and destructible terrain for making muddy craters and so on and so forth- not worth it.

  • Matteo

    too many SMGs, i would like more bolt action

  • Liz Melo

    i dont know if this would be a good idea but a map that starts off i sunrise then ends with the fog becasue its morning.

  • loo lolo

    this is everything but not ww1.

  • Fikachu

    Looks and sounds perfect. If only it was a tad slower.

  • Megalo-dono

    Why is everything a god damn e sport

  • Prestley

    I'd like to have assigned squads that you can't detach from. (Going AWOL or Deserting) I believe the pace should be a little bit slower, more preparation than in the previous Battlefield games. It doesn't have to be waiting in a trench for hours, but you know, being careful with wherever you're going for fear of tanks, snipers, open ground, etc. It would be nice to have the damage cranked up and limb damage like in Fallout 4's Survival Mode. A dedicated hardcore/realism mode would be awesome to have! Not implemented throughout all the servers, just for folks who cater to that experience. I love running around a field, guns blazing just as much as the next guy, but perhaps DICE could keep a similar class system from 1942 where you basically had one gun and default secondaries and equipment. I wonder if DICE could consult old history buffs on what conditions were like during WWI? That could help them push it out of the cycle Battelfield's been in lately. Just my two cents. Thoughts?


    the game, playing the game?gameception bruh...

  • drew dawg

    Oh my gawd. game is such a beauty. probaly not gonna get it doe. Jamie foxx doe

  • Nayan D'Souza

    One thing I love about the game is that you don't fly too quickly across the map when using an airplane. At least from what I can see

  • ProblmSolvd

    14:37 "It's just blown up"Nope, it just disappeared.The mark of true quality.

  • Atomkukac1

    Hollywood stars and NFL players testing BF:1. OMG! :)

  • DutchRambo

    Next game BF2Charge the beaches of Normandy in D-DayDefend Mother Russia in StalingradDefeat Rommels forces in the battle of El AlameinHold you're ground in the last battle of Berlin

  • Alan Lightner

    Hopefully there's more destruction.

  • Ragzignal

    There better be role-playing servers limited to trenches and bolt action rifles. That I would play.

  • PigeonLamer

    Automatic weapons, WW1, TOP JEJ

  • tombassman

    Too many coloured dots and names flying around over people's heads. They should only appear when you point the weapon at someone, it ruins the realism of the beautiful graphics.


    The Game playing the game.

  • Christian Smith

    this is more like ww2 lol

  • Jay W.

    was that Richard Sherman in the beginning lol

  • MasterHaze1

    trench warfare 0%Blitzkrieg 100%

  • Faheem Hasan

    Can't wait for this game. Totally hyped for it! :-D

  • LordMOSS 1234

    The only game that never downgrades on graphics. yeah im talking about you Ubisoft..

  • loo lolo

    People who knows History and WW1 are all vomiting after they saw this game..

  • Anson Berkey

    LOL semi auto rifles in WWI, this game is gonna be a joke. Oh yeah let's give everyone a MP18 too.

  • Just Chilling

    Cant wait to own the Cod kids on this game! Its a different league!

  • Gabriel M

    He says Wiz Kahlifa at the end, camera points to Jamie Foxx.

  • Edwin Pasuhuk

    Finally no more UCAV and mortar and everything with camper weaponary

  • THE CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12:01what are those little "blimps" in the background? are they like psychological warfare or decoys or something?

  • o0KANINE0o

    The game looks10/10 (not talking about the rapper lol)

  • coolbeatguy

    Even as a cod player, I can't help but to say this looks amazing!

  • SierzantYelonek

    6:29 he looks like " Adoring Fan " from Oblivion

  • StarFox 64900

    COD: hey wanna go watch a movieBF: can't got to go somewhere Cod: Where?Bf: to ur FuneralOverwatch: actually BF is your funeralBF: What?

  • yuki

    this is such ww1... tbh, this is more like WW2 than WW1. Looks like WW1, but plays like WW2.

  • ShoesWontWork

    Star Wars Battlefront: Epic Real Life Edition

  • Hambone

    so... like... where's the trench warfare or the trenchfoot mechanics. I hope kids don't grow up thinking WW1 was like this because of a rehashed game.

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