Skyrim: 5 Unsettling Mysteries You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 14) Skyrim Secrets

Skyrim is place with and endless number of stories and narratives for the Dragonborn to explore. It seems like every corner of The Elder Scrolls 5 is rich in colorful characters and tales. However, not every single plotline or piece of lore is guaranteed to make the most sense in a world as big as Skyrim and encountering puzzling conundrums and unsolved questions is just a fact of this Bethesda game. Luckily, exploring Skyrim’s unexplained happenings is quite possibly one of the community’s favorite past times. So today we’ll be diving into our fourteenth installment of five unsettling mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Der Chaot

    Well actually Mjoll managed to crawl her way back on her own. She collapsed as she reached the surface. Maybe Aerin was a healer within the Imperial Legion. Could explain his inexperience with weapons and wealth and the fact, that he was able to nurse Mjoll back to health. Just a theory... I mean... she almost died out there.... he must have been with an imperial scouting party or something, but obviously he was somehow able to bring her back to life from the brink of death and take her all the way back to Riften.It wasn't Falk Firebeard who said the sentence about Potema and her lineage, it was Styrr, the Priest of Arkay in Solitude. Falk Firebeard suggests, that Solitude would have fallen to a resurrected Potema, that he shudders at the thought.PS: There are recorded lines, that Sybill will get very frightened and furious, when she's the one talked to first during the beginning of The Wolf Queen Awakened. Quote (UESP) "When you approached her, she would have asked: "What did you do in Wolfskull cave?!" You could then reply by choosing one of the three options: Who are you? "I'm Sybille Stentor, court mage of Solitude, and according to my scrying you've managed to unleash Potema herself!" I stopped some Necromancers from summoning Potema. "You weren't nearly as successful as you think, fool. According to my scrying the Wolf Queen has returned." I'm here to speak to Falk. "Listen you impudent cur. According to my scrying something happened at Wolfskull Cave that returned Potema to this world.""

  • Bel el Escabel

    Nate: Perfect pronunciation of forgotten Dwemer names like Mzinchaleft that aren't even uttered in the whole game.Also Nate: Completely butchers Jyggalag as "Jyggalagagiggitywhoppity" or something like that.

  • Avocado master 69

    The biggest mystery is how you keep finding new things in skyrim after 8 years!

  • Bradders King

    “2000 year old demon ghost lady” best quote ever Omg over 300 likes

  • Steve from mineraft

    Hey nate, i wanted to mention something in skyrim that kind of confused me but i dont know if you mentioned it, in solitude,one of the priest at the temple of the divines, speccifacly the long hair and bald top dude, after you initate yourself in the bards College and during the fire festival he Will say"I thing Sanguine would be happy with this ritual" or something among those lines.A daedra worshipper at the temple of the nine divines... Interesting. P. S Thanks for making these fun and interesting videos, keep up the good work

  • Keosha Cathey

    "...for a very, very, very long time."Did someone say Elder Scrolls 20: Atmorah

  • The Myth

    Mjoll was outside of the ruin when she was found.

  • Nemerly o,O

    Nate, I have a mystery for you.When you enter a Falmer location and "Murder to Death" said Falmer, you have a chance to retrieve 0-3 Falmer ears from them. Also when you come across an area where Falmer keep Alchemy ingredients, you may find a Falmer ear or two with the ingredients. So since you can find 0-3 Falmer ears on a Falmer - are they cutting off their own ears or cutting off other Falmer's ears to make their potion?

  • Caaros, The King of Chaos

    I always figured that Mjoll managed to drag herself out of the ruins onto the road, and Aerin just managed to be walking by on a trip or something.

  • Sianic12

    Very interesting stories indeed... One little thing though: Potema wasn't the Granddaughter of Uriel III. but Uriel II.Uriel III. Was her son.

  • Caden Eaker

    Me: :( Nate: booMe: :)(edit:) omg I got hearted I love you Nate

  • Nathan White

    What is Mjoll the Lioness' middle name?"The"

  • The Gaming Knight

    When you click extremely fast and you still isnt first

  • Elsa

    i'd say the most disturbing mystery i have encountered is a person who doesn't understand the saying "murdered to death"... maybe they'll understand it soon enough.

  • Ben Rogers

    So if you joined the blades in your playthrough and then did the wolf queen quest, would you be obligated to try and help her take the throne rather than kill her? As a blade, it would be your job to see the true septim heir corinated

  • mgunter

    Erin's an adventurer like you, but hasn't taken an arrow to the knee.

  • Jasmine - Ruff-Puff

    "Just curl up by the fire and relax"Me: (Sweating in front of a fan in Australia)

  • Bad_Script

    8:28 "thousand of years ago, in the early third era"your math doesn't quite add up there, Nate.

  • Reza Mehraein

    The biggest haunting mystery for me is how Nate knows so many small details and lore but also at the same time he often makes mistakes about very obvious things. Like mistaking the voice of the priest of Arkay with sybille Stentor. It's just really confusing for me.

  • Son Gohan

    Didn't realize that the priest of Arkay was the court wizard.

  • NewbieGameplays

    he actually got me with the "bah! did I get ya?"

  • Jonathan R. Ston

    Another weird thing about Aerin: There’s a location in TES IV: Oblivion called Aerin’s camp, and he was supposed to be a master of (I believe) acrobatics. We never meet him in Oblivion, and maybe the names just a coincidence, but idk 🤷‍♂️

  • Ginger Kubicz

    They made it sound arin was just walking by and saw her outside the ruins dying. Not that he went in.:)

  • Jeff Linder

    You quoted the Priest of Arkay who is a old imperial male. Not the court mage of Solitude

  • @ffec+

    I had to kill Aerin after finding him one too many times in my house after marrying Mjoll.

  • Rex Theti Rannos

    He speak in mic,The video I like,But most importantly, GothSockS is now playing Counter-Strike.7:18

  • Griffin Fuller

    "Hidden in the game's files..."Interest raised to 100

  • Craig

    Aerin is the Basterd son of Jarl Laila Law-giver's great uncle's servant's brother. Wylandriah told me.

  • Mike Hunt

    At this point you probably know more about this game than anyone at BGS does

  • Aress Epelu

    Wait... did Mjoll not say that she managed to drag herself back to the entrance of the ruin???

  • Jonne Ylilauta

    8:20 Uriel Septim III is Potema's son, Uriel II is her grandfather.Edit: Okay Nate you got so many things wrong about that story that I am not even going to point out everything...

  • SutasSjet

    Having to pick whether or not to support Potema would be awesome lore challenge. Could easily see people wanting to do it as to reignite the bloodline. Nothing says those in power can't just let her take the throne long enough to bear an heir. Let the dragonborn do his thing, kill her again, and raise the kid to be a sane leader. Boom. Septim dynasty reignited. You know those dirty elves would get involved like crazy to try and prevent the rebirth of the true empire too.Drama. Intrigue! Story!

  • Frost

    Hey Nate, have you used “gargantuan” to describe Skyrim?

  • Laura Craig

    Just want to know how many packs a day Sybille was smoking when she made that quote about Potema! :-D

  • Toby Morrison

    can someone tell me the texture mods Lord Nate is using?

  • Little Shmuplet

    Is that a mod for the roof of the Blue Palace? I swear it was never that colorful.

  • Josh Brosh

    Guys just remember when u see nazeen murder him to death

  • Hershey squirts

    "Hammer fell is all the way over on the eastern coast"


    The biggest mystery I'm trying to solve is why you only upload when I'm at work/ in class/ with family.

  • Khalil B

    God Nate! You can hold out on the jump scares, almost fell over

  • drockman92

    Huh, I thought Mjoll escaped the ruins herself? The exit is right behind where you find her sword. She mentioned collapsing after escaping, I thought.

  • DareWolfRL

    "Just curl up by the fire, and relax..."Thank you Nate for acknowledging your werewolf-based viewers.

  • Richard Dobson

    This dude mispronounces way too much from this game to have actually experienced this first hand. Every video he mispronounces someones name.

  • Yoshikage Kira

    I joined the Dark Brotherhood just to kill the Emperor if I remember that the quest is in that questline. I just hate the Empire

  • RealAlton CoffeeCup

    " Shes like a superhero..... but without the super......" um nate that is a black widow and she would just be a hero lol

  • MJS Checkers

    I can’t stop playing this game.

  • Dead Meme Lord

    I have my own propositions to solve all of these mysteries 1.The reason the Dark Brother hood never mentions the characters name here is because he didn’t fulfill his contract,but he defected against the Brotherhood for his own reasons.To save the Huntress and live his live with her in spite of the Brotherhood.His vast riches I can explain 2.Lol I forgot this one3.Yes,the Blades could possibly server under 2000 year old demon ghost lady,but because she is not flesh and bone,they could not server her because the septim bloodline has to be alive 4.(I forgot the name of the race sorry)<——— Those people,because of that fact they are so large,they would have to consume MASSIVE amounts of nutrition to survive.And with there home being nothing but a desolate snowy wasteland it wouldn’t be hard to imagine they would have died due to malnutrition,and starvation,but let’s say they are in a place with enough food for them all.They would have conflicts if the food got short,then end up killing them self’s.5.This was just a traveler who got the sword from a person,was oblivious to the patters of weather and got his “ship” wrecked and got pushed by his boat into the sand,and got suffocated in the sand.Or drowned and his stuff got washed up on shore

  • AlmostEmo

    “Our problems certainly won’t be-“DrAgOn SnAcKs!

  • Lady Nyle

    Imagine if the snow elves took Admora it would be poetic

  • Alix Kline

    Maybe Aerin was the one setting the traps and that’s how he got so wealthy. He was looting from the corpses of the fallen but he fell in love with Mjoll. Same story different version but would explain how he got there so quick.

  • Lefein Noel

    Potema Septim has been dead for 497 years mate.

  • heresthadude1080

    To be fair, Potema would be a better Emperor than Titus Mede II.

  • Munchie Mac

    On one of my 1st playthroughs I married her, and "randomly" came home to those 2 in MY bed. He was swiftly excuted.. she parished shortly after for domestic violence

  • La Corneille Noire

    For the last mystery, we already saw with some other weapons in the game that scimitar can also be the weapons of pirates. maybe this was a pirate wanting to have a big big boat, but without money he just embarked on this and well.....

  • 100 million subscribers without videos

    14:41Yeah, it became a land of incredibly terrible, permanent winter. There's a theory all the continents that get destroyed on Nirn are destroyed because of a weaker connection to The Towers, and Tamriel remains cuz it has such a strong connection.

  • Michael Keating

    "Hammerfell's all the way on the eastern coast." Really, Nate?

  • TheOneThatlooksLikeThisOne

    "Only Todd Howard knows the reason why he lies a lot, but sadly he will never tell" lol

  • Lorenzo vanLeeuwen

    Stop saying "thousands of years ago" when the war of the red diamond happened 500 years before Skyrim. You do all this research but fail to comprehend the length of the era's.

  • Nalnal

    Lol amorous adventure ruin his story quest for me 2:56 ..actually even better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Isabelle Pearce

    Me: watching top X factor performancesEpic Nate: uploadsMe: taps video faster than the speed of light "the other video can wait"

  • HeardKarma 913

    Huge mystery: Why can't you fast travel when enemies are nearby? You are literally the Dragonborn!

  • MLPDethDealr32

    Nate, here's something else to ponder..What if The Dragonborn. SIDED with Potema. I alway wished i had that option in the quest. My character is a Vampire after all. She could have turned on everyone and helped Potema become fully revived.

  • Stinktier

    4:30 lmao that smirk he's wearing fits so perfectly.

  • ChefWonders

    Nate:“Bah! Did I get you this time?”Me:VIOLENT SCREAMING

  • Cassie Woodard

    That jumpscare at the beginning nearly gave me a heart attack

  • Dark Leah

    I'm early this time😹

  • SeiichirouUta

    "Hammerfell's all the way on the Eastern coast". You ok, Nate?

  • Shudufhadzo Khorombi

    @TheEpicNate315, the blades were not bound to the septim emperors exclusively, but rather bound to the dragonborn emperors of cyrodil. their servitude began during the rule of Reman Cyrodil, after he defeated the akaviri (who became the original blades). by that logic this is why they are bound to serve the last dragonborn as well.

  • Draco Anonymous

    Atmora- elder scrolls' Bermuda triangle

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