Skyrim For Pimps - Dawnguard Begins! (S3E01) (Dawnguard Walkthrough)

Fün is back in all her glory! Sensing a possible cure for Astrid in vampirism, Fün begins the Skyrim Dawnguard quest and meets the beautiful vampire Serana.

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This video will show you:

How to Play Skyrim
How to Skyrim Dawnguard
How to Awakening

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  • Kenny

    I can rewatch this series over and over, without ever getting bored of it

  • pyrolee17

    ok ill be straight with you...... this series is better than Red vs Blue... from my standpoint

  • Kim

    the same thing happened to me, I suddenly flew in the sky with my horse, and when we got back on the ground, my horse exploded.

  • J.M

    Cool, you decided to play the Cave Simulator DLC.

  • Lloyd Zed

    When Aaron says why would you even bother I totally agree skyrim a biggest plot hole is that every random guy wants to fight For example I was riding my demon horse down a rode clad in full daedric armour and some random bandit guy in leather armour with a steel axe thinks I can take him on

  • Brenden Ammon

    So just to be sure you guys switched to pc halfway through this season to incorporate crotch guzzler?

  • John Viking

    Love this series so much. Amazing work :) 

  • Cereal Killer Gaming

    You guys are awesome and funny 😂 love your videos. 👌


    Soo.. Can I marry both of you?? 

  • Platarhino

    I'm guessing you do the Stormcloak questline in the future

  • Gray Lavender

    Man I can't get over the badassery and humor of this series, 3rd time watching this, keep it up guys. <3

  • Seth Gibson

    so you guys are team Stormclokes 😥😤.

  • Collin Tunney

    what is the opening credits music?

  • Bloodrun069

    The Whiterun guard on the fire has been replaced with a Stormcloak. Those imperial bastards.

  • M A

    What season do they start playing on pc

  • Jack Jeon

    You guys are the best....! Just subscribed!

  • adam wickens

    are you guys going to do anything more with fun tits?

  • TurkishStormtrooper

    You know you can really resurrect Astrid if you give her clothes when she is begging you to kill her

  • colin041998

    I can't watch this yet cuz i didn't do the quest myself and I don't want how the quest ends and stuff

  • punk3739

    Lol my astrid turned in to an ash pile

  • Niki Kemp

    And Emory u hurt me I am a 10 year old girl ( a kid)

  • Niki Kemp

    How do you transfer them over? Btw u guys crack me up

  • Game Society Pimps

    We don't. Once mods were needed we switched to the PC version.

  • Dean Wilson

    How do you get mods onto your Xbox console?

  • Gustavo Rovira

    i think shadowmere turned into a unicorn

  • Draves

    Honestly, i think i should actually work. On the other hand, i just cant stop watching these, haha.

  • Harrison Awesomeness

    This will be overloaded with subscribers, after skyrim for pimps episode 12

  • richyhew

    Fuck buckles gets me everytime. Never stop the great work guys!

  • NickTheGuy

    emre sounds like kootra

  • Mihailo Savic

    In my laungage Isran means someone shat something out

  • WhiteXVAMVz

    How many footballs can u fit in that gargoyles mouth

  • MysteriousAntagonist What's stopping you?

  • Iris

    I cannot stop laughing :'D

  • Mason Cullen

    When's the new ep?

  • Lt. E. Ripley

    Was this the first episode where Fun was ported over to PC? I love love love your series btw will be donating soon!! (would have donated sooner but I am battling Lupus so it's hard with med costs)

  • UitWas

    So much better than Crotch Guzzler

  • devgor9

    Fun Tits is back in black!

  • Connor Netz

    I wish I had the dawnguard dlc, it looks really fun

  • Something Great

    I love this channel and its contents NEVER give up :D

  • Alois


  • jeff giugig

    Plz keep the series going wit the wyrmstooth mod i think its spelled

  • xiirawr1

    Please never stop making videos, you guys are truly great.

  • Damian Matiz

    Found you! Where'd you get the dead thrall spell?

  • SolidestEagle37

    I love how it still goes on. Last season Crotch Guzzler killed Hulda and roasted people, then Ysulda took over the inn. In this season. everything was the same except Crotch Guzzler wasn't at the inn. This is brilliant, thank you guys for this series!

  • tadhg cunningham

    how can you be too young to name something?

  • tadhg cunningham

    you know its scripted,right?

  • JCstock

    I'm not sure I've ever been to a youtube channel quite like this. That's a compliment :)

  • Alois

    I Named My Assassin's Creed III Guy Anal Taco Bell, Sucks I Can't Make His Name More Innappropriate Since I'm Too Young, Chances Are My Sister Is Honored For Naming Her Legend Of Zelda Dude "Uterus"

  • SleepnGrunt

    Love the videos, you guys are hilarious. Just wish the video quality was better

  • sariann mcfarland

    Fün títs is how I spell it

  • Nobad Music

    Fucking best line ever: "Im just going to bring her to her house, have sex, then marry her. What's wrong with that?

  • Hot Dog

    Question: Why is Adam always in the background?

  • Jos

    In case you still don't know what series Thrusty is from: Fallout For Pimps.

  • Franky Zurther

    yes im dead serious my name is Fun Tits!

  • remco van den berg

    another thing i liked to mention, where do you get the 11 terrorists from?

  • remco van den berg

    i would like to tell you guys that i highly respect the fact that you are really just trying to reply to every comment that is coming tough, thank you. PS: i love the skyrim for pimps, fallout for pimps.

  • Scribbly Knigglers

    I just realized this whole quest was kinda pointless, as we saw in the dark brotherhood quest; Tits is a werewolf. Doesn't that mean that she CAN'T be a vampire?

  • Sledgehammer #99

    He died the minute Aaron started talking to him.

  • Rin Hakuryuu

    I love how you started the episode it is almost a movie

  • Monk Yoo

    He is wearing deadric armour

  • tac0906

    What armor is he wearing?

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