Skyrim For Pimps - Dawnguard Begins! (S3E01) (Dawnguard Walkthrough)

Fün is back in all her glory! Sensing a possible cure for Astrid in vampirism, Fün begins the Skyrim Dawnguard quest and meets the beautiful vampire Serana.

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This video will show you:

How to Play Skyrim
How to Skyrim Dawnguard
How to Awakening

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  • Kim

    the same thing happened to me, I suddenly flew in the sky with my horse, and when we got back on the ground, my horse exploded.

  • Game Society Pimps

    We don't. Once mods were needed we switched to the PC version.

  • Kenny

    I can rewatch this series over and over, without ever getting bored of it

  • John Viking

    Love this series so much. Amazing work :) 

  • J.M

    Cool, you decided to play the Cave Simulator DLC.

  • pyrolee17

    ok ill be straight with you...... this series is better than Red vs Blue... from my standpoint

  • Brenden Ammon

    So just to be sure you guys switched to pc halfway through this season to incorporate crotch guzzler?

  • M A

    What season do they start playing on pc

  • UitWas

    So much better than Crotch Guzzler

  • Cereal Killer Gaming

    You guys are awesome and funny 😂 love your videos. 👌

  • Phil

    Ya know, im too lazy to skip ahead to the other seasons or farther up in episodes(so please, tell me if you did already :)), but for the cinematic shots in the beginning, try turning off the cross-hair.

  • Taylor Lee

    OMG you guys are SOOOOOO funny!

  • Seth Gibson

    so you guys are team Stormclokes 😥😤.

  • Collin Tunney

    what is the opening credits music?

  • Justin Ekrut

    Babette talks like an old woman....

  • Jessica - Rae

    Stab a vampire in the heart? What about hammering a stake to their heart? XD

  • Lloyd Zed

    When Aaron says why would you even bother I totally agree skyrim a biggest plot hole is that every random guy wants to fight For example I was riding my demon horse down a rode clad in full daedric armour and some random bandit guy in leather armour with a steel axe thinks I can take him on

  • WhiteXVAMVz

    How many footballs can u fit in that gargoyles mouth

  • Sam Chilton

    why is Ysolda naked? Did she forget to put on her clothes in her excitement about owning the Bannered Mare?

  • Laurie

    Hey can you make a character who joins the imperial army which is a girl who's an orc or a nord


    Soo.. Can I marry both of you?? 

  • arachnophilegrrl

    Well, I can't comment about the spelling but I'd say it was generally someone who has, and/or will, comment. ;)

  • arachnophilegrrl

    LOL! It is actually true! I get to re-watch, like and FAVE your videos! I thought that commenter was over-reacting. XD

  • Captain SkullFace

    im not kidding look it up the worshipers of malog bal consider vampirism holy and its technically std if i didint know better i would say this came out of some crazy anime

  • Captain SkullFace

    about serana if i were you i wouldnt touch her with a 10 inch poll no actually i wouldnt touch her with a 10 inch sterilized poll being hold by somebody else she and her momma fucked the deadric prince malog bal and he killes most of the woman he fucks cuz of his horse dick so most girls die when they fuck him and those who survive have parachute vaginas and become vampires so sex with serana must be like the throwing a hot dog in the middle of the street and vampirisem is a holy STD

  • Nick Brown

    you can get Agmaer as a companion

  • Bones Jackson

    Nope. I thought I was the only one though haha.

  • Anthony Burgess


  • JCstock

    I'm not sure I've ever been to a youtube channel quite like this. That's a compliment :)

  • Gray Lavender

    Man I can't get over the badassery and humor of this series, 3rd time watching this, keep it up guys. <3

  • Kelton Lewis

    He actually has 20 buckles.He probably shops as Buckle.

  • Cosmic Latte

    Since I own a PS3 I haven't been able to play Dawnguard yet. Don't know if I should spoil it by watching these videos or not... Fuck it I'm just gonna watch them.

  • MysteriousAntagonist What's stopping you?

  • hyrulehallow

    if you count the boots i counted 18 buckles too many

  • Piro Man

    Thanks to you guys Im playing fallout 3 now and I named my little redhead Sugar-Tits. Oh btw there are some cool hallucinations in Point Lookout DLC

  • HumanOfPrey

    Did Shadowmere drink some energy drink to give him wings?

  • XxeffortlessXx

    I thought Fün Tits gave Shadowmere to Crotch Guzzler? :/

  • blimporthefoul

    they have reached final fantasy levels of belts

  • BlueSugarMaple

    we missed you foon teets~<3

  • Rinse & Spin Old & New Jungle, J-Tek, Hardcore

    Where can I find all your episodes b2b

  • Damian Matiz

    Found you! Where'd you get the dead thrall spell?

  • ImPervertedOkei

    omg i died at the end Ahahaha xD im watching the seasons i missed and this seems very interesting xD


    named one of my skyrim characters but guzzler brother of crotch guzzler

  • Tyler S

    i never bought or installed dawnguard, but for whatever reason i have it. i only ever got the dragonborn dlc. anyone have any idea why or how?

  • Jaime Mejia

    I just started watching this and its hilarious and i remember from season 1 that FUN TITS was a werewolf and now she wants to be a vampire this is getting good.

  • revengefrommars

    What happened with the flying horse?

  • tac0906

    What armor is he wearing?

  • MindlessVideoGaming

    haha they used the correct response to the gargoyle joke that Adam (You ?) failed to answer correctly with comedy

  • MindlessVideoGaming

    i thought spiderman was a pretty decent answer though

  • Rinse & Spin Old & New Jungle, J-Tek, Hardcore

    My wife thinks Skyrim is boring and majorly sucks when I play but she laughs her head off when we watch your episodes, you guys rock keep them coming

  • Scribbly Knigglers

    I just realized this whole quest was kinda pointless, as we saw in the dark brotherhood quest; Tits is a werewolf. Doesn't that mean that she CAN'T be a vampire?

  • J.M

    So, what does Adam do besides laugh in the back?

  • Eagle

    He died the minute Aaron started talking to him.

  • gaminggodization

    I've spent hours watching this shit and it makes me want to buy the game again

  • Something Great

    I love this channel and its contents NEVER give up :D

  • Hot Dog

    Question: Why is Adam always in the background?

  • TheArtisticCat

    Its ser-anna thats how to properly pronounce it

  • Doc Pepper

    Going on a marathon of watching all your stuff, you guys rock!

  • Iris

    I cannot stop laughing :'D

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