Things You Can Only Do In Skyrim VR


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  • GeekEnglish

    Things you can only do in Skyrim VR Has child on thumbnail

  • The Order

    I will not be content until they release Skyrim for the Pip-Boy in Fallout 4.

  • Dr Skull

    walks into room, sees someone praying to a statue in vr. Walks back out of room

  • blauer Bruder

    "So this is the Redguard experience" xD

  • Mitchell Griner

    `So this is the redguard experience`

  • Sergei Dragunov

    2:45 Buffing his dagger with charcoal pine resin

  • DataVortex 101

    “I’m just a poor old woman, dear”*Proceeds to stab wildly

  • Użytkownik Nie Podejrzany

    1000 degree KNIFE VS A WITCHEdit:Oh my god so many likes

  • Venicci

    "Take one of those stamina potions and grab that broom stick, we're ready to go buddy!"

  • Sandman Dealer

    how com Bethesda can release a billion remakes of skyrim but not a single one of NEW VEGAS???!!!

  • MiniTieGaming

    Lmao they turned Skyrim into a real thing 😂

  • Mithren

    2:15 I wasn't looking and I thought that what he said was one whole sentence. "-tried to commit suicide twice, ill see you at the next one."

  • PvPSky

    Things you can only do in VR:-shoot 4 Arrows per Second-kill a Dragon while in Werewolf Form in 5 Seconds-actual Sword-fighting-awesome final Blows with Swords-swing a Sword like never before-ride a Dragon in VR-get jumpscared by Skeevers-kill Nazeem in Style

  • Lord Odin

    He forgot remastered and legendary edition

  • Tristan Hacker

    with the wood chopping, you can spam it and sell the wood to Hod. that is the story of how I payed 5000 gold for my property in Falkreath in just a few minutes

  • TargetTime

    Dude just uppercut Nazeem. I’m definitely buying Skyrim VR Now

  • Hugh Mann

    3:01 *slams desk* 28 STAB WOUNDS

  • Zeo

    It's not a bug, it's a feature.

  • Eletrical Plug And Outlet

    Old Woman: "Im just a poor old woman dear."General Sam: Proceeds to give the poor old woman the Makoto treatment

  • Hadgerz

    The SPACE PROGRAM! The absolute madman didn't patch it from the game. God damn, and god bless you, Todd.

  • 9 year old epic gamer soldier

    Why does this video have ao many dislikes? This video is hilarious.

  • GrizzlyClaws

    I bet there will be so many non-sexual mods in this game.

  • Deathly Drained

    The ending legit straight up killed me

  • Le Corny

    You know what else I wanna play in VR? Oblivion.

  • Dooking Raccoon!

    You forgot Skyrim Legendary edition

  • Yang Cheng

    I suddenly realized I don't lack the 60$ for game but a 399$ VR equipement.

  • Synthetic-Bacon

    You're so short in VR. Tyrion Lannister role play

  • Tuptastic Studios


  • Christian

    4:50 hey! That's my wife your talking to!

  • liam mavridis

    anyone an og skyrim player from 2011


    One day we wil have skyrim mobile

  • Laserbreak

    >In jail"So this is the Redguard experience"

  • Pancakefatboy 669

    theres now skyrim for alexa

  • Mikey Hoffman

    “Take one of those stamina potions and grab that broomstick” 💀😂😂 im done

  • Majin Ketsu

    2:57 😂 😂😂 😂 I'm done

  • [Defunct Spunk]

    You forgot about the edition of Skyrim called "Mod it: Until it Crashes".

  • illegal bacon

    You forgot the legendary edition between the regular and special edition

  • Irrelevant completionism

    you forgot the legendary edition release of skyrim.

  • Tristonian

    You forgot about Legendary Edition.

  • yung malaria

    can I kill nazeem in virtual reality? is the question

  • The Heavy Metal Metroid

    Forgot legendary edition for ps3 and xbox 360

  • Dr. Abs

    You sound like Jack Black

  • Jacob

    "this is the redguard experience" 😂😂😂😂

  • Shelley Kowalyshen

    the 9k dislikes are the people who never bought Skyrim

  • saganax

    1000 degree knife vs Anise

  • Devion

    how do you hold stuff like you did with the skooma

  • Juicy Dino

    I got the original ps3 skyrim then the legendary version than PS4 Than I went to Xbox for the external mods.

  • VeganVRking- dGameaCat

    Dosent crash on my old playstation4 😍🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Michael Schuster

    You forget... Skyrim: Legendary Edition

  • Hari

    your description just called me... she said she misses my links

  • lawlestest

    you forgot legendary edition, lmao. Base game with the DLCs.also, hahah, stamina potions and broomstick, oh god.

  • Gavin Lemke

    I went to the dollar store and got skyrim vr disk for 5 dollars 😂😂😂😂and (the edit was because I said dollar game instead of dollar store)

  • Suicidal Abby

    Bethesda will probably rerelease skyrim one more time before they release elder scrolls 6

  • Jonathan Bargayo

    Sam: Wake up. taps head, ends up punching kidKid: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!1:37

  • Χριστοφορος Γεωργουλας


  • Hikari

    You forgot Legendary edition for 360 and PS3

  • Its Jaden

    Don't forget Skyrim on fridge and on Alexa

  • MrDoctor1324

    666k subs nice way to be in hell. Don't worry you'll see me there

  • darkreign19

    6 times actually, you forgot special edition

  • Chungus Has Big Badonkus

    my dream finally came true....I CAN FINALLY TEABAG A DRAGON

  • 100 Subs with no videos challenge

    You forgot Skyrim Legendary edition. It was the base game with the 3 DLCs included that came out for the 360 and PS3.

  • Logantheslayer404

    You forgot AlexaAnd the fridge

  • Tent The Jackal

    Skyrim VR? [Insert evil laugh]

  • Polo Rodriguez

    But i like GTA 5 and if you don't like it 🖕 off. Grand Theft Auto for Life

  • Etyk Espeer

    "So that's the Redguard experience"fkn nailed it

  • TwistedGaming

    "Grab one of those stamina potions and that broomstick, we're ready to go buddy"

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