Skyrim : Ultimate Cheat Code Guide

These only work for PC not for PS3 or Xbox.
I do not use these myself in the game but use them when having a play around for this is a single player game so it is no fun to cheat.

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tgm - God mode
Unlock - Unlocks chest or doors
psb - All Spells
player.advlevel # - Advances level
player.setlevel # - Sets level
Player.additem 'Item' # - Add item. Item code list under.
Player.additem 0000000f # - Add money
tfc - fly mode
help - code list
coc 'name of place' - teleports to place
coc qasmoke - teleports to developers secret room
removeallitems - enjoy :)
saq - start all quests
caqs - complete game (Good computer needed)
player.setscale # - Become a Giant

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  • Stormcloak Shreds

    "Type "caqs"" he said. "It will be fun" he said.

  • Dee

    Hey Guys, was wondering if people wanted more Skyrim videos or videos that are similar? Reply what you think :)

  • ExileProdigy

    2:51 did anyone else see that guy walk into the ground on the left of his screen? haha xD

  • Equinox

    I used Caqs and my computer crashed after getting 85% of the achievements

  • Isabel Andreotti

    thanks so much you made sky rim awesomely fun!!!! love the last two

  • swapmantis

    How to skip level... not the "caqs"

  • Roach Member

    welp... i have to wait 3hours cause i thought it only does the quests i have started

  • Your Dad Jesus Christ

    Item ID for Skeleton Key - 0003A070

  • Spencer VanOchten

    i did caqs and my game crashed a couple times and now i'm stuck in a random position outside of whriterun and a random dragon is flying around it WHAT THE FAAAAAAAAACK 

  • Rishi Dhiman

    is there any cheat to add yellow mountain?

  • Wilhelm Holli

    Aw, thanks man. The "caqs" code helped me a lot! xD

  • vaughn craig

    Crap i dont get to have the thrill of the game cause of the caqs code it wont let me stop it

  • Nguyen Phan Viet Hung

    dat psb code show me alot of random stuff in the spell menu!@.@

  • Mo Barker

    killall is useful when you're being swamped by about 20 damn monsters and you've been stuck on a level for ages xD

  • Handsome Kiddo

    At sexchange you need to be in thirdperson to work.

  • Spaznoidneffy

    Super cool and helpful. thank you for making these!

  • Sparkle8205

    For some reason when I go to the test room I can't move around

  • Michelle Roos

    so cool thank you very much.please add code for deadria armor

  • GetSneezedOn

    What is the command to heal instantly?

  • dick hurtz

    my pc is nice i grabbed everything then sorted it out through different houses

  • Aesir Beer

    wait when ive completed all the quests i see white man why???

  • Nordestino Depressivo

    Tem comando pra encantar armas ?

  • Luc

    thanks it's great

  • anthony nina

    thank u u all ways help me out

  • Leore

    write it down dat what i did

  • Britainsgamers

    Kinda forgot every link you ever said you would put in

  • c8leb

    now with the level up or down spell you can now get every perk fully upgraded!!!!! :)

  • Victor Lins

    its: sexchange (female/male)

  • Jowan Murdaugh

    grand theft auto 4 or 5

  • InsanicGaming

    <-- Mine is 8 year old. a few upgrades only.

  • Ariel Boysen

    How do I scroll up through the codes after I do "help"?

  • H alkhatib

    You have to click on it first

  • Ionica Alexandru

    I can't unlock,kill or control someone,please can you tell me why?

  • Caleb Olalia

    Add me on Xbox 360, my gamertag is IcyMagician860, hit me up some time and well play. :)

  • Tiago Ferradaz

    I have a computer worth 20000 and it still doesn't work

  • xXTheLionKing4EverXx

    How about werewolf best code?

  • HungryMuncher|Roblox

    Is there a cheat for all Locations?

  • Ross Bailey


  • Viktor Magnusson

    for gold you don't need to put the 7 noughts. just f.

  • xaxer411

    Do the cheats block achievements on steam?

  • Nuke nath

    its change sex not sex change

  • BlueMushroom357

    When i do the deadric armour item code it doesnt give me but normal stuff like coins works someone tel me why it doesnt work with deadric armour?

  • xXAarniAxel 110Xx

    When i get bornd in skyrim i love cheting whit thease codes

  • Daniel Jonsson

    Insteaad of "tfl", type "tcl". Then Noclip is turned on and you can move freely! "Tfl" is just "Free Cam".

  • epicgameplay49

    if you do wanna play minecraft because i have it please reply one more thing i subscribed and please do more videos

  • Awera

    how to you disable a cheat

  • epicgameplay49

    hi meldiez i am new to you but do you play minecraft

  • George Tselepis

    the sex change didnt work because you didnt click on yourself ...

  • Jake Sherman

    Dude I cheated my way through thank you :)

  • Bastion

    that's normal xD (i'm serious it is)

  • Tony Tran

    I do sex change but the body is female and the head is male

  • Will Philpot

    Lol it's on the bottom right

  • Darknugget 169

    Player.additem 0000000a (amount wanted) it lock picks.Example: player.additem 0000000a 100.

  • Red Slime

    Lol Dude the Gold Is in the Bottom left xD

  • dave powers

    Using cheats makes me feel like a kid again. Good times.

  • Orion Carrel

    also for gold player.additem f then your number

  • Camilla Larsson

    how do i set quests as completed? like i got this quest from the greybeards and it says " find the word of power in archind point " or something like that, well ive done that but it does not say its completed and therefore i cant get any more similiar quests from the greybeards..pls help me.. (btw sorry for bad english i am swedish)

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