Skyrim : Ultimate Cheat Code Guide

These only work for PC not for PS3 or Xbox.
I do not use these myself in the game but use them when having a play around for this is a single player game so it is no fun to cheat.

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tgm - God mode
Unlock - Unlocks chest or doors
psb - All Spells
player.advlevel # - Advances level
player.setlevel # - Sets level
Player.additem 'Item' # - Add item. Item code list under.
Player.additem 0000000f # - Add money
tfc - fly mode
help - code list
coc 'name of place' - teleports to place
coc qasmoke - teleports to developers secret room
removeallitems - enjoy :)
saq - start all quests
caqs - complete game (Good computer needed)
player.setscale # - Become a Giant

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  • Stormcloak Shreds

    "Type "caqs"" he said. "It will be fun" he said.

  • Equinox

    I used Caqs and my computer crashed after getting 85% of the achievements

  • Dee

    Hey Guys, was wondering if people wanted more Skyrim videos or videos that are similar? Reply what you think :)

  • Darknugget 169

    Player.additem 0000000a (amount wanted) it lock picks.Example: player.additem 0000000a 100.

  • ExileProdigy

    2:51 did anyone else see that guy walk into the ground on the left of his screen? haha xD

  • Blue Mushroom Plays

    When i do the deadric armour item code it doesnt give me but normal stuff like coins works someone tel me why it doesnt work with deadric armour?

  • Isabel Andreotti

    thanks so much you made sky rim awesomely fun!!!! love the last two

  • Taliard

    Never do the complete game command

  • Mästare Kalk

    i did caqs and my game crashed a couple times and now i'm stuck in a random position outside of whriterun and a random dragon is flying around it WHAT THE FAAAAAAAAACK 

  • Jake Sherman

    Dude I cheated my way through thank you :)

  • ShotGunSheets

    how can i stop the complete all quests?

  • Sparkle8205

    For some reason when I go to the test room I can't move around

  • Roach Member

    welp... i have to wait 3hours cause i thought it only does the quests i have started

  • The Good RPG Guy

    People sould sub this guy because i did (he is the best skyrim player)

  • Your Dad Jesus Christ

    Item ID for Skeleton Key - 0003A070

  • samsudin singgon

    Ultimate cheat lol all that cheat is awful and ur voice

  • Simply Gaming

    Scrolling through comments and apparenttly I learned not use caqs lol

  • HungryMuncher|Roblox

    Is there a cheat for all Locations?

  • Rishi Dhiman

    is there any cheat to add yellow mountain?

  • Camilla Larsson

    how do i set quests as completed? like i got this quest from the greybeards and it says " find the word of power in archind point " or something like that, well ive done that but it does not say its completed and therefore i cant get any more similiar quests from the greybeards..pls help me.. (btw sorry for bad english i am swedish)

  • The Hales Live!

    i love this video. i use the god mode when im close to dyin in battle and i dont have any potions or food left. it comes in very handy. i also use the money thing. i went to the secret room and jacked all the keys and gems XD

  • The psycho family

    How do u add skill points

  • gabian nagat

    +dee 5:28 were you looking for the gold you've just add from code additem 0000000f? Why not looking at the bottom right that says "Gold 1000000"?

  • swapmantis

    How to skip level... not the "caqs"

  • Awera

    how to you disable a cheat

  • Nikolaie Mills

    using the coc whiterun command takes you to the border of whiterun

  • NIck Lewis

    thanks for all of the cheats (do minecraft)

  • Grove Street Gangster

    do you know why you need a good computer to do complete game?

  • Pink Dawg of Doom

    tfc = Toggle Free Cam, you're not flying, just controlling the camera.

  • linda lee

    Well that's kind of dumb you can enter codes on Console thanks a lot

  • Handsome Kiddo

    At sexchange you need to be in thirdperson to work.

  • G Ninja 360

    What to press on keyboard to open the chat?

  • Hakuna matata

    Is there any command to increase ur carry weight?

  • XeSHShadow90

    The link you put in desc doesn't work, it says "Page not found error 404"

  • King Bear

    dude i love your work but i had to unsub becuase of your intro im sorry

  • Kaiden//lords mobile and more

    there is a cheat that you get everything in the game just type in skyrim unlimited free on the playstore

  • Kevin Horschel

    Hi. Thanks for the helpful information I'm going to try some

  • Orion Cg

    Those aren't cheats they are console commands and xbox and play station don't have the console commands

  • Mo Barker

    killall is useful when you're being swamped by about 20 damn monsters and you've been stuck on a level for ages xD

  • Kronos

    Mic quality is terrible lol

  • 3s10

    Hmm cos this is a single player game it's no fun to cheat,i imagined just becos it's a single player game it is,but anyway so u cheat in online games?

  • Fusion- Ninja101


  • Donkeyswag2

    Dude thanks so much I've been looking for a vid where they or he or she explains how to open consal commands (You got yourself 20 new subs All my family your the best

  • King Skyrim

    if you do the coc qasmoke cheat you wont be able to finish the game.  when using the elder scroll on the time wound it doesnt complete so you dont get to learn Dragonrend

  • ThexPotato

    Sometimes the "unlock" cheat does not work on dwemer chests. But if it does not work on normal things like doors and standard chests just do it all over again in a different position.

  • destiney judges

    Dee i know a shortcut to one of the commands it is for the money one just do player.additem f 99999

  • Geralt Grey-Mane

    hi i have used the code "player.setav destructionmod 100" and i was wonderingis there a way to change that? or rest it so it return the magicka cost to normal?please would help me alot thanks

  • Garrett Jon Grove

    btw for the money you don't need 00000 just put this in player.additem f 70000

  • Mikle Pickle

    gojart accept people like this + y are you commenting on a cheating video if you hate cheating XD

  • Vella

    dude you just copied MrRhexx youte in the same location and you said the same things and used the same codes

  • Averrix

    for Player.additem 0000000f # - ( Add Money ) you dont have to do the zeros so just do player.additem F <number>

  • legitgamer

    All it says is only work for pc not xbox or ps3 and aloed of other stuff no link

  • Godwin Armani

    Can you do a video on getting unlimited leveling up perks

  • Bob Heat

    finely something  usefull  good work bubby bro

  • LorienXXIII

    It keeps flashing up loading screens.

  • Chaos Tempo

    To fly use TCL you can fly and land any where you want.

  • DeclanJay Mclane

    tcl ( no clip ) coc qasmoke ( test room will all items )

  • legitgamer

    It only says only work on pc not xbox or ps3 and aloed of other stuff theres no link

  • AsusOC

    how about player.setcarryweight 10000000000000000000000

  • ForbesyGames

    Is there a way to copy the looks of an npc on to your character?

  • Spaznoidneffy

    Super cool and helpful. thank you for making these!

  • Kell Rogers

    Pull up menu by pressing button above tab left to the number 1

  • Wang

    Does this game lag alot on pc

  • Wilhelm Holli

    Aw, thanks man. The "caqs" code helped me a lot! xD

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