Dovahkiin has had it with all these guards.

Amazing Skyrim theme cover by Sbeast64:
  • RusCus

    I use to make a bunch of "arrow to the knee" jokes... Then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Aaron Milligan

    I used to be an adventurer like you but then a town offered me a city guard job it was much less dangerous and had a much more stable wage plus I got to see my family more

  • Sinan

    I used to be a lone wanderer like you, but then I took a Preston to the knee.

  • Simeon Bell

    I used to be a king like Uriel SeptimBut then I took a shout in the face.- King Torygg

  • EMPF4

    The Wabbajacka, The Iconic Weapon of the Dragonborn

  • Dave Hollingshead

    "If you've got adventuring problems, I feel bad for you son.I dodged 99 arrows but my knee took one."

  • Evil Gary

    Get high in High Rock, hammered in Hammerfell.

  • VGEvery

    Hmmm.. English accent?

  • Stitch Wolf

    I remember one time I used the Wabbajack and turned Alduin into a chicken

  • Cosmic Star

    Lost it at, "No lollylagging

  • Jaylin Moseley

    oh my God I pissed myself from lafghing so hard, the he said no lollygaging and I died

  • Fishing Moron

    Pretty much explains the whole game.

  • Plenchu34 IFFPC

    Skyrim would be so much more funny and immersive with more british accent

  • Lillian2167

    When he says he took an arrow to the knee; he means he got married. XD

  • Roberta Becker

    "sometimes, wizard vampire bandits!" hahahahahahahahahahha XD

  • The potato King

    We have all screamed this at a guard atone point or another

  • kwzy

    Let me guess - someone stole your sweetroll...

  • Rai

    Dovahkiin triggered lol

  • Seethi Sth

    At least he didn't have to deal with those damn cliffracers.

  • Slowpoke Gamer

    I used to be a knee like youthen I took an adventure to the arrow

  • stuart Taylor

    Does anyone else wonder why he gains a finger everytime he points then it goes again. It is like he has a special Dova pointing finger!

  • normie twice removed

    Fun Fact: This is RageNineteen's least favourite animation. True fact.

  • Mr Pupp

    arrow to the knee means getting merried y know that right?

  • Michael Malone

    go fiddling around with any c**ks, and we are going to have a real party ~manslay3r

  • markus fabritius

    The Guard is Kili as he says he took an arrow to the knee like in Deselation Of Smaug and then his brother Thorin was out fighting dragons this all makes sense

  • zoolkhan

    haha.. this made my day, thank you signedarchmage after a 2 days crash course in an college

  • Kate Ryder

    This...This is all so true.

  • Stay Hydrated

    I could die from laughter. But then i took an arrow in the knee

  • EliteWarrior1026

    This guard is like us Americans compared to third-world problems. "I used to have big dreams, them my IPhone died."

  • Sim-Sin

    Arrow in the knee means he got married........

  • Merav Katz-Kimchi

    Iv'e been watching this in loops the last 30 minutes.

  • Loke Sagaard

    an arrow to the knee is a 50/50 chans to lose your leg

  • Balázs Bagi

    "arrow in the knee" actually means that he/she got married so had to stop adventuring cause of that. It's a very old phrase for that, mostly used in the medieval age by menfor example:"- You should come with us to the pub and get freakin drunk - Nah, I can't do that nowadays, I got an arrow in the knee"

  • lali laliop

    WABAJAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!! sorry i just heard that name and i love that weapon x)

  • Banner

    I remember the first time I heard a guard say the famous words on 11/11/11.I felt really sad for him.

  • GameTitan74

    Glad your in city and not out in Riverwood. Those poor sods don't even have a wall.

  • TheGameLord56

    People: AAAAAHH DRAGON DRAGON AHH DOVAHKIIN HELP USGuard: Once I took an arrow to my knee.

  • Teya Logos

    I took an arrow to the knee is Nord slang for getting married

  • Lukestar Assassin

    Absolutely magnificent 😃😃 this video is perfectly funny n so entertaining.. every now and again I'll watch it with my wife and we have a bloody good laugh..

  • apcsox

    Omg I was looking for this friggin video again for so long, years now, and only because Bethesda just showed a little snippet at PaxEast with the watermark, I recognized it immediately😂😂😂

  • Teafunny

    Wizards-Vampires-Bandits... I hate those guys.

  • Abed Beydoun

    Guard:No lolligaggin' Dovakiin: FUS RO DAH!! Guard goes flying

  • J C

    And yet the guards still say: “Maybe I’m the Dragonborn, and I just don’t know it yet.” Idiots.

  • cRinGeY JeSUs

    I remember watching this when I was younger and not understanding nothing.

  • Something something username

    Ey, you got in the Elder Scrolls 25 years video. Gratz.

  • Kaisergun

    Just for all the people in the comment section, an arrow to the mean does NOT mean getting married, that's just some weird internet urban legend.

  • Ashley Mullenix

    a fact!!!! he said his cousins out fighting dragons and dragon born fights dragons sooooo he's his cousin

  • Kubernikus iOS 18

    YouTube was one of my main priority BUT THE I TOOK AN ARROW TO THE KNEE!!!!!!!!!

  • devon spande

    who is watching this in 2016!??!!

  • Azrael Archangel

    I used to have a 3-1 lead like you but then I choked - the golden State warriors.

  • zé do lixo

    let me guess... someone stole your arrow in your knee.

  • HonestCatfish

    This pretty much sums up the average gameplay in Skyrim.

  • call of duty follower jayGAMERS 2ND CHANNEL

    Guard. I used to..Me.dont you say itGuard. An adventurer like you....Me. I swear to the nine divinesGuard. then I took a arrow to the knee Me.(slowly pulls out a sword)

  • Pe-Py Pe-Py

    I used to be a Jarl of Whiterun,but then ulfric fked me up.

  • fAt NigGer

    If you got electrocuted, you're dead. It means death by electricity.

  • Sean Burkholder

    "What is it DRAGONS"

  • The_7nthDovah

    guard:no lollygagging dovakhin: (0_0) FUS ROH DAH

  • The super LEGO/FNaF human66

    No lolly gagging FUS RO DAAAAHHHH

  • Karma Games Always

    "... No lollygaggi-""FUS RO DAH!"

  • Caine Lucassen

    tom tijsen, best meme going, just say :tom tijsen to all your friends

  • markus fabritius

    The Guard is Kili as he says he took an arrow to the knee like in Deselation Of Smaug and then his brother Thorin was out fighting dragons this all makes sense

  • Alessandro De Bonis

    actually in the nordic culture taking an arrow in the knee means getting married, but anyway th video is funny

  • Fatal Hellwolf

    It's arrow IN the knee.

  • Rookie

    "... running into bandits, or vampires, or wizards. Sometimes wizardvampirebandits" xDD

  • Jaceblue04

    To be fair, an arrow in the knee would prevent you from adventuring back in the viking era. Hell, back then, if your knee was broken (yes, an arrowhead would shatter your kneecap), you'd be lucky if you ever walked again.

  • Serenity Madavan Mc Coy

    Me: walks by guardGuard:"I remember you, your the new guy in the companions,so what you do fetch the mead?"Me: no I actually fight bandits...Guard: no lollygaggingMe: .....Grelko: hmm?Me: dose anyone at least no where the blacksmith is?Modesi: need something?Me: yes where is the blacksmith-Modesi: buying and selling fine jewelry hereMe: ok fuck this im going back to whiterunGuard: no lollygaggingMe: FUS RO DUH

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