Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods - 5 MUST HAVE MODS! #2

Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods - 5 MUST HAVE MODS! #2

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Mods in today's video below!

Legendary Creatures
Dreadborn Knight Follower
Supreme and Volumetric Fog
Instant Mastery
EasierRider's Dungeon Pack

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  • Roy Mustange


  • Skooma Joe

    Did this guy actually use a screenshot of a mod you can't get on PS4 as the thumbnail for a video called "SKYRIM REMASTERED PS4 MODS"... Ok, never going to this guy's channel again...

  • BP

    So the thumbnail contains an armour you can't get on PS4 because external assets. But can on xbox ... hehehhee

  • Conscious_Whisper

    I recommend everyone download the extra bandit camps, Skyrim Lanterns and Man Those Boarders. It just adds about 20 bandit camps, Guard posts and Road Lamps all around the map and it just adds extra areas that make Skyrim more lively

  • Twitchy Titchy

    It's good fog, but it ain't far harbour fog.

  • C_A_2x_T Games & Shiznit


  • Elysa L Plays

    Can you add the file size of these mods please.

  • Blair Crawford

    Starlord Iove your videos but can you please use a mod from the video for the thumbnail because when I saw that armour I got so hyped that ps4 was getting it

  • Jake Moore

    I was really disappointed with your click bait thumbnail, you got me all excited for cool in game armors just to show something completely unrelated

  • TheSpaceGandhi

    All we need now on PS4 is a LightSaber mod

  • MrRhythmicDancer1

    Please keep this ps4 mod series going!! 👍🏼

  • TooGrimToReap

    So are bethesda still sorting things out with the external mids for ps4 or have they given up? I havent heard of them in a while.

  • Joe Maguire

    Thanks for reviewing ps4 mods ☺

  • Reven Hyrule

    I have to say, never having a P.C. that i am thankful and grateful to all those who port mods to PS4 or make mods for it. Yes we cant have the same experience but what i have downloaded is awesome, little lore friendly houses, faster leveling, craft all items, and water texture and fantasy lighting, oh and the reverb sound overhaul. I mostly look for lore freindly and easy to use and thats what they are, i am happy with what i have, and new ones pop up all the time, like the expanded werewolf perk tree. To all those modders that make great content for the PS4. Thank you, means a lot. A good vid star lord, had to subscribe now lol

  • Deathchamp 1

    Thank you so much finally someone who does mods for PS4 and not just Xbox and pc

  • SparkyPrick

    I just want my Serana mods. Just let me know when those come.

  • Haider Ahmad

    wait when does fallout 4 get mods

  • Declan McC

    phendrix magic evolved is a must have 😉

  • CripTik RaZe

    There's one follower better than that night...cuddles

  • ItssChris3xFast

    If your on ps4 or xbox you got the reasons to cheat all wrong. Most of the people (including me) came from ps3/xbox 360 and cannot send data over consoles SOOOOOO, we have to use cheat mods to get back to were we left of in the last generation versions.

  • James

    you what is this song in the background

  • Codplay3r445 Gaming

    I know this is a skyrim series, but got any news/updates on Fallout 4 PS4 mods?

  • IndieAlfie

    Hey starlord, any news on Fallout 4 mods? I'm not interested in getting skyrim SE yet, and am still waiting for some news on ps4 mods for Fallout 4.

  • Im Fuego Gaming

    That moment when you weren't clever enough to come up with your own outro so you copy OpTIc Scumpii

  • Matthew Wilson

    is there a ps4 mod that let's you have more than one follower follow you at a time?

  • Deer Brian

    Please sign this petition , we bought this game for the love of the mods but all we are getting are some cheatcodes and some recoloured gear , we need to make custom files happen people !!!!

  • NColavita

    Make a Xbox mod showcase PS4 mods are absolute shit

  • ded

    Is it possible for an alternate life mod for ps4 - I don't think it uses external assets but I've no modding experience so I could be wrong - also if there are any modders out there please make a mod for ps4 which adds snow elves, dwemer and maormer as playable races

  • Evangelos Paps.

    Any news about Fallout 4 mods????

  • Yellow Eyed Demon

    Sofia is a better companion mod

  • NutSplice

    Any fallout 4 ps4 mods

  • Master K

    Theres a TINY mod I just found for ps4, it's not a big one but fixes a small issue/annoyance I had. It puts all the housecarls in tavern clothes by Default (no more steel armor by default), effectively letting you put them in just about any clothes/armor you want them to wear. Also, removes the stupid Male walking animations from the female housecarls lol (jordis, lydia, etc.)


    Still waiting for a good, Fallout 4 style building mod.

  • Lelouch vi Britannia

    The Blurring on console hurts my eyes.

  • HeyItsWho

    If there's a creation kit... DOES THAT MEAN ARMOR AND WEP MODS????

  • bastiisalive

    damn it Bethesda..update it for us Asians man...still on that 1.01 patch so we still don't have mods....EDIT : FINALLY 1.02

  • katsupoi

    but I thought the mods for the ps4 won't be external

  • John van lith

    whats so special about the follower? its just a guy with dlc armor or am i missing something?

  • Corral Mcneil

    Keep the PS4 mods videos coming

  • Dave C

    I play on a PS4 and am wondering if there is a way to get your spouse to move into a download mod home?

  • Theredstoners Theredstoners

    I found Dreadborn in riften

  • Jorund Shadefur

    First mod: She's not a maid, dude... Saadia is the maid.Second Mod: Yay, companion mods.Third mod: Far Harbor...Fourth Mod: someday...Fifth Mod: Yes, I like this one!

  • Linn 843

    I'm sad that you're not going to do Xbox one Skyrim SE mod showcases

  • Kevin Grootaers

    Secret armory near riverwood is a great mod too.

  • Wyatt Hodge

    I already had all these mods

  • Ostry Ostrowski

    Mods on ps4 still terrible I see? Nice

  • Joseph Colburn

    My game keeps crashing when I put mods on

  • nevetskoocvideos

    Thanks again for doing these ps4 Skyrim mod videos. I will jumping into mods as soon as I get all the trophies for the game.

  • j.good06

    name of the song used throughout the video?

  • Philip O'Reilly

    What bow are you using?

  • AshRichOak

    REQUEST: if any modders for ps4 see this I think a MUST-HAVE mod would be a fix for all the moving mannequins i havent used the mannequins yet but i just found one in the middle of the basement in my home in solitude

  • Justin

    Are these on xbox as well?

  • Summer Dixon

    are there any mods that make the skyrim characters and your character look better

  • Ryan Centnarowicz

    How about the Werebear replacer mod on PS4? It replaces the werewolf form so you can play as werebear. I hope you read this comment Star lord so you can do a part 3 on PS4 mods!!

  • Kevin Bentley

    Why don't you just use the cheat room mod , you can lvl up your skills 10x faster by just one click if a button on a wall then to go to every book

  • Dovah Sheep

    can soemone please tell me if there are any pretty hair mods for ps4 please if so plz tell meh

  • Dylan Merrix

    How is the fog mod a great mod lmaooo

  • Wesley Blake

    I wish there was a mod where there was ebony and dadric crossbows

  • Squall Leonhart

    bijin warmaidens for ps4 please and bijin npc

  • Falling_Star

    After I installed some more mods Skyrim crashied at some points but when I deinstalled these mods again Skyrim crashed as soon as I opened it. Anyone knows how to fix that?

  • Not a serial killer Not a dealer

    put a gallon liquid acid down your throath

  • Malachi The klansman

    Hey it's star lord what are you going to upload mods to PS4 and what kind of mods

  • Luiz Caraballo

    I came for the thumbnail, but alas, 'twas not to be.

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