Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods - 5 MUST HAVE MODS! #2

Skyrim Remastered PS4 Mods - 5 MUST HAVE MODS! #2

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Mods in today's video below!

Legendary Creatures
Dreadborn Knight Follower
Supreme and Volumetric Fog
Instant Mastery
EasierRider's Dungeon Pack

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  • Roy Mustange


  • Séamus Mac Conchoille

    There is a petition for external assets on ps4 at , please sign it and help change this bullshit.

  • MrGewd The lll

    All you Xbox assholes stay out of here this is for the ps4 players and we get that your better because Microsoft bought your game and that Microsoft owns aloud of stuff but hey Sony is a bitch we get it we try to get them to help us gamers. Ps we are a big family we shouldn't be fighting like some civil war that we all might know. We should be giving each other helpful advice and maybe even giving us other mods. We are friends ok Sony shouldn't care about "external assets" if Xbox dose the care then why should Sony care and. Also this might make you ps4 players think it was probably a Xbox player who hacked the ps4 players. We still should treat each other the the nord brothers we are. "FOR SKYRIM MY BROTHERS"

  • Conscious_Whisper

    I recommend everyone download the extra bandit camps, Skyrim Lanterns and Man Those Boarders. It just adds about 20 bandit camps, Guard posts and Road Lamps all around the map and it just adds extra areas that make Skyrim more lively

  • BP

    So the thumbnail contains an armour you can't get on PS4 because external assets. But can on xbox ... hehehhee

  • Kevin Grootaers

    Secret armory near riverwood is a great mod too.

  • Evangelos Paps.

    Any news about Fallout 4 mods????

  • Nicolas

    There is a petition for external assets for FO4 and Skyrim SE on, please sign it and help change this bullshit And please share the petition so we can get more signs! Thank you!

  • Stubbydingo

    Skyrim has better mods than Fallout 4 like and comment if you agree

  • Luiz Caraballo

    I came for the thumbnail, but alas, 'twas not to be.

  • Dylan Merrix

    How is the fog mod a great mod lmaooo

  • Viking Berserker

    A whole load of boooks to level up your poop tree

  • HeyItsWho

    If there's a creation kit... DOES THAT MEAN ARMOR AND WEP MODS????

  • Skooma Joe

    Did this guy actually use a screenshot of a mod you can't get on PS4 as the thumbnail for a video called "SKYRIM REMASTERED PS4 MODS"... Ok, never going to this guy's channel again...

  • Stutetha

    I'm so sick of this console mods bullshit. It's inspired me to buy PC just for TES and Fallout

  • Bill The Bull Gates

    Starlord is a gay faggot betch

  • Elysa L Plays

    Can you add the file size of these mods please.

  • bastiisalive

    damn it Bethesda..update it for us Asians man...still on that 1.01 patch so we still don't have mods....EDIT : FINALLY 1.02

  • Ryan Centnarowicz

    How about the Werebear replacer mod on PS4? It replaces the werewolf form so you can play as werebear. I hope you read this comment Star lord so you can do a part 3 on PS4 mods!!

  • Chad Carrier

    THANK YOU I am a ps4 player and am so jealous of all the pc mods.....

  • Dovah Sheep

    can soemone please tell me if there are any pretty hair mods for ps4 please if so plz tell meh

  • Tanner B.

    Can't even find them on the ps4

  • TooGrimToReap

    So are bethesda still sorting things out with the external mids for ps4 or have they given up? I havent heard of them in a while.

  • Bill The Bull Gates

    Kill yourself Starlord. Faggot sveinhund.

  • Haider Ahmad

    wait when does fallout 4 get mods

  • SparkyPrick

    I just want my Serana mods. Just let me know when those come.

  • Jared Stuteville

    If you were to activate a mod and let's say you have a crap ton of gold, materials or any other thing such as those. And you decide to disable the mod, would you be able to keep these items or no?


    god you talk so much and slow!

  • T E C H N I C A L D I F F I C U L T I E S

    What's the armour in the thumbnail?

  • Lucas Farndale

    Im only cheating because Lydia died and i lost about 40 hours of play. This is like revenge on the game for me lol. I can't find any respawn mods that really work.

  • Falling_Star

    After I installed some more mods Skyrim crashied at some points but when I deinstalled these mods again Skyrim crashed as soon as I opened it. Anyone knows how to fix that?

  • Doug Loan

    Guy sounds like the comic dude from the Simpsons

  • Zakara Protector of the gamerverse

    Hey it's star lord what are you going to upload mods to PS4 and what kind of mods

  • deadlyvenom354

    hey could somebody answer something for me ive never used mods before, so my question is if I use a mod to increase my level and delete the mod will I loose all the perks and levels I got from using the mod?

  • Joseph Colburn

    My game keeps crashing when I put mods on

  • Justin

    Are these on xbox as well?

  • Kalical - EBK Hound

    if i install a cheat mod to get a fukload of alchemy ingredients, take the ingredients, then uninstall the mod, will i still be able to get trophies on that save

  • AvatarKai

    is this footage from PS4 or PC?

  • Ricardo Requena

    Your skyrim looks amazing, are you using any graphical mods?

  • Kevin Bentley

    Why don't you just use the cheat room mod , you can lvl up your skills 10x faster by just one click if a button on a wall then to go to every book

  • Son Bra

    Since I never played the PC version only PS3, do we have prettier vampires yet? xD

  • Richard

    what's your fav es race? mine's breton.

  • your life is a meme

    4:44 lol the casual mention of the bipolar berserk companion

  • Tubbs Gaming

    ummmm what happen to this series

  • Mckleeno Man

    boat your top5 mods is shity!

  • Philip O'Reilly

    What bow are you using?

  • CripTik RaZe

    There's one follower better than that night...cuddles

  • Master K

    Theres a TINY mod I just found for ps4, it's not a big one but fixes a small issue/annoyance I had. It puts all the housecarls in tavern clothes by Default (no more steel armor by default), effectively letting you put them in just about any clothes/armor you want them to wear. Also, removes the stupid Male walking animations from the female housecarls lol (jordis, lydia, etc.)

  • Yellow Eyed Demon

    Sofia is a better companion mod

  • Itss ক্রিস

    If your on ps4 or xbox you got the reasons to cheat all wrong. Most of the people (including me) came from ps3/xbox 360 and cannot send data over consoles SOOOOOO, we have to use cheat mods to get back to were we left of in the last generation versions.

  • Jack Ivy

    you spent to much time on the fog mod just saying

  • Sonny Lummes

    Ebonwarrior is the best companion mod

  • James

    you what is this song in the background

  • Early The Shingami

    Lmao after the intro he showed a bunch of barrels and i was thinking he was going to show a texture mod but then he said creatures while the camera was on barrels ... I laugh so hard at the smallest things

  • Gabe Wills

    Are there any console item spawning mods? (Or console commands)

  • jamie perkins

    Sign this petition to allow external assets on ps4

  • Shadow's Knight

    Hey how is the load time on PS4? Because the load time on PS3 was evil!

  • AshRichOak

    REQUEST: if any modders for ps4 see this I think a MUST-HAVE mod would be a fix for all the moving mannequins i havent used the mannequins yet but i just found one in the middle of the basement in my home in solitude

  • shaq0071

    so ps4 can have external mods

  • Mtwolf59230

    i have every map location unlocked i can't find the dreadborn place

  • william mulholland

    Is their a mod that works like a mod menu for Xbox/PS4?

  • budnerjohn08

    any chance of getting star wars mods on ps4

  • John Mars

    So there is mods or a creation kit for PS4 ? I want to know before to buy again this fucking game....

  • fadedOTAKU

    DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT download the hateful wench mod. even with broken armor that mod kicked my ass

  • LudeandLude

    What armor is the Dreadborn Knight wearing because I've never seen that in the game?

  • Stuart Mcadam

    hey I was hoping have any copies for ps4 I don't have money to buy one they are very expensive in South Africa

  • Flipper Dipper Webbo

    What is his accent? Not hating or anything but his accent sounds like a fake American accent.

  • Mark Taylor

    can I make a new character for mods. I don't want them on my current character becuase I like to earn trophies on PS

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