Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough #10, How to Get the Dwarven Crossbow Schematic (Halted Stream Camp)

Here's a REAL walkthrough of the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC by an experienced player. Played on Legendary difficulty with an Illusion Assassin build. This video covers the quest, Ancient Technology 5 and how to get the Dwarven Crossbow Schematic in Halted Stream Camp (random location)...

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  • wademanguy

    Okay, who's the one that gave out Slacks' address? It's like the dragons know that Slack is living at the college.Dragon 1: "You know what?"Dragon 2: "No, what?"Dragon 1: "I'm gonna go mess with Slack"Dragon 2: "I wouldn't do that, he messed up Fred real good"LOL! Who would've thought, playing Skyrim and constantly getting pestered by dragons, the nerve. Thumbs UP! ;)

  • Robert Prather

    I've never seen the bandits at the Lord Stone get so preoccupied over a fox versus looking for your girl.  Guess the power of the sneaky sneaky assassin overwhelmed them!  Great vid!

  • David De Valera

    My Paladin Soul won't allow me to use a Bow or Crossbow. Meet your enemy face-to-Face or Face-to-Fiery Snout, as the case may be, and turn them into a pile of soggy bones with your war hammer. Ho-Ah!

  • T B

    There's a killer about made me think of The Doors. There's a killer on the roadHis brain is squirmin' like a toad

  • FreeAndEffed

    Disenchanting Grimsever is so rude! :D I marry Mjoll in every second run, I couldn't do it. Theres enough frost weapons around.

  • Steven Satcher

    Hey Slack, what would be some tips and pointers to try and re-create this build you have going in this walkthrough?

  • MrSanta78

    Butchering the cultist can be used as a sneak assassin commercial :)

  • Minh Kha Trần

    I have to admit, crossbows are a lot stronger than bows. But look at it reload make me sick.

  • OhMagnetz

    You'd think that, after getting their asses handed to them so many times, these dudes would at least leave a bottle of Bourbon or something out on the front porch for you as a peace offering... Something! Anything! :D

  • KnEpH131

    Huh uh huh huh..., U said load...Huh uh huh huh.

  • Jozef Skokan

    Nice job Slack! Once you said that Skyrim was your retirement game..hopefully you are not going to there any chance we may see a shooter walkthrough on MSV? Keep up the good work

  • ratman6555

    This is weird but from what I remember in my last playthrough I went to most if not all these places. Are you copying me Slack!?

  • ReaperofSinXIII

    Hey Slack what would you say is your favorite class to play as and race?

  • Lord erzra

    Slack do you have any plans on doing a Dragonborn Walkthrough

  • GalaxyNightWolf

    yo, i have a question regarding which of the two builds is more fun to play in your opinion: the death squad with lux or this illusion assassin


    "get some resist frost action" drinks resist fire potion lol never change slack

  • troygly

    Yup Major, just like me can't go anywhere without being bothered by a bedraggled dragon.

  • Moraktion

    There are mods for pc and xbox one that will give you all the crossbows.

  • Fredrik Pedersen

    Shoes Slack, shoes! Otherwise she'll catch a cold!!! Jokes aside great video Major *salutes

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