Skyrim: 5 More Secret and Unique Armors You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game with a nearly infinite array of armors and clothing options for the Dragonborn to choose from. Indeed, The Elder Scrolls 5 seems to decorate its cast of characters with and endless number of helmets, boots and other attire options. However, a handful of the outfits and armors offered in Skyrim are especially rare to encounter or otherwise incredibly unique and worth exploring further. So in today’s video we’ll be taking a look at five more secret and unique armors you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Little Shmuplet

    I still havent been able to find an armor that can protect me from the fact that Elder Scrolls 6 is about 5 years away.


    So fun story! I was bartending last night and being Sunday night it was pretty slow. So this one guy was sitting by himself and me being who I am strike up a conversation. And somehow we got on the topic of video games and his favorite was Skyrim. So I tell him about your channel and he already knew about it and was a pretty big fan! Unfortunately I didn't get his username. But if you're reading this, come back to the bar, you forgot your credit card.Update: he came back in to get his card

  • SnapplyPie

    Armor is too heavy for M'aiq, this is useless.

  • Emily Zaitz

    “The protection is quite surprising, considering Falmer apparel seems to cover far less of one’s body.”Female video game characters: first time?

  • The Great and Mighty Goddess Aqua

    Guard: "Lightly armored means light on your feet. Smart."Dragonborn: "I'm naked..."

  • The Lone Wanderer

    I actually left the falmer armor. It over encumbered me and I couldn't just leave my buckets down there.

  • Lawrence Reamon

    I absolutely adore the falmer heavy armour. It just looks so cool.“Papa, you’re home!”“DO YOUR CHORES, LUCIA, THE BUG KING COMMANDS IT!”

  • StrangeTripNH

    Plot twist: Nate was an original dev getting sick of waiting for people to find all the amazing details he put into the game

  • Ya boi MiahTRT

    They boost attacThey help protecBut most importantly...They unique as hecc

  • John Freeman

    "Helmets forged by literal gods."Looking at the stats here..

  • Dr Sundae

    Bethesda has to add you to TES 6. You could be an adventurer or a mage who has a dictionary of synonyms for big.

  • Whiterun Guard

    This would most definitely stop those arrows from reaching my knees

  • Ian Goodell

    Funny, I just started to replay skyrim.

  • Vade Gaming

    I can never get tired of Skyrim. Always something new with every new gameplay. Still my top favorite game by far.

  • MAD Master001

    Once you've played Skyrim, you can never escape Skyrim.

  • Glen Gilliland

    Be glad you cant loot falmer chest pieces. You really want to see a nude falmer?

  • Laura James

    I found that set of Falmer armour in Mznchleft. It was interesting to find. Though I still wonder how The Dragonborn can see through the helmet

  • Simon Abitz

    Nate better be in ES6 or I swear by Talos, imma murder Bethesda to death!

  • James McDonald

    Imagine this conversation in a random tavern in TES6:M'aiq - "Are you sure it was really that big?"Nate the Unfathomable - "Let me tell you just how... (pauses) ... expansive it was."

  • Cell Chaos

    9:43 Nates carry weight:103,068 / 300 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Calamity Cop

    the Snow Elf's armour, when you get Auriel's Bow in the Dawnguard DLC, is VERY unique and looks VERY cool.And the Gloves of the Pugilist are kinda gud.

  • LadyZubat

    ME: clicks home pagesees this videoPOSTED 41 SECONDS AGOdamn im early

  • Michael Barton

    Might be worth noting that Falmer weapons and armor can be improved at Grindstones and Workbenches, respectively, using Chaurus Chitin

  • Simply Drug Addict

    Literaly was about to go to bed "early" today.*like c'mon dude, every time

  • geoshark12

    The thing about falmir Armor is you can tell it is meant to be used with a bow or someone who is left hand dominant for a few reasons,1. The non Armored side is the right side, if your right handed there would be no need for more armour on your left side due to the shield covering that side, but if the person is left handed the shield would be in there right hand leaving there left side exposed more there for it would be the area they would want more amour on and keep the weight to a minimum 2. When using a bow it’s put in your off hand and you stand with your off side forward meaning only your left side is exposed when shooting , the reason for not having armour on the right is for better range of movement, when you shoot a bow you actually use more of your back muscles then you do you arm muscles while you can still shoot with armour it would be fairly uncomfortable and harder to draw the bow back as far3. No armour around the neck while offering far less protection it also allows you to see more to the sides which you do a lot when shooting a bow

  • Glorificated Waffels

    5:30 actually this sword the helmet is sitting on its legendary because Thats a duskfangDuskfang-(the sword you optain in the shivering isles in tes IV)This sword looks like duskfang and many people think it is

  • Nazareth

    I have a theory as to why Falmer armor is as good as dwemer armor.Everyone knows that the Dwemer is why the Snow elves turned into Falmer, so my theory is that during the interactions between dwemer and snow elf, the snow elves learned how to craft dwemer armor but as they turned into falmer they no longer had the resources available so they started using chaurus chitin, crafting it using the skills they learned from dwemer armor.

  • Crumbling Haven

    I was so happy to accidentily find out that a falmer helmet can actually be worn under dragon priest masks.

  • metiipopInk

    I've just started to go through Skyrim again, and this video honestly is a great coincidence since I listen to your videos while I play games.

  • Dr. NEON

    Nate what's going on you've been uploading to Much as of latewhat secrets have you found I'm scared

  • phantomhurricane666

    in labyrinthian tribune, there's a dead argonian woman with an ancient Nordic sword, lying beside a chest. on the right side of the word wall, hidden amongst the rocks, there's a skeleton with a much smaller skeleton inside the chest. why was a pregnant woman in a Nordic tomb?

  • Peter Johnson

    Alas: adverbused to express sadness or feeling sorry about something, e.g.:"I love football but, alas, I have no talent as a player.", or"Will you be able to come tomorrow?" "Alas, no."

  • OlympusHeavyCavalry

    I wonder why there is only a Shell-bug Helmet available and no matching Armour for it?

  • It's Just me.

    the only thing I didn't have on this list was those damn fine armguards!!! XD( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Mikaela Schilling

    "whatever unit of measurement skyrim uses" 😂 the tears of gamers who want to loot everything and still be able to sprint?

  • The Qrsy

    Who play skyrim in 2019

  • Ragnarok

    A glitched armor? In MY Skyrim, the game made by Bethesda? Preposterous

  • Dan Lake

    "Or thrusted upon us as quest rewards" I wish Serena would thrust upon me as a quest reward

  • ORMC_Eeyore

    I remember having a full set of falmer armor and telling my friend, his only response was "bullshit it doesn't exist" this was back in 2014

  • PurpleMNinja

    Some people (myself included) would actually consider the fact that you can obtain and wear the Telvani robes from Ildari a good thing, even if females have the heartstone harness.

  • lusya the kind

    Yay Skyrim is still going strong! Just like this dragonborn, it will never die!

  • Arden Lolli

    Nate: talks about Ancient Helmet of the UnburnedMe: Ah, I found that!... I threw it across the room and left it there for the fun of it... oops..

  • ScarletRedCrimson

    Player with the legacy of the dragonborn mod: "Wear these?!?!" laughs in hoarder

  • Inferno Power

    No matter what mood I'm in, when you upload, I'll always watch. I don't know why but your videos are so casual to me that I can always watch and even re-watch themEdit: and they're helpful as fucc

  • IHaveWaffles

    9:00 ok, now I see. I remember getting Falmer armor in game, so that was confusing for a bit.Also, wouldn't falmer armour be hard to see out of, unless you make your own eyeholes

  • Dwarf Stomper

    I lock picked everything on my first playthrough so I found the Fulmer armor didn't even know it was rare

  • Dev Lo lo

    Me: ok I think he’s covered everything in Skyrim finallyNate: Drops new videoMe: ah shit here we go again

  • Aridium

    My favorite Fallout/Elder Scrolls YouTuber who posts regularly, currently!

  • Walo Schmidt

    I have to say i really love this game but unfortunatly i grew bored of it. Whenever i started a character it maybe got to level 30 (my highest is 44) than i lost track of my Items in my houses and my progress and started a new one. It really is a problem that not even Mods can cure. Maybe you guys have some Ideas?

  • James Akeson

    Tunics worth more than actual countries! Vendor: "I'll give you 150 gold for it"And helmets forged by actual gods!Vendor: "eeeeh call it 250 no negotiation"

  • Salazar's Salsa

    I sent my brothers your way for all fallout and Skyrim related fun facts haha.

  • RustyRayne

    The Fine Armguards are also on the Ship in the dark brotherhood quest where you kill the Emperor.

  • Nico Wonderdust

    I found the full set of Falmer Armour a few weeks ago and though "Ah that's cool" but chose to dump it somewhere because I was carrying too much..

  • Promoted to Customer

    Nate: these angry mutated snow elves sure do know how to keep their fighters safe.Your “average” Dragonborn:scroll of fireball

  • abysswalker

    I watch these videos and say this to myself - Someday.... Someday I will have a high end PC ..... to play modded Skyrim

  • Kaido Vesternin

    I feel special now, just found the Falmer chestpiece like a week ago.I'm pretty sure I got 3 out of 4 pieces though.Also I got heavy plate and heavy helm, bulky af.

  • Hope Franklin

    The dark brother hood gloves you mentioned there is a glitch with it, where you pick it up it's not in your invertry*. *bad spelling

  • diego

    I actually looted the falmer chest piece, I feel special now.

  • KoleXJericho4eva

    Doing a 100%, treasure hunting, rare item collecting Khajiit run Im collecting everything unique and special. From every guild, every quest, and every single dungeon/cave/settlement/unmarked location. Every. Single. Unique and/or special. Item.So hey Nate, youre helping me out with your videos! Ive been watching every video of yours on skyrim to find them, and im hunting on the wiki too! Its much more fun to watch your videos though, bc i play and listen at the same time. Can you do 10 unique miscellaneous items or potions sometime?

  • Milk and Oreos

    I think that when you smelt certain things in skyrim they have the same sound as an anvil in Minecraft

  • Ornstein the Dragonslayer

    Damn this game brings me back to when I used to play the hell out of TES. Now I play Fallout, and Dark Souls, Even older games. At I don't play Fortnite

  • Lavender Beautiful

    How do you get the dark brotherhood outfit with the good thing that looks like scarf I’ve seen it in loading screens but I never knew how to get it :(


    Helmet of the Unburned on a Dark Elf? Dragon fire becomes Flames XD

  • F9 Trick

    Isn’t blades armor fairly rare? I remember having to get it from a certain area and not being able to find it elsewhere. I know you can’t forge it as far as I am aware and I don’t think the vendors sell it....

  • Kelis 98

    It’s amazing that a game from around eight (seven with dlc) years ago, can still have content made about it. It reminds me of those bully channels and that game came out in 2005.

  • Vuelle

    I found a pair of elven gloves with the same effect as tumblerbane in the quest where you infiltrate a falmor base/place/whatever

  • Yes

    hold on, these armour sets aren’t rare, ive seen them in qasmoke ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dilly Pickle

    I remember when I found the Ancient Helmet of the Unburned, I just left it alone

  • Collin Ward

    ive gotten a different version of the falmer chestplate, i cant remember how, i think ive looted it from a falmer but i got a heavy armor chestplate that covers the entire body and its way better than the normal chestplate shown in this video as i am pretty sure it was better than my ebony chestplatenvm its at about 9:00

  • Knight Owl

    The falmer heavy armor is probably my favorite type of just looks really awesome

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