Skyrim Special Edition Top 10 MUST HAVE Mods

Skyrim Special Edition Top 10 Must Have Mods. Skyrim Special Edition Top ten essential Mods. This video does a review of the top 10 xbox one, playstation 4 and PC most important mods for Skyrim Remastered.
It includes gameplay from Skyrim Special edition. As well as a review of each epic and awesome mod by a funny, some what comedy oreinted narrator. All the mods that are listed in this weekly review were chosen because of their great quality, or the that they are available on xbox 1 and playstation four. Some are insanely unique while others are great quality and fun to use. All of the videos is considered humorous in nature and to be considered satire, or comedy. Although the information about the mods is accurate. The narration is done in a way to invoke laughter.
All these great mods are listed below with a link to their nexus download. If you are playing on the xbox one or ps4 and want to acquire the mods that are available, then you have to log into and link up your profile, with your xbox gamertag or psn account. This mod review is just one perspective and is not considered to be fully inclusive or exhaustive. There are a ton of great mods that can be found on the Nexus, and on which we encourage you to check out.
If you enjoy a mod, please endorse the mod author to show your support.
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All Skyrim Modifications listed Below:

Gotha Armor :
PC :

Goyen, Draconian Knight Armor :
PC :
Xbox One :

Realistic Water Two :
PC :
Xbox One :

Static Mesh Improvement :
PC :
Xbox One :

Sky UI :
PC :

The Loners Sword :
PC :

Point The Way :
PC :
Xbox :
PS4 :

Better Horses :
PC :
Xbox One :
PS4 :

A Quality World Map :
PC :
Xbox One :

Joy of Perspective :
PC :
Xbox One :
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    Next you should do a top 10 player homes in Skyrim...I acturally know of a really cool one called Deus Mons, Its available for Pc,Xbox one, and Ps4, It even has lore, to make it was created by meriak(Ik I misspelled his name but He is that evil Dragonborn) and can be found on the road to high hrothgar, Deus Mons is kinda a Castle and if you want to gain access to this place...the key is being carried by a dragon that guards Deus mons, you have to kill the dragon and loot the key off its body. Its a really great Player home for the Dragonborn.Also Another Great Video AverageBaters, Its always great to get that notification that says Averagebaters posted a New Video and I really like when you reply to my Comments...Keep up the good work and as you always say...Keep on average Bateing

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