Skyrim How To Get The Morokei Mask (Dragon Priest Mask)


This guy isn't hard but you have to go threw the whole Collage of Winterhold quest line its not long but yeah
  • Marc Rodriguez

    U shouldn't have skipped it I needed to know where to go to get the mask

  • Montenegro Gamez


  • Christian Davis

    How the ** do You get in gfd

  • oddball5565

    Spears I've been a big fan and I never knew u did my fav game

  • Mooseandelk1

    if u look at the keybord, do u see how far away the E is from R? maybe it could be a misspelling if u ever had that in mind?

  • Mooseandelk1

    i fucking sold it or something...

  • Mooseandelk1

    i just don't like people that must poke :-P

  • Mooseandelk1

    He is a Youtube partner. googlr that :)

  • califilipino

    wow you sound exactly like seananners

  • Justin Lamothe élève

    That really is one of the best mask

  • Will Santos

    That's the best mask of magic for me,I just care with regeneration . '-'

  • Richard Da Costa

    Do you have too be doing a quest too do this.

  • Richard Da Costa

    @bernas3000 No need too go hostile.

  • Richard Da Costa

    Do you have too be doing a quest too do this or just enter the thing randomly..

  • BigA

    Can u do more of the masks and how did u enchant you swords

  • bernas3000

    @Oroorel sorry i guess i over reacted,i was just trying to say you forgot to read the desc

  • James Bear

    @killalpvp the monsters level with you, so i don tthink it matters

  • HUYI1

    LOL i liked how you just chucked him in the water :)

  • Ewil91

    must..have,.,,your right sword

  • FogsFles


  • KenWorkProduction

    I cannot get morokei's mask...his dead too.

  • Andrew24wow

    Just hide behind pillars.

  • Andrew24wow

    Well his difficulty match's your level, so if you are level 12 obviously it wouldn't be a problem... but if you like level 20 its a pain in the ass.

  • jh565bb

    how do you open the door

  • mrniall97

    How do you get them swords and do you have to be a certain level

  • VideoGameFreak2131

    I'm level 50 and just now starting to get them

  • WarMachineGX

    Guys theres a bow thts stronger then ebony i found daedra bows and im lvl 80 lol iv got like 400 of thrm from farming at the thieves guild lol

  • J Pao L

    @SpeirsTheAmazingHD Uh im fairly new to this game but just curious is that cape part of the hood, or the armour? and what armour is it?

  • dodgecity93

    that mask sucks haha, you can enchant armor or robes to have that same effect

  • Ferdia Neary

    i'm playing skyim again and i'm certain that the game levels up With you.. so no matter what order or manner you play the game it's all relative to your skill :)

  • Train Akmal

    men..I cant get any quest in Collage of hard ><

  • TheSpurry

    My advice is to go to the college of winterhold. If you do the main quest, you eventually get there. Honestly, its not that long and difficult and at the end of it you get some nice stuff. One tip is if you do decide to do the college quest, when you get to a place called saarthal, to escape, wear the amulet and destroy the wall. You'll know what i mean when you get there.

  • Theo B

    can you please tell me the way in the dungeon... i cant find it anywhere... only a labyrint...

  • MetroSpartanHD

    Speirs can u make a video with all the guides for the masks plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Gregorio Medeiros

    i can get it without the quest?

  • Whiip

    Do the next one! I think I just need one more! :D

  • anthobro1

    who thorght that he was going to say four skin

  • ItsThePrash

    If you finished the quest, can you do it again?? So that you could do it with better armor and stuff..

  • Executioner Thel

    so when wearing the mask you can never run out of magicka? if thats true than im getting it.

  • 404Error

    Hi Speirs, Awesome vids could you maybe do a vid on good perks and or how to make some money by smithing, enchanting or using alchemy cus im not rly getting more. Thx

  • MrTashiTundup

    @MrSk8tastic1 yes lol

  • Lady Sharky Moo

    i have the slow time and the marked of death also the disarm.

  • WhiteReactor

    @KillerRaven10 if you join the darkbrotherhood you can get thousands and thousands gold really quick (if you don´t get caught)

  • ZxZerox92

    got it today before the vid :p

  • HetcFs

    @JustAxRagDoll :D true

  • Rawbert

    I only need the morokei mask before i can get konahrik's :D

  • Rain

    lol i was just joking calm down there

  • WhiteReactor

    i played a mage char and used lightning bolt over and over and it did 25% damage to what your daedric sword did. luckily it glitched and i just stop attacking and got stuck in a wall

  • PvtRiano

    Ive never seen a glitch like that...just reload the game from befor you had the mask..

  • StrifeBlood

    @roneisagoon Lol, I did it at 7 but I hid behind the door and sneak arched him for like 20 minutes

  • 404Error

    What shoes and gloves or gauntlets would you recommend for a mage? I got the archmage robes and the morokei mask. oh and what ring and amulet would you recommend?

  • AlphaOmegaJH

    why not use two deadric

  • LONE PsychoWOLF

    you are not help at all tell me how to get in there!!!! All you guys do is just switch to the next scene so i cant fine out where to get in the place you need to make another video telling us how to get in the place!!!

  • twalk324

    d oyou have to go throught the collage of winterhold to od this ?

  • therockdiiva

    this guy sucks if you're a mage heavy kind of class. the lightning drains your magika so fast...

  • Hickjackass2k10

    @petergriffendouble One you make yourself :)

  • Satire

    do u think i could kill him if i were lvl 14?

  • dug

    @andrewkim124 Not for mages!

  • sopzR

    Well i guess my weapon is shit then because i do FUCK ALL DAMAGE. How the fuck do you get the weapons your using!?

  • saint-14

    What are the masks used for?

  • TheFluffy1029

    I would say 24 and up, because they were pretty easy when I was that level.

  • James Feeney

    What swords are you using in this video?

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