Skyrim How To Get The Morokei Mask (Dragon Priest Mask)


This guy isn't hard but you have to go threw the whole Collage of Winterhold quest line its not long but yeah
  • Christian Davis

    How the ** do You get in gfd

  • Justin Lamothe élève

    That really is one of the best mask

  • oddball5565

    Spears I've been a big fan and I never knew u did my fav game

  • Montenegro Gamez


  • James Burke

    Shit man I've linked up this combo with the Jagged Crown before & a circlet. For some reason though it doesn't work anymore... :(

  • KenWorkProduction

    I cannot get morokei's mask...his dead too.

  • Renato Pires

    Holy shit i've been subscribed to you for so long, i was searching for how to get the mask and boom this video <3

  • Flerb

    Morokei means glorious do it's the glorious maskXD

  • Marc Rodriguez

    U shouldn't have skipped it I needed to know where to go to get the mask

  • Craig Washington

    I'm level 23 and I fought him. He just stood there didn't do a thing.  I was confused by this. I had a fine elven sword and the sword of draining. I also used my fireball from afar. I didn't have a follower/companion.  

  • BoJaN87M

    wtf how come u killed him so easy. I was level 30, my one handed is 95, I entered with follower (guy from Mage College) I had sword dawnbreaker, shield spellbreaker, and necklase that protects me of shock dmg  30%, and still MOrokei would crush me with spells, as soon as I come near. Two times died, and then third i used 2 dragon shouts, potion of  vigorious healing and killed him. Your killing like took three hits???

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