Skyrim VR is An Absolute Nightmare - This Is Why

I return to review the biggest VR game of the year – Skyrim VR. I may describe Skyrim VR like it is an absolute nightmare but listen closely and you’ll be able to tell its all for fun, this game is the best and easily the best VR game by miles. This is why forever

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Skyrim VR had none of the problems Fallout 4 VR had on release, I discuss all the things in Skyrim VR that are an absolute nightmare but overall it vastly improves Skyrim vanilla and Bethesda did a great job. I do feela few things were missing from the release of Skyrim VR but these can easily be fixed with a few mods, I consider modding Skyrim VR an absolute necessity , without it perhaps Skyrim VR really is an absolute nightmare…

If you enjoy my ‘This Is Why’ series please do let me know what you like and what I should do more of, I will eventually move away from VR for a little while and start doing commentary on gameplay, it will just be me having highly edited adventures, I won’t let the quality drop.
  • UpIsNotJump

    Ello ello peoples! As ususal if you wanna help me out making these you can visit I very much hope you enjoy the video!!

  • Dexty

    I just don't think I'm prepared to fight a frostbite spider in VR.

  • Alexander Marin

    Did you seriously blur your own stomach when it showed up underneath your shirt

  • The Learned Soldier

    Okay but here's the most important question; the porn mods still work?

  • Eli Meadows

    I think skyrim also brings a sense of nostalgia and when you hear the music it just makes you feel good

  • WojtriX

    Maaan the amount of work put into this video is incredible :O

  • Yuki Eiri

    I just now noticed the censorded belly at 12:29

  • Hana HB

    Your editing literally sends shivers down my spine

  • Johan Andersson

    You, my friend, have a new subscriber 👍✌️ []-)

  • Neko Bell

    To swim in the Fountain of Life, the water much first reach your knees!I am stealing this.

  • Harry Kirkham

    I loved every second of this

  • altruistic gamer

    How tf are you under a million subs? Your funny af I subbed and HIT the BELL!! keep up the good work

  • MonmonstarTV

    A S S O R T E D B O O K S

  • Where is Petscop 2

    Wait? You've NEVER been evil in a playthrough? This is unheard of.

  • jake222tube

    If anything this video made me want The Witcher

  • 1000 subscribers with 1 video

    5:32 when you’re trying to hit that 500 word count on an essay

  • Moxole

    The thumbnail says "a a nightmare"

  • Hornet Gaming

    Witcher 3 has more realistic visuals.. and your cat's eyes! so prettyyy

  • JaySharp604

    Honestly. Skyrim is one of the greatest RPG games ever created. It has its issues, but has an incredible amount of replay value.

  • Baby Jiren

    I agree about the visual design comparing TW3 with Skyrim, with the exception of the Blood and Wine DLC. Toussaint felt like a fairy tale land.

  • Tar'Juun

    Fun fact: You dont aim with your right hand in real life archery

  • geoshark12

    Or you can use THE WABBAJACK

  • Ruth Moreton

    Did anyone get the recommended mod list?I got as far as:Total Character Makeover 1.whateverVivid weathersEnhanced lighst and FXStatic Mesh Improvement ModTrue 3d sound for headphones

  • Ruth Moreton

    Did anyone get the recommended mod list?I got as far as:Total Character Makeover 1.whateverVivid weathersEnhanced lighst and FXStatic Mesh Improvement ModTrue 3d sound for headphones

  • Turtle in a Fedora

    I nearly pissed myself laughing at thisEdit: you know you've played way too much Skyrim when you can recognize every single place within 3 seconds from the scenic section of the video

  • Tiddler -

    I would use those mods you suggested... But I can't... Yayyyy psvrrrr 😞

  • TofuDaTurtle

    - Ragdoll-able NPC- Over a huge cliff with a dropIF ONLY I COULD SUMMON AN UNRELENTING FORCE TO PUSH THEM OFF... HMMMMMMM

  • Squidy VonTenties

    You can move the bow with both hands, there is an option in the settings and it makes being a stealth archer so much more fun

  • Wil Secord

    this intro is probably the best you've ever made tbh

  • keaton Jones

    I finally reached the level of general iroh and my psvr breaks10/10

  • Nathan Wright

    I've never played skyrim.

  • TurtleBiscuit

    Rewatching this exactly a year later and this video is still a masterpiece! 👌

  • Lyra H. Strings

    Continuity! You mentioned Skyrim: Cheesecake Edition in the bit at the beginning and then did the "skyrim runs on anything" bit with a cheesecake.Good job, brilliant work mate

  • twarchamila

    I like how you used the Morrowind theme song. I've noticed most people that play the TES series fall in love with the first theme song of the first TES they play. Morrowind was mine too. All have been memorable and often songs are like a bookmark for a memory. Good times.

  • Astro 1

    First time seeing Witcher 3:WHAT THE FUUUU—— it’s so beautiful

  • Big Bear

    Dude, I JUST came across your videos yesterday, been binging them. You have great timing, clever jokes (could be more clever, it’s never backfired in comedy, just ask Arrested development circa early 2000’s), and awesome editing. Keep it up ya slag, or w.e. brits say. (Honestly super jealous that you and your prison colony down under get to use “cunt” so freely. It’s one of the best words hands down.)

  • Terra8585

    please do more of these, these are too funny

  • Telsion

    12:29 I've watched this video five times now and I only just noticed you censored your beer belly XD

  • Michael Ames

    Way late, I know, but I appreciate how you used good examples of each game for the Witcher/Skyrim comparison montage. Even though you said you preferred Skyrim's aesthetic, you still represented both in a very positive light. Kudos. Anybody else would have just used the best examples from the game they preferred and the worst from the other.

  • That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-

    I actually love to hang around in fallout 4’s blown up citiesIt’s strangely hypnotic/just damn funProbably the design of the game itself And that I’m weird

  • cliffordex

    I was watching videos on improving my Elite Dangerous VR experience, and now I'm reinstalling Witcher 3. Thanks Youtube and UpIsNotJump.

  • zergmaster22

    This is the best Witcher 3 Review ever

  • Taco Master

    13:46 wait, what? what happened? where's the hamster rave?

  • Zachary Croft

    Greetings Pesants! How goes the....NOW THIS IS WHAT I ASKED FOR

  • Michael

    Holy S***...Did I just hear a Burnt Face Man reference?

  • Silent Jack M.D

    suddenly hit with an epiphany from God..... what if there was a Witcher game for vr?

  • Gopher

    I have no idea how I have not found this channel up until now, but I'm damned glad that I finally did. This was brilliant :)

  • Ben Provost

    “Bethesda did a good job” he writes, yet titles his video “skyrimVR is a nightmare”. Clickbait.

  • Gruigi

    Hold on is this a re-upload or something? Because the scene where you wave around the corpse is much shorter than before

  • burnt f1ames

    You can’t have more than 7 people together in Skyrim before your FPS starts to go down even if it’s only 1 frame

  • Logan True

    I think Piper from Fallout 4 is beautiful, But, that's just me.

  • Aljoscha Noe

    Did you really jest censored your Belly at 12:29? XD

  • Alex Martinez

    My first time playing Skyrim will be with all the mods you listed, thanks. :)

  • R Houck

    My first video of yours. Instantly subscribed

  • Old Shekelstein

    thumbnail says 'a' twice. just to let you knowim sorry

  • Micky Johnson

    Brilliantly hilarious & entertaining... You don't often find this level of skill @ video creation.

  • Frog Cartoons Are Racist Nazis

    8:48 Goes outside with a silver sword while tripping on potions.

  • Jacob 46645

    Shhhhhhh........We gotta be quiet demonetization is near.

  • Official Mɸηѕtεʀ lιllιє

    Honestly this was an incredible video to watch. The amount of effort you put into it made it that much better. I was in fits of laughter throughout the whole thing but also was actually intrigued in what you had to say. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this man 😊

  • Christian Steward

    Subscribed. Where the hell have you been this whole time? LolYour channel is a amazing

  • Ero Kia

    My favorite uploader uploaded a video about Skyrim, my day is complete.

  • Henry Morgan

    Earthbound is the best game ever made. Pfft, Witcher 3

  • Luca H

    You convinced me to buy this game ... also in my opinion Horizon zero dawn is better than the witcher

  • Big Boom Productions

    I know this is an old video,but this is why I love you and your videos,no no NO NO! MERCIFUL GOD IN HEAVEN!!!

  • Trindalas Valadaros

    I’ve played many many hours of Skyrim but I don’t think even a full 1 of the non modded game. XDMods are life.Definitely gonna get vr Skyrim eventually.

  • Elijah Buckout

    This video made me want to play the Witcher 3

  • Sergei B

    I haven't even played Skyrim yet, and I found this video hilarious.I just have one question, what kind of drugs are you on? I can't keep up with your frenetic jump cuts.

  • rodrigo araujo ferreira


  • James Cook

    you should of used the magic spell that has a light shine your path i think it is called light or shine or something like that

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