Skyrim VR is An Absolute Nightmare - This Is Why

I return to review the biggest VR game of the year – Skyrim VR. I may describe Skyrim VR like it is an absolute nightmare but listen closely and you’ll be able to tell its all for fun, this game is the best and easily the best VR game by miles. This is why forever

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Skyrim VR had none of the problems Fallout 4 VR had on release, I discuss all the things in Skyrim VR that are an absolute nightmare but overall it vastly improves Skyrim vanilla and Bethesda did a great job. I do feela few things were missing from the release of Skyrim VR but these can easily be fixed with a few mods, I consider modding Skyrim VR an absolute necessity , without it perhaps Skyrim VR really is an absolute nightmare…

If you enjoy my ‘This Is Why’ series please do let me know what you like and what I should do more of, I will eventually move away from VR for a little while and start doing commentary on gameplay, it will just be me having highly edited adventures, I won’t let the quality drop.
  • UpIsNotJump

    Ello ello peoples! As ususal if you wanna help me out making these you can visit I very much hope you enjoy the video!!

  • WojtriX

    Maaan the amount of work put into this video is incredible :O

  • - Xaniss -

    7:10 ... "make up your minds", puts morrowind music over skyrim gameplay

  • kamalindsey

    You're so rude, my house doesn't look as bad as a Fallout 4 house... it looks much worse.

  • Cris Michel

    For the amount of time difference between The Witcher 3 and Skyrim it's not surprising that The Witcher has better graphics. Honestly, I love them both. I've modded Skyrim until I crashed it (multiple times) and I own The Witcher 3 on both PC and PS4 (almost platinumed, whoooo!) so I feel secure in saying "I love both games."That being said, to me the fact that the Witcher 3 is so much closer to real life makes it so my ability to suspend disbelief and immerse myself in that world, that story, and just be Geralt if Rivia killing monsters for gold or when I come across them, is something I don't do in Skyrim. Yes, I switch off in Skyrim, prowling through dungeons with my bow out and Khajiit eyes "always on" (such a good mod feature because *duh*) and occasionally nearly blinding myself when I run into a torch, but it's a different sort of "switch off."In Skyrim, I'm roleplaying, I'm my elite Claw of the Mane sent to border and ended up captured accidentally, and falls into the Dark Brotherhood and eventually decides that no one should rule. (Yes, I'm still bitter about the DB quest ending.) Or I'm my valiant Mercenary who guards a Caravan until he gets picked up and eventually joins the Companions looking for a guild with honor. Or I play my Argonian Vampire Lord who originally got into the whole "Vampire Lord" mess because he's a Nightingale with a massive broad sword.I play Skyrim for the same reason I play Dragon Age: I want to forge my own story, which you can do even more in Skyrim than in DA.In the Witcher 3, I'm still putting myself in the role of Geralt. Someone I relate to, yes, and a story I care about—enough to check every time something with Ciri came up so I got the ending I wanted—but it's not my story. It's CDPR and the original creator's story and world.In Skyrim, (especially with mods like "Live Another Life") it's your story and your characters and you can imprint upon them and write up backgrounds or pen diaries they keep.I do think the Witcher is better looking, and I've spent more time in Skyrim than I have in the Witcher 3, but what makes Skyrim so immersive and feel like a fantasy novel or game from our childhood, is that it's allowed to be ours. So that first bit of snow you see when you step out of the cave after Helgen is your bit of snow. It's not "Bob, the Valiant's" bit of snow and you happen to be playing Bob. It's yours. And that makes it so it's easier to overlook the flaws, the "sameness" to the textures, we just absorb it, and we love it because it's put us there every time we play. Having it in VR is just sinking us deeper into it.So that's my 10¢ on why I like both the Witcher 3 and Skyrim and why I feel it's a bit like comparing classic cars to… I dunno… hand crafted hardwood furniture. Both are beautiful in their own right for their own reason.Late comment is late. I know.

  • SuperGaming Dude

    Good to see that the bugs are still out and about. They will never perfect this game no matter how many times they rerelease it

  • Anthony Boudames

    This video was absolutely worth the effort put into it. How have I never watched any of your content before? Just died from laughter, literally 13:20 killed me to the core. I’ve never laughed so hard before. Great sense of humor, you deserve a sub more than anyone I know!

  • Peter Urbanek

    2:08 I too violently flail my head around when I'm caught looking at porn.

  • Andy-Matter

    The Elder Scrolls theme is so iconic and memorable that I find myself humming it without even knowing it

  • Mauri-Mattias Läänesaar

    Dear God the Witcher 3 looks amazing and Skyrim... Well, reminds me of world of Warcraft

  • Gopher

    I have no idea how I have not found this channel up until now, but I'm damned glad that I finally did. This was brilliant :)

  • 5Andysalive

    Witcher 3 gameplay isn't really "better". Skyrim vs Witcher 3 is Freedom vs great story. You can't tell a great story with Skyrims freedom. The quest designers have so few fixed points to work with. Character, race, gender, class, background...Wereas those of Witcher (2&3) have. They know exactly who you are, what you are, your (fixed) character has a gigantic fixed lore background. The world reacting to you, KNOWS you.All the quality is in these quests. The world itself is much less interesting, to explore. Much more static.Not saying, Skyrim couldn't do a BIT better despite the freedom. Not saying Bethesda carrying the same bugs and glitches in every port is ok. Witcher 3('s devs) are certainly ahead on this front. All i'm saying: there is no "better" between those two. So different in concept, they're hardly comparable.

  • Silencer2079

    Is it a straight up port with no amazing VR innovations? Yes. Does that make it bad? No. Do I get decent VR control customization options? Yes, thank Christ (I'm squinting at you, DoomVFR :( ). Will you enjoy this if you are a Skyrim fan? Yes. Are there bugs? Yes, the same ones as always. Can you mod it? Yes, surprisingly well but with a few limitations. Should I pay $60 for it? Err.. no not really, but I got it on sale for $40 and I don't feel ripped off. Is it the most immersive RPG experience I've ever had? Yes! Am I using the roads and paths instead of fast travel? Yes! Am I using play styles like archery and stealth that I never liked before? Hell yes! Have I played Skyrim VR for more than 100 hours? Sing it, Brother! Will I keep playing it until I complete every single quest? Can I get an Amen! I Said CAN I get an AMEN: YES!

  • BeachGnome

    I disagree, I find the Witcher 3 to be more aesthetically pleasing. I never understood people who adored Skyrim because it just seems like an absolutely miserable place to live.

  • Gnome Warlock

    Ah, Skyrim...The cockroach of gaming.You think it's finally dead, and then all of a sudden, there it is.

  • angelique maxine

    skyrim has had such a giant impact on my life. i am pretty young so basically since i was born with skyrim and my dad would play every day, along with fallout 3. my dad has beat skyrim atleast 3 times but for some reason he keeps playing. i have this weird tendency of playing a game 1/3 through and just not playing anymore, but this video made me want to play again. thanks 🙏

  • Christian Abbott

    Bethesda might as well just leave the game-making to their fans

  • vitalisPL

    Your witcher comparison just gave me a brilliant idea. BETHESDA HEAR ME!Outsource. Elder Scrolls VI. To. CdProjectRed. And then we will frakking have the most epic RPG since old school Baldur Gates and modern W3....

  • Eva Multz

    A S S O R T E D B O O K S

  • Sokrates

    Notices Morrowind music and ignores all his comments and pointsSo we’re just agreeing that Morrowind is the best game ever? K

  • Alexander Marin

    Did you seriously blur your own stomach when it showed up underneath your shirt

  • Arbiter

    Just imagine if the Witcher 3 had a first person perspective button, something similar to the old 3d Zelda games. That would have been fantastic.

  • SashaRosen

    have no idea what did I just watch. but I liked it.

  • BlackTrainXIII

    Saw Skyrim VR was on sale on PSN.Came here looking for some info on VR version.Was not disappointed.Am now subscribed.

  • Thijmstickman

    11:24 he starts talking about skyrim vr... Good job man

  • jake222tube

    If anything this video made me want The Witcher

  • GolemOfTime

    What's the name of the music at 7:13?

  • EatHoneydukes 79

    Uhhhhhh did anyone notice the thumbnail..? “SKYRIM VR IS A A NIGHTMARE

  • Terra8585

    please do more of these, these are too funny

  • I am Hudson109465



    I really like the design of skyrim more than the witcher 3, but hunting Griffins is pretty cool but skyrim is just killing the same dragon over and over and then harder dragons appear but then all dragons are at max lvl and your lvl is 200000000 and dragons are lvl 150 and game sold to ebay

  • Søciety ïs BrøKen

    13:48 FINALLY after an hour and a half. I found this song... Its called...... Better off alone by Alice Deejay . or DJ. !⭕⭕⭕⭕👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Spartan0941

    I didn’t notice a difference for skins

  • Clint Hobson

    I watched the comparisons and I did make up my own mind, and I agree with you. Witcher 3 looks stunningly photorealistic - almost like I've seen those scenes before in photos. Here on earth. By comparison, Skyrim looks like a fantasy, like a story book - it takes your mind elsewhere, out of this world.

  • Firey

    Let's cut to a video where I look confused every other second, because thats comedy and people will laugh

  • Dylan Kaeser

    Also witchery 3 came out so far after lol... skyrim was years before it's time that was why the fanbase is so massive

  • MellowSoul

    13:48 hamster water bottle rave


    For some reason mine works fine

  • Dalaran Gaming

    This video made me want to play Witcher 3

  • Mp Extory

    "Thanks mom."very likewise.

  • Sky Gaming

    I cant find my own comment to edit, but i found the songIts actually the Morrowind theme.

  • MDSsystems

    love the part when you could not control the level of of your voice the whole video! ..................

  • thefowles1

    12:29 can't let those young chillins see any midriff skin

  • Forgetful Hatter

    lets see how skyrim VR checklist.[X] shoot lighting out of my hands like Emperor Palpatine[X] try using standard movement.[X] regain balance after falling over from using standard movement.[X] try to acutally use a bow[X] turn into a human helicopter with a greatsword[...] learn how to block with said greatsword[...] learn how to block with said greatsword[X] learn how to block with said greatsword[X] there we go

  • Ray Drake

    225 hours........that's it?

  • Official Mɸηѕtεʀ lιllιє

    Honestly this was an incredible video to watch. The amount of effort you put into it made it that much better. I was in fits of laughter throughout the whole thing but also was actually intrigued in what you had to say. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this man 😊

  • SaltyLemmon

    Witcher 3 definitely looks better

  • Metal Cat Channel

    What's music name at 11:30?

  • Will

    Skyrim looks like your dropped into the tolkien-verse, which is why I prefer their design over witcher.

  • Oscar Johnzén

    much time just for one video!? Well i don't care this video is fricking awesome (╹◡╹)

  • JustBeCreative

    This is to good, i keep watching it and I keep dying of laughter!

  • crns

    Thanks for the Blackadder reference chapI really needed that

  • Irish Teaman

    The most hilarious part for me was the montageIt compares waterfalls, valleys and ruins from both game, which the two rank fairly evenly.Then it cuts to the cities. Novigrad, bustling trade-city metropolis, with a thousand different interactions captured in one shot. Then to Whiterun, the "major hub city", with like one guard and a couple of shacks in the background

  • Tak Ackman

    Your video gave me ADHD.

  • Toasturself

    Error with thumbnail two a’s

  • Coconut Ranger

    I cannot tell you how many times I rewatch your videos

  • Don Mega

    7:57 holy shit that is detailed!

  • DangerVille

    Skyrim VR is probably the first TRUE VR game, in my eyes it’s the first VR game you put on and genuinely enter another world, like what we’ve always dreamed about. I never got a chance to really play Skyrim outside a few hours of gameplay, so what better way of experiencing it by getting it literally beamed into my eyes.

  • AJ Murphy

    4:20, 9:43 do yourself a favour and watch these time stamps

  • 777ProP777

    Had to pause halfway just to write this comment. YOU ARE F'ing FUNNY

  • Danny Caracciolo

    I will always be on the side of "I tried Witcher 3 and got stuck within 20 mins and can no longer progress, how is this game fun again?"

  • Elijah Buckout

    This video made me want to play the Witcher 3

  • Shadowhunter

    Pfft, get a better cheesecake noob. Mine runs skyrim on Medium at 30 fps :-P

  • ThePafciu

    OMG this video is a gem! Loled so hard. Btw I haven't played skyrim.

  • Firri April

    I just ordered the Rift, and I am one of those few people who have never played SkyrimI mean I tried for a few hours on my shitty school laptop but that doesn't really count does it?Anyway I may be in for a treat!

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