Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (infinite level and perks)

Step 1. open your game. Step 2. open your skills. Step 3. open console commands "~". Step 4 type "player.setav skillname 1". Step 5 type "advancepcskill skillname 999999999". Step 6 press "up" key twice and press "enter" Step 7 repeat step 6 until you have reached your desired level (there is no limit). Tip. skill name for "archery" is "marksman" and skillname for "speech" is "speechcraft". Thanks for watching And dont forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE.

    Although the video does not have great quality, it gets to the point and tells you what to do. I needed this so thanks man

  • The Great Bandushkie

    That one moment when you find a tutorial that helps.thank you

  • ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​

    You seem to have the intelligence of a stoned 8 year old. 

  • Reno Denton

    ahahahahah..Thank you man..!! Good Work..keep on going..!!

  • Kenneth Vitagliano

    How can I advance me pickpocket & speech skill on console game

  • Kyle Yee

    ran out of perks to use what now

  • McDefaultGames

    ah thanks didn't know what speech was!

  • Dimeski TV

    what is the one for archery?

  • Sloperzz

    To everyone who has watched this and commented and liked it... I just wanted to say thanks for helping out in the comments as i have not had time to keep up with it... And once again sorry bout the video quality

  • oof

    How to set archery level 100? I typed in player.setav archery 100 but didnt work :(

  • Firefly's Light

    AGREED! Just get FRAPS! god

  • Firefly's Light

    There is a easier way and btw god mode gives infinite health stamina and magicka

  • Lucas khan

    WTF get a screen recorder

  • seth kellerman

    why does everyone use pc it's cheating

  • TheBlackBeltPanda543

    It's Speechcraft with craft at the end of it

  • Aleksa Bohlin

    What did you use to record this? A fucking potato?

  • Raphael Lawrence

    dude that was so OLD ALREADY

  • Kawaiitato

    Love this vid. I just wanted to get to level 100 enchanting without the hassle

  • Gr33ncar

    whats the skill for one-handed?

  • StanMihaiMedia

    why do that ? do you really hate playing games ?

  • Astute

    Need a way to do this for consoles!

  • wingtale

    Light armor is one type of armor, there is also Heavy armor. Heavy armor makes you run slower and it makes you easier to detect when sneaking. One advantage the heavy armor has though is that it is more protective than the light armor. the skills for light and heavy armor is ex. how well you sneak with light armor and how protective your heavy armor is

  • Giorgi Tsintsadze

    how to advance blacksmithing?

  • Carlos Junior

    Hey it has worked fine for me tanks and have a nice new year ^^ Brazillian here xD sorry my bad inglish.

  • Dale Wilkinson

    Ive tried using the advancepcskill command a few times and once i enter it in with the skill and value nothing happens what do i do?

  • Gunnar Arndísarson

    You could just do player.setlevel and then 1 and press enter and this does not change anything else but your level.

  • Sloperzz

    its not archery its marksman

  • Sloperzz

    you have to type in the name of the skill that you want to advance

  • Zetsuuga

    *ehem* player.addperk *cough*

  • Sloperzz

    @dragoonkng Its marksman

  • dragoonkng

    emm nice work man but whats the one with archery ?? cant seem 2 get that 1 working :p please help :)

  • Vince Van

    what is the one for speech?

  • Sloperzz

    @TheSamuraibala Youre welcome and thank you

  • bala murugan

    you are great.thank you its working for me

  • Sloperzz

    Dont forget to like and subscribe

  • Sloperzz

    @VlaudFenikkusu Its called sneak and its just destruction and conjuration just make sure you spell them right

  • VlaudFenikkusu

    what is skill name for stealth, destruction, and conjuration?

  • Sloperzz

    @xboxplayer42098 Its "lightarmor" and "heavyarmor"

  • Hunter Thomas

    @unfazedsk8 which is the one for light armor and heavy armor

  • Hunter Thomas

    What is the one for light armor

  • Sloperzz

    @jetstorm33 Cool i think the level you need for enough perks for everything is 241

  • jetstorm33

    gona do that soon as i get home i need this i probobly won't do all of them just have enough perk points to finish archery enchanting block heavy armor and alcamy. pardden the spelling

  • Moses BNx

    thanks a lot for the help!! your awsome!

  • Jacob

    Thanks homie, still works 2016.

  • The Perdido


  • Hexxus diss

    Thanks its realy work.

  • Lil Shiro

    Thatnk you it works this one is very easy and very helpful

  • mohd amirul shazwan

    thanks man this vid helped me a lot!

  • Wiseman125

    Thanks man, i litteraly couldent find these codes anywhere else #badspelling

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