Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (infinite level and perks)

Step 1. open your game. Step 2. open your skills. Step 3. open console commands "~". Step 4 type "player.setav skillname 1". Step 5 type "advancepcskill skillname 999999999". Step 6 press "up" key twice and press "enter" Step 7 repeat step 6 until you have reached your desired level (there is no limit). Tip. skill name for "archery" is "marksman" and skillname for "speech" is "speechcraft". Thanks for watching And dont forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE.

    Although the video does not have great quality, it gets to the point and tells you what to do. I needed this so thanks man

  • The Great Bandushkie

    That one moment when you find a tutorial that helps.thank you

  • seth kellerman

    why does everyone use pc it's cheating

  • MineCrack


  • oof

    How to set archery level 100? I typed in player.setav archery 100 but didnt work :(

  • Jacob

    Thanks homie, still works 2016.

  • Reno Denton

    ahahahahah..Thank you man..!! Good Work..keep on going..!!

  • This_Is_EXCALIBRO!

    how about one handed and two handed

  • Shawn S

    Is there a way to connect a keyboard to Xbox 360

  • Sakuya Izayoi

    Wow, so you say that every1 on should have tgm? What is the point of the game then, pass through all undamaged?

  • Cureton Benares

    Thanks this helped a lot

  • Lit Papi

    Thank you you helped alot with my pickpocketing,lockpicking,sneaking.All th thief skillz.

  • ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​

    You seem to have the intelligence of a stoned 8 year old. 

  • Jack Tibbles

    how do you use one handed?

  • super mega sandwich

    Does this work on consoles

  • Drx999

    does anyone know how to remove the psb cheat messed up my game

  • dustin hutson

    dont put this wrong way but your voic... ow ma gawd! no acting for you!

  • Ineta Stapulionyte

    how is the one handed and heavy armor

  • sanzo genzo

    y speech n archery cannot up???

  • Mods Cazt

    download bandicam or fraps plz

  • cody shattuck

    thanks so much at first i just put so many codes in and it took forever!

  • AZOOZ Faki

    thanks for the video helped me a lot

  • Malique Bates

    Thankkkss i freaken love you no homo

  • Hexxus diss

    Thanks its realy work.

  • Igor Luis

    Thank you soo much You save my load o/

  • Rav3nFlight

    "This is on PC, so you're obviously going to have God Mode." Seriously, dude? Enough said..

  • Mecha Navus Jaeger

    This method works for smithing too right?

  • cocason

    how do i di speech skill up???

  • Gaming Ghost


  • Wiseman125

    Thanks man, i litteraly couldent find these codes anywhere else #badspelling

  • Default Error

    It will not let me do speech it keeps saying invalid

  • SK 1476

    it wont work on speech for me

  • Alex da Vinci

    you can have unlimited perks, but you can only use a limited number of them.

  • Vann Morales

    onehanded doesnt work 

  • gojart destani

    so if i am lv 116 ill have 116 perks ? so if im lv 300 ill have 300 perks ? works with cheats too ?

  • Henry Farris

    He doesn't explain how he got all perks

  • william bergqvist

    archery dosen't work for me?

  • ribiah 0913

    Heavy armor doesn't work for this😞

  • Guilherme MS

    se tive um BR lendo esse comentario pode me explica pq eu n entidi porra nenhuma :p

  • alif ashraf

    thanks man this vid helped me a lot!

  • RedSwineGaming

    Quality needs work but you my friend just made me lazier in skyrim thankyou

  • veranya2074

    what kind camera u used for this video?

  • Manastro

    this is pointless I play console

  • Dave

    Still using to this day these tips ^^

  • TheTripleX Gamer

    i cant upgrade one handed.why?it says invalid

  • dempa gaming

    thanks you i Will subscibe!

  • Top 10 Weekly


  • Brigif Kujang Golf

    Holly shut that work!!!

  • Moses BNx

    thanks a lot for the help!! your awsome!

  • Haylong Wang

    why dont it work for archery or speech?

  • gat1210

    good thing this is here after all these years

  • Dragonlurx

    why does to now work on archery or speech

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