Skyrim: 5 Scary and Creepy Facts you May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 – Skyrim Secrets

Skyrim is a land littered with things that can often scare the player, dark dungeons, giant bugs and literal living skeletons are just a few of the spooky things players of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim are forced to content with. However, Skyrim, despite being six years old is still rich with tiny details and hidden secrets many players have yet to uncover, and some of those secrets are rather terrifying.
So today, we’ll be taking a look at five scary or otherwise creepy facts you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Mr. Octopus

    what's Ulfric Stormcloak's favorite outdoor activities? hiking

  • Laura James

    Actually, you can stop Weylin, the forsworn supporter, from murdering Margaret to death. You just have to kill him first.

  • Boco Corwin

    ...'murdered to death." What a way to go...

  • jawrabbit

    nate should win the world record for most secrets discovered per square mile in a digital universe

  • Caleb Britannia

    The only scary fact is the amount of stuff we miss in Skyrim

  • Storm_Raider 66

    Scariest thing to me on skyrim is Lydia blocking the door

  • Garfunkles

    6:24 The first dentist in Tamriel has been revealed

  • Shaey Stephens

    6:22 "just casually sharpening my sword on this man's teeth" XD keep em coming Nate

  • jawrabbit

    ulfr the blind is a falmer god boom mind blown yet?

  • Birb

    "A game filled with giant bugs. "Heh.

  • Galimeer5

    Grammatically speaking, the skeleton was hanged 😶Sorry, I had to say something about it

  • Dragon Lady

    Yeah I always find the 'safest city in the Reach' line pretty amusing for not just that reason, but the fact that Markarth is pretty much the opposite of that claim. Cannibals, Dwemer ruins, Cidna Mine...

  • Nostradamus141899

    Soul cairn is, in my opinion, the most depressing place in Skyrim. Thunder and lighting, skeletons, and those magical crystals. I really hate that part of Dawnguard DLC.... And of course... Serana always have something to complain about....

  • Whiterun Guard

    NATE YOU HAVE A BOUNTY ON UR HEAD PAY NOW!!!!Edit: Nate I’m letting u go and take everything

  • Moa the Wolfcub

    I easily liked the worshipping dremora best. I sat expecting you to say that they turn on you to fight for dagon instead of you at the shrine, but instead I got something adorable xD

  • 47most SOON

    I’d be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a belly full of these videos.

  • Bible Man

    There is nothing more spooky than moving manequins

  • Ahsan Zaman

    Never knew bald heads make such effective whetstones.

  • Noah Gilmore

    These videos and Game of Thrones have gotten me super back into Skyrim for which I am thankful for. Keep up the great content Nate👍🏻

  • Yandere Sama

    Hi Nate!Edit:And anyone scrolling through the comments!

  • Matt J

    It wouldn't be a nate vid without "murdered to death".

  • Arbiter

    I need to play through Dawnguard and Dragonborn again, it's been too long. Whenever I try to go back and play Skyrim again I just get bored after 10 or so hours because of how many times I've played through the main game, and never end up getting to the DLC.

  • The Crusading Slav

    I have a theory about the wo/man who was hung on the side of a cliff :The three skeletons were probably adventurers who knew each other , however when they were going to somewhere , they ran into Falmers , two of them ran together and were killed by some Falmer , the Third adventurer ( the one who is hanging on the cliff ) ran in a different direction amidst the chaos , and so they ran to the cliff , not knowing where they would end up , when the Falmer finished off the Third Adventurer's friends , they moved onto s/he but the s/he knew their terrible fate , and so s/he used the piece of rope s/he had and made a noose on which to hang themselves on. Most likely , s/he heard the Falmer and wanted a clean death , so they took their own life. But that's just my theory.

  • Lucy Price

    Maybe the final one was before the Falmer became the Falmer if that makes sense as I assume that fungus they were forced to eat didn’t take effect right away. Or perhaps it was a Dwemer or Snow Elf that was pushed off by the to-be Falmer as a warning to others.

  • Tablesidebeast

    Wondering what Lord Harkon did too your body while you were unconscious is scary.

  • owllover123

    The third one once happened with Serana when I took her as a companion. My dragonborn was doing his thing, chatting with Dagon and Silus and whatnot, and there Serana was standing and praying to Dagon. It made me LOL'd nervously.

  • szabok1999

    No offense Nate, I like your videos, but you, like many many people, use the words "literal" and "literally" too much. Like when you said "literal serial killers", why did you need that word? Are there metaphorical serial killers as well?

  • LordAndSaviour Carl Azuz

    I was watching and Nate was like "And the gaurd says..." and then it played a depression ad.

  • Akuma Masurao

    Hey Nate, I noticed something stand out in this video that I wanted to say I caught on to as both a viewer and a creator. In most of your videos you talk things through pretty quickly, which I tend to approve of since it gets the information out to the viewer without wasting time, and is something that I value a lot in my YouTube intake content. I usually don't click on videos that, for example, are a top ten list that's half an hour long. As a viewer I don't want to waste a half hour of my day getting a list of ten things. I could watch a let's play episode from someone else and probably have time to put on a song or two afterward, and that all leads to a far more entertaining half hour spent otherwise. Your videos are quick and to the point and I like sharing them with other people.And before I get into this next part I should clarify that what I'm about to say is absolutely NOT critical feedback, but I know it's going to look that way at first. Bear with me, I'm not a writer by trade.In this video however you talked things out much slower and went through a lot of details that a year ago I would have thought was unnecessary and drawn out just to make the video longer. However eight minutes in to the video I realized that everything you had to say was not only on point with what you were saying, but there was a lot of information that needed to sink in and be processed without pausing or rewatching parts of the video. All this information needed the viewer to not miss anything you were saying so it was important to have a slower feeling video instead of the quick concise content that I've come to know you for. It also fit the tone of the video, which helped me realize it even more.Things you did this time that I would normally dislike a list video for were what made your video better in this case, which I can guarantee hasn't ever applied to any of the other time wasters I mentioned before. I like the faster videos because it's a quick information snack that I can get in between other stuff I'm doing. I like this slower video because there was a lot of information to process in order to fully understand the point of each... point you were making. You're doing something very right here, so I wanted to say you're doing a good job with your video production output. For what it's worth, I'm super proud of you for what you've got going for you. Hitting that razor's edge between speed and sufficient information is extremely difficult. Kudos, sir~

  • TheFoofer12

    6:19 "Don't mind me, just sharpening my sword on this corpse here."

  • JTimms

    6:20Dont mind me, just sharpening my sword. Nothing weird here.

  • Jason H

    Altar of Xrib; kill the skeleton on the altar and put the book in his inventory. Take book and he’ll have repeat copies on him that you can take to your hearts content. Easy way to make gold at low levels.

  • The Lone Wanderer

    Do a list of your mods, Nate.

  • Nightbot 2

    Who's your favourite drinking buddy?

  • Brett

    Nate, I know it wouldn't et many views but I And others would love it; could you and would you make a video on Oblivion or Morrowind? Please? <3

  • אבהו דלשר

    Hanged* the past tense of hang when referring to people is hanged, Nate <.<

  • CenturianEagle

    Do you a) pay the court a fine or b) serve your sentence ? ( keep in mind your stolen goods are now forfeit )

  • Lycan_Jedi

    I got a really creepy one. There's this really crazy chick you can meet in the house at Whiterun. She just stands in your way and stares at you. Never let's you move. I think her name is Lydia.. Pretty sure she's stalking the Dragonborn..

  • Danderino

    Literal demon worshiping his evil deity Nate: How adorable

  • Random Cat Name

    Waiting for Nate to title a vid "5... oh you get it. Skyrim stuff" or something 😹😹

  • No This Is Patrick

    Number 6:Nate use to do minecraft videos

  • Amanda Goodman

    Tries shooting arrow at the floating Soul Cairn crystalIt deflects ARROW IN MY KNEE!!

  • naboost

    wait ... falmer wrote books , in the dawnguard DLC we can find some

  • Maja Jarresø

    I Saw a soul without a head riding a horse.. Which was also a soul.. Why?

  • Such_Bs

    It would of been so cool if for the civil war quests you could steal the jagged crown and start your own army and betray both sides to become the High king yourself, I know this is random but I thought this would be such a cool feature or would be a awesome dlc they could make

  • bocconom

    Has anyone fully explored the Soul Cairn including every and all buildings? If so what was your experience like? Discoveries? I always found it one of the creepiest - if not the creepiest - places in the game and though I did travel about that went beyond the main reason for being there I have to admit I couldn't wait until I left that place once and for all.

  • Dar Paz

    Yea. Dremora are frighteningly adorable <3

  • Antonio Camacho

    6:22Human upgrading the other human's face to legendery

  • AJ Universe

    For the first one, the humanoids that you can sometimes see are mannequins. They are there to anchor the crystals in place and seeing them is a bug.

  • SpudWarrior

    Yeah I saw a guy standing on a crystal

  • Derkeethus the Argonian

    7:07 damn, that woman was getting murdered "to death"!

  • KorilD

    Okay, I did NOT know that about the Dremora summons!

  • RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles

    Notification Squaddddddddddd! :)

  • Sheldon Moobo

    I think you should stop using the skyrim theme in the backround for every video, atleast use other songs from skyrim.

  • 156football

    Playing survival mode, going into the forgotten vale "this place is so cool! I'm gonna explore every nook and cranny...5 minutes later.... holy shit it's too damn cold get me out of this frozen hell"

  • Declan Hild

    Yup, Skyrim's a V A S T boi

  • Tanner Willis

    Here's my theory on the hanging skeleton in the Forgotten Vale. I think it was some kind of adventurer, likely a Nord, who found his way into the Vale but ended up getting chased by Falmer. The nameless adventurer found themself at a dead end on the top of the cliff, with Falmer quickly closing in behind him. Knowing what would happen to his body if the Falmer killed him, he decides to kill himself by tying a noose and hanging himself halfway down the cliff, as if he just jumped off the Falmer would still be able to reach his body. I say he's a Nord because they're big on honoring the dead, and I doubt he'd want his corpse desecrated by the Falmer. It also wouldn't be too farfetched to assume he had rope, as the Vale is entirely surrounded by mountains and I'm sure he didn't go the same route the Dragonborn did.

  • Hersh Theonly

    Hanged. PEOPLE are hanged. The question is: are Mer, by definition, people?

  • Doomsdat

    Did you know Serna also prays at the shrine? I brought her there and she started praying, but why?

  • arkham666

    I've never entered Maarkarth through the front door. I always get trashed with Sanguine and wake up in the temple of Debella. Still one of my favorite memories of my 1st playthrough.

  • Kay •

    But u can save Margaret

  • Amanda Goodman


  • The One Watcher 101

    Nate did you no that you could save margret in markarth

  • Collin Mazzeno

    "in a world of giant bugs"Yeah you're tellin' me

  • hi hello

    How do calmer shoot us if they are blind

  • Kęstutis Markevičius

    5:40 can anyone tell me the name of the mod for that armor?

  • I sell air

    Xrib could have been a high status dwemer.

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