Mario Kart Wii by Jcool114 in 38:51 - SGDQ2017 - Part 99

Runner introduction starts at 8:23

This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2017, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2017 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2017, find us at:

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  • CLH Gaming

    The other commentators sounded like they didn’t have a clue what was going on

  • LiTAQ

    "JCool is doing what we call wheelies"Pretty sure the rest of us call them that too

  • Mr.Grill

    Anyone else cringe at the guy who kept pretending to know what he was talking about?

  • Koonski

    It's not about getting a legit new WR guys, it's about the entertainment, I think that Volcano skip was nice ^^

  • AlterEgo218

    "hes doing what we call wheelies" no i... think thats what theyre called normally too

  • DDoig1

    No spiny shells or lightning... ewww.

  • CrossfacePanda

    Would love to see Mario Kart DS on a future GDQ. I can only imagine speedruns for that game must be pretty fun to watch, given the almost constant turbo boosting you can get from snaking.

  • Andyoats

    Can this really be considered a run...? I mean, Jcool drove the whole way, there was very little running involved in this.

  • CropKillah

    no blue shells or lightning? may as well do time trials then.

  • Julian Visser

    43:01 We wanna just try to jerk off as many as we can.

  • Veer M

    The guys sitting in the couch have no idea what they're talking about

  • Maidvelia

    A few mistakes here and there, but a decent showing of the game. The mention about Wiimmfi and CTGP was pretty cool too. There's much room for improvement, but it's overall a respectable run and his commentary was entertaining, so good job to him.

  • Pickle Gamer // Disappointed Cucumber

    Wait they were called wheelies? I thought they were called tilting back maneuver.


    "no skips" does rock skip on volcano level

  • Jake Hennett

    Runner's voice is so chill.

  • Holly Cloutier

    As much as this should be a good event to watch for a speedrun marathon, I'm normally bored by these. It's already a racing game; why can't they get some of the best MK runners together and have them race?

  • SomeoneOnTheInternet

    Take a shot every time Funky Kong screams

  • Onyx

    there should have been a motion controls donation incentive

  • PICT[/.\]CHAT

    Chat couldn't tell the difference between a shortcut and a skip FailFish

  • crusty nuggets

    Omg I hate that guy on the left. Holy crap

  • RetroFan34

    43:41 Shoutouts to Troy/TWD98 Nice!

  • Collin Hughes

    "I know it requires jumping off a moon somewhere" from the guy that know nothingBtw you cant go on the moon and the moon jump is just a big jump

  • CLH Gaming

    45:35 it doesn’t require a moon at all you idiot

  • Arnold Poluska

    I'm falling for this donation announcer

  • MrSlyRacoon

    This felt more like an optimised walk through than a speed run.Not to say I didn't enjoy it.

  • Kevin Santos

    A lot of people in the comments are getting salty saying this run was sloppy. Can't we just watch the speedrun and have fun with it? If you wanna complain about how this run was sloppy then just try to beat his time yourself, it would make things so much simpler.

  • OwO Botch

    Of all the years I played Mario Kart Wii, I never knew about the goombas giving mushrooms!

  • Claridge

    get TWD98 to do a skips run

  • thunder1721

    the run was a bit sloppy

  • Tides

    Man that toad impression though!

  • Earth Alien

    i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO inclined

  • TheGreenNinja

    lol bring Sword0fSeals next time, he'll do it with skips and maybe won't hit a car

  • Cherry H

    Troy should've done this LOL and sword + others should have been on the couch watching. This guy isn't even that good 😂

  • KentuckyWallChicken

    I need to remember that online thing! I always wanted to play MKWii online but didn't know how to connect my Wii to the Internet until it had already shut down. (I was much younger at the time)

  • J H

    lmao his time was better than the skips run done at agdq 2015

  • Deaco

    god its driving me crazy hes not doing ultra shortcuts lol

  • victikirby15

    How come they don't play the retro tracks

  • Padase03

    43:42 Twd98 is my favorite youtuber

  • Pan

    I don't understand... You modified the items? Is that even allowed? What's the point? Just do time trials.

  • Lenky Lad

    He finishes these tracks just about as quickly as any regular player would on MK8

  • Call me Zelda ONE moar time

    Why aren't u selecting the courses through the cups why set up a whole VS Race? To save time?

  • woosh

    nice run but it could've been more smooth

  • Ampharos 2.0

    like if you have a sub 3 min time for rainbow road

  • selven08

    Why not just play time trial if you turn all the items off? Or at least mention it in the title.

  • Fox McCloud

    This is a speedrun? This looks like me doing regular worldwides... in 2010. Not to mention this guy's cheating by using a turbo controller. He doesn't miss a single chain wheelie. No wonder he had to cheat, he's so slow at this game otherwise.

  • Adam Janks

    No offense he screws up a lot not that impressive

  • Adam Janks

    Rainbow road trick is easy lmao

  • myohel0

    Sweet shoutout to Mr Bean! :D

  • Zocker 7

    I wanna this game for ps4 pls!!!

  • Fastest Rop

    yeah mom i'm studying

  • MichaelMatthew Garstka

    24:23-IT'S 35 THOUSAND!

  • 血液 氷ASHES///SHARDS

    I always thought the monkey characters in this game were slightly more likely to get bananas :o

  • Edgy Kid

    Shout out to TroyTWD98 43:40

  • TheOnlySamuru

    14:55 2LeftFeet, why couldn't you have donated one more $?!

  • Joshua Ospina

    How do u spell that Wii online thing one of the runners said at 43:35??

  • Aaro Hannonen

    37:38 i thought that glitches werent allowed

  • Lolsu

    He did absolutely no of the hard extreme shortcuts

  • Sane

    The competitive community actually still exists. There's even a league where we have 10 divisions in which 6 teams play in each division. So it's pretty large even if the original Nintendo servers have been discontinued. I primarily upload competitive stuff for MKW and there's even a site where all the player still hang around (MKBoards). So yeah, it's not a dead game lol.

  • David Fowl

    Imagine racing this guy when you invite him over thinking your gonna destroy him

  • mr.kitloin

    he's talking to us like we don't know anything about mkwiiyes i know what a wheelie is,i know what tricking isi know there are cows on moo moo medowsi know the monty mole thingi know about mini turbosi know there are mushrooms on mushroom gorgei know what a pow block isdo you think im like a 2 year old?

  • Doogle McBerry

    "POW Blocks remove your items"You can just shake the remote at right before it hits to avoid getting hit by it. They know that.. right?

  • Yung Thrax

    lol no blue shells or lightning.. this isnt mariokart bud

  • Piloco

    Okay youtube I've seen it now so it can go away from my recommended vids

  • Last Entrance

    Why do they clap so much I'm confused

  • Chris Patel

    Is there a MkWii Retro Track speed run?

  • Dapastrophe

    This guy was really bad at these tracks. I have done quite a bit better myself, not to mention how he did the volcano skip, he got hit by a car, and had to do strategic items. Why not just do time trials like most runs of mario kart at GDQ?

  • RubiksRascal L

    Twd98 could do this much faster

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