Skyrim Ultra Modded w/ Perkus Maximus 400+ mods Ep. 01 The Beginning

Skyrim build with too many mods. Perkus Maximus as the main overhaul. Immersion mods like Realistic Needs and Diseases, Frostfall, Wet and Cold, Real Shelter and others. Enemy mods like ASIS for increased spawns, DFB Random Encounters for......random OBIS, Immersion Creatures, lots of textures, Skyrim Flora Overhaul, Verdant Grass...the list is too big to list here, check the link below to see all the mods used. Playing on Expert difficulty with many combat mods.

Played on i5 4690k, gtx 780 3 gig, 8 gig 2300mhz ram, std hard drive, windows 7
Recorded with elgato on 2nd PC: amd quad core, gtx 660 2 gig, 8 gig 1600 ram, recorded on SSD, Windows 7

Mod List:

Google Plus:
  • andreja01

    I'm suprised my PC didn't crash while watching this

  • TechnologyVeinGaming

    here we see the most soon to be badass Dragonborn picking flowers....

  • NCR Ranger

    how are you capable of having that many mods with no problems

  • Jesus Crust

    when I first saw the mod list I got a seizure

  • Abbot Jackson

    your mod game is on point fam.

  • Levefre

    I've been watching this series for a little while now although I'm only at 16 or 17 I think. I'll leave this comment on the first episode since it'd be nice to show appreciation for the series here. I love this, truly. Your let's playing style is very relaxed and chilled out and I love that. You are very fun to watch and whilst (jealously) watching you play in your amazing set up, it's easy to get lost and go along for the ride with you. You deserve a lot more subscribers than you have, since your standard of quality is not only high, but entertaining. I love the musical intros you put in after these first few episodes and now I'm addicted to Vindsvept so thanks for that! Anyway I won't ramble on, just wanted to say thank you and that I'm really enjoying your channel. Subbed after about ten minutes of watching pretty much, hah.

  • noIdontwanna changemynamehodor

    +1,000,000 points for skipping inventory trades.

  • Lukas Kabaciauskas

    Now this is what I'd call Skyrim: Special Edition

  • Blue Dragon

    FINALLY i found a series where the game is ultra modded even tho you dont have many subs you yust gaind one and i like how you skip loading schreens and when you give your follower alot of stuff or boring things and your commentary

  • Howitzer

    Hi everyone! Here's my first episode for my Skyrim Modded Lets Play w/ PerMa. Hope you enjoy, I do develop the character and a "lore friendly" name and background in episode 4. Thanks again to everyone for watching!

  • Adam Von Königsberg

    Jesus, and I thought my 60 mods was big

  • Pip Boy

    Filthy Stormcloak cape with that beautiful Imperial armor, you monster!

  • Michael York

    This is how Skyrim was meant to look, and be played,In the minds of Bethesda's Creators. They knew the PC hardware out there wasn't quite up to the task at the time. I know my laptop does OK with 100 mods on an i3 4 gig leaning towards better looking inhabitants ratherthan scenery. Got to clean your mods, use Generate FNISwhen you alter animations and remember to check Pluginassignments. Thanks for the modlist the video was great.

  • Orzo

    one of the best skyrim playthroughs ive seen yet

  • Dan Silent Playthroughs

    Bro, you sound like a stoner AND you're having fun!I love that. ;-)

  • Chark.Edits

    I love your voice so much wtf xD

  • Michael Martin

    It looks so real and why is everyone dead??? And I love your vids make more pls!!! And I'm🤓🤗

  • Hecrod

    I think your computer, in reality, has a Intel i9 and four GTX 2080Ti

  • Majora

    How does this guy only have 383 subs!?!?!?

  • Doodle Bob

    How do you not crash with over 400 mods. Meanwhile I crash at 250 with a proper load order :/

  • Dani Formoso

    yaaaaay, a new modded lets play that actually seems good :D

  • Grimm Reaper

    this is better then mxr's and potastic mega modded play through I'm definitely subing

  • Kivvi88

    way to many mods for me to download lol. Wish it was an easier way to download 400 mods :D

  • Complexity

    Xbone skyrim remastered hype!!!

  • Cameron McCarle

    Skyrim: Special Edition (for special people) coming soon!

  • Enlove WifdeCoco

    Love this series already bro!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!

  • dion23

    i miss playing skyrim...#sosad :(

  • Crowangel Gaming

    Nice work on the vids and its presentation.. I'm looking forward to seeing the entire series in preparation for the Xbone Remastered release even though i'm not entirely too optimistic about the variety we may see on there compared to PC but non the less hoping for some of the more fun follower and minor additions

  • Iam K

    400+ how to you play without crash ^^ im just play 30 or 50 mod so many time crash (bad english i hope you guys understand)

  • Denis Lenhardt

    Hey man, great video. It would be awesome if you didn't break the fourth wall so much. Try commenting as if you were the character.

  • Zoobeamer

    How do u play and record on separate PCs? Call me an idiot but I don't get how u do it

  • zosimostwo

    I really wish i could have all these 400mods, but im stupid and i will never get all of this to work even if i follow a very well done step by step guide. Feelsbadman,

  • joey4track

    I'm so jealous. I just upgraded and got a new pc, I have spent at least a week trying to set my game up without crashing and I can't even get to 100 esp's before CTDs. My last playthrough on my old build I managed to safely get to about 200 eps but I am having the worst luck this time around. How long did it take you to get a stable setup going?

  • Michael Farenborn

    wow man....I am impressed with your build and your commentary. you just got another sub!

  • Benjamin Bridges

    Exhilarating commentary.

  • Gabriel Peck

    I know this is a bit old but, this looks super fun! I think I'll have to install Skyrim again. Is there any way you could post screenshots of your load order? Thanks!

  • kevziino

    Fun to watch you lets play

  • DevroGS

    Tbf most of your mod list is just texture replacers, my MCM menu is bigger than yours and I only have about 100 mods. Kudos to you though to be able to say 'I have 400 mods' installed and im about to do a lets play cos I always run into CTD's eventually adding so much :)

  • Poke

    No sign of skyrim vanilla

  • Carlos E R Pimentel

    With less than 200 mods I can have my Skyrim look as good, not the same, but as good.

  • Henrique Cardoso

    I mean, does it really make sense that the very first person you meet goes "We're in this together. I'll follow you from now on."?

  • Ptrizzle


  • Jamie Winter

    Great video man keep up the good work

  • vinicius abrahim

    I enjoyed Very much you make It so there is a imergion in the game so thx for a amazing video 😀

  • Arthur Bygmann

    something just doesnt feel right about that armor i just can't put my finger on it

  • Gareth Williams

    how just how can you run that many mods. pc specs?

  • Kevin Walter

    Concerning the "400 mods" thing...Is it really?I mean, it's always a bit of a grey area with textures, isn't it? Because people tend to count individual "mods" that they download as a single mod, whether it's a single retexture for a sword or something, or if it's a bunch of retextures all in one big pack. Like you can have a single mod that retextures the ebony mail and count that as "a mod", but then you can have something like Book of Silence which retextures most of the armors, a bunch of the creatures, and some other stuff and still only count that as one mod. There's little logic involved, really. I mean, you could easily artificially inflate the numbers by breaking up retexture mods into a bunch of different individual components, in which case, where does it end? If you broke down all of your texture mods into individual installations per-texture, you'd be able to claim that you have OVER 9000 mods...I usually make my own texture packs, where I download a whole bunch of different texture mods, unpack them, merge them all together using the textures I actually want, and then zip them up into my own archive and install them all as one big texture mod. Where it gets really interesting is when you merge smaller mods into single ESPs. Then you can go well and above that 250 mod limit.

  • Delete ElDiablo

    Got halfway through this series, stopped after a while, and totally forgot where I left off so time to start again

  • Lord Of The Shrak

    I’m watching this series over again for the 3rd time

  • Cerinex

    i want to install these mods and try this for myself... but like... i am sooo lazy it would take a century to install all of these... lol

  • Unruly Crow

    I wish my game could look just 1/10th like yours! Sadly, my PC is crap so I'm pretty limited (and currently can't afford any component to build a decent desktop). And my oh my, the spells are good-looking (playing a sneaky Breton mage with a taste for both lightning magic and dramatic effects, it's exactly what I'm looking for)! I like how composed you are as a player, and the fact that you chose the immersive way!

  • 1117Jrod

    Howitzer I know you don't use CACO or Hunterborn according to your mod list but I was hoping for some advice from someone with a large load order. Do you know how to make RND, CACO and Hunterborn to work properly? There's so many needed patches for all three to work together not to mention SIC Patches and Skytest patches and so on. If there a certain rule you use when using patches in a specific load order? Thanks in advance

  • Bandit Kitty

    What are the name of the mods that make the nature look more realistic? I have a computer better than Howitzer so I am looking for amazing mods that change the voice of every NPC, mods that make skyrim look different when in comes to realistic nature, and also armor/weapons/spells/ and other things like that. I would love if someone could give me the name of some amazing mods.

  • Lyrim

    Hey Howitzer, there's an awesome app/website that someone on the Nexus made that's called "" which allows you to upload your modlist to share with folks. It's a heck of a lot easier than typing a google doc :)Awesome list though! I run a RealVision setup with parallax terrain and all that graphic goodness too!

  • SoulsElite

    Ok, so I have a really dumb question (and yes, I know this is an old video). But I figure anyone running 400+ mods so smoothly must know something. I'm new to modding. I love the idea, and I want to experience user made content. I really don't care as much for graphics. I have all of the optimization mods + purity basic and that's about it graphically. Most of my mods are aimed at adding quests, new npcs, followers, armor and weapons. I have enhanced camera and SkyUI as well as the enhanced combat AI. Now, using NMM and LOOT I've managed to get them all running without clashes. But after 30 min or so (sometimes a little less) I ctd. Someone told me it's because in LOOT there are many deleted references/navmeshes and ITMs. Now, I've been all over the web looking up what these mean and how to clean them with TES5edit, but honestly it's way over my head. I understand some basic concepts like what an ITM is. But when I got into all the guides and walkthroughs on cleaning them up I got lost. Can anyone point me to a VERY simplistic guide for this? I love my mods but I want to be able to play uninterrupted.

  • OMGYourBaby

    Love the immersiveness!

  • Will! The Old Khajiit

    Greetings Breton! Khajiit will follow.

  • Enjoy Bacon

    I just hope when i skyrim i can run lots and lots of mods like this, i cant fix up my computer for a while so im gonna have to make due :/

  • Thicc Boii

    my first playthrough of skyrim was a spellsword. Now I play with sword and shield, no magic. I also like to play as immersive as compass, no reticle, no sneak indicator. Also i have unpaused game menus so when you loot, go into quick menu, pause, or enter shop window, the game is still going. It's cool cuz sometimes you gotta hustle at unlocking doors or looting

  • Alex Birchwood

    I hope dis mans added harvest overhaul in a later ep, cuz those single plants trigger me lmaoThis looks good tho imma sub

  • FatherAtlas

    Shouldnt of killed the fox they lead you to treasure

  • James Aplin

    I watch the wood chopping still waiting after 3 rd chop why dont the Modders change that and make wood chopping like mining clay contineous instead of siting for 3 hours chopping wood so when go to any wood chopping block and activate to start chopping and go and do house work, go to bed wake up in morning and chopped 100,000 gold, well when i did hearth fire on Skyrim Leagendary when building own house and mine quarry stone i can continuly mine and i can leave it and go and have a shower and come back and i have 100 quarry stones come on modders

  • Stigma

    This is the only skyrim playthough that uses my favorite spell mod Forgotten Magic Redone. I'm gonna watch this playthrough to the end :D

  • DasRusse

    I still regret buying the normal version of Skyrim. And I'm still trying to get enough money for the special version lmao but I want to get an i5 too

  • XxplayerhunterxX 1

    400+ mods pfft mere novice

  • my guy

    At first I was wondering why my 200 mods barely let me get past character creation, and then I realized my MCM bigger was somehow bigger than yours.I gotta learn some self control.

  • yeon twins

    Yo bro do you think you can make a modpack zipfile like SkyrimPerfectlyModded, i like spm but the mods are too much my shit cant handle it, mine shit is similar to yours. thanks

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