Skyrim: Dragonborn - Unique Armor: Visage of Mzund

The unique Dwarven Helmet, Visage of Mzund, in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.

The helmet can be found within the final chamber of the Dwarven ruin Fahlbtharz.

Fahlbtharz puzzle solution: 5:30

It increases your Stamina by 60 points and allows the wearer to release the Breath of Nchuak, a powerful steam attack (NOTE: The helmet must be equipped in order for you to use the ability).

Armor effect demonstration: 10:30

The armor may be upgraded using a Dwarven Metal Ingots at a Workbench. The perk Dwarven Smithing doubles the improvement.

Locations to all the Kagrumez Resonance Gems:
  • Bob Sponge

    I love the way blood came out of the dwarven machines

  • tommy karl

    The helmet Is unique and all, But It's pretty useless.

  • James Malcolm

    I've seen good Skyrim players but you are... out standing

  • The False Prophet

    Get an enhanced dwarven crossbow and alot of dwarven bolts. Get a dwarven sword. Wear a full set of dwarven armor with this helmet. Get a grand soul gem with a grand soul. Get a Centurian Dynamo core. Drop everything that I didn't say. Feel like a centurian.

  • Joseph Papa Stalin

    i just want to say that the first buttons i randomly pressed corectly before watching this.I fell special now.

  • K Man

    I'm the 234,101 subscriber

  • Tio Vegeta

    this helmet do pranks with others...

  • Christian Antipuesto

    Soo... It's like a flame thrower, but for your mouth

  • Orhan Gazi Tokmak

    Now I have become a Dwarven Centrion!!! YEEEE!

  • Forrest Pinnell

    cool power but shity damage

  • thivina ometh

    loool all that rouse just for an useless helmet

  • Chris Mattfeld

    how do you get a legendary weapon?

  • Amano Dan

    wow i love when she or he (i don't know what are you)plays in easy mode

  • conor donovan

    How does the helmet breath out that stuff mine doesn't?

  • High Constable

    With shrouded armor and visage of mzund you look a bit like eldar from warhammer 40k.

  • Rkects

    8:09 right in the ass lol

  • Adept Mage

    can you disenchant this helm?

  • nathan masi

    This puzzle was easy thx

  • James Malcolm

    This is the first video of yours I've watched & I love it!

  • Allexus Keister

    That is obvious.....u can see the snakes or tenticlee that is wrapped around the sword......if u have played and finished the question of dragon born u get all of muraks armor n his sword....n it is quite obvious that that is his sword on the right.

  • Allexus Keister

    That is obvious.....u can see the snakes or tenticlee that is wrapped around the sword......if u have played and finished the question of dragon born u get all of muraks armor n his sword....n it is quite obvious that that is his sword on the right.

  • y0Promise

    You could just Wall breach the gate at the end of the video, Look up 'Skyrim: How to wall breach' and do it through the gate at the end of the video and that will save at least 10 minutes of your time.

  • Taylor Tindol

    omg finally i get info on this helmet!

  • david hackel

    its not the best helmet

  • Alex Swinson

    how do you get that sword?

  • Luke Barry

    Are u able to disenchant it?

  • Mugthraka

    Yeah going to the trouble of finding a Unique( and stupid looking) Helm just to get a lousy Stream power...when you allready get Frost/Fire breath attacks from your Thu'um...Useless much?, yup like 60% of Skyrim artifacts..., its a pity.

  • Brütal Kush ∞

    The sword on the right is Miraaks sword

  • Leslie Nicole

    That dungeon was so hard to get through, took me 3 hrs

  • TheGiantGuest

    I just went to the door which the puzzle opens, use Animal Allegiance and it opens. Is it a bug?

  • Fixkikswham

    What sword r u using in your right hand in that vid man

  • PxLRainbowz

    What sword is that on your right hand :O :D Please reply location too <3

  • lol i went to that place when i was level 10. was way tougher to pass through than in this video!

  • Perry D

    i've said this about many things in skyrim, but i need to remember where i put that...

  • KimJongKardashian

    0:33 LMAO its like he got stepped on when he gets hit by the sword

  • John Dongle

    Bitch!I never liked you miraak FOS RO DA!!

  • Lucas H

    The first time I enjoyed a walkthrough without voice

  • 『Jejshy』

    You got tentacle raped :/

  • ScArZ Gaming

    To whoever thinks miraak's sword sucks t(0_0t)

  • devilsdante

    you probably can reach miraaks corpse again if you read the book..

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  • Murfconnor

    I did not get the sword armor or staff

  • beanvan99

    What sword is that in your right hand

  • Perry Linn

    With the buttons i pressed them all and ran

  • Shane B

    Miraak is an ass D: he steals ma dragon souls :(

  • funtagekill1e

    did you know i turned your dragon to be my friend :D and he burned you :D

  • Spino and Microbrine Productions

    rieklings scare me they are so small the make you wiggle ugh

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  • Liztomaniam

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  • Kevin Kingston

    you guys make no sence what so ever

  • Zach Delaney

    What's the sword on the right

  • luke harding

    You mean "was" right? I have no need for it though, I like giant axes better

  • Rid the Looter WDS

    So while wearing the rest of the Dwarven Armor you're essentially a pint-sized Centurion? Sweet.

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