The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by DrTChops in 46:20 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 124

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by DrTChops in 46:20 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 124" no description available.
  • Chance Conway

    Probably the best speed run I've seen. This guy is really entertaining to watch.

  • Supers

    it takes me that long just get to riverwood

  • Jarl Balgruuf

    I'd still be making my character in the time he beat the game

  • Hunter

    and i thought i was smart getting the stone tablet befor going to whiterun

  • Lord AJ

    There are two ways to play Skyrim. 1) Just do things you are supposed to do and experience a great RPG. 2) Embrace how extremly broken this game is and experience the weirdest of things.

  • Gage Craft

    °finishes the game°°still level one°

  • Bacteria Web

    I love this guy. I feel like he could do a playthrough of anything and always sound interesting.

  • Flare

    "You mean a glitch?" "it's a part of the game it's not my fault."

  • MarkiJESUS

    Isn't this the couch guy from the Mirrors Edge speedrun? lol

  • Shazzy

    Skyrim buckets are the equivalent of Oblivion paint brushes

  • SeanG

    This dude is so good at commentating while speedrunning, hes like perfect for AGDQ.

  • Axx Leppard

    Ralof/Hadvar getting to River wood: There was a black Dragon flyting toward White Run...Gerdur/Alvor: Oh yeah, but it was defeated by the Dragonborn few hours ago.

  • Maxwell Nieberger

    I need a shirt with "Lore Happens"

  • GrandSilver

    It's just amazing how much they can break the game and make it look easy.

  • Embidd

    And here I am with 46 hours in the game and I just killed my second dragon

  • blackbox64

    "I wanted to skip his dialogue but he was 40 feet in the air" Best moment

  • mrdude2010

    Whoever came up with the bucket trick the first time was a goddamn genius or a madman. Or both.

  • Riaccoon

    My boyfriend's brother actually tried that guard trick irl. He told a policeman he was out after curfew just so he could get a lift home. Ended up in jail overnight instead lmao

  • SurrealScotsman

    Completes the game in 46:20....< Currently has 1,352 hours of gameplay and never completed it once lol....... FMLScrew you mods...!

  • Yodazach

    This that the guy that started the meme: I think thats a glitch

  • Peturcoll X

    Definitely my favorite speedrun, very entertaining gameplay and player, seems like a really chill guy enjoys what he’s doing, big up my guy

  • barduk4

    "it's pretty hard to die to him"dies to him

  • David

    As it turns oat, you can use a dragon shoat. Don't worry aboat it.


    "unfortunately, that's a very valuable horse,...and i need to punch it." now put that out of context, i love this guy. He's super sympathetic, SKYRIM FOR THE NORDS!

  • Yakato San

    Me:,,Hey, I'm a lvl 80 mage. I just completed the main story."DrTChops:,,Hey, I'm level 1.. and completed the main story. c:"...Very entertaining this guy :D

  • Jon W

    'Did you hear about the dragon at Helgen?''No''Nevermind its dead'

  • Blue Bird

    I love how you can destroy this game to hell with a bucket :D

  • Jake Branthe

    This dude already at Sovngarde while I'm still at the character creation screen

  • Thane

    Can someone tell me what happened to this man at 37:05

  • Super Pony 3

    one second into the speed run"Alright, so the game is already broken so I can do this!"Skyrim in a nutshell :I

  • First Last

    ...... damn, just watched Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and now Skyrim speed run..... its 4:17am, i am almost half way through this run and i am going to go back and play Oblivion the moment this stream ends

  • TheAwakeOrangutang

    I vote this for canonical Dovahkiin. Not some ferocious berserker, or ultra arch-mage, or impossible thief-ssassin. A guy with a bucket who backtalks everyone and casually reads world breaking accords during his own wedding.

  • chaoticfirearm

    Gotta say it again. Big props for actually having good commentary while doing this run at the same time

  • Dawny

    This is dragonbaneNow i have 2 dragonbanes

  • shingshongshamalama

    "In all ways except physical I am a horse."neighs

  • Daeton Pope

    Who is donating $100 jesus

  • EmceeProphIt

    24:50 "I'm bored let's go buy a husband."

  • Milán Nagy

    I love this guy he is funny, effective, informative and makes this whole run fun to watch!! Great job!

  • Ville

    I wonder how fast you can do Special Edition with the Unoffical Patch installed.

  • w1se.

    Is it a good speedrun if 90% of it is broke af ?

  • The Starbound Scout

    b u c k e t s a r e m a g i c a l .

  • Adam

    I love how you killed Nirn alduin before the Jarl even knew about the dragons

  • Dom MCMX

    How do people find these glitches? Its amazing

  • CloutOG ElevatedTV

    26:33 acid is one hell of a drug

  • Pedro Mendes

    this dude has been training this speedrun even before the game was released

  • chyaaaaaaaaa

    It's kind of a big deal

  • Kieran deSouza

    I listen to this video to fall asleep ☺️

  • Thomas O'Malley

    i love this guy's commentary

  • r3ddim

    This is actually really fun to watch unlike other speedruns, props for the commentary rly enjoyed it

  • RaketenKuhGewehr

    "I think I'm gonna go get married."Gold.

  • ehamm 22


  • Arcaithe

    25:10 ahh... I’m excited😂

  • Kanos

    praise the bucket...also this guy is probably one of the best speedrunners i've seen so far. he is good at speedrunning, informative and funny

  • Sir Arrastrar

    Does nobody realize he's the guy from the glitchless mirrors edge speedrun lol

  • Shukkle

    Honestly this dude is fucking great... really entertaining, made the crowd laugh, and explained everything pretty well IMO

  • Battery Exhausted

    Didn't harvest a single Snowberry...

  • Jeezus• •Murphy

    Gonna just “boorrow” the bucket eh


    “Wait if it’s just no major glitches then why is it called glitchless”

  • Snarky Wolfy

    The mighty world eater get rekt by a level 1 high elf. facepalm

  • dave

    cool guy to watch, thanks for the run dude! look forward to seeing your future streams

  • TheOfficialKeithPharaoh

    All i hear is "was that a glitch" ~couch guy 😂😂😂 dude is frrl good though at commentating and speedrunning haha.

  • bennett for senate.

    "the dragons are coming back!!""alright hold on"

  • jalliboy

    i have one question :P HOW THE F*** does people figure stuff like this out ?good job tho :)

  • Punch Cat

    The glitch where he became the horse happened to me in regular gameplay. Thanks Bethesda.

  • thedarkgamings

    Imagine beating skyrim on 100% Kappalul

  • Hans Gerber

    ok as someone who hasn't played a single elder scrolls part yet I only heard how buggy this series is but damn ...

  • Carl Ezra Inoceto

    56:05 Jarl Balgrouf: I don't feel so good...

  • Lucas Santos

    34:55 it changes from "PC - 2013" to "PC - 2011" LOL

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