The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by DrTChops in 46:20 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 124

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by DrTChops in 46:20 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 124" no description available.
  • Supers

    it takes me that long just get to riverwood

  • Ryan

    Props for keeping a running commentary (that's actually funny) whilst doing this run.

  • SeanG

    This dude is so good at commentating while speedrunning, hes like perfect for AGDQ.

  • Chance Conway

    Probably the best speed run I've seen. This guy is really entertaining to watch.

  • TheAwakeOrangutang

    I vote this for canonical Dovahkiin. Not some ferocious berserker, or ultra arch-mage, or impossible thief-ssassin. A guy with a bucket who backtalks everyone and casually reads world breaking accords during his own wedding.

  • EmceeProphIt

    24:50 "I'm bored let's go buy a husband."

  • Gage Craft

    °finishes the game°°still level one°

  • Lord AJ

    There are two ways to play Skyrim. 1) Just do things you are supposed to do and experience a great RPG. 2) Embrace how extremly broken this game is and experience the weirdest of things.

  • Robert Andersson

    He was a superb runner and did a good job explaining what was happening, with humour.

  • RaketenKuhGewehr

    "I think I'm gonna go get married."Gold.

  • blackbox64

    "I wanted to skip his dialogue but he was 40 feet in the air" Best moment

  • Adam

    I love how you killed Nirn alduin before the Jarl even knew about the dragons

  • random6849

    The glitch where he became the horse happened to me in regular gameplay. Thanks Bethesda.

  • Bacteria Web

    I love this guy. I feel like he could do a playthrough of anything and always sound interesting.

  • swanky James

    dude this guy is killing it with the jokes


    'I got drunk, i threw a bunch of money at this guy, lets get married!'Deja Vu.

  • AXU

    The bucket glitch looks like the scene from Harry Potter where they attempt to enter the wizard world through the wall.

  • Shazzy

    Skyrim buckets are the equivalent of Oblivion paint brushes

  • Ja'far, Chief of Sindria Trading Company

    Man the runner is funny. This was my fav run because of him

  • NateTheNerdy

    You know what they need in the next GDQ? Skyrim 100% speedrun.

  • Simon Carlile

    How on earth does the "sell a merchant their own inventory" thing work??

  • Joseph Smith

    This guy was really entertaining haha

  • Gatinho Miau

    This guys explain everything really well. Saw the FO4 and didnt understand a thing. Now the save glitch makes a lot more sense.

  • The Old Man

    this commentary is hilarious

  • Embidd

    And here I am with 46 hours in the game and I just killed my second dragon

  • Beamo1080

    Press Tab to access your inventory and magic.

  • juter4397

    Imagine what the NPCs think of seeing him do this

  • Sigyn

    in the eternal words of daniel hardcastle, "DID YOU LEARN THAT FROM A SKYRIM HORSE?"

  • Maxwell Nieberger

    I need a shirt with "Lore Happens"

  • MarkiJESUS

    Isn't this the couch guy from the Mirrors Edge speedrun? lol

  • Levi Block

    This helped cheer me up, I heard some not good news and now I'm up at 1 am, and I found this, keep up the good work everyone who does this and the commentator, thanks for making my sleepless night one bit better

  • Axx Leppard

    Ralof/Hadvar getting to River wood: There was a black Dragon flyting toward White Run...Gerdur/Alvor: Oh yeah, but it was defeated by the Dragonborn few hours ago.

  • Leanne B.

    jeez beating the game in 46 min! im 80 min in and im half way with the tutorial fml

  • Shiba Doge

    Couch talks timestamps:1:4610:0721:5325:4828:1534:22

  • Molisa


  • Snarky Wolfy

    The mighty world eater get rekt by a level 1 high elf. facepalm

  • Yakato San

    Me:,,Hey, I'm a lvl 80 mage. I just completed the main story."DrTChops:,,Hey, I'm level 1.. and completed the main story. c:"...Very entertaining this guy :D

  • Jarl Balgruuf

    I'd still be making my character in the time he beat the game

  • GrandSilver

    It's just amazing how much they can break the game and make it look easy.

  • Hunter

    and i thought i was smart getting the stone tablet befor going to whiterun

  • Shukkle

    Honestly this dude is fucking great... really entertaining, made the crowd laugh, and explained everything pretty well IMO

  • Nekros97

    This guy is hilarious xD

  • Gaming XP

    0:28 is that cheating? Is thaf a glitch? Am i the only one that thinks hes the guy from mirrors edge speed run?

  • Megaseven

    Great runner and a fun run. Would've liked a little less "Gonna do this now, because reasons/Skyrim/Bethesda" though.

  • Yess c1a0

    how did you break the game on start? aka: how did you get infinite stamina and be able to jump whilst sprinting?

  • Jam Z

    ahaha hes such a likeable guy. twas a joy to watch :))

  • The Kuudere Dude

    I have a key, a bucket-shaped key that unlocks invisible locks on anything

  • Alex Pearson

    Did anyone notice at 34:56 in the bottom right the 'PC - 2013' changed to 'PC - 2011'???

  • Andrew

    I enjoyed Skyrim, until I got to the story mission where you sit down with the two warring factions for diplomacy. You play as a dragon-slaying badass, why the hell am I playing peacekeeper? It is like playing a monster hunter who keeps getting involved in politics... Not sure why that sounds familiar...

  • TheEmptyVoice

    21:16 "Have you learned nothing from us?" Well... yeah. Pretty much nothing at all.

  • Yodazach

    This that the guy that started the meme: I think thats a glitch

  • Dgmr

    How did DRTChops duplicate dragonbane?? I'd love to use that trick on jarrin root, if that's even possible xD


    that 3rd glitch where you use epc legit scared me when the character deformed. And then he used epc again and she started walking and i got scared again lol

  • mrdude2010

    Whoever came up with the bucket trick the first time was a goddamn genius or a madman. Or both.

  • Satch Boogie

    "Bethesda is nothing if not consistent; consistently broken" - DrtChops 2016

  • AlexStojanov11

    Drinking game, take a shot every time he says "because skyrim"

  • Minene Uryuu922 I PC Masterrace I

    honestly , the "mountain Climbing horse " really made me laugh

  • TechMage299

    how were the loading times so fast, i have an ssd but that doesnt seem to cut it

  • Rapid Corkscrew Punch

    "Let's get married"Man you know how to work a crowd well done.

  • Meat Ball

    Didn't know Rich Evans got into speedrunning.

  • Ins4nity Gaming

    Wait he completed the game in 46 minutes that is how long cutscenes take :)

  • Blue Bird

    I love how you can destroy this game to hell with a bucket :D

  • Cesar

    Mario could have just flown you to Skuldafn

  • ConorJDavies

    Oh god, it's the glitch guy from the Mirrors Edge run.

  • Some Kind of Nice

    how to make an open world follow a direct layed out path: speedrun

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