The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by DrTChops in 46:20 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 124

"The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by DrTChops in 46:20 - SGDQ 2016 - Part 124" no description available.
  • Supers

    it takes me that long just get to riverwood

  • Hunter

    and i thought i was smart getting the stone tablet befor going to whiterun

  • Jarl Balgruuf

    I'd still be making my character in the time he beat the game

  • Lord AJ

    There are two ways to play Skyrim. 1) Just do things you are supposed to do and experience a great RPG. 2) Embrace how extremly broken this game is and experience the weirdest of things.

  • SeanG

    This dude is so good at commentating while speedrunning, hes like perfect for AGDQ.

  • Flare

    "You mean a glitch?" "it's a part of the game it's not my fault."

  • Bacteria Web

    I love this guy. I feel like he could do a playthrough of anything and always sound interesting.

  • MarkiJESUS

    Isn't this the couch guy from the Mirrors Edge speedrun? lol

  • barduk4

    "it's pretty hard to die to him"dies to him

  • Shazzy

    Skyrim buckets are the equivalent of Oblivion paint brushes

  • Riaccoon

    My boyfriend's brother actually tried that guard trick irl. He told a policeman he was out after curfew just so he could get a lift home. Ended up in jail overnight instead lmao

  • axlofthe 90s

    Ralof/Hadvar getting to River wood: There was a black Dragon flyting toward White Run...Gerdur/Alvor: Oh yeah, but it was defeated by the Dragonborn few hours ago.

  • GrandSilver

    It's just amazing how much they can break the game and make it look easy.

  • Gage Craft

    °finishes the game°°still level one°

  • Jon W

    'Did you hear about the dragon at Helgen?''No''Nevermind its dead'

  • Embidd

    And here I am with 46 hours in the game and I just killed my second dragon

  • Super Pony 3

    one second into the speed run"Alright, so the game is already broken so I can do this!"Skyrim in a nutshell :I

  • Rendevoir

    "i got drunk, threw a bunch of money at this guy, lets get married. allright, im ready"what happens in skyrim, stays in skyrim

  • Yodazach

    This that the guy that started the meme: I think thats a glitch

  • Peturcoll X

    Definitely my favorite speedrun, very entertaining gameplay and player, seems like a really chill guy enjoys what he’s doing, big up my guy

  • Yakato San

    Me:,,Hey, I'm a lvl 80 mage. I just completed the main story."DrTChops:,,Hey, I'm level 1.. and completed the main story. c:"...Very entertaining this guy :D

  • Chance Conway

    Probably the best speed run I've seen. This guy is really entertaining to watch.

  • mrdude2010

    Whoever came up with the bucket trick the first time was a goddamn genius or a madman. Or both.

  • Jake Branthe

    This dude already at Sovngarde while I'm still at the character creation screen

  • Unlocked

    I rewatch this every few months, and it's good every time.

  • _I'm Not Loss_

    I'd like Alduins' input on being defeated by a lvl 1-2

  • TheAwakeOrangutang

    I vote this for canonical Dovahkiin. Not some ferocious berserker, or ultra arch-mage, or impossible thief-ssassin. A guy with a bucket who backtalks everyone and casually reads world breaking accords during his own wedding.

  • sendlove

    Why do weirdos always comment on these videos “the game is meant to be played slow blah blah blah “ as if this dude hasn’t played it a million times 😂


    "unfortunately, that's a very valuable horse,...and i need to punch it." now put that out of context, i love this guy. He's super sympathetic, SKYRIM FOR THE NORDS!

  • Dari Scar

    Looking out the window?That's a glitch.Walking down the hallway?That's a glitch.Paddling a canoe?That's a glitch.Glitching past Helgen cave?You better believe that's a glitch.

  • SurrealScotsman

    Completes the game in 46:20....< Currently has 1,352 hours of gameplay and never completed it once lol....... FMLScrew you mods...!

  • Tim

    I remember finding Blackreach for the first time, I thought it was so cool and had to look it up because I believed I was the first person to find it in game lol

  • Plebaroni


  • Dawny

    This is dragonbaneNow i have 2 dragonbanes

  • chaoticfirearm

    Gotta say it again. Big props for actually having good commentary while doing this run at the same time

  • blackbox64

    "I wanted to skip his dialogue but he was 40 feet in the air" Best moment

  • Thane

    Can someone tell me what happened to this man at 37:05

  • First Last

    ...... damn, just watched Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and now Skyrim speed run..... its 4:17am, i am almost half way through this run and i am going to go back and play Oblivion the moment this stream ends

  • JeffRB

    they need more of this in speed running and not the "SHUT UP GUYS" that make it uncomfortable for ppl to want to watch and enjoy

  • David

    As it turns oat, you can use a dragon shoat. Don't worry aboat it.

  • EmceeProphIt

    24:50 "I'm bored let's go buy a husband."

  • Colin Tentis

    He did it! He saved the world pf Skyrim! Now he can play the game.

  • GruffKibbles89

    Learned a lot in 4 min and 50 sec in and can relate to DrTChop as I always say all this stuff to myself

  • Milán Nagy

    I love this guy he is funny, effective, informative and makes this whole run fun to watch!! Great job!

  • TrustedOne

    Bruh this guy made this speed run 100% more enjoyable lol

  • ehamm 22


  • Bizzle Baby

    Does nobody realize he's the guy from the glitchless mirrors edge speedrun lol

  • r3ddim

    This is actually really fun to watch unlike other speedruns, props for the commentary rly enjoyed it

  • Nightcore Fusion

    This randomly came up as a recommendation and reminded me of something.I have a 60GB modded Skyrim SE install that I haven't touched in over a year.Time to start playing again.Thanks YT

  • RaketenKuhGewehr

    "I think I'm gonna go get married."Gold.

  • ZeVio74

    not sure if to commend bethesda or not for leaving their game in a fucked up mess on release, because without them I wouldn't be able to see witchcraft runs like this

  • The Starbound Scout

    b u c k e t s a r e m a g i c a l .

  • brydon10

    DrTChops' commentary is so good.

  • Ville

    I wonder how fast you can do Special Edition with the Unoffical Patch installed.

  • Robert Andersson

    He was a superb runner and did a good job explaining what was happening, with humour.

  • Richard Dickington

    Imagine the dragons come back and end times are coming but then an hour later everything is fine

  • Carter Mangum

    "I'm also getting drunk, apparently." story of my life.

  • Prince Solomon

    I FRIKKIN LOVE SKYRIM & this is definitely the funniest Speed Run i've ever seen. Great game & great player!

  • Snarky Wolfy

    The mighty world eater get rekt by a level 1 high elf. facepalm

  • CloutOG ElevatedTV

    26:33 acid is one hell of a drug

  • Its Jynx

    Spends 2 hours downloading mods to make my play through of the game fun, Spends more hours working out which mod is crashing the gameSpends more hours finding all the modsAnd spend ages beating the gamesee’s thisuninstalls game

  • Pedro Mendes

    this dude has been training this speedrun even before the game was released

  • Kanos

    praise the bucket...also this guy is probably one of the best speedrunners i've seen so far. he is good at speedrunning, informative and funny

  • Shukkle

    Honestly this dude is fucking great... really entertaining, made the crowd laugh, and explained everything pretty well IMO

  • abby higgins

    every few months I return to this run, one of my favs

  • Conor Davies

    Oh god, it's the glitch guy from the Mirrors Edge run.

  • Skyrim Load orders & More

    DrTChops plays skyrim. has doom shirt. doom is now owned by bethesda. thats a bit ironic

  • Stalwart Shinobi

    I love this guy! Is why i watch speedruns! Bro! LAD!

  • SwankyJami

    dude this guy is killing it with the jokes

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