The Elder Scrolls Online – The Three Fates Cinematic Trailer Supercut

In The Elder Scrolls Online, three alliances struggle for control of the Ruby Throne and Tamriel itself. The chaos of war engulfs the Imperial province of Cyrodiil, and sinister forces from Oblivion seek to take advantage of the Empire’s instability, hatching a scheme to enslave all mortal souls. Released originally in four separate parts, this breathtaking cinematic trailer takes you directly to the heart of the war. Witness the three alliances clash in a deadly battle for the Imperial City, unaware of the Daedric threat waiting for the perfect moment to launch its assault.

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  • Gregory Rivas

    I'd pay 60 bucks to watch a full blown movie like this.

  • LiveLoveLift92

    Somewhere down there, in the midst of the chaos and ruble, one man took an arrow to the knee.

  • Justin Owens

    Can we be real for a sec and point out how much better high elves look in this compared to skyrim?

  • Jolios PL

    has anyone noticed that over the years in Elder Scrolls games your character starts in increasingly dire situations. In Morrowind you served your sentance, in Oblivion you ware a prisoner, in Skyrim you almost died and in ESO you are dead.

  • Matt Hawk

    This makes me wish for an Elder Scrolls movie so much.

  • Brambleback

    that elf has got alot of magicka

  • Lucas Okemahwasin

    I'm glad they pictured the argonians right, because the argonians are actually very fierce warriors and when the dedra invaded tamriel the ones invading the black marsh actually closed their doors in fear that the argonians would actually invade obvlivon

  • olddirtymongrrel

    The emotions I get off from this cinematic trailer is very different from other game trailers. Very dark and tragic, the battle doesn't appear glorious, it's almost futile as the Daedra hordes cannot be totally eradicated and in the end it feels as if surviving this war is far more important than winning it.

  • One Punch

    That High Elf is too OP

  • Freddie Bell

    This all could've been over so much quicker if someone had walked up to a guard and been like "I saw Molag Bal take a melon from that basket over there."

  • Daniel b

    Who is Pegi and why do I need to know that she is 18?

  • Sabercat1971

    4:20 The Breton was like "i can do this, i play assassin's creed , hold my sweetrooooooooll!"...

  • JumperSC

    OMG so I just realized the significance of the scene between the Breton and the High Elf. I'm assuming that the blue cloth he had belonged to his wife or lover back home, and because of the fact that he was dying and was soul trapped, he hallucinated that the elf was his wife for a moment. He seemed to gain some form of cognizance though and upon realizing that he was indeed something other than his human self, he basically asked the elf for a merciful death so that he would not be a slave to this dark magic induced, rotting shell. The moment that made me realize this was when the elf looked at the chains on her wrist (realizing that only a few moments ago, she was bound and enslaved by the Nord Warlock, forced to do his bidding) and realized that the Breton too was a slave to the necromantic magic that consumed him...she literally set him free...My Gosh this was such a beautifully tragic scene.

  • Chris Churchill

    I can't believe how realistic this looks. It's absolutely extraordinary what people can do now.

  • FatalFist

    It was a bit disappointing that out of the three, the Breton dies. Love the nord and all but man that Breton knew how to tango.

  • Kram

    That elf chick has like...unlimited mana did she use tgm?

  • Badams

    imagine if the next elder scrolls game had graphics kinda like this 🤔

  • Praetorian Tiberius

    3:07... Dragonborn didn't last long did he... lol

  • Conall McKinney

    I wish at the end of this trailer the khajits showed up high on moon sugar just like "alright we're here... What are we doing?"

  • Nameless Ghost

    I love the way they read each other's minds without saying a word.

  • Talon134

    Mannimarco looks cool af in this. Wish High Elves looked like that in Skyrim. Instead they look like a fuggly alien with Jaundice.

  • Frank Fraser

    The cinematic part is all action, and the games are mostly about dialogue, choosing clothes and stealing cabbages. That's ass-backward, I tells ya.


    Who actually watched the whole video

  • Sidenonra

    Remember metal armor does not stop any weapons...But wooden shields do!

  • Riomh Marsh

    Mannimarco being an absolute boss. Unlike in Oblivion where he has the super unimposing elf voice and can easily be beaten in ONE HIT with the right spell. Trust me, I speak from experience.

  • Pete Madrona

    Argonians can roar. Noice!

  • twiliblade

    the amount of argonians dying in this makes me think some dark elf slaver made this

  • Ryan Cogar

    14:50 = The Biggest AOE Damage you ever seen in your life. xD the magic in this cinematic does look fucking awesome though.

  • tendjinn

    This how you do you pure action w/o dialogue. Far too many directors and writers have failed, 23 minutes says it all and I didn't do much as get bored. I hope this won an award (awards) and I don't mean just gaming either. Outstanding doesn't describe this!.

  • Miku meow

    That underskirt shot at 9:41... (˶′◡‵˶)

  • Dylan Kelly

    Should have made this instead of the assassin's creed movie

  • Mimi

    20:16 Where can i sign to have his babies ?

  • Edward Elric

    The Breton pre-zombie would have rekt that nord any day.

  • ragecage of Sneezing Dragon

    Mannimarco trying so hard to be Sauron.

  • A Totally Ordinary Aubergine

    I like how at 15:38 just nods like 'Yeah, I'll admit, that was pretty clever'.

  • Kenazzle

    I now understand it's possible to have a 23 minute erection without actually being sexually aroused.

  • Joseph Stalin

    I love the look of mannimarco,so cool calculating and uncaring, he has a nord 3 times his size ramming a sword into his ribs and he just stares blankly.

  • D Wouu

    15:00 and there goes trumps wall

  • Platinum_ toilet

    that was more of a short movie then an advertisement

  • Rohann van Rensburg

    I sincerely, sincerely wish Bethesda or the like would actually make something like this into a full movie. It's beautiful, and it's far more well done than Hollywood studios manage to do with anything video game related. CGI is such a crutch in Hollywood anyway, why not skip the high-profile actor nonsense and actually make full films? I would pay to see a more fleshed out version of this in theaters. It would actually be interesting if it remained free of dialogue except narration, and the story was told through the environment.

  • Kevizyke

    Honestly, elder scrolls should get a movie instead of warcraft.

  • Connor Darrow

    5:48"Is she with you?""No, I thought she was with you."

  • Whisper Darkling

    The Empire crumbles. WIth the Dragonfires cold, Oblivion runs over Tamriel unchecked, beside the Thalmore who seek nothing but conquest. The Elder Scrolls speak of a hero. One who must prevail, and save Nirn.

  • Donal

    Am I the only one around here who wants a big-ass solo game based on the conquest of Tiber Septim?

  • Synndrel

    Aldmeri Dominion WINS <3 FOR THE QUEEN!!! FLY EAGLES OF WAR _o/

  • Some_Random_Swede

    Is it only me that liked Mannimarco's look in daggerfall more than in oblivion and eso?

  • BlackWinds Apathy

    Hail saruman wait.....

  • Jayy Prime

    You can see the Templar spam

  • Brian Burgess

    When the Nord fearlessly and resolutely took off his helmet in the presence of Mannimarco, I instantly had a smile on face. That is one bad ass Nord. lol

  • Russian Jew

    i wish the game would be even a shadow of this trailer... or it would turn into a full movie. it gave me goosebumps

  • Dove

    where the kitty cats at tho

  • Delaborga Gaming

    and yet to this day we still have not gotten a set that looks like that rangers !

  • David Brown

    No Khajit sightings. Racist game confirmed.

  • Tom Flynn

    "Don't you see?! Elven supremacy is the only truth!"

  • The Truth

    no words needed for epicnes

  • Satan Stalin

    They really should make a movie.If WOW has a movie than these guys should.I love The Elder Scrolls series

  • Violent2aShadow

    See what happens when you don't invest in education? The entire world forgets how to talk.

  • Captain Tightpants

    Why can't movies have action like this?

  • Scumbad

    1:41 N'wah these robes cost more than your mother.

  • Keegan Clements-Housser

    Breton Stamblade? High Elf Magsorc in heavy armor and using a sword? These are the people you don't want to queue up with in a random dungeon. At least the Nord dude is doing alright - heavy armor and 2H is still solid in PvP, which is clearly where they are.

  • Jai khaira

    Just me that wonders what the tribunal is doing during all this

  • The Old Candry

    i'd love to see a full elder scrolls movie.

  • Nemenon

    Can anyone explain the story in this to me? I've only played Oblivion and Skyrim so I haven't delved deep into the lore or of the ESO story yet, but this was amazing and I'm really interested in learning who these characters are. Makes me want to start up ESO again, I didn't really give it much of a try.

  • Aled Evans

    I only just noticed that the three faces on the circle band represented the three different factionsI'm so thick :(

  • Wither

    idk abaout you guys but im getting a lot of warhammer vibes from the big epick demon vs tamriel battles.........

  • Mr Unknown

    I liked the Awesome Breton Assassin guy and the Magic lady elf but I didn't care much about the Nord Warrior guy though , it sucks the Breton had to die.

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