Back To Tamriel

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I gave Dagoth a hewing, stopping Dagon was a shoe-in
Alduin's in ruins, I'm done, "by the nine!"
But there's rumour of a game and though I know the name
This one can't be the same for they say it's online

Back to Tamriel, it's been a while I'm excited, oh can't you tell?
Back where heroes dwell, they've got every province, how I've missed you Vvardenfell

I'll go through the paces of trying all the races
With sliders for faces and sliders for breasts
I've picked from the classes, I'm joining the masses
To whoop Daedric asses on a new kind of quest

Back to Tamriel, get high in Highrock, hammered in Hammerfell
Loot to buy and sell, creatures to own, meet my pet mudcrab named Adele

The end's no nearer, now dawns a new era
Kvatch to Caldera sees alliances clash
We'll PVP trolls and reclaim our lost souls
Abd then kick Molag's Balls, leave coldharbour as ash

I'm back to Tamriel and I'm coming up strong
If you respect my scrolls then you'd better come along
But Tamriel girl I've not been gone that long
'Cuz I never even left, which contradicts this whole song

Back to Tamriel, real life is dead to me, ring out that final bell
Things here are just swell, think I'll settle down, find myself an elf mademoiselle

Back in Tamriel
  • JelloApocalypse

    I was loving the video until 1:30. Then suddenly everything went white.Why can't I see?

  • Lloyd Zed

    When elder scrolls 6 is released I think Harry will get an erection that pierces the moon lol

  • Wisdom Pen

    "Because I never even leftWhich contradicts this whole song."Most realest moment in the song for super ES fans.

  • Tsumefan2

    your a chick in real life ?male voice: yes

  • Saltheili

    Okay, new mission for the Skyrim modding community. I need to be able to make my Argonian look like the one at 1:30

  • Ricepirate

    It's like you come from another universe of creativity and talent.  and I'll always be your elf mademoiselle <3 Amazing, Harry. Just ... yeah.

  • Dragonborn795

    then you realize the game sucks

  • Nerd ified

    his voice in the beginning reminds me of Clavicus Vile

  • axeltf

    Someone bingewatching Harry arter the new Skyrim video??

  • SteampunkC0wb0y

    Harry makes me feel more immersed in the ES universe than the ES games themselves :I

  • DuDuL

    And Harry's done it once again.Now i've got a new animation to jerk off to

  • LordDeraj

    Two years later and only now do I notice his horse has a beard

  • Señor Deltor

    the game is actually a hell of a lot better now

  • Julius Isoeskeli

    Well ES 6 is coming, so New animation?

  • saba agniashvili

    I found this video in 2018.Missing this out was a crime

  • Alan Sarkis

    I'm tired of people hating on eso baecouse of the failed launch...

  • Tyler Causton

    All these people in the comments speaking about how it was not like the other TES games... News flash, if they made it the exact same the combat would suck fighting against other people. Not to mention it was never trying to be like the other games, it's an MMO. The lore alone should make you want to play it if you are a TES fan.

  • Loafus Crambuckle

    This always gets me hyped for elder scrolls 6.

  • mikey lavergne

    1:46 looks like my life xD

  • SpeedAnchor

    It makes me sad that a lot of people will never understand or appreciate the amount of work that went into this.

  • Matt Johnson

    Too bad eso is a cash grab

  • Quasar 14-A

    elder scrolls 6 announcedMe: "goodbye ma goodbye pa and goodbye girlfriends breasts"

  • Nuollifer De'Chaul

    I like how he blew off the dust in the beginning only to wipe it off again with his hand

  • Mercury

    Me when Skyrim: Special Edition was announced

  • Marduk, Dark Apostle of 34th Host

    In the internet:All women are menAll men are boysAnd all boys are FBI agents

  • Arsenic Flask

    1:25 best part of the video

  • Laurel Schneider

    2 years later and I just realized he has an accent

  • TheNecromancer

    I was in Thedas, but it seems I must return to Tamriel.

  • randomeuropeanguy

    its funny because ESO sucks ALOT

  • Evil Gary

    Can you go into first person view in ESO?

  • Shrirch

    Wow... This is like Disney level animation! :D

  • Etrius Dragnox


  • Vladimier Bronen

    I'll say the unpopular opinion because it's how I feel ESO is a good game but it's not what everyone expected based on the trailers we were given

  • Ben B

    Your a chick in real life right? Says in deep voice: yesI cried laughing

  • Søren Stilling

    This video is more popular than the game

  • Oyster Tech Reviews

    2 years later and i still love this

  • CaptainRonRico

    When the Elder Scrolls 6 is announced

  • FalaProMundo

    Make back to tamriel 2 since there is elder scrolls 6!!!!

  • VictoriumStudios 78

    New Version for Elder Scrolls 6?

  • Frosty Pixels

    not accurate at all, he didn't get ganked for the 2 seconds he was in cyrodiil

  • Drion

    ELDER SCROLLS VI ANOUNCEDi hope you got a song in the makings....

  • Kebab Remover

    the music at 2:14 :O

  • Sam Green

    SO Good... You never cease to turn my mind to shit with your creative writing, drawing, direction and production.Vote 1 "Happy Harry Cloning Machine" to duplicate his work flow. <3

  • TheMa5e

    The Elder Scrolls 6 got announced. I guess it´s Back To... wait.. is it Tamriel?

  • Anthony Gonzales

    The Elder Scrolls VI has been announced. Came here to get pumped.BACK TO TAMRIEL!

  • 12112 11111

    Back to Tamriel, My Nibbas(I know,I know EC6)

  • ChefJBrDee Gaming

    Skyrim in PSVR?!~ Back to Taaamrieeeellll!

  • zen yatta

    skyrim remastered? Baaaaack to taaamrieeel!

  • Zeke Jager

    Like if Elder scrolls is the best game series of all time.

  • Ferrum Kalium

    Looks like there's one more adventure to animate Harry. BECAUSE ELDER SCROLLS VI IS HERE

  • Chris Donnellan

    Im surpised no one liks ESO, i love it.

  • Jonathan Prince

    Trying to watch this with CC turned on is hilarious."I gave Dagon Huey stopping day God was a shoo-in al Jones in ruins" and so are my sides.

  • Steven Stone

    i want a gif of "real life is dead to me"

  • Melanie Harrison

    Next game has been teased kids elder scrolls 6🙌

  • Azhornaad

    You know what you must to do (yes, it has something to do with Elder scrolls VI)

  • Benjamin Drake

    I played around 8 hours of the game honestly found it enjoable but found it a bit complicatedtaht doesn mean it sbad jsut for me it seems difficult

  • Hobbes Goblin

    The only game that works better on xbox

  • Jorge William

    With elder scrolls VI coming out, i guess i'll be back to tamriel...

  • FriOniz

    Офигенно! Впрочем как всегда! хD

  • Lofty Smalls

    I look forward to the day that I come back to this in honor of Elder Scrolls VI.sigh... one day.

  • InnerSupremacy

    Why am I only finding this video in 2018 lol

  • This video is relevant again

  • Raikuen Thunder

    1:47 Me when I get home from highschool and did all my homework on the bus & have all A's

  • Carl A. N.

    "Real Life Is dead To Me"So true for many MMO players.

  • mc sweg

    It's time my dudes

  • Ryan Foss

    Who came here after they announced ESVI?

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