The "Get What You Pay For" Halberd

In this review I'm giving you my impression of the Swiss Halberd by Cold Steel. As far as historical polearm reproductions are concerned it's budget class. Is it worth your money? Let's take a look...

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  • Nerobyrne

    The three crosses guarantee extra holy damage against Saracens!

  • Ryu Fireheart

    This is not a halberd. this is a thumbs-up-in-a-pole. A weapon made to fight people that dislike videos for fun.

  • Honest M'aiq

    What the heck is Canadian government thinking like-Yeah , let's ban halberds , you never know when somebody can go outside with a halberd you know.Seriously what the hell

  • Frank Teryngel

    At least they didn't send you just location of iron ore mines and forest.

  • MiYaMa

    Polearms are like Pizza, even the bad ones are still good.

  • Captain Squirrel

    Halberds are so good they dont even need to have a pommel.

  • Ookami

    Why restricted? 1) Take strong enough polearm2) Make a whole new "door" to your neighbour's appartment3) ???4) Profit

  • Connor Andrews

    Like Wow, IKEA sells halberds, now that´s new to me. xD

  • Phaithrider94

    "Thats an ominous shadow" well now we demand a shadow review for every weapon/sharp object you review from here on out

  • Mt. Baldwin

    This is going to be impossible to say without a lot of laughter. O.k. your shaft was a defective one (see what I mean?) normally cold steel shafts come (!) tapered to a semi point to allow the head to fit snuggly and easily. I've got a few cold steel polearms and all the shafts came tapered.

  • RON RoNiNgton

    This guys arms are polearms

  • MercenaryJames

    Just go out to a public place and yell "DAUBENY!! DAUBENY SHOW YOURSELF!!!!"

  • Tywin Lannister

    Now i need some polehammer review

  • Charles

    Cold steel's quality leaves me rather cold... seriously, leaving the weapon to be assembled by the customers themselves is not just lazy, it's unacceptable.

  • Mayor League Gamers

    Please review the polehammer

  • ParanoeX

    Skall buys a condom and the clerk smiles and says "go get 'em, tiger" and Skall replies "thanks, gonna be fun! just making this condom work is gonna be difficult and especially putting it on next.. but then i get to testing and im sure i can penetrate my sword through the chest and pierce this condom"... the look on clerk's face would be priceless xD

  • Big Ridge

    The Halberd looks like it's giving the middle finger.

  • Cherry King

    Is that the most versatile weapon in the world?

  • John Doe

    8:26: I wonder what that guy with the bike was thinking.Judging from some of those last hits in the video this thing at least seems very durable, is that true? If you can get around the annoyance of assembling it yourself this seems like a really great budget halberd?

  • Ronald Pradesya

    the moment i see it have wooden handle... pls dont let Erik use it...

  • YuNiMoS

    To be fair, it is a fairly mass produced polearm and it's 120$ to boot so in all fairness, I expected something worse when hearing the price. I reckon if you were to get a dedicated blacksmith and have it made to battle specifications (I think that's a thing) I reckon you'll have much more fun with it.

  • Jacob Keary

    Skall, you also have to realise how niche of a product this is even for cold steel. They probably only sell like a few hundred of these throughout a given business year.I'm not saying that this excuses the problems with it but I'd imagine it's at least why. It's just a matter of cold steel being willing to disappoint the 5 customers that bought thus really impractical to shit item the probably make less money on than one of their more common items like knives.

  • pyruleanfire demon

    It looks like it was cut from sheet metal instead of forged. Even the socket looks like its rolled sheet metal that had a slit for the blade then welded shut. As for the pole, i could see it needing some shaping. Socket styles like that need the pole to be a little fatter so it bites the pole & gets driven onto the pole more securely but what you got was an unshaped pole, thats just sloppy. Add to it they didnt include a couple of pins to lock the socket & pole together, they'd be getting a nasty phone call about the quality of their goods.

  • Angel Pacheco

    The red hilted halberd was one of my favorite weapons in Souls.

  • Matti Laiho

    Number 1 thing I've learnt from watching videos about sword reproductions: Don't touch Cold Steel products.

  • Darrian Weathington

    1) find grip-able bolder2) use bolder as exercise tool3) when you become big n tuff, tie bolder to big metal rod.4) use bolder on stick as weapon. 5) become Xu Zhu. 🍲🥓😉

  • Belias Phyre

    Why do I feel my money would be better spent in the garden tool section at the home depot?

  • Adagamante

    I love this type of halberd! Not this one specifically, but I love the look of these more crude and square-ish halberds. Even made one for myself (on the cheaty 'cut and weld' kind of way, but still)

  • Conner Bailey

    You should get a Guan Dao and review it it’s my favorite pole arm. I’ve seen you’re pu dao but the Guan Dao is quite different

  • Germanium

    It is a 'budget halberd' then.

  • Matthew Cooper

    I own a few cold steel swords, and really they’re not as bad as people say, at least the ones I own. As far as pole arms, I only own a spear, but you can tell by the design they don’t really care much about historical accuracy and fancy designs. They basically just say “It has the parts to make it a insert weapon here let’s get it out.

  • Asmin Siza

    Looks like a misshapen mutant spade.

  • Rice Sama

    I mean you say its affordable. But is it really that much different than a nice shovel which would have a sturdy pole and hardened metal, which costs 30$...Using the price to justify the unfinished nature is unacceptable. (not harping on you, but coldsteel) great review XD

  • dplgta95

    Uh oh... I ordered a 1917 cutlass improved and now I'm almost regretting my decision...

  • Lycan Thorpe

    Lucky gargoyles never drop me a halberd when i farm them ......

  • 50 Stitches Steel

    I think you might wanna blame cult of athena on this. If I were to guess they are probably buying the Cold Steel "seconds" or even "thirds", that they sometimes sell. The distributer buying them are well aware of these things before buying them but they get them at a drastically reduced price. Thats how they are able to sell them so cheap too

  • Cheeki Chan

    anytime to take a look with the 2500years old mysterious bronze sword of goujian

  • tom possessed

    Took you long enough and that Halbert needs a pommel.

  • Nick Dzink

    Condom Heart?Deliverance!

  • Mortus VanDerHell

    08:43 min:There is the reason, why halberds not the best weapons against Zombies (plural). If your weapon get stuck, the others will rip you apart.Use better an spear like an large toothpick made out of steel or titan.

  • Tarille

    Meh... Cold Steel. Why does everything I see from Cold Steel seem underwhelming?Anyway, here's hoping some other forges start making Polearms (Note: I say "Making" not "Just ship the materials and get the customer to make it")

  • Kevin Norwood

    I don't know why, but the Swiss Halberd is my personal favorite Halberd design. Anybody agree or disagree? Comment below on your favorite Halberd designs.

  • Sir Fijoe

    FINALLY! I've been waiting for this halberd review for months.

  • COOKIEspace

    "I think I'm done with the positiv"Well at least you tried to be positiv :D

  • shadow

    Don't let Eric use that. Hahahaha You should do the CS sergents halberd if you get a chance, that is the best looking one I think.

  • Taffy Apple Gaming

    Where can I get a good quality polearm reproductions?I've been wanting to get an old Pict Lochaber Axe or a Bardiche for a while now, but everything I find is either sub-par or a museum piece

  • Gilly Monster

    Skallagrim Thanks for the review! Personally I’d be ok taking the finish off to get to bare steel and adjusting things my way is always fun so it seems like this one might be right up my alley :)

  • Σάββας Ιωακειμίδης

    The three small crosses look so cool on this.

  • Jordan

    I asked for halberd content and then here is the halberd content I'm pretty sure within 24 hours. I don't know if it was for me but either way thank you skall <3

  • Sareth

    "Please Note: Mounting Hardware Not included"Guess that's what they meant by that. Thanks for the "whatever this was". :P

  • Jared Sprowl

    I actually love the look of the halberd. It has a very imposing black knight vibe to it.It's a shame that the quality control is so all over the place with cold steel though. And shipping a unfitted handle? That's a bit much. And the steel is meh, it's passable. It could be better.

  • Eldrich Blacklion

    For $120, I got a huge polehammer from a fair once.Square ashen shaft, forged 1055 spring steel head, langettes and butt cap, it's 205cm overall. The points on the tip and back are pretty sharp. It hits like a freight truck. Dead trees do not stand a chance.

  • SimBol1216

    "Cold Steel"...the Hedgeheg?Nothing personnel, kid

  • River Smith

    Polearm lover here. I took a look at Arms And Armor's website, and now I REALLY want a Burgundian Poleaxe. To be completely honest, I've always been fascinated with the poleaxe, but was never able to name that specific variant.The Knightly poleaxe is just fine (it's still a POLEAXE), but it isn't as salient as the Burgundian, even if it is just as intimidating.

  • Ulfhedinn Tyr

    Imagine whacking a Italian knight straight down on top of the helmet at full swing %120 power with the Swiss halberd.

  • Jeff Peck

    Looks like some sharpening would make it more functional!

  • J Choogie

    Hey can you correct all the names for the weapon and equipment in dark souls three? I just really need to know!!!!

  • AJM2

    Skall, you ordered item #89MSW, but you specifically requested the squared shaft, which is designed for item #89PA and is not tapered. I agree that a proper halberd should have a squared shaft and they really should have sent you screws. CS certainly has some "consistency" problems and the fit/finish is hit or miss, but the non-tapered shaft?? In this case, it's technically your fault :) Love the channel! I hope YouTube stops whatever shit they're trying to pull with your content. Best of luck, friend.

  • Seelenschmiede

    I miss Eric breaking the pole... ;-)

  • morti271

    They could at least have shaped the pole.I mean not everbody has access to the tools you need for that.Wow.

  • alaskankare

    wow! Did it say on the website that it wasn't assembled? LOL that's terrible. What if they didn't have tools. what's that in the corner? Oh, that's the Pole arm I bought that I can't assemble. The pole is already over length, what's it matter if it comes with another 1.5ft?

  • GIlbert MSG

    although i see your point, idk if im with you, i think its a good way to show ppl how to replace the handle if it breaks, (on the other hand, it should have come with a screw and sanded to fit perfect)

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