Lets Play Skyrim 2016 - 400+ Mods Edition ***Part 1*** 1080p 60FPS (5 Years Of Skyrim)

Lets Play Skyrim 2016 - 400+ Mods Edition ***Part 1***

Please note: I stopped the Oblivion 2016 lets play series for now because I am still not statisfied with the current looks and LOD popup of my Oblivion setup, and am going to create a new series with Mod Organizer soon where I hope to fix this. Sorry for you guys who are waiting for the new parts, but the serie has not stopped! Promised! ^^

In this new lets play series of Skyrim 2016 I will honor Skyrim because on 11-11-2016 the game will be 5 years old! In this lets play serie, I have put the Skyrim engine to the test with 400+ mods!

My website: http://www.predcaliber.com
The Guides:
  • Eetu Palo

    "On my first playthrough I played as stealth archer."Didn't we all... didn't we all.

  • The Narrator

    5 years of Skyrim and you still don't know how to press z to activate a power? I don't know if i should be impressed or what.

  • Life’s True Way

    400+ mods?? Teach me your ways...

  • iZadoks

    To use the highborn power you need to press 'Z' by default, it's the button you use for shouts.

  • Bagel Balls

    What mod makes the cave look that way?

  • sentinental

    Darkness darkness darkness BLINDED BY FLAMES!!

  • soft edits

    As soon as I heard the khajiit talk I knew exactly where he was. I definitely don't play too much skyrim

  • Jason Kotze

    how strong is your pc jeeeeez RESPECT

  • Altairdabest 907

    W.T.F. They started you off in the dwemer ruins where you find the elderly scroll in the vanilla version. Damn

  • Peanutbuttervibes

    Oh wow, that J'darr fight was intense LMAO

  • Cody Burnett

    What lighting mod were you using?

  • fuehwbdb

    3:10+ conchita wurst confirmed 🤢🤣

  • HiddenCryptic

    Can you show a mod list please? Love the videos man!!

  • Crytica

    Can i put off the depth of field thingy? i would like to see all the textures at once instead of focusing on specific parts.

  • D. Hunt

    did this dude realize he was going the wrong way

  • Mister B

    Awesome, a new play through I can watch :)

  • EagleActual

    Vraagje. Welke Class choose mod gebruik je enWelke beginning mod gebruik je? (random spawn)

  • Catalin Bratescu

    Very nice video , the image quality is very good , how much fps u have interior/exterior full HD ?! ps: with electic u can do very good damage on those dwemer creatures

  • XenoC1oud

    "he's dead right"

  • Unilluminated Cerebrum

    As soon as he spawned in I knew exactly where he was, is that bad? And when he opened his map I knew for certain, not to mention when J'Zhar started talking, I know for sure that he is over level 35 because I tried to use pacify on him one time which is an expert spell that pretty much calms creatures and people up to level 35 and it had no effect on him, now I don't know if that is always how he is or whether it was my level at the time; I just know he is a tough bastard and he can put in work with that damn axe of his, especially at higher difficulties.

  • Go Man

    this actualy feels more faster combat, and it looks preety good.

  • Zackster

    ENB used? Also, what is the mod that adds ambient light from you fire magic?

  • osojudio1

    Really cool! Can't wait to see the outdoors.

  • The Veteran

    The realistic dark caves make the game so much more better imo

  • XxDarkMeowxx

    What is that racemenu? Mod and what choose your kit mod too?

  • matisse letendre

    thanks for uploading the gameplay!!! I love the effects of the fire in the beginning off the walls. fantastic work. curious, what are the specs on your pc?

  • Anthony Cox

    I call stealth mages spell binders

  • matisse letendre

    I know I should probably look on your guide, but quickly, what male overhaul do you use?

  • Itz Boomy

    He is where you get the elder scroll from lol

  • kingslegion1

    awful graphics... must be kiddie box

  • dogg755

    Are you new to skyrim? You didnt know how to use a power in 2016?

  • Benjin

    How are you not crashing / freezing like crazy?

  • FiresongPC

    whats the character creation enhancement mod you hAVE?

  • xX_-GamerBoyz-_Xx

    Lol started in alfrand glacial ruins

  • NikolaNiKucu

    You can go back to exit, you just have to go all the way around. Look for example at 10:59 where were you, at that point just head backwards and you'll get to the exit :P

  • Mister C F

    I tried several mods that increase monster population. Looks like it gave me CTD syndrome! Wow.

  • PredCaliber

    ****EDIT******It seems that Youtube cant handle very dark parts. Sorry for the quality. The recorded footage looks fine, but the Youtube compression makes dark videos very dark and ugly. The first 2 lets play parts are inside a cave so I hope its viewable for you guys.

  • Tony DiLorenzo

    I have an i7 with a GeForce Gtx 1070 superclocked and I'm using about 70 mods and my game lags, do I need better hardware?

  • Dillershrom of Doom

    I thought this guy said he had played the game before I know where he is how to get out and everything and I've only played the game once and I know a hell of a lot more.

  • Jeares

    i have a gtx 980 4gb and i7 cpu. i just wish i knew how to mod. everytime i get to 90 mods it just wont work.

  • sticky fingers

    Is English your second language either way you're accent is magnificent

  • Syncroniz

    Do u play with Vsync on? Because I have like a problem that's is fine but I dislike it. VSync makes my mouse cursor and movement like lagged behind by like milliseconds. Ur mouse is completely smooth

  • Teckness

    What mod is that in the beginning that gives you a kit?

  • King Le

    When I typed in heavily modded I meant like 20 MAYBE

  • bailey ireland

    You can't hit what you can't see rudolf you red nose fuck -video gamedunky-2015

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