Skyrim - The Mod I've wanted for years!

Skyrim has so many Mods it's hard to find the best mod to showcase in each episode of Skyrim Mods Wekkly. But today i have found the ultimate mod for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition that is definitly in my top 5 gameplay mods of all time!
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  • Spencer King

    I defiantly would beat up Nazeem, and is a story why necessary?

  • Cosmin Beast

    I'd beat up Sheogorath. That would be maddening to see, a flimsy Kajit beating up the Dark Lord of Madness!

  • DepressedNDank

    "The mod Ive always wanted" Me: Ikea furniture?

  • Sam Reeves

    You have to duel Nazeem because one time I was just minding my own business on my way down from helping the jarl, then this guy comes up to me and asks if i go to the cloud district very often even though he literally just saw me come from there. I think he's just jealous because he licks the jarls boots like that kid keeps saying

  • sensei _

    I'm not firstI'm not last But when ESO uploads I click fast

  • Porg

    Nazeem. He needs to be beaten.Do YOu GeT tO ThE CLoUd DiStRicT veRY oFtEN?

  • Nate the great

    Battle the courier because of that tracker he injected you with so long ago

  • Jarred Watson

    Fight the Ebony Warrior he would be a worthy opponentFight nazeem! He's just a prick and it would be funny.Or a greybeard as it would be cool to have a shouting match with them.OR someone in soverngarde at end of main quest as there r lots of people there

  • leif speed

    Nazeem... let’s send him to the Cloud District it’s about time that we give him a taste of his very own medicine.

  • RIOTJericho

    Heimskr:''running for my life. To my house where I think i'll be safe even though he can lockpick my door''ESO:*SUPLEX*

  • Trimwolf 135

    You should duel Lydia from Whiterun but dont kill now. Just brawl her for being sworn to carry your burdens.

  • Joking Joker

    Send nazim to the cloud district

  • Kyle Merovin

    The first rule of Skyrim fight club is you do not talk about Skyrim fight club

  • Mandy Wu

    maven black briar!! Story: She never pays the full amount for her contract and always asking for a discount! P.S. Consider the john cena mod, it goes well with your rampage

  • FUS RO DAH! — Daily

    2:03 If Bethesda hid a stone of Barenziah there I would just give up.

  • leif speed

    Jarl: Ulfric StormCloak,I’ll be honest and say I’m curious what happens if you accidentally kill or knock out an npc and start a quest

  • Mandy Wu

    You killed your skooma dealer!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  • Adept Victor

    I would fight three: Emperor Titus Mede II, Elenwen and a chicken from Riverwood

  • Rishi Kumar

    If you want to be noble:Duel AncanoIf there was ever a more obvious villain in the history of Skyrim, it’s him. Do everyone a favour, FINISH HIM, and save yourself the trouble of going thro the College of Winterhold questline, and save Savos Aren, the Headmaster.If you want to be ignoble:There’s a couple of annoying kids in Rorikstead, with a lousy father. Take your pick: beat up kids or orphan them... or both.

  • Argo

    Duel Sheogorath.Imagine telling stories about how you, a cat, beat the daedric prince of madness in a brawl.

  • SeptyDraws'

    I would duel with Cicero in the hardest difficulty setting, because only the true challenger can defeat a dark brotherhood assassin in fair fist combat. I'd like to see you against the mad jester

  • Finn Nick

    Imagine this: Your doing Shegoraths quest and decide to literally fight the god surrounded by 🧀 and a mess of silverware.

  • samdovakin03 Skyrim

    Do Nazeem or elenwen (the thalmor ambassador) why you ask? Well no one likes either of them I think even lydia hates them so much that she would sleep with the night mother.

  • Shado

    "HE'S DEAD!""Wow, he's got 46 gold!"

  • isim bulamadım

    The little girl in whiterun that bullies the battleborn boy. I haven't played skyrim for 2 years but when I played I tried killing her and she was immortal. Kinda bullied when little but am adult now. Many things changed.My younger version would have loved it if she was dead.

  • Seif Al Balushie

    When your finally early and don’t know what to say

  • casthelion

    Well, the NPC that totally needs a beating can't be found in Skyrim.To set out on this quest for the betterment of all our ears, you need to go to the border, enter Cyrodill and go to the city of Bruma.The man you need to find can be found at the Jerral view inn, If he isn't there, he's probably somere on the streets or in his home, third house to the right on the walls side if I remember correctly. The man is named Renod and is the local bard, if you can call him that. The best way to find him is to follow the sound you want to run away from. Why does this Bard need to be punished you ask, well that is easy: His singing! You're saying you will just ask him to stop? Well I tried, as did many people, but this man is convinced he is the best singer in the whole of tamriel and just calls you stupid for not understanding the beauty of his voice. So I thought: a good beating would service.Edit: correcting some words

  • Nate

    You should duel Cicero from the dark brotherhood he always screamin at me about his motherwait......

  • Stavros Achilleos

    I would beat up Ulfric Stormcloak story: You kill the 'High King' and you replace him as a tyrant of Skyrim

  • Christy Grimm

    Nazeem. Keeps asking if I’ve been to the cloud district often but he knows I don’t... 😭😭😭

  • leif speed

    the gray beards! they need to rag doll off the cliff! They shout to much lol

  • This Guy

    You need to duel Miraak hand to hand, Dragonborn to Dragonborn!

  • Jared Tiller

    River wood traders! On my first ever play through I accidentally drew my sword on them, not knowing the buttons just yet, and they didn’t like that, I left, but a little while later I realized Lydia wasn’t with me, she was still back brawling with them. I had to run back and slay them so we could both leave. Somehow no guards saw or cared, but they’re obviously dead on what is my main file. IT WAS A MISUNDERSTANDING

  • Zadielly HD

    I would duel Nazeem,Erikur,the courier and delphine. They just all suck

  • ThatGuyLucifer

    THE EMPEROR Cause it'll be funny

  • The NopeFather

    Why did you not link it in the description?

  • Hypertense 13

    Hey eso you make me so happy when you upload keep up the work

  • Shane Kovacevic

    Nazeme: why? At this point do we really need a reason? Lmao

  • dark mayhem

    I would beat up general tallius because all hail the stormcloaks

  • Only True Witch-King

    "They're the most snobby people..." remembers Nazeem "Almost."

  • XterminatorS27

    complete the main quest line with only dueling

  • The Craziest of Cats

    I'd say duel Maven Black-Briar cause she's got alot of power in riften and she's a snob about it.

  • Narik Dragonheart

    YOU FORGOT THE SKY DISTRICT GUY!!! i think his name is nazeem XD

  • ReloaD Sama

    "I just killed my skooma dealer"

  • Shadow Bird

    One person I've always wanted to brawl, is a jarl. Reason # 1. Because that way I can kill/beat the jarl without getting a one way ticket to jail or Savngarde 😂👌

  • FreshyGirl Aj

    Duel Nazeem, Maven black briar, the ebony warrior or any jarls oOh or maybe Sheagorath or Astrid!

  • bandit 21

    I liked the video and I love your vids man keep it up

  • Teunebeun

    You should duel Lydia because She is always standing in the way and Triggering every trap ever made

  • Richard Reavis

    Nice vid. WHAT is The NAME of the mod?? You don't ever say it!

  • BigBoyLong 1

    Nazeem...because he is Nazeem and nobody likes him😂

  • paribas bruh

    I cant believe you forgot about Maven Black-Briar

  • Stefan Jovanović

    I would duel M'aiq and after i win i would make him tell me everything he know about universe.

  • Ben Ede

    If Bethesda brought out yet another edition of skyrim with CO OP the person I'd want to play with the most would be ESO 100% keeps the memory of this game alive thanks for all the vids

  • jeroen1989

    Just wondering...You once said you were going to do lore videos of metro. Are you still going to do these? The Yamatau mountain complex is one awesome piece of real- life lore to start with... it exists in real life

  • Colby Dicks

    His name is Olfrik stormclouk and I really want him to safer

  • Dagra K

    Epic fist fights with the greybeards just because i would like to see if they will use shouts.

  • BBB Nate

    Every single thalmor you find in the next playthrough!

  • George Schot

    Nazeem, Grelka, Sybille Stentor, the brother of the general goods merchant in Falkreath and that High Elf who really sucks up to you after you become Arch-Mage of the college all deserve to be pummeled to death.

  • A Khaz

    Of course, no link with the mod in question, that'd be too easy...

  • peter connolly

    hi eso! will you still be releasing that amazing oblivion mod list you showed us? thanks for the great work keep it up!

  • leif speed

    Nobody:Me watching ESO kill people I don’t like with out consequences:WAY HEY HEY BULLY IN THE ALLEY-

  • Moshi Mosh

    Love your videos! Keep up the good work!

  • Operator- San

    @ESO : Could you deny Boethiah Calling Quest ?Sorry for Out Of Topic

  • Aaron Phephles

    I would duel Maven Black-Briar just for being an arrogant wench plus she’s empire loyal so to the death

  • Collin Thundergun

    beat up ulfric stormcloak, but beforehand tell him that thuum is off limits because of what he did to the high king..

  • Morgan Trousdale

    This mod is great I have it on Xbox it's great

  • VirtuallyTrash

    Get a mod that adds the fan boy from oblivion and then duel him

  • i am Queer

    I though this is a mod to improve the fighting with fists

  • ReD 305

    Fight the sheogorath because he is my favorite main TES main character the Champion of cyrodill will pumble any one in his way

  • TD TheDeathreaper


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