Skyrim: College of Winterhold Walkthrough - Part 5 Revealing The Unseen

Part 5 of my College of Winterhold Walkthrough on Skyrim, and the quest Revealing The Unseen.


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  • Rocky gaming

    Like your videos they help a lot and it helps that you are funny

  • Hans

    The guy keeps saying: Mhhmn? Yes? Need something? Good morning

  • Deleted Account

    When I opened the door I got a centurion

  • WolfiesAdore •

    I made it to that point! 🙋🏻

  • Robin Hood

    Do you have to be on a certain level because I'm getting really pis.. at this game

  • Indy Indie

    Watched it to the end ... I enjoy the commentary :)

  • Feathertail

    Wingardiam LEVIOSAHHHH

  • DecrepitDad

    Thanks, re doing the game with special edition.

  • Caesitas

    I used to be a mage like you, until I took a firebolt to the knee

  • Cooner Smaff

    Man, that cave with the Falmer and the Chauruses is where I gave up on Skyrim entirely. Looking back I was a terrible mage, casting flames in one hand and healing in the other. But I spent hours on that room and got nowhere, and I haven't played since. Thanks for the videos though, I was planning on getting back into it again.

  • Alex Lunders

    I am doing this quest series as a one handed duel weilding warrior because why not.

  • mutilator97

    I stopped watching as soon as you started talking over the characters, because EVERYONE HATES YOU WHEN YOU DO THAT!!!

  • Polar Bear

    I dont have frostbite so I use flames like you said but it wont

  • Daniel Silver

    I accidently killed lydia in here with a shock rune spell 


    Hey thank you on all your vids you've been a big help and when I look up and try to find out something I look for your name

  • Z2016pacman Pacific

    apparently no one noticed before hand

  • Daunte Jimison

    Im level 41 and its hard to find the key

  • Hansel Lau

    Fuckin love your into lol

  • Alpha wolf/gaming

    I had to fight a centurion master

  • Jesus Valdivia

    I listen to the whole video

  • steve wilks

    I was at level 3 when I finished this part

  • Z2016pacman Pacific

    the goddanm focusing crystal was in one of the falmer he killed before he had to find the key

  • Robert Gosden

    I am level 149 and I managed to do the whole quest line with only a steel dagger

  • FPSmarksmangames

    My game broke :( when the explosion happens I start talking to.. What's her name...? The girl, then blah blah blah he says find the arch Mage but then the quest won't start :( then I find his dead body and I can't do anything

  • JunkyAdrenaline

    That second door where the guy opened it for you. Ya, he won't open it for me.

  • JBritt

    i like ur vids man but for whatever reason, ur mage playstyle gets on my nerves sometimes

  • sbbsgdgejqiadvdh

    So I need help I can't finish this mission because I need a key?? But I got the key from the beginning so??

  • rosemary morin

    I'm a little late but thank you for making these videos :)

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Why would anyone even start winterhold at level 5? I usually don't go there until I'm at least level 15-20 out of habit, it's also not that hard to get to a good level for winterhold like 20, only takes roughly two 6-7 hour play sessions for me.

  • BackStabbingCrab

    I seen that harry potter by oney cartoons

  • flame Archmage

    It doesnt allow me to do this quest

  • Noah G Briddell

    I had no idea what to do with the puzzle thanks ✌

  • Devyn Parris

    im doing it and ive been the hero im half way through

  • rachel raeann

    I love ur videos and it's funny wen u talk over the stuped ppl in the game

  • RPG BlackSaiyan2

    I killed that man after that so he can't tell the council

  • Jordan Cooper

    WOW you are so luck when i opened the door to get the key i got attacked by one of the big dwarverns

  • ira Braun

    I watch your Skye in videos because I hate frostbite spiders so you help me thx :)

  • Elzie Pruett

    Its wingardium leviosaa

  • Max Pauli

    When I opened the 2nd door The guy doesn't start speaking and It says you need a key but I only need a key for the first one.

  • Jonni ishka

    im doing this quest n im lvl 13 im half way through but its so hard to kill them fuckers .. am i too low to do this quest ?

  • Justin Newton-demary

    i cant tell if i love his accent, or hate it

  • Eskimo Po

    mate I have to say you try to use sayings way to much and it just sounds like your trying to sound smart

  • Bonzi The Animatronic Rabbit

    MEEKO ATTACKED VIGALANCE I HAD A MOD WITh INFINITE dogs I was watching this lol then my armored troll showed him who's boss lol

  • MrNamiskuukkeli

    The place where you are at 11 minutes is where it took me THREE hours.

  • Big Turd

    +Collin Harrington ur gunna have 2 kill him.

  • braydon welch

    finally im like god in skyrim so a centerion is like killing a rabbit

  • jacob

    What spell were you using

  • Arcanist Hades

    My game bugged at the very beginning. He didn't slump over and die. He is alive and just sitting there :P

  • The Lgkninja

    If you haven't seen harry potter you are a fail

  • Darian Minton

    I go to the door and nothing happens

  • Aaurie Jones

    thx:) I watch video to end  

  • Kamron Burton

    That wasn't OUR error, that was YOUR error😐

  • BenTBigBro3

    I can't activate this quest. I've finished the one before now I don't know how to activate this one. I've talked to everyone in the collage aswell. Can anyone help

  • dynzyg

    Can you do this video using a two handed weapon please

  • Jens Petter Pettersen

    what difficulty is he playing on?

  • Salena Renfroe

    Thanks for your video helped me alot

  • Esto Ezio

    this guy is kinda dumb, with all of my knowledge of skyrim

  • Ryan Groshans

    +TheJordanJames I am a level 10 necromancer/conjurer and i love it when I see charus's because the I can raise them from the dead to wreck havoc P.S love your vids they are extremely helpful. :)

  • Jerome Johnson

    i started this at level 50 with the dragon born and main quest already down....bad idea the only reason i started it was for the last two masks..loloo

  • Jack Stork

    I stayed, your the best walkthrough person I can think of!

  • Cr0ws_

    you are not alone im watching at this point

  • Josh Scina

    Try the dragonborn dlc its nearly impossible at your lvl without being a vampire

  • Jamie Marshall

    u sound like Keith lemon! 

  • Kaleb Sundstrom

    it's ironic because I just watched the first harry potter movie before this, LeviOsa :)

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