Skyrim: College of Winterhold Walkthrough - Part 5 Revealing The Unseen

Part 5 of my College of Winterhold Walkthrough on Skyrim, and the quest Revealing The Unseen.


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  • Kassie Youngman

    Like your videos they help a lot and it helps that you are funny

  • Nightg4unt

    Thanks, re doing the game with special edition.

  • Cooner Smaff

    Man, that cave with the Falmer and the Chauruses is where I gave up on Skyrim entirely. Looking back I was a terrible mage, casting flames in one hand and healing in the other. But I spent hours on that room and got nowhere, and I haven't played since. Thanks for the videos though, I was planning on getting back into it again.

  • Alex Lunders

    I am doing this quest series as a one handed duel weilding warrior because why not.

  • MLG Cat Destroyer

    I dont have frostbite so I use flames like you said but it wont


    Hey thank you on all your vids you've been a big help and when I look up and try to find out something I look for your name

  • Z2016pacman Pacific

    apparently no one noticed before hand

  • Alpha Wolf

    I had to fight a centurion master

  • Z2016pacman Pacific

    the goddanm focusing crystal was in one of the falmer he killed before he had to find the key

  • SlideLyfe

    i like ur vids man but for whatever reason, ur mage playstyle gets on my nerves sometimes

  • Caesitas

    I used to be a mage like you, until I took a firebolt to the knee

  • Jesus Valdivia

    I listen to the whole video

  • Daunte Jimison

    Im level 41 and its hard to find the key

  • Robert Gosden

    I am level 149 and I managed to do the whole quest line with only a steel dagger

  • DracoNinja11

    can someone help?I completed revealing the unseen but it didn't start the next quest what shall I do?

  • BackStabbingCrab

    I seen that harry potter by oney cartoons

  • mutilator97

    I stopped watching as soon as you started talking over the characters, because EVERYONE HATES YOU WHEN YOU DO THAT!!!

  • ira Braun

    I watch your Skye in videos because I hate frostbite spiders so you help me thx :)

  • rosemary morin

    I'm a little late but thank you for making these videos :)

  • Hansel Lau

    Fuckin love your into lol

  • Bonzi The Animatronic Rabbit

    MEEKO ATTACKED VIGALANCE I HAD A MOD WITh INFINITE dogs I was watching this lol then my armored troll showed him who's boss lol

  • rachel raeann

    I love ur videos and it's funny wen u talk over the stuped ppl in the game

  • Ryan Groshans

    +TheJordanJames I am a level 10 necromancer/conjurer and i love it when I see charus's because the I can raise them from the dead to wreck havoc P.S love your vids they are extremely helpful. :)

  • Daniel Silver

    I accidently killed lydia in here with a shock rune spell 

  • steve wilks

    I was at level 3 when I finished this part

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Why would anyone even start winterhold at level 5? I usually don't go there until I'm at least level 15-20 out of habit, it's also not that hard to get to a good level for winterhold like 20, only takes roughly two 6-7 hour play sessions for me.

  • RPG BlackSaiyan2

    I killed that man after that so he can't tell the council

  • FPSmarksmangames

    My game broke :( when the explosion happens I start talking to.. What's her name...? The girl, then blah blah blah he says find the arch Mage but then the quest won't start :( then I find his dead body and I can't do anything 

  • Devyn Parris

    im doing it and ive been the hero im half way through

  • Jordan Cooper

    WOW you are so luck when i opened the door to get the key i got attacked by one of the big dwarverns

  • Kyler ZackaTerra

    So its 2015 and i still play this game myself i rember acualy using you walktrough (i cant spell) i rember using it to complete the puzzles on the bassics and i rember im like WHY SO HARD then my ps3 got wipped :( i cri evry tim and was on this quest

  • Max Pauli

    When I opened the 2nd door The guy doesn't start speaking and It says you need a key but I only need a key for the first one.

  • halljasper49

    So I need help I can't finish this mission because I need a key?? But I got the key from the beginning so??

  • JunkyAdrenaline

    That second door where the guy opened it for you. Ya, he won't open it for me. 

  • BenTBigBro3

    I can't activate this quest. I've finished the one before now I don't know how to activate this one. I've talked to everyone in the collage aswell. Can anyone help 

  • flame Archmage

    It doesnt allow me to do this quest

  • Noah G Briddell

    I had no idea what to do with the puzzle thanks ✌

  • Jonni ishka

    im doing this quest n im lvl 13 im half way through but its so hard to kill them fuckers .. am i too low to do this quest ?

  • braydon welch

    finally im like god in skyrim so a centerion is like killing a rabbit

  • Darian Minton

    I go to the door and nothing happens

  • kamron burton

    That wasn't OUR error, that was YOUR error😐

  • Grillin Armor

    if you have a hard time fighting falmer they are weak to lightning. also the dwarves enemies because since they're machines the lighting will overload them. This is for anyone who are kinda knew to Skyrim. just trying to help.

  • dynzyg

    Can you do this video using a two handed weapon please

  • Jens Petter Pettersen

    what difficulty is he playing on?

  • Salena Renfroe (Ilia)

    Thanks for your video helped me alot

  • Elzie Pruett

    Its wingardium leviosaa

  • New Moon

    you are not alone im watching at this point

  • Dinvine Fire

    Thank u I could not find that key to save my life thnx 

  • jwman2016

    I can't even start this mission savos said talk to mirabell when I do she talks about the guild but not about the staff -.-

  • XxOhYouKnowxX Gaming

    So glad i stubbled onto your channel. New to skyrim. Your videos are great! You got a new sub!

  • leo benjamin

    can u add me Jordan UKNOWN_ReTiLe

  • Matthew Rutherford

    I'm aware that it's 2 years to late, but yes, I watch right through every one of your videos that I start. 

  • Beatz

    Help I can't get the mission revelling the unseen and I reported to the arch Mage 

  • Justin Newton-demary

    i cant tell if i love his accent, or hate it

  • Eskimo Po

    mate I have to say you try to use sayings way to much and it just sounds like your trying to sound smart 

  • MrNamiskuukkeli

    The place where you are at 11 minutes is where it took me THREE hours.

  • Big Turd

    +Collin Harrington ur gunna have 2 kill him.

  • jacob

    What spell were you using

  • Collin Harrington

    My game bugged at the very beginning. He didn't slump over and die. He is alive and just sitting there :P

  • The Lgkninja

    If you haven't seen harry potter you are a fail

  • Kg Garcia

    Your a dumbass , obviously go to the college of winterhold and do enough quests until you get to Mzultft

  • Aaurie Jones

    thx:) I watch video to end  

  • Esto Ezio

    this guy is kinda dumb, with all of my knowledge of skyrim 

  • Jerome Johnson

    i started this at level 50 with the dragon born and main quest already down....bad idea the only reason i started it was for the last two masks..loloo

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