Skyrim: College of Winterhold Walkthrough - Part 5 Revealing The Unseen

Part 5 of my College of Winterhold Walkthrough on Skyrim, and the quest Revealing The Unseen.


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  • Caesitas

    I used to be a mage like you, until I took a firebolt to the knee

  • mutilator97

    I stopped watching as soon as you started talking over the characters, because EVERYONE HATES YOU WHEN YOU DO THAT!!!

  • Robert Gosden

    I am level 149 and I managed to do the whole quest line with only a steel dagger

  • Dinvine Fire

    Thank u I could not find that key to save my life thnx

  • RPG BlackSaiyan2

    I killed that man after that so he can't tell the council

  • Kamron Burton

    That wasn't OUR error, that was YOUR error😐

  • Grillin Armor

    if you have a hard time fighting falmer they are weak to lightning. also the dwarves enemies because since they're machines the lighting will overload them. This is for anyone who are kinda knew to Skyrim. just trying to help.

  • 1111blackphoenix

    I don't know why but I can only move the machine with the ice and fire once so it won't turn all the way and I can't pass that part

  • Cooner Smaff

    Man, that cave with the Falmer and the Chauruses is where I gave up on Skyrim entirely. Looking back I was a terrible mage, casting flames in one hand and healing in the other. But I spent hours on that room and got nowhere, and I haven't played since. Thanks for the videos though, I was planning on getting back into it again.

  • Terry Park

    Thanks, re doing the game with special edition.

  • Alpha wolf /Gaming

    I had to fight a centurion master

  • vape gaming

    Like your videos they help a lot and it helps that you are funny

  • Z2016pacman Pacific

    the goddanm focusing crystal was in one of the falmer he killed before he had to find the key

  • Alex Lunders

    I am doing this quest series as a one handed duel weilding warrior because why not.

  • Daniel Silver

    I accidently killed lydia in here with a shock rune spell 

  • Umbrax

    It's Levi-Osa, not Levio-sa!!

  • TheJordanJames

    Thank you! Don't worry, it doesn't take long to get good!

  • Sarah Andrea Royce

    I made it, after my 30th or somethings try. Stepped into the tunnel, used a length weapon until the first bug and the troll came near, than the iceword then stepped out again and let Nadya fight in front. She soon came retreating a bit into the entrence and so I could fire at the opponents without being attacked.

  • Sarah Andrea Royce

    I try it at level 9, but the narrow passage at 11:30 with the two bugs me and Lydia always die. So its not fun watching a walkthrough with someone with a much higher level who says you can totally do it at 5... only how?

  • sbbsgdgejqiadvdh

    So I need help I can't finish this mission because I need a key?? But I got the key from the beginning so??

  • RachetGaming

    i got bugged it dont get the quest i killed somone in college paied fine no no more missions :(

  • flame Archmage

    It doesnt allow me to do this quest

  • dzulsffril

    help me please , when i fast-traveled to winterhold i try to talk to savos aren but he repeately said that he can't talk to me because i'm been suspended from the college. note that i finish the drawen machanic and talk to nerien

  • DragonKnight90001

    the septimus quest then got the book the glitch did not work for me I read it and put it back but it dissapeared

  • MrNamiskuukkeli

    The place where you are at 11 minutes is where it took me THREE hours.

  • SugarGlitterKiss

    It says ive been suspended from the collage so i cant talk to the guy near the ball

  • archive

    Say:Eye Spell:map Say:ness

  • Kaleb Sundstrom

    it's ironic because I just watched the first harry potter movie before this, LeviOsa :)

  • thatblack_fg1

    i like ur vids man but for whatever reason, ur mage playstyle gets on my nerves sometimes

  • Jordan Cooper

    WOW you are so luck when i opened the door to get the key i got attacked by one of the big dwarverns


    well for a guy that is level 81 and a great sword doing an 100 damage total with the enchantment is low that if you use two handed


    well that explains everything

  • Feathertail

    Wingardiam LEVIOSAHHHH

  • Draycen

    can someone help?I completed revealing the unseen but it didn't start the next quest what shall I do?

  • Anxious Clan

    I go to the door and nothing happens

  • dogd

    i was lvl 7 and i unlocked a master

  • A_Fist_Full_Of_Arrows

    This is where it's glitching for me. I can't get the guy by the door of the dwarven ruins to die. He just stares at me. help?

  • bas mulder

    I didn't get the

  • Jamie Marshall

    u sound like Keith lemon! 


    Hey thank you on all your vids you've been a big help and when I look up and try to find out something I look for your name

  • SigfusJons

    nice videos except for the extremely irritating fact that you are extremely impatient and skip over all the conversations which do matter

  • Taylour

    How do you have so much money???

  • rosemary morin

    I'm a little late but thank you for making these videos :)

  • Arcanist Hades

    My game bugged at the very beginning. He didn't slump over and die. He is alive and just sitting there :P

  • jwman2016

    I can't even start this mission savos said talk to mirabell when I do she talks about the guild but not about the staff -.-

  • TheOpinionizer

    I watched all of it. Great vid and commentary!

  • Karoliina Lalli

    fuck im on level 32 and doing this thing and its so har i die every time i try :D

  • WolfiesAdore •

    I made it to that point! 🙋🏻

  • Warren Priest

    People need to realize this game is designed to be scaled to your current level in every aspect of the game. In other words, it doesnt matter if you're lvl 5 or lvl 50....the difficulty scale is the same.

  • Alex Plowden

    take the dwarven metal and smelt it into ingots

  • ChaosStormzz

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa first comment

  • Dianne Laurence

    i love wjen you said redinky donkey!! LOL

  • bazinga-GotYa

    Well... SPOILER ALERT!! --haha, luckily i have already completed The college of Winterhold before watching this, only came across it while watching your other videos, but yeah, the end rewards are pretty good!

  • CallumRival92

    i agree You're good at Skirim but better than me at it.

  • Ben Brook

    is there a dragon priest at laberinthian?

  • CallumRival92

    And on my game i can't get past this part i have the focusing stone like you hvae it but it just stops there he doesn't even talk to me about anything but the question that you ask "What do I do?"

  • Devin Justice-Brideau

    I accidentally used chain lightning on the door that paratus decimius opens and hurt him before he opened it, how the hell do I get him to open it.

  • Josh Scina

    Try the dragonborn dlc its nearly impossible at your lvl without being a vampire

  • Ninjo9086

    I'm watching this for Morokei

  • connor lockwood

    hey wat do u do if u got banned ad it wont let u talk about this quest to mirabelle

  • Lieutenant Enema

    Savos Aren keeps telling me that Im suspended from the college

  • Cr0ws_

    you are not alone im watching at this point

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