Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny Details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 26)

Skyrim is a huge game, as the world of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is packed with hundreds of subtle Easter Eggs, secrets and hidden facts that are easy to gloss over. Even six years later, many of Skyrim’s most interesting hidden scenes and details are left unknown to many. So today, sit back and relax as we take a look at yet another ten tiny details you may still have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
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    “FALMER BLOOD ELIXIR! Grow back that missing limb! Live for thousands of years!”

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    In the next episode you should just say “Skyrim big, many secrets, here’s ten.”

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    if you mispronounce durnehviir again i will throw the entire dragon language at you

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    Skyrim: Yet Another 10 Tiny details That You May Still Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5 (Part 100)if you stare deeply into the fields of grass you will be able to see the bugs in Pixar's movie "A bugs life"


    so I was at a place overrun by witches and I overheard this conversation between them (I improvised a little)"I swear they gave me this job as a joke"" not this again" "they get to guard the tower and what do I do?""I work the forge" "you work the forge""we use MAGIC not WEAPONS"

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    8:56 “the thalmor definitely seem to have something that resembles a religion” I didn’t know the thalmor lived in dwemer ruins and killed EVERYONE who wasn’t one of them... actually the second part seems accurate

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    “Why do they call you Durge? Because I’m the last thing you hear before your put in the ground.”

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    "Cairn" is pronounced "CAREn," it is not pronounced "KAREN".

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    during the quest, "a cure for madness" if the dragonborn summons Lucien Lachance in the dawnstar sanctuary, he will comment that Sithis/the Void does not want Cicero dead

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    Content filled to the...... skyRIM...I will throw myself out.

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    Not sure if this has been covered in one of the other videos, I have very poor memory rip but in case it hasn't, during The Forsworn Conspiracy, you have to kill a lot of people. One of which is a Breton woman named Uaile, who was a Forsworn agent, protecting Nepos the Nose. You do some more quest blah blah blah, and you end up being wheeled off to Cidhna Mine, where the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine begins. One of the first people you'll probably speak to is Uraccen, an old Breton man. One of the things he can say, outside of normal dialogue, is "I left behind my daughter Uaile when I was taken."Uaile… as in Nepos' servant that you killed a few hours ago. Whoops.You prevented this old Forsworn member from ever seeing his daughter again. Good job.

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    Dirge is Gambit??? Does that make Vex a reference to Rogue since she won't let Delvin touch her?

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    One time I shot a mage light at J'zargo & he replied with, "I did not ask for that. No more magic!" - I lost all magic privileges for 24 hours.Edit* He also made suggestive comments towards me when I was carrying around moon sugar in my pocket.

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    If you shoot a fireball in sky at any war that takes place in a city there will be a hole in the clouds for few seconds

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    Your pronunciation is killing me 🤣 Dur- neh- veer

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    0:01 seconds in MURDERED TODEATH

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    Can't you see? That man climbed the mountain and planted his banner only to turn around to see a troll charging him! He then remembered some tips from his favorite book about blocking and conveniently grabbed a nearby, very confused wolf and used it as a meat shield before being ripped to prices by the troll!

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    Did you know that if you do not finish quest " the mind of madness", you can find madwoman when traveling from Hengen towards border somewhere between fort Neugrad and already mentioned border.Also in Russian folklore there is mythological being called "baba yaga" it is described as witch walking on chicken legs,sounds familiar?

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    Hey! New here. So long story short in morrowind theres no fast travel. Now that im older amd have less time for video games i find myself using fast travel more often. Now without traveling to each location i find myself missing out on little things. So thanks!

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    I'm the only who thinks that number 9(the book "a dance in fire" under a wolf) is a reference to game of thrones?

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    Just today, I found out that casting the magelight spell at an NPC (although I only tested this on followers), it will attach to them and act as a candlelight spell

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    Hey, note on Embershard Mine:The DnD podcast character's last name is Bronzebottom, and the journal in Embershard mentions wanting to use more supports with Bronze Bottoms. I didn't notice that until just now.

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    So the JARL OF MARKARTH is eating my companion DogMeat from Fallout!!! Holy Shit that is what is happening to the Dogmeats after every Fallout Game.

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    In blackreach's debate hall, there is a skeleton lying next to an unlit pyre with the book: a dance in fire vol. 6... He must not have read it properly

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    Hey Nate. I don't know if you've already covered it but I found out that if you're a Nightingale and one of those random theives come up to you instead of ordering you for your belongings they will greet you as a Nightingale and share their fortune with you.

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    A tiny detail:if you look at the blue palace's pathways you'll see then yen symbol¥

  • noteworthy gamer

    One place that may be interesting is in Ansilvund. If you far enough into the place that has all the bridges with cages around them there is a closet at the top with a skeleton in there. I THINK that it has something to do with that saying “skeleton in the closet” 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ who knows. Oh and it’s found to the very east north of Shor’s Stone. And there was this other one where if you go to Riften in Ingun Black-briar house, if you go downstairs there will be a small space that has a locked door. If you lockpick the door you will find that she was trying to do the Black Sacrament. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the Dark Brotherhood, buuuuuut still wanted to give you a heads up 👌🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

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    One detail I saw recently, but needs have to be confirmed. During the greybeards first outdoor training session, the weather was rainy outside of high hrothgar. And one of them used the clear skies shout before getting with the whirlwind sprint training

  • JoeDeeeezy

    Don't know if this has been mentioned in one of your videos yet, if so I apologize. But if you know one or both words of the fire breath shout before meeting Paarthurnax he'll have different dialogue when you "greet" him. Something along the lines of him being happy to speak with a fellow dragon.

  • WhiteHusky

    Speaking of Durnehviir. He is the only dragon that is able to use a unique shout that lets him summon bonemen. Funny thing, if you get his aid before you reach the bottom of bloodskall barrow in Solthstheim where the dragon priest resides, there is enough space to summon Durnehviir in the center of the room and he can help you defeat him. I’ve done it once on accident thinking I had a different shout active.

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    Seriously can you make a full on mod list, your game looks awesome. Even explain your enb and if you changed any settings. I think your game is the best looking special edition out there.

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    In the Forgotten Vale, in the area that has a falmer village, there is a skeleton hanging from the neck with a rope. I'm not sure whether or not the skeleton is a traveller put on display, a falmer sacrifice, or someone suicidal.

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    #9 dances with wolves?

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    Zephyr the bow is a reference to the name of the west wind in Greek mythology

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