10 Strangest Areas in Games We Were Never Supposed to Find

In today's video we're diving into the top 10 areas in videos games we were never intended to find but were found anyway through the use of glitches, exploits, and mods.

Let me know in the comments if you've found an area in a video game we weren't meant to find.

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~Games Featured~ (SPOILERS)
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro: Heroes Tale
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
Burnout Paradise
World of Warcraft
Halo 2
Final Fantasy VII
Shrek: Extra Large

~Clips and References~ SPOILERS
Skyrim - Dead Body Cleanup Cell

Spyro Year of the Dragon - Out of Bounds Arena

Trepasser - Hidden Test Area

Trepasser - Hidden Area in the Hidden Test Area

Gabe Newell Interview

Burnout Paradise - Out of Bounds Environments

World of Warcraft - The Pool of Upside Down Sinners

Halo 2 - Cut Warthog Run Ending

Landstalker - Cut Bathing Scene

Special thanks to Orange Velocity, Tikin, Tea Lady Hannah, Cassandra Lipp, Jeff Dawson, Jangoosed, Robert Tucker, AgentEvil, and Ghostie for their contributions to this video.
  • Will Cook

    If you get into the GameCube room in the Shrek game DO NOT OPEN YOUR GAMECUBE.. I've been cursed to eat nothing but onions for 4 years now. I desperately want to die, I am horribly under nurished but the small Shrek destroys all my food that isn't onions in my house. It smells so horrible everywhere. He won't stop farting but I can't find him. Please help me

  • Feral

    I can't even tell you how much joy it gives me to know that the people I kill or die in Skyrim get placed in a hidden dungeon to be trapped for eternity.

  • joe Velie

    Let’s be real we all came here because of the thumbnail

  • Bill Cipher

    8:25 is probably what you clicked on...Edit:I was not thinking I would give that much likes...

  • Powerate

    The Shrek one is creepy, basically by going outside of the map Shrek goes outside the game and appears inside your Gamecube, stuck there.

  • Nekogami-Crystal

    NOOO Hades is not HELL It's the christians that invented Hell as a super bad place, in greek Hades is just a place for the dead, it's neither good nor bad.

  • Seth Crane

    I once found an easter egg that took me years to find, it turned green and smelled horribly.

  • wildhorse891

    Hades isn't intended to be translated as Hell. Hades is the name of the god that governs the place Hades, and is the entity and the place itself that governs over the powers of the place and entity Tartarus. Hades is Hades. Hell is derivative of the Norse goddess Hel, who is said to exist within a cold, barren eternal wasteland where all life goes to die. Conveniently, Hel is both an entity and a location at the same time, similar to Hades. Modern Hell is a Judaeo-Christmas mix of both from when the Roman Empire switched over to Christianity under Emperor Constantine and started to absorb local religious practices (grecco and germanic) into its own -- like it had done since it was a polytheistic state. Hades, Hel and Hell are all jumbled up together in the minds of the laymen, but are not the same at all. Hades is Hades. It's not Hell.

  • Russell Buckingham

    The "upside-down sinners" is a reference to the 1986 movie Big Trouble in Little China! There is also a hole like the one in your clip which the main character jack nearly falls down after rolling backwards towards it in an old wheelchair..

  • Pad Chennington

    Found your channel last night brother and watched every single video...ur gonna hit it big man keep up the content!

  • FilmMason Productions

    Hell of the Upside Down Sinners is a direct reference to Big Trouble in Little China. After Jack and Wang Che enter an elevator that proceeds to fill up with water they open it and swim into a pool of dead bodies hanging upside down in the water. Jack comes up and says, "Where the hell are we?!" Wang replies, "Hell of the Upside down sinners!"

  • iammrawesomesauce

    Them using Hades instead of hell is not a mistranslation. Hades is often used a synonym for the word hell/a more formal sounding Greek version of the word. It's especially used in literature.

  • abode osama

    My eyes were closed because I was tired, I open them and I see shrek in my face

  • Endelite

    Hades is hell, that's not a mistranslation, it's just another word that can be used as that (an underworld, place for the dead, though not necessarily of the same kind as Hell). You pointed out that it can also refer to the underworld and then kept calling it a mistranslation. How odd. :S

  • Billy W

    Hades isn’t a mistranslation. It’s a pretty common word for hell/underworld/afterlife

  • wespozo

    Hades is NOT a mistranslation.FFVII uses plenty of mythic and historical names all through it.

  • Nyrvachan

    5:59 The area you spoke of in WoW was actually finally used in the Legion expansion for a puzzle quest line that awards the player a mount for completing it. You collect the mount in that crypt. And the "upside down sinners" under water is actually a reference to the "Hell of Upside-down Sinners" from the John Carpenter movie "Big Trouble in Little China" inside the bowels of Wing Kong Exchange.

  • matthew guy

    In kingdom hearts one or any remix if you go to alladins house and square triangle out the door you can go out of the map.

  • GreenSheep

    10:00 her name is AERITH!!! NOT ARIES!!!I'd have taken Aeris....

  • FoolsVerse

    In the Shrek game if your able to glitch through the fan at that GameCube fail safe, a mini Shrek will appear out of your gamecube.

  • kransp

    #1 in Skyrim I found while trying to figure out where my missing follower went. She was wandering around down there.. I managed to get her out (I tried a few things, I think the one that worked was killing her there and then resurrecting her in world, but it's been a couple years) but she just kept having issues so eventually I took all my possessions of value, gave her a bunch of junk and sent her back via my trusty soul capturing bow... when I went to show the room to someone else I noticed that one of the coffins is now labeled as hers and it contains all the crap she died with. However unlike all the dead bodies down there which are freely lootable, her coffin says "steal from" on it

  • Donny Messer

    for the WoW area the upside down sinners is a reference to John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China

  • x1 daring

    4:37 that gun bit made me laugh so hard xD

  • Jeremy Wright

    the Shrek one's actually pretty cool


    Duke Nukem games have interesting stuff that you're aren't supposed to see... The ones from N64 and Playstation too... I remember hacking one of them from Playstation and Duke shows his bum and and a says "Ooooo Do that again" lol...

  • Hrefnesholt

    Thumbs up for Landstalker!

  • Lion O Cyborg

    Here's some you missed: 1. In the very first and very last levels of Marathon Infinity, there are two terminals with hexadecimal code in them. On its own the code is useless. However, if you extract the code from the game files and put it together, you can use a StuffIt expander program to make another file to expand, and expand that to create a map file for a hidden multiplayer map called Hats Off To Eight Nineteen. It's a very small map with a terminal that contains a story excerpt for the developer's now long cancelled game Duality. Eight Nineteen is letter to number code for HS, the initials of Hamish Sinclair, creator and maintainer of the Marathon fan site the Marathon Story Page.2. John Romero's head on a stick hidden behind the wall representing the Titan, the Icon of Sin in Doom 2. The boss's alert chant is even John himself telling you to beat him to win in reverse.3. Ghost Town in GTA 3. Using clever glitches to fly the dodo plane in Shoreside Vale's airport, you can fly it behind the hills near the dam by cedar grove and find the section of the map used only in the opening cutscene with the bank robbery.4. Duke Nukem 3D has several areas in a few maps you aren't supposed to get to but noclip and sometimes clever jumping lets you reach them, only to find text asking how the hell you got there. One particular instance is at the end of Raw Meat in episode 3, where such an area only reachable through noclip is an entire unfinished section of the next level, Bank Roll.

  • SeanBlodgett

    Your pronunciation of "Aeris" is strangely annoying.

  • Emmitt White

    Well, I guess I will go and try to be social today. Let’s see. Who can it hang out wi-oh! Oddheader uploaded! Nvm let’s binge all his videos again

  • Vladimir Putin

    "NicE tO mEEt yOu AgaIN !! HAHAHAHAHAHA"

  • TheViannas

    I came here for Landstalker. Just because I was trying to remember it's name the other day and needed to know what it was called. Played it way back when - great game.

  • Derrick UPSHAW

    2:25 Spyro the dragon just went turbo.

  • Mr.Techaky


  • Micah romano

    Well done. Correction 10:50 Hades = the grave, not hell. Hell is a post-christ term that the state (roman) and church (beginning of Catholic order) colloberated to make to use fear to control people. Love the vid though

  • xenofoxx

    6:30 The term is a reference from the movie "Big Trouble in Little China". A scene where the two main characters find themselves in a pool of water with dead and rotting corpses inside. When Jack Burton says "Jesus Christ, Where are we?", his companion, Wang, says "Hell of the Upside Down Sinners".

  • scot shabalam

    WoW had no identity so it borrowed stuff from other popular sources to be trendy. In this case The Upside down Sinners is a reference to a place Kurt Russell swims through after being trapped in a elevator filled with underwater bodies attached to chains, his partner exclaims this place is "The hell of the upside down sinners!"

  • Brandon Hanserd

    Grand Theft Auto San Andreas hot coffee...

  • Rohn Jambo

    OH MY GOSH!!! ... I loved Landstalker on my SEGA MegaDrive... Such a fantastic game, once you get comfortable with the controls. Only thing bothering me: Landstalker was NOT the only game holding a candle to Zelda.. There is/was also "Soleil / Crusader of Centi". Damn brilliant game, too.

  • catokeeffe

    That’s not how you pronounce Aeris

  • Tommy Durning

    What about the woop in magaman battle network 3 white that happen you reface always bass and alpha if you sacrifice 4 or 5 gigabluegredn chip rare and get an common canon ? Or mario gold hole hole

  • The Watcher From Afar:Cp49

    That WoW area was actually fully implemented in patch 7.3.0, 13 years after it had been finished. Guess they felt like actually using perfectly good assets.

  • PQ Gaming

    With internet it is easy to find this kind of stuff, but how many hours did it take to find those areas originally?

  • ancient122

    8:25 God I wish that were me in that situation

  • Ylze Tyr

    her name ain't "Aries".

  • Sono

    The Xbox version of the Shrek game has the same method of getting to the inescapable closed off level, instead of a gamecube though its a strange, dark pit with a bunch of chickens in it, and caged off passages on the walls.

  • Sion

    11:35 It would be SOOO COOL if the only way to restart the game is to pull out one of the wires or knock over a resistor or something in the room & it shuts down the entire console (but saves just before (or saves before entering the room)) :D

  • Maier Adrian

    I got bend on dicord for no reason XD

  • Salokin

    Hot damn, your channel has blown up!

  • Blind Chinese

    You're Welcome! 8:24

  • Indelible In The Hippocampus

    They could just remove it.

  • Spyro, the legendary purple dragon

    For the Halo 2, you have to remember that the developers (Bungie) had very little time to finish halo 2 completely. And most people know that if Halo 2 didnt get out on time, Microsoft would have lost the console wars to everyone. (Because halo was Microsoft's main console selling point.) The reason the final warthog run in Halo 2 was cut was because Bungie could not get the landings in the gravity well sections to stick properly, so they abandoned the concept altogether. Also, he would not have rammed the warthog into a covenant ship, he would race against the clock to reach the forerunner dreadnought before it took off and went to earth.While i would have liked a final warthog run in halo 2, i'm glad they didn't include it because that would have made Halo 3's warthog run less special IMO. But it would have been poetic. (Halo 1: Warthog run in UNSC ship, Halo 2: Warthog run on covenant space station, Halo 3: Warthog run on forerunner installation.) Had they included the warthog run, everyone would've complained about how repetitive the final warthog run is.

  • Jason Reed

    not sure if we "weren't" supposed to find it, but what about level 0 in the original ToeJam & Earl?

  • Daydream Anatomy

    The graphic dudes of shrek probably thought recreating the inside of a gamecube was a much better use of their time on the clock. Probably not wrong.

  • Luciano Smurf

    I came for the landstalker thumbnail. Who knew others knew about that game lolz

  • ImpHax0r

    What about the truck in the original Pokémon games?

  • Frontier Antaeus

    @oddheader Where does the 1:22 sound come from? I'm sure i heard it somewhere, but i cant find it anywhere.

  • Adam S

    What a jam.Tracklist:01. 高揚 00:0002. バウンス家の中でセックス 05:0503. エンタープライズラブ 11:3604. 銀河クルーズ 19:1605. 私の愛銃 29:5406. 魅惑的なオーラ 38:1407. 切っても切れない 51:2308. スペクトラル流体 59:2909. 魂の分離 1:08:50Show less

  • GuitarOfTime0116

    Can you stop it with the videos? I gotta study, but you keep making these damn good videos.

  • RiC David

    Bit of advice: If you bleep out swear words, keep a few milliseconds of the word in first - that's what makes it sound funny and retains the impact.

  • Pokémon Trainer Gold

    You do no clickbait 👏👏👏 thank goodness

  • Parasite-B

    Would someone please tell me what game the very first clip is, please?

  • jhx97

    tbh i would break the shit out of my gamecube if i had any minor suspicion that a mini shrek is inside of it

  • Neco The Sergal

    ANOTHER 10 'areas' that didn't rehash old shit everyones' seen for the last decade from every other video? YOU ARE SUCH A MAD LAD. Stop not disappointing me!

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