Fallout 4: 5 More Rare Creature Types You May Have Missed in the Commonwealth – Fallout 4 Secrets

Fallout 4 is home to a plethora of foes inhabiting the ruins of the Boston Commonwealth. Among them are a variety of the wasteland’s most spooky and strange creatures. But some of the enemies we get to encounter in Fallout 4 are rarer than others. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more rare and interesting creature types you may have missed in Fallout 4.
  • Gareth Jacobsen

    The poor red death...I thought it was so cute. I wish there was an option to take it back to my settlement as a pet.

  • HomeworldJewels

    Got to be honest Nate, if you had "Murdered To Death" merch, I'd buy.

  • DestroKind

    4:12 "after the sole survivor reaches lvl 76"FALLOUT 76 FORESHADOWING

  • Georgina Herdman

    I made the mistake of confronting Shipbreaker a special legendary enraged fog crawler at level 41, so I did what any warrior would do and I lured him back to far harbour and let the settlers take care of him 🤣😂

  • Tyler Coon

    Mirelurk Kings remind me of Lurkers from Skyrim....Does this make them ‘Mirelurkers’?

  • Katie Summers

    1:50 Bloodrage Mirelurk falls dead...More fire for good measure

  • Geilovakt #4

    Played Fallout 4 since 2015.Saw bloodrage for the first time just about two weeks ago.

  • Nick V.

    Fun fact: The Enraged Fog Crawler's armor star is actually a coding error. Logically, looking at other fog crawlers and stats, they all progress in armor rating by 50 every "stage." The fog crawler before the Enraged one has 350 armor, meaning the Enraged should have 400.

  • Harold Tracy

    Mirelurks aren't based off of hermit craps. They're actually mutated horseshoe crabs, we know this because of the MASSIVE resemblance they have to the modern day "living fossils".

  • SealMeme6

    I need to 100% the game and it's DLC, and this has motivated me, thanks for the vid.

  • Totally Professional Gaming

    If the Albino Gatorclaw spawns at lv 50, then how come 1 spawned in Cito’s mission for me?

  • Bladed Bastard

    can it survive a fatman mini nuke?

  • Turnip Treacle

    The "Problem Solver" is a really nice problem solver as it can melt Enraged Fog Crawlers in literal seconds. I did an experiment and with max automatic damage, i killed one in 6 seconds

  • IdeotKiller

    if the enraged fog crawler was in the Mojave...enraged fog crawler: IM GOING TO KILL EVERYTHINGcourier: *anti-material rifle*enraged fog crawler: *flees*

  • Super Skrub

    What’s rare is Nate not saying murdered to death

  • ocarinaplaya

    Those Mirelurks look like an homage/ripoff of the beetle soldiers in The Dark Crystal.

  • Douglas E . Crosby

    The team not to fight: bloodrage mirelurk and enraged fog crawler

  • Christopher Ott-Rodriguez

    I oneness met a mirelurlurk king once I noticed the health and attack damage I ran FAST

  • Guillermo Ramirez

    Two words: Splatter Cannon

  • Guano

    Wasn't the gatorclaws made by using Super Mutant brain cells and alligators? Deathclaws came from chameleons, not the gatorclaws

  • TheOriginalJphyper

    In my experience, this list is far from accurate.Once they start appearing, Dusky yao-guai are the second-most common type after the weakest variant. I also never had much trouble against them. The rarest type I've seen is the ghoul variant.The enraged fog crawler seems to be the most common type for me by far. I almost never come across any other variant.

  • The Cat XO1

    The glowing my liking I thought at like level 45 so you are a lier +It was also legendary I had to reload 20-30 time to kill it

  • BasenightX 146

    Standard enemies in Dark Souls 3 in a nutshell.

  • shadowkin69

    the Enraged Fogcrawlers are best handled with Plasma weapons or an AP legendary

  • Ethan Fideli

    The fog crawler is just an overpowered chaurus reaper

  • Wolf K1ng

    My first time seeing an enraged fog crawlerMe: sees enraged fog crawlerMe: Pssh it’s just a fog crawler, easy fight Me: shoots assault rifle, does almost no damageFog crawler: charges at meMe: Wtf?shoots mini gun, still no damageMe: Oh shitTook me a couple times to kill that thing

  • CentrifugalFacewear

    another strategy is rapid bleed stacking, as it ignores armor and generic damage reduction from level/difficulty entirely. so a rapid weapon with bleed absolutely melts everything in the game, particularly most defensive variant monsters. a bleed minigun or bleed ripper are my favorites for ranged/melee respectively, but largely anythign works.

  • Inverted V12 Powerhouse

    One weapon to kill them allThe explosive combat shotgun

  • Iron Fox

    Watching the first entry: ''Blood rage mirelurks? seen them everywhere''Minute later: ''Mini bloodrage? I have not found mission like that!?!''

  • TopHatFancy 98

    +TheEpicNate315I found a tiny detail: When 1st headed to Concord you meet the trapped settlers one of them is Sturges if you are able to hack the terminal that he is on, he will give out unique dialogue.

  • WhenToastersAttack

    The Red Death is my favorite with the Enraged Fog Crawler in second place. I honestly wish someone would make a mod that makes it an option to save the Red Death and keep it as a pet like a cat.


    The special shipbreaker i fought when i was lvl 200 and the thing was so stromg that even quatom mini nukes didnt damage it alot

  • Honest M'aiq

    5 More Rare Times You Don't Hear Murdered To Deathoh wait there's no such thing as that...

  • Vortex Terrarian

    Just kneecap EVERYTHING. I swear it works. And then hit them with a strong melee weapon from behind.

  • Situp 321

    The enraged fog crawler is literally the embodiment of "John, bullets don't work."

  • Maybe Gay

    Me my friends on 76 killed 2 of the Yao guai in a rowEdit: and they were like level 20

  • 100 Subs no vid

    Or use furious weapons like spattercannon it’s an auto ar and does more damage for every video the matriarch deathclaw is my fav

  • Tow Wong

    Bloodrage Mirelurk(Gets Dark Crystal flashbacks)

  • Paradox M

    You sound like The Act Man if he wasn’t a depressing bastard 24/7.

  • Hail Godbug

    Just get a combat knife with at least 50 bleed damage per second. Any living enemy becomes trivial.

  • Godgieberry

    bloodrage mirelurks, rare?? psh, I fight the aaaall the time (being level 74 might say something about that XD)

  • Raffy Punzal

    the rarest creature of the wasteland is me past level ten bc of how many characters i keep making

  • mrwolf2309

    I've had to fight a enranged legendary fog crawler. I won but had no ammo left after

  • Blei1986

    how do you stop time/gameplay to get such awsome screenshots/scenes ?

  • Big D CaliLove

    Mirelurks were copied from a Jim Henson movie called The Dark crystal. Deathclaws was ripped off pumpkin head

  • Unduly critical observer

    A mutant bear is stronger than a behemoth.FO4 power scale is truly broken

  • KIBA4842

    Maybe it's just my game but dusky yao guais aren't too rareAlso my character is exactly level 76 rn and I've been seeing them for quite a few levels, does survival diff effect spawns that much?

  • T60powerarmor 1

    i had a character about level 40 and i battled a glowing mirlurk king.

  • Jason Palmier

    When I found a Glowing Deathclaw it was the end of me, completely destroyed my Power Armour C, killed the BOS Scouts (kids btw) I've never seen something so brutal...

  • Annatar Aulendil Artano

    Blood Rage, especially the red death lol

  • Gold MaskGamer

    Me : Time to continue Far Harbor.Engaged Fog Crawler : sees meMe : turns and looksputs controller down

  • zippo504

    "...in the Commonwealth"Creatures are mostly in DLC areas:/

  • Thomas chiang

    Can you catch the BRMR in a wasteland workshop mirelurk cage

  • Elite Asian Warrior

    Ok first without the Far Harbor DLC you can find the mirelurk king at spectacle island but have to be a certain level

  • FelixHyro

    Another thing to know:"If you see a Yao Guai fighting a Behemoth and won, be ready"

  • VeronicasTouch

    The mirelurks look more like they are mutated horse shoe crabs than hermit crabs. Come to think of it, there is already mutated hermit crabs in Far Harbor that disguise themselves in old vans. Good eating.

  • The Arbitard

    (in the background) IT AN ABOMINATION

  • Yandere072Official

    Welp, the only one I have to find is an Enraged Fog Crawler(Found a Dusky Yau Goai while doing quests)(Found a Glowing Mirelurk King near a watering plant)(Found a Albino Gatorclaw bc they are not that hard to see...)(Found a Bloodrage Mirelurk near a Far Habor raiders camp)Now my only question is:I have the Cheat Terminal, which kinda saved me early on in the game. Will the game detect it and not spawn in the Enraged Fog Crawler? Bc as soon as it went into my inventory (mod is programmed to give it to you when you start the game... Like, VERY start) I upgraded to level 318 Xd (I was pinned by ghouls and it gave me flashbacks of Dwemmer Ruins)

  • Billy Bossatron

    Are garorclaws lore friendly I can’t figure this out in my mind

  • Anders Andersson

    I´m yet to discover a "Murder-to-Deathclaw", but if there is such a thing, I´m sure that Nate will find it!

  • Sandels 99

    9:50 those should be milerulk kings :D

  • Sean Killingsworth

    "God help you, because your guns will certainly not be enough"Ahem... maxed out Sneak, Mister Sandman, (whatever perk that boosts non-auto rifle damage) and surpressed Two-Shot Gauss Rifle .

  • Steel GT

    I missed the 3rd one rip I seen one the other day

  • Zach Mortell

    with my instigating rocket sledge hammer i can one tap a enraged fog crawler with a sneak attack... im level 236 and its all legit XD

  • Shanna Barnard

    the rare fog croller can servive a mini nuke I tryd(I suck at spelling)

  • AlphaCorinthian

    I'm level 36727.Cheats are awesome

  • Error 404 Not Found

    The Fog Crawlers remind me Antlion Guards from HL2.

  • Epical Failure

    You should try using splattercannon. Or the other pack variant. Really good for big guys like these.

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