Fallout 4: 5 More Rare Creature Types You May Have Missed in the Commonwealth – Fallout 4 Secrets

Fallout 4 is home to a plethora of foes inhabiting the ruins of the Boston Commonwealth. Among them are a variety of the wasteland’s most spooky and strange creatures. But some of the enemies we get to encounter in Fallout 4 are rarer than others. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more rare and interesting creature types you may have missed in Fallout 4.
  • Honest M'aiq

    5 More Rare Times You Don't Hear Murdered To Deathoh wait there's no such thing as that...

  • Lew Avenue

    Kind of shocked there’s no Red Death (or baby mirelurk pet) modAnd does anyone else get a Starship Troopers vibe from Fog Crawlers?

  • Gareth Jacobsen

    The poor red death...I thought it was so cute. I wish there was an option to take it back to my settlement as a pet.

  • ocarinaplaya

    Those Mirelurks look like an homage/ripoff of the beetle soldiers in The Dark Crystal.

  • The Blight Monkey

    6:45 those Mirelurks were shooting a dope ass rap video.

  • Toker

    If u encounter one of those beasts all ur answers are in the fatman

  • Zzarcon1

    4:13 After Level 76? You mean there was a fallout 76 hint in FO4 this whole time?!

  • Hengebobs

    "Marry-inner" I swear you do that just to mess with viewers...

  • Gold MaskGamer

    Me : Time to continue Far Harbor.Engaged Fog Crawler : sees meMe : turns and looksputs controller down


    I was level 78 and I was wandering the island with just my ghoul Slayer handmade rifle when I found the shipbreaker's signal. I misread shipbreaker and had never heard of it. Thinking it would lead to some loot or something similar, I followed it. I was horribly mistaken and died twice trying to bring down the beast, once when I tried to run away from the creature and hopefully make it to Acadia and another when I got desperate and tried to charge it with a shotgun I had found in a nearby house

  • frostmagemarii

    Gatorclaws... Created by Bethesda being lazy and just reskinning a deathclaw and calling it a good job.

  • Super Skrub

    What’s rare is Nate not saying murdered to death

  • Wilex-Rivi

    Enraged fog crawlers are nothing when ya use the Problem Solver

  • Bladed Bastard

    can it survive a fatman mini nuke?

  • Ardyn Izunia

    0:06"...and two centuries worth of evolution..."Just saying in case you don't know, two centuries is nothing in evolution. Seriously, nothing.Everything in Fallout should be due to mutation, not due to evolution. Evolution does not work that fast. Not nearly that fast.

  • Guillermo Ramirez

    Two words: Splatter Cannon

  • Junkzillabox

    Get a automatic bleed shotgun or bleed minigun variants and you will kill anything. Bleed is the king.

  • Zekushiiido

    Are you finally doing mole rats with mines strapped on themEdit: guess not

  • Barry Bend

    0:35 why is a Gargahm from Dark Crystal in Fallout 4?

  • Firehawk Gaming

    Wait,the red death isn't that one,its thats the offspring before the actual one attacks the harbor!

  • Katie Summers

    1:50 Bloodrage Mirelurk falls dead...More fire for good measure

  • nerdzanator (main channel)

    Mysterious stranger can’t even kill enraged fog crawlers last I played

  • HomeworldJewels

    Got to be honest Nate, if you had "Murdered To Death" merch, I'd buy.

  • Nick V.

    Fun fact: The Enraged Fog Crawler's armor star is actually a coding error. Logically, looking at other fog crawlers and stats, they all progress in armor rating by 50 every "stage." The fog crawler before the Enraged one has 350 armor, meaning the Enraged should have 400.

  • I’m Batman

    I thought it said “Fallout 5”Got excited.And then disappointed when I realised it doesn’t say Fallout 5. :/

  • Raffy Punzal

    the rarest creature of the wasteland is me past level ten bc of how many characters i keep making

  • FallenGodMark Mark-Kuhns

    Ever take a ripper to an enraged fog crawler? Maybe even, the harvester? Never leave home with your infinite CC stick.

  • Le Derp

    I played Far Harbor and always thought how cool these Fog Crawlers looked in the trailer, but I just now realized that I never encountered one ingame. Maybe my level was too low

  • Spees Techsupport

    Literally just a “casual players won’t see these enemies because they don’t grind to these levels” list, I see these all the time

  • RollingThunder77

    I like the content of your videos but your voice acting is the worst ear cancer I have ever had the displeasure of listening too.

  • ValorJ Omega

    Fog crawler drop quickly with any weapon with bleed effect.In fact all of these on the list drop quickly and easily with bleed effect as it bypasses everything.Good example is a pipe pistol/rifle in full auto with drum and few moments later enraged fog crawler is dead.

  • Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor

    I just wish that Mirlurk Hunters were insanely OP.Let's be real, that would be the most realistic option ;)

  • Golden Gootsgamesh

    There is one thing all these lovely creatures have in common:I’ve killed them with the handy Spray and Pray.

  • Casey Wolfe

    Never met a bloodrage lurk annnnd don't wanna. They're very wicked looking, I'll give them that. I've always wanted to adopt Red Death though. Please?

  • LifelessTooth

    Mirelurk Kings are actually designed to resemble sea monkeys. There's a fun fact for you

  • Ashley Friend

    I'm not positive but I think Mire is a type of swamp. So ' Mirelurk ' might just mean a creature that ' Lurks 'or lives in the ' Mire '. I say that because I have been playing a game on my phone that has a place in it called the ' The Dreary Mire '. It's a swamp like landscape.

  • Brennen Myers

    I ran into an Enraged For Crawler ONCE...I used my Power Armor's jet pack to get to the top of a building thinking "I'll just mini-nuke it"...I had 3 mini nukes...I ended up being killed because I ran out of ammo after the mini nukes didn't work.

  • SealMeme6

    I need to 100% the game and it's DLC, and this has motivated me, thanks for the vid.

  • Attack Plus1

    Mirelurks look more like they were based off of fully grown sand fleas.

  • Exo

    I found a glowing completely white super mutant hound but idk if it was just a texture glitch..

  • Mr Fisher

    Doesn't mirelurk literally mean river monster?

  • CameronJPL

    Lmfao how are mirelurks based off of hermit crabs!? They look nothing alike. If anything they are based off of horseshoe crabs. 😂

  • Ai Enma

    A Albino gatorclaw will appear from the cloning machine as the last one you kill, no matter the level... has for me many times, and i go to Nuka World as soon as i can.

  • Guano

    Wasn't the gatorclaws made by using Super Mutant brain cells and alligators? Deathclaws came from chameleons, not the gatorclaws

  • Hail Godbug

    Just get a combat knife with at least 50 bleed damage per second. Any living enemy becomes trivial.

  • Georgina Herdman

    I made the mistake of confronting Shipbreaker a special legendary enraged fog crawler at level 41, so I did what any warrior would do and I lured him back to far harbour and let the settlers take care of him 🤣😂

  • Huggleton

    So, mirelurk kings are like lakelurks?

  • AtomicFiend

    Btw my way of defeating all of these is an upgraded fat man

  • Ethan Fideli

    The fog crawler is just an overpowered chaurus reaper

  • TheOriginalJphyper

    In my experience, this list is far from accurate.Once they start appearing, Dusky yao-guai are the second-most common type after the weakest variant. I also never had much trouble against them. The rarest type I've seen is the ghoul variant.The enraged fog crawler seems to be the most common type for me by far. I almost never come across any other variant.

  • SwordBreaker925

    I miss the days of Fallout 3 where Behemoths were something to fear and were some of the most dangerous enemies in the game, and there were only a certain number of them.In Fallout 4 they're easy to kill and seem too plentiful since they respawn.

  • Steel GT

    I missed the 3rd one rip I seen one the other day

  • AJ Universe

    None of these guys ever bugged me much. My patented running away like a scared child/throwing my follower at them/more dakka strategy tended to be pretty effective.

  • VeronicasTouch

    The mirelurks look more like they are mutated horse shoe crabs than hermit crabs. Come to think of it, there is already mutated hermit crabs in Far Harbor that disguise themselves in old vans. Good eating.

  • Frisk Human

    The glowing my liking I thought at like level 45 so you are a lier +It was also legendary I had to reload 20-30 time to kill it

  • Justin Lynch

    Enraged Fogcrawler.Well good thing my main weapons of choice are the Railway Rifle (100 damage before perk boosts) and the Guass Rifle (I believe 200 damage before perk boosts). By the time I reach 75 I';; certainly have both those weapons maxed out.

  • TopHatFancy 98

    +TheEpicNate315I found a tiny detail: When 1st headed to Concord you meet the trapped settlers one of them is Sturges if you are able to hack the terminal that he is on, he will give out unique dialogue.

  • Anders Andersson

    I´m yet to discover a "Murder-to-Deathclaw", but if there is such a thing, I´m sure that Nate will find it!

  • WhenToastersAttack

    The Red Death is my favorite with the Enraged Fog Crawler in second place. I honestly wish someone would make a mod that makes it an option to save the Red Death and keep it as a pet like a cat.

  • Hyperactive 935 Xbox one gamertag

    Or use furious weapons like spattercannon it’s an auto ar and does more damage for every video the matriarch deathclaw is my fav

  • SaNeMaLe 08

    I accidentally found a glowing mirelurk king while u was on my way to a quest and not paying attention. Damn it actually made me jump when I looted a tomb and he came around the corner and scared the shit outta me

  • Hexa Dex

    To be honest, I am looking for enranging fogcrawler to put up a challenge, but they are rare af. The game isn't fun anymore when you are high level and you really need to find a enemy that is strong as you.

  • Wandering N'wah

    Oh look a new monster variant! It's the same monster with a retexture yay! No new abilities hurray! Not even new sounds woohoo! We just boosted the stats and made him another bullet sponge yippee!

  • Iron Fox

    Watching the first entry: ''Blood rage mirelurks? seen them everywhere''Minute later: ''Mini bloodrage? I have not found mission like that!?!''

  • Epical Failure

    You should try using splattercannon. Or the other pack variant. Really good for big guys like these.

  • Keith Rockel

    Obviously you’ve never used the splattercannon or a gun you’ve manually put the “furious” effect on

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