This Looks Like a Credit Card..... But It’s WAY Better.....

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,

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  • DemolitionRanch

    I’m gonna clean up this town!!!

  • VDR

    YouTube better not shutdown your channel..

  • SiliquaeSid

    *Takes credit card gun to the bank* "I'd like to make a withdrawal... Please"!

  • Rijad Crnovrsanin

    Anyone see made in china but theres a American flag

  • GoldenWebb

    You ever considered taking donations for shout outs? I’d like to actually talk to you about that. I’m a gun channel also, located in Kentucky, I’ve got around 1600 subs, it’s just hard getting off the ground, was just wondering what you thought about it. Appreciate it man.

  • Undead Trooper

    The Kolibri smiles in heaven

  • joelnert

    Matt, my toilet time is already reserved for watching demolition ranch and off the ranch. Sorry I can't start playing #lordsmobile on the crapper.


    No one can do a better INTRO than this guy

  • Darius Henry

    It's like a Nerf jolt

  • ajstorm3

    Probs that gun is mainly use for assassination

  • hub765 Limabean

    Theory 3: It will hit the bullets, explode the bullets, and fire more bullets. fires from like 5 feet away

  • Mayhem Morgan

    Please put a seizure warning when using flashing lights please. Some of us are huge fans but suffer from epilepsy

  • Jean-Baptiste Griffon

    Did he just shot at his twin??

  • Bryan Black

    youtube is cracking down on gun stuff and i was worried you would have to stop uploading here.

  • Jesus Duran

    That silenced pistol is dope

  • Rasmus Kaalund

    Would the name "Deathcard" not be better?

  • Christopher Vanoster

    It’s like a modern kolibri! It’s tiny!

  • oussama amara

    The good thing about it is that you can get unlimited money at the bank

  • LuckyDoge

    That intro though it left me laughing so hard 🤣

  • kareem carzan

    Where do you get this particular gadget?...!

  • Quinn Von Kerman

    If you're going to carry a gun for self-defence, carry a real gun. This "gun" is useless against more than 1 person.

  • Kirby Bowen

    Saw one of these at a local gun store. Pretty cool

  • SniperPro 557

    DemolitionRanch can u tell me where u can get that credit card gun from? Plz?

  • random person scrolling the comments

    Cant post about guns anymoreSo post about creditcards😂

  • grayson Hesser

    Anybody know where I can get one?

  • Bhangra Craze

    I thought that was a credit card holder

  • Ridham Patel

    Where did u get that credit card gun??

  • WHB187 !

    Rest in peace Kolibri ; (

  • Armand Larochelle

    Does anybody realize that if u get mad cause fortnite won’t accept ur credit card u could just shoot it

  • slitherysnake 193

    Cmon not Lieutenant dan, he just wants some ice cream and he gets pooped on???

  • I I M U S P

    Imagine if you could actually use it as a credit card. [MY IDEA | ALREADY COPYRIGHTED](Edit: Yes I know its a bad idea I was just joking :) )

  • The_TNT_Hunter

    Thats how to rob a bank

  • Xx T0M47O xX

    Where can I buy this gun

  • J Pretorius

    The intro is so unsafe, you keep pointing the guns at him! Oh wait...

  • Gamer Kid8001

    0:50 haha silency thing lol

  • matthew strachan

    this has to be my favorite opening thus far truly made me giggle

  • 탁두둥

    Maybe the exploding bullets works sorta like ERA... It'd be really tacticool if it actually does.

  • Pls Click

    The part where he accidentally shoots is priceless

  • Judah Douglass

    u should light the powder

  • κλττツ̅

    I have a compurt that sise

  • ehill1536

    Common phrase for owners of this pistol: No I am not robbing the store! I just wanted to buy some hot Cheetos.

  • botpixel

    i just realized that this is essentially just a much smaller version of the fp45 liberator

  • Mauricio Sánchez Meza

    5:50 i also thought about that :D

  • Night Storm

    $400 for a single shot 22...I guess it's called lifecard for a reason because it will cost you your life in a real situation against someone with a real weapon.

  • Dumb FuckTeen

    He should have pulled out a Kolibri

  • Benny Vazquéz

    Educational + Funny = The best Channel ever!

  • Shrek Norbert

    How quiet is this thing?

  • drRandom guy

    you shoud get a zip 22

  • Keegan Counterman

    The gun looks really impractical, "sir, with the weapon, can you get me a half minute to ready my gun, and possibly more time to reload?"

  • Akshit Gautum

    Do it with steel mags thell probably stop em

  • Mohammed Naqbi

    That face in the thumbnail gives me nightmares

  • Michael Perez

    man these videos are so damn funny

  • Charles Barkley

    That into was the best lmao

  • Chase Hare

    How do you win an iPhone x

  • Gabe Palandro

    How accurate is that??

  • Alberto García 11

    Do you need permit to carry this small gun with you all time

  • Jet X6

    I got to clean up all them shotgun shells after the intro just joking I know it's editing

  • David Yacoub

    Not very practical, but still pretty cool. I'd still prefer a Glock or something.

  • Cyrus Anaya

    That was by far the funniest intro I've seen you make

  • Justin Abby

    What do you plan to do with YouTube dropping all the gun related channels? This is a big blow to your platform

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