This Looks Like a Credit Card..... But It’s WAY Better.....

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
Outro music by MDK,

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  • DemolitionRanch

    I’m gonna clean up this town!!!

  • SiliquaeSid

    *Takes credit card gun to the bank* "I'd like to make a withdrawal... Please"!

  • User

    Single shot .22 that's small as a credit card: ExistsPocket pistols: Am I a joke to you?


    No one can do a better INTRO than this guy

  • Undead Trooper

    The Kolibri smiles in heaven

  • Bloodeagle

    Where did u get that credit card gun??

  • Sage Gross

    Guys! The opening scene is a sneak peak to Chris Pratt’s next movie

  • The Clickster

    The part where he accidentally shoots is priceless

  • Rasmus Kaalund

    Would the name "Deathcard" not be better?

  • Markey Lemons

    If there ever was a zombie apocalypse i would find his ranch in texas and stay there

  • JustTony123

    The good thing about it is that you can get unlimited money at the bank

  • Fallout4

    Where do you get the lifecard. I'm really curious.

  • BoyMoon

    Guy with gun minding his own business: “Watch out guys, that guy looks shady. Yep he’s got a gun”shoots“Yep he’s still coming”shoots

  • VDR

    YouTube better not shutdown your channel..

  • Jean-Baptiste Griffon

    Did he just shot at his twin??

  • JKerman511

    The first thing I thought when I saw that was "Disguise it as a MiniDV tape!"jesus how old am i

  • Warbird Gaming

    smallest gun you say? pulls out the a 2.7mm Kolibri semiauto pistol.

  • ajstorm3

    Probs that gun is mainly use for assassination

  • Darius Henry

    It's like a Nerf jolt(Never got so many comments thx)

  • your boy

    That silenced pistol is dope

  • Kirby Bowen

    Saw one of these at a local gun store. Pretty cool

  • 300 subscribers with no videos challenge

    Imagine hiking through the forest then demolition ranch starts firing q bunch of rounds.

  • Special Remix

    I would pay money to see someone break into his house.Person breaks in50 BMG loads in backgroundMatt. Wrong house fool

  • Turkster 5512

    I want one that would be a nice birthday gift to my dad he loves Gus like u!!

  • Tory Knotts

    I don't know about hitting both neck arterys but, I tend to take out the shoulder and kidney on my first two shots.

  • John Tran

    I never seen u shoot a Glock 18 auto:c

  • sawcon ma nuts

    it's more for being stealthy, like when you are about to kill someone who hasn't spotted you

  • matthew strachan

    this has to be my favorite opening thus far truly made me giggle

  • Todd Teh Russian Spy

    0:50 haha silency thing lol

  • GoldenWebb

    You ever considered taking donations for shout outs? I’d like to actually talk to you about that. I’m a gun channel also, located in Kentucky, I’ve got around 1600 subs, it’s just hard getting off the ground, was just wondering what you thought about it. Appreciate it man.

  • Pat

    You have way too much fun bro lol

  • - L1 -

    A raccoon pooped on lutant Dan's face omd 🤣


    I love your intros so much😂😂❤

  • Benjamin Sitt

    11 out of 10would watch that movie

  • The Crazy Framer

    It should be called the death card

  • TrueProwess

    cough*supresser*cough lol still my favorite gun channel!. Keep it going man!

  • guns n things 007

    Which would be stronger that credit card gun or a compact slingshot

  • Survival Bro's

    FP-45 liberator hmmm....

  • Jesus Dlr

    Ok the bigining part was actually funny

  • joelnert

    Matt, my toilet time is already reserved for watching demolition ranch and off the ranch. Sorry I can't start playing #lordsmobile on the crapper.

  • Bryan Broyles

    I think they should of used at least 380. For the caliber instead of the 22.

  • The LynchMob

    Always good stuff bro! I'll tell ya, I can be in a shitty a little Demolition Ranch and I'm guuder!BAM!

  • Jesse Simpson

    i love the videos but have to be honest... im here for the intros!! genius!

  • kareem carzan

    Where do you get this particular gadget?...!

  • Lane Gill

    I think ill call it "the kredit karma"

  • grayson Hesser

    Anybody know where I can get one?

  • Bralen B

    A credit card is better because you can buy a normal pistol with it lol

  • David Yacoub

    Not very practical, but still pretty cool. I'd still prefer a Glock or something.

  • Max G

    I always love this dude’s sub here!

  • DavidFMayerPhD

    You would be long dead before you got off your first shot. 1. Needs two hands. Clumsy.2. Holds only ONE bullet ready to fire. No autoloading.3. Takes forever to get off second shot.

  • Benny Vazquéz

    Educational + Funny = The best Channel ever!

  • Francisco Alvarez

    I love this intro!!! Lmfao

  • Notgonna Say


  • random person scrolling the comments

    Cant post about guns anymoreSo post about creditcards😂

  • Gavin Olson

    Lt. Dan hot boxing with his juuls.

  • B3AST

    That little recoil on the has me dead

  • ZZ tv

    Matt, what about a 50 bmg ?

  • Jay's Brick Co.

    If your going to shoot someone that you habe a chance to cause a flesh injury. Clip shoulders and legs. And weaponsTAKE AND INDUCT EVERY PRISONER

  • xXxstevmxXx

    Was the SBR looking “pistol” in the beginning an CMMG guard?

  • Gabe Palandro

    How accurate is that??

  • Antti Alitalo

    Officer: "What is that in your pocket?Me: It's just an extra thicc credit card.Officer: BIG DISBELIEF

  • piemanandfriends

    bruh im a dirty liberal who doesnt particularly like guns but i love your channel and you've changed my views a bit. Also your videos are super entertaining. Keep it up man!

  • Lane Smith

    No it'll explode u r crazy I don't want to say stupid ur awesome

  • SunWay 0


  • Phúc Giang

    Oh crap I left my gun inside the washing machine...

  • Jason Maulsby

    Hey brother can you go over the 416 spike round?

  • SniperPro 557

    DemolitionRanch can u tell me where u can get that credit card gun from? Plz?

  • ApexPlayer

    I wish we were able to use plate carrier's instead of iotv's

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