Skyrim: 5 Absurdly Hilarious Glitches and Bugs You May Not Have Seen - Elder Scrolls 5 Facts

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is not a game known for it's stability or wonderful engine. As a result Skyrim is a game filled with a plethora of glitches and bugs, while some of these technical issues can be infuriating - some of Skyrim's glitches can bring a smile to our faces with their sheer humor. So today we'll be taking a look at 5 hilarious glitches and bugs you may not have seen in Skyrim.

Unoffical Skyrim Patch (Skyrim Special Edition):

Unoffical Skyrim Patch (Skyrim Legendary Edition)::

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  • Laura James

    Even death won't stop your true friends from attending your wedding. This glitches are pretty funny. Except the mannequins one, that one is creepy. I hate mannequins..

  • JimMcnugget

    Trust us Nate, we've seen all of the glitches.

  • Arrender

    "Having an alchemy station" shows enchanting lab

  • sedriensmorgasbord

    I've NEVER run into the giant chicken or NPC problem, and I have over 2k hours in the game. Maybe the (edit: unofficial) patches on PC version have fixed it? Idk...

  • MacAttack17

    I wish I would get more of these kind of glitches. All I end up getting are quest-breaking ones. 😤

  • Alex Paxton

    What about mammoths just falling from the sky?

  • green tea

    My favourite glitch I've experienced happened because I was apparently stood at a bad angle when I began to mine. My character just suddenly went flying across the screen but he was still mining in thin air. Serena disappeared and never respawned.

  • diabolical

    I had no clue the Giant death thing was a glitch. I thought that's just how strong they were suppose to be.

  • Brodie Lewis

    I once came across a giant the was the size of a normal npc human. I had idea what I was looking at so i approached it and it sent my ass to the moon.

  • Kay R

    I've never met the giant chicken 😢

  • Volber

    Lol I didn't know that people asked the devs to bring back the Giant Space Program! That's kinda funny!

  • Saric92

    Sometimes, and seemingly randomly, when going through the plains near whiterun, mammoths will just...spawn mid air and fall to their death.

  • InfernoXPrime

    One glitch is that when I killed paarthurnax his body followed me everywhere. Even in cities, maybe as a reminder for my wrongful doings.

  • Ardelia Nelson

    The dragons that don’t despawn. I have one in Falkreath that i named Jerry

  • Chivels

    I have 2,506 hours in Skyrim, and I have NEVER encountered a colossal chicken! What the hell?!

  • TheD2JBug

    I had my horse ride a butterfly once. That was hilarious.

  • Liz Sherlock

    the best glitch i ever encountered was a guard slowly flying towards me a few feet off the ground. He was, i guess, doing the swimming animation on land for some reason and it was kinda terrifying tbh

  • TeamOmega27

    How about mounting a horse in water and being able to walk on said water. Best way to get around, in my opinion.

  • Stumack

    I once saw a deer running through the sky ^^

  • AntiSkillshot

    "Or second happiest, if you know how it feels to kill Ulfric." Idk, the marriage was my second happiest. First being killing General Tullius.*sips his mead*.

  • KillingForVanity

    I would cry in fear if I ever saw the mannequin one..

  • TheQuietOne TQO

    I came across a bearded lady, a tiny falmer, and a NPC with a green and pink pixelated face.

  • I Live To Fight

    Fun fact: Karstaag is also an engineer in the space program!

  • Scout-aloo

    One of my favority moments during my playthroughs was seeing a guy get beheaded during and his corpse just getting back up and get attacked by everyone around.. not being able to get damage so they just kept hitting the standing headless guy

  • unfoldingspace8

    “If you know it feels to kill Ulfric” YEEEESSSS My Imperial BROTHER!!

  • rthomaswright


  • ShadowDragun The cyber dragonoid

    A couple of years back I found a pretty hairpulling glitch related to the dragon on the last one.So, I was happyly climbing to said altar to gight the dragon and get the shout, no? Well, just when I engaged him I used the Dragonrend shout to bring it down, but it didn't do that; instead, what it did was to send the dragon's body flying upwards and spawned an invicible, flying skeletal dragon. Not a funny experience I'd say

  • Wangtorio Jackson

    Wtf? You can't customize homes you buy with different furniture in base Skyrim. I think you've been playing with mods for too long. You can buy exactly one option for most areas of the house, and if you don't buy that option, then that area of the house will just be unfurnished. "Furnished" or "Unfurnished" isn't really a choice.

  • Rj Bennington

    So the giant chicken in the outro of the last video was foreshadowing. Nice touch!

  • BGFutureBG

    The giant hit was / is a bug? xD

  • skrublord

    Speaking about weddings and size glitches, i remember in one of my walkthroughs my ceremony was actually attended by the clone of my character, who had also been twice the size of me. Can you imagine a giant khajiit just casually sitting on a bench among other people? It bugged me out to say the least. I have also received a letter from him (myself) later in the game but could not track where he dwelt

  • Explorer TheGreat

    all hail ulfric!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HankusTheTankus

    Theres a similar glitch to your number 5 one, except its an npc flying around. Theres a youtube video of it somewhere. Its called “You look a little rough around the edges” because the npc in the video is an occulus agent who says the line and then suddenly flies away on his horse

  • linkblade0

    My favorite glitch I had was Glitchy the Dragon. Good old Glitchy was a permanent feature in my Xbox 360 version of the game and even had some appearances in my PC version. Glitchy was a Dragon that just wanted to relax. His usual perch of choice was Bonestrewn Crest. Where he could enjoy the fine view of Eastmarch while swooping down in all his glitchy glory to eat the occasional traveler to the nearby hotsprings.Life was good for dear Glitchy. However, Glitchy had one flaw the led him to being shunned by his brethren and indeed made the surrounding landscape nearly rendered uninhabitable and not for the fact he was a fire breathing monster. No, Glitchy caused everything around him.. To become glitched and laggy. NPC's flying off into the distance as they forgot the ground was there. And 5 FPS as you wander his domain. But nothing around him was as glitched as Glitchy himself. Glitchy was a master of flight to such a degree that even Alduin was forced to respect (thus the reason he was brought back in the first place). For Glitchy, could fly backwards. Sideways and diagonally as well. Truly he was a wonder to behold. He also mastered his power to such a degree that he could fly backwards OUT of combat causing his health to regenerate to full, then come swooping in a spiral formation back into the fray. Eastmarch was largely left in Glitchy's capable claws though the occasion roaming dragon would approach. Perhaps seeking to learn from this master dragon. There are many theories as to how Glitchy achieved this amazing power that even Alduin himself acknowledged. Some believe that in a fit of fancy Sheogorath decided to bless/curse Glitchy. To be given amazing power, but be shunned by the world. Others believe that he is the dragon equivalent to a daedra, or a daedric servant to Sheogorath using the form of the dragon to instill fear and chaos across the land. Perhaps he just wanted to be, the very best... like no dragon ever was.Whatever the case. After several battles between Glitchy and the Dragonborn. The Dragonborn, begrudgingly at first, came to acknowledge the great beast as the one dragon he could not slay. As even in the one battle they fought where the Dragonborn was victorious. Glitchy refused to surrender his soul, and his corpse flew into the void. Disappearing into the mountains. Thus, ends the legend. Of Glitchy the Dragon.

  • Artemis

    Did u just put skyrim and stability together? What nonsense is this?

  • BubbleKing May

    Is there a way to make one of those big chickens appear?

  • ThisIsAUser Name

    "Or second happiest, if you know how it feels to kill Ulfric."Umm, excuse me Nate, it seems you forgot that Skyrim belongs to the Nords. Check your privilege.

  • thomas griffith

    I’ve come across a falmer that was the size of a riekling but it was still a falmer

  • R. Blakehole

    Yeah, Mannikins. First time I ran into this, I had just purchased a house in Solstheim and loaded up the manikins. Then, I went to sleep and woke to discover one of the mannikins standing over my bed. Really freaked me out. I thought it was some new sorcery in the DLC. I attacked the poor mannikin furiously and all it did was just stand there! I found out later it was a bug, but to this day I keep a sharp eye on those freaking mannikins!


    Never seen the giant chicken but i have seen a 1 foot tall guard

  • Sandhiren Pillay

    As much as like these glitches, it shows the age of the engine, most likely they'll replace it with a brand new one in TES VI

  • Sparks Legends

    I had a glitch where the mammoths of Skyrim would randomly fall out of the sky and die.

  • The Punkmonk


  • Will Cole

    Lydia's jealousy transcends this mortal plane of existence. She won't let another woman or even death itself come between you!

  • DarkPhantom10

    1. Goats and bunnies ascending to the heavens until finally being smitten to the ground resulting in their death.2. Items you place on a killed dragon will fly in the air after the dragon despawns.3. People sitting quite some distance away from their seats4. And finally: Seeing Nazeem visit the cloud district. (I was very confused when I first saw that, I just had to end the madness)

  • The420Tokers

    you should get footage of a revived npc/creature getting giant-slammed into space during the night time. if done properly, they turn into dust as they fly through the night sky, looking like a giant shooting star.

  • Scott Caslow

    Giant Chicken Breast. Weight: 214 lbs. Value: 5 gold. Restores 3 points of health. Pretty much what all food is like in Skyrim...

  • MegaAxelaxelaxel

    Uh-uh. Best day in my life was to kill Tullius.

  • Mexxa

    I once killed a dragon, only to have it glitch back to life as a skeleton and try to kill me again. I couldn't kill it again, since it was technically dead, and somehow could do me damage but I couldn't hurt it. So, there's a giant undead unkillable skeledragon flying somewhere around Dawnstar

  • LikeABoski

    A glitch ive found that i havent seen many (really anyone) talk about is the paralyze glitch where if you paralyze something with a spell or enchantment then paralyze it again after the spell wears off but while theyre getting up their body stretches and will fly around you really fast my personal favorite is the cow outside whiterun since its a open area to fly and lets you see it plus they look funny enjoy :)

  • Dracko Black

    I love when corposes start to dance in the chair XD

  • Epic Eevee

    Do a part 2 of this.I've encountered glitches with animals being picked up high into the sky and falling to their deaths. I even once got a glitch where you help that ghostly couple for the Mara quest-line with the couple falling out of the sky as they were rising up.

  • AnneRiddleS116

    I had a glitch where I decorated my house in rig ten and the enchanting room didn't go away when I redecorated it for my kid. Everything was just fused and a few things would float or get flung. My kid could sleep in the bed though and I could use the enchanting table as well.

  • Grey Studios

    Nate, your Skyrim videos are my favourite. Please keep making them.

  • Dreeka Price

    I had a glitch that when I entered whiterun I was halfway through the ground

  • Ethan Norman

    Elder scrolls 100 gonna be out before you run out of Skyrim content


    "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!"

  • ReaperofSouls42

    I've never not had a giant send me to space. LolAlso, an interesting glitch that happened to me was in solitude when I exited the bar there, I fell under the city and could run around there. It was really funny but I couldn't recreate it.

  • jumper rock

    A little tip attack a gray beard while you are standing near the edge of a cliff then one of them should freeze you if you fall off the cliff get ready for one of the greatest things in skyrim

  • ShadowFiend93

    So anyone else have trouble with 3rd person zooming in to close to your person?

  • slaNt slicky

    Lol I got one of those decreased characters and it was nazeem

  • Cinzia Pompa

    My mannequins always move but never in front of me :(

  • AngoraHM 970

    I was in Whiterun and suddenly my partners (Lydia and Meeko at the time)Began running in the opposite direction if me. Other than that Lydia was running in place half the time.Another time I had another follower (Dark elf, mage. Can't remember his name) but when I loaded up the game ge was walking around in the injured stance, though he was perfectly fine. I even hit him to check


    My favourite glitch is when Alduin drops by, right before my head gets chopped off.

  • Chupalibre

    Hey Nate I just found you channel and find your videos very interesting and I like the way your skyrim looks :)Could you please do a video where you show us all your mods (or atleast some of them) and explain us what they do ?! :)

  • Chris Pinzon

    I came across a glitch that made a falmer less than half the size of the others.

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