she thought she turned her stream off...

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She didn't know she was live and accidentally went live on stream!
  • Jobin

    Why is YouTube randomly recommending this to everyone now?

  • Android Gamezzz

    OK, Youtube, I finally watched it!Happy now?!!

  • Aegri Somnia

    Wow click baited from hell, on top of that you stop commentating after the second clip, hella stupid bro

  • Theo Brandt

    9:17 Thumbnail NOW Likes please

  • 90sriver

    3:40 "Happy Halloween son" chainsaws door wtf

  • RedyTheLegend

    this is thumbnail patrol 9:19 Mission completedRespect +

  • its your time

    9:13 what you came for

  • Forch MoneyMaker

    This is completely fucked and out of place, but the girl having a mental break down sounded like she was about to drop a chart topping hit with the vocals on that second " I can't stooooop "I'm going to hell... It's whatever.

  • Josh Barnes

    9:13 is what you were clickbaited into watching.

  • caesar bahlaq

    if you're here for the blonde girl on the thumbnail pass to 9:12

  • alexis

    & why this was on my recommendations?

  • BlueFlame765

    Roses are redViolets are blueI got clickbaitedThis rhyme is overused

  • Yuri DDLC

    He really sawed a hole in the door to say HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  • itss jayy

    i swear @ 8:43 he laughs like billy from the grim adventures of billy and mandy

  • Patreon The Husky

    It is very cringing to watch, and I am a dog

  • Autronic

    Wtf humanity has become...

  • Brandon

    How u go drop yo girl and then not even fight

  • Bacon Bacon

    People need a proper job

  • Dan O'Moore

    peoples brains must be fried, fully blown frontal lobe disappearance.

  • Alicia SA Vlogs

    Who else reading the comments hella confused 😂

  • Hack Man

    This makes me feel normal, thank you.

  • BuShi Do

    I find it really really....really really really odd for someone to donate money to someone they don't know just to watch them play video games. Its like being at a theme park and going on one of the rides and the folks in line with you are giving you money to watch you ride then also pay for themselves to ride the same ride too after you are done. Are people nuts?

  • Fadi Shour

    What am I even doing here

  • Chloe C

    8:17 that wasn't a fail that was super cute :)

  • sai corrine

    who else had this in their recommend?

  • SaikokiraGames

    Yo....I think the second girl needs to chill off the drugs.

  • Supernova Lel

    4:08 top 10 anime attacks

  • Let the spicing begin!

    9:13 Thank me later...

  • Wolf DragonTamer

    5:55-6:08 and 7:20-7:30 bwahahaha

  • Don’t Ask....

    He dropped the girl to act strong lmao.

  • rudy c

    wtf that second chick looks like a methhead

  • Ridhwan Amri

    Idk but i think that guy at 4:57 deserved a punch right in the mouth

  • The FlamingRedPhoenix

    the second one makes me feel really uncomfortable.

  • lidluu

    Why is this suddenly in everyone’s recommended lmao

  • Games Legend

    4:08 When the game is downloading and the download stops at ℅99

  • silentone503

    What happened with the car?

  • _MIGS _

    Why is this in my recommended. 😂

  • Phanic! At the twenty øne chemical falling discøs

    i just realized all these comments are from less than an hour ago... did this start showing up in everyone’s recommended too? 😂

  • Blaze itz

    9:13 thank me later or not ;(


    Roses are redViolets are blueI got click-baitedAnd so are you

  • Im_That_Monk

    Why did he punch his pc lol

  • BlackMamba

    everyone commeting recently to the video that has been uploaded 2 months ago. Why is youtube put this on our recommended?

  • mxna_ _

    The crying short hair girl needs some holy water this is just a joke ok dont take is seriously

  • Derwin Moldes

    The girl in the 2nd clip looks like a drug user.

  • Leila Flood

    God the girl with short hair is like insane

  • glitter girl

    Why are...ALL THE COMMENTS SO FREAKIN NEW?!?!Edit: wtf? I never got 2 likes in 30 seconss lol NOW 4. WHAT TF IS GOING ON?!7...Edit no.2 OMIGAWD THANK YOU SO FREALING MUCH FOR 16 LIKES!!! I NEVER GOT THAT MANY!! THANK U SOOO MUCHH!!!!

  • Yeticus Rex

    1:14 - Gaming or heroin addict? You decide!

  • StreetFOX Channel

    Я ведь тоже посмотрел это из-за gtfobae на заставке?

  • Lydia Robertson

    A total waste of free air, I can't get these five minutes of time back ~☆PEACE☆~

  • Z4CH3M M0

    Why is everyone watching this now?!?!

  • Snottie Pimpin

    did this just pop up in many people's recommended???

  • Jason Mendez

    Why the hell was this in my recommendations

  • Marco

    Ok the dad with the chainsaw was pretty crazy but cool at the same time

  • Slumber Campus

    At 4:47, that guy pulled off a sneaky spank at that drunk girl right when they were about to depart. That was why the drunk dude dropped who I assume is his girlfriend

  • Daaron McFarling

    4:45 When you act tough because another guy slapped your girlfriends leg, then you drop her on her ass on camera and midway between confronting the other guy you realize you over reacted but continue walking toward him anyway?

  • not ur average oof

    Is everyone suddenly getting this in their recommendations?

  • kibex

    The guy who was jammin our to music while everyone else couldn’t hear it was priceless because I relate so much 😂😂

  • Matt Nobrega

    Wow this is weird. Glad I'm not a psychotic obsessed gamer.

  • NightmareFuel

    Is everyone else just getting this in their recommended?

  • Peyton Cooley

    Y'all looking for 9:19

  • zoltán timár

    the human race is ready for extinction....

  • Sotallytober

    I finely realized how the zombie apocalypse will happen , All the power is going two go out from a massive solar mass ejection you will not be able two get on line , or get your meds , and all these narcissistic snow flakes are going two half two go outside fore the first time ………...

  • MooNScreen

    7:34 Twitch shouldn't exist for this

  • V I B E S

    am I the only one who’s confused why everyone’s here at the same time ? lmaoo

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