she thought she turned her stream off...

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She didn't know she was live and accidentally went live on stream!
  • lidluu

    Why is this suddenly in everyone’s recommended lmao

  • Petrified You

    Anyone else from the recommended?

  • Samarjyoti Deka

    9:12 u wanted to see her... Thnk me later

  • zack 47

    So anybody else getting this in their recommendations today?😐

  • John

    Why do i allways end up watching wierd videos at night....😓

  • RedyTheLegend

    this is thumbnail patrol 9:19 Mission completedRespect +

  • Rokaleta

    Why did this appeared in my recommendations

  • Chezka Oralde

    why are we all watching this at like the same time even though it came out like 6 months ago

  • cal

    hey y’all who got this in their recommended at the same time lmao

  • Mackenna Wild

    Why was this in my recommended 😂😭 like why!?

  • alexis

    & why this was on my recommendations?

  • Devil Donut

    I swear to god I will like this commentU said U sweared to god so do it

  • DownShot

    So this is what Youtube wants me to see today....

  • Petrified You

    Roses are red violets are blue the time that your looking is right below you9:13

  • DeathclawMaster 182

    3:40 when your parets say hapy halloween but you did'nt answer them

  • BlackMamba

    everyone commeting recently to the video that has been uploaded 2 months ago. Why is youtube put this on our recommended?

  • Golden Heart PH

    wtf youtube why it's on my recommended?

  • Mystic

    It seems YouTube just had left only this 6 months old vid to recommend globally.. like all comments are in last 24 hours

  • Jerry Smith

    Thumbnail at 9:15 thank me later

  • Irrelevant Yé

    bro kinda just stopped narrating and I forgot what tf I was watching

  • sai corrine

    who else had this in their recommend?

  • Poly TV

    Why is this at my recomended

  • mikeql bbejas

    Second one was annoying as hell

  • Robert Last name

    The happy halloween one killed me

  • Newbroken

    Everything in this video content is fake... Nothing real in this video!

  • Hardyfly


  • Videos .Galore

    Why did this show up on ALL of our recommendations...

  • BeardlyTheKind

    is this what twitch is

  • Primentris

    2nd Girl makes her neck more like a frog!!

  • glitter girl

    Why are...ALL THE COMMENTS SO FREAKIN NEW?!?!Edit: wtf? I never got 2 likes in 30 seconss lol NOW 4. WHAT TF IS GOING ON?!7...Edit no.2 OMIGAWD THANK YOU SO FREALING MUCH FOR 16 LIKES!!! I NEVER GOT THAT MANY!! THANK U SOOO MUCHH!!!!

  • Honeybunbunzs

    Lmao I love how like we’re all just now watching this even though it came out awhile ago

  • internet addict~

    Idk why this was in my recommended and idk why I clicked.....

  • Hyperclips

    Why is this in my recommended?

  • brebella angel

    I like how you explained the ones that didn't need an explanation but the ones that i was like wtf happened you don't smh

  • Phanic! At the twenty øne chemical falling discøs

    i just realized all these comments are from less than an hour ago... did this start showing up in everyone’s recommended too? 😂

  • Hardyfly

    This guy really put through his door I thought his life was over

  • Roger Coreas

    9:12 ... thank me later

  • twisted grin

    Well I use to stream and that thought of getting paid while just gaming and having to do so little to get money went to my head and ruined a great relationship with my own gf and my thoughts that lead to my comment was from my own view of the experience and which to be fair you are right as well I am right now granted I did go overboard on the topic cause It home for me when I did see that one girl have the same out look addiction as I did and seen that her bf had the same look and action as my gf when she tried to help my but adding my own since of failed experience didn't really help the point I was hoping to put which is that try and not over do streaming its a good life dream but it can be a poison as well

  • Beatbox Highlights

    Why was this in my recommendation

  • xD Salty

    This video was made 6 months but comments of today wtf(The video probably got demontinitized)

  • nazmi terstena

    Second clip if u drink to much Red Bull

  • XXX Mask The Slump God

    This is faker than Pornhub telling me alexa is 1 mile away

  • Revermations

    4:09 oh well headphone users.

  • Snottie Pimpin

    did this just pop up in many people's recommended???


    Why is the second chick tripping out and crying?!

  • sheqs chequa

    Why am I watching this?

  • s7 J

    I would break up with the girl on second video she scary

  • Alicia SA Vlogs

    Who else reading the comments hella confused 😂

  • Eddy Salas

    4:50 what did tinytarik do? Look like he tried to slap her ass or something that’s why the bf dropped her cause he was about to drop his ass lol


    10:04 Thanks me later...

  • Horror Head

    “I CANT STOP!” 😭 I’d slap this girl SO hard across the face with the whole computer.

  • Voxari

    7:58 thats actually kinda cute

  • Patreon The Husky

    It is very cringing to watch, and I am a dog

  • Peyton Elizabeth

    Confused as to why this is recommended 🙃

  • 500 subscribers needed to make me smile

    What is happening!? Everyone is watching this at the same time

  • J J

    Roses are redViolets are blue I just got clickbated And so did you

  • kpopsushi

    They didn't forget to turn there live streams off they are just plain crazy

  • Lauren Symonds

    this video came out 3 months ago why are we all here now

  • Draco Ascension

    That dellor guy sounded like a 10 year old

  • Vanessa's love for RM's dimples 바네사

    The third one lmao 😂😂😂

  • M

    4:52 dude just dropped her. C'mon man.

  • RiotnRespect

    Man that girl in the second clip has serious issues... I really hope she gets the help she needs if it isn’t fake.

  • Nana Sh

    2:05 the cringiest thing i've ever seen...

  • vishal kumar

    9:10 what u here came for😂

  • Inayah Cee

    2:27 Is this what people see when i listen to music? 😂😂😂

  • NightmareFuel

    Is everyone else just getting this in their recommended?

  • Ham And cheese

    K I’m not going to be a twitch streamer when I grow up

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