Skyrim - How To Get Steel Plate Armor within 30 Minutes of starting a new game

"Skyrim - How To Get Steel Plate Armor within 30 Minutes of starting a new game" no description available.
  • JT_Legend

    Easier version: Make her follow you to top of mountain, then you fus ro dah her :)

  • - ᅦᄑᄎᄂᄌ- {[TheShowGunSlinger]}

    Is she important anyway?

  • Galactic Scholar

  • Comb1neD

    One time I walked into the inn and she attacked me, i dont know why but I just killed her and took her armor

  • rainbowdiamond

    i have full steel plate armour

  • PanzamaGaming

    It's funny because I did the same thing without even watching this video lol

  • Grimm Tales

    Lol or you can just buy it at Skyforge, pretty funny tho

  • That Channel

    Or pickpocket or marry her and make her sell it

  • Georgi Hristov

    What if I don't have this option?? Pls help!!

  • Tommy Nichols

    I got my off the outlaws boss it's a lot higher then her

  • real_father_of_demons

    well its the Hemet that goes with the armer

  • RustyShakleford

    Couldn't you just talk to her and access her inventory? Lol

  • XxOrCaXx Plays

    qhere can i get a steel plate helmet

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