Who Konahrik Was - Skyrim Theory

Arise, "Warlord".. Here, I discuss a few Skyrim Theories that could uncover Who Konahrik Was. Eight dragon priest masks, in their corresponding locations, unlock the Konahrik mask. Much of this deals with Skyrim lore, as well as some Skyrim secrets. I do other Skyrim top 5 stuff, often leading to secret quests and enemies. Perhaps, the most powerful enemy?

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and follower mods that are outstanding. They make coming up with your own fan theory, or happening on disturbing locations more fun. There's no shortage of sad stories and deaths to find, pocketed in secret locations, but they make it a little sweeter.

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  • RosemarYT 777

    Who knows? Maybe I'm dragonborn and don't know yet

  • Joel Raynor

    well Bothesda did confirm who he was.Konahrik was the one who stole your sweet roll

  • Brian Sanders

    My theory doesn't account for the Dragon Priests encountered in Elder Scrolls Online, but I have a theory that each of the Dragon Priests were the original Jarls of the holds of Skyrim, and Konahrik was reserved for the High King.

  • Supersmash gamer

    Konahrik is thelegend27


    I sense a war coming between the Waffle lovers and the Pancake lovers.... #SkyrimBelongsToThePancakes

  • Aniket Prabhu

    Miraak chose Kthulu over Smaug.

  • Dylan Flynn

    the masks aren't so much named after the owner as much as the owners are named after the masks

  • Caaros, The King of Chaos

    I personally think that Konahrik was the chief dragon priest, but he grew to despise the harsh treatment of the mortals by the dragon priests and dragons and began secretly spreading negativity against the dragons, planting the seeds for the Dragon War. Alduin figures this out, and orders the other dragon priests to kill him when they all gather at Bromjunaar (Labyrinthian). The other dragon priests except Krosis (Which means sorrow) are happy to do this, hence his name. He still agrees to do so of course.Problem is, when the dragon priests spring their trap, Konahrik proves far too powerful for them to defeat, fighting them to a complete standstill. Alduin has to get involved, but realizes that Konahrik may make a better asset than a corpse. He then orders the other dragon priests to curse Konahrik, binding his soul to his own mask and killing his corporeal body. The whole 'need-all-the-masks-to-get-Konahrik's' thing is basically a safeguard to make sure no one with the magical know-how could resurrect him, and that Alduin could have access to Konahrik whenever he pleases.

  • chubbs_malone

    Depends. We talkin' belgian or eggo?

  • Justin Farrar

    It all makes sense now...Konahrik is Snoke!!!

  • Aron Johansson

    i think konarikh is braith

  • Whiterun Guard

    Konahrikis Rey's father

  • Not the real Mason

    The Theory that you are the Kohanarik would also tie in with the "Letter from a friend" mystery. That Hermeous Morus is sending you the letters because he wants you to succeed and then later kill Mirak.

  • Haku infinite

    a major potential hole with all of these theories, save the first one, is that in present day skyrim, kohnarik the mask is NOT there anymore. the statue is all busted up and the mask gone. where it went or when it was taken is unknown. all we know is, in the past it was there and it could only be revealed by using all the other masks.here's the issue. we have no idea when it is kohnarik is there. we don't know what time period the wooden mask brings you back to. obviously it was a time when labyrinthian was still in top form, as the area is clearly in pristine condition. so i'm guessing at that time, skyrim is still being ruled by the dragons, meaning that nobody has kohnarik, since the mask is still there, and of course since you take it, there never was or will be a kohnarik.also you got something else wrong, we don't know where the wooden mask was located originally, it was brought to labyrinthian by a different person where you find their corpse and a letter describing why they died.so i'm going first explanation.

  • Daeken Sullivan

    Maybe the other priests didnt want Miraak to reclaim Konariik so they required that he kill all other dragon priests brfore he was able to reclaim it.

  • The_Pegasus_Box

    I believe Konahrik was the Arch Priest of the Dragon Priests, the leader of their religion. He held the position until death, but because of his power gained over years of favor from the dragons, he was not buried at death. Instead, he was cremated and his ashes scattered across Skyrim, resulting in unique abnormalities, such as Unmelting Snow. His mask, blessed by Alduin himself, was sealed with the power of the greatest members of their order, so unless a time where it was necessary for all Dragon Priests to come together, it would never be found.Or, when some idiot with a thumpy stick decided to see what the wooden mask did,

  • Foster's stubby ASMR

    I like the shalidor theory

  • Jayden B

    I'm pretty sure he likes pancakes. lol ^-^

  • Fatty McNugget

    Graenolf your content never lets me down

  • Lucky LICK

    I used to be a dragon priest like you then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Michael Lee

    Oh! I actually made a build that answers this question! The Dragonborn is Kohnarik of Atmora, born during the Merethic Era and was one of the first dragonborns. When the Dragons first came to Tamriel and Atmora, they saw the the potential of Kohnarik and asked him for his loyalty for great power in return. Kohnahrik was fascinated by their offer, so he agreed. He became one of the first Dragon Priests of Atmora. Kohnahrik was reassigned to Skyrim and also became the leader of the other eight priests that went with him. However, war broke out in Skyrim and many Nords began to rebel against the dragons. The rebels were about to launch a massive attack on the Labyrithian, so Kohnarik used a scorched-earth tactic and had his men destroy most of the city while he fled to High Rock. However, he did not inform the other priests or the dragons about his plan, and when Kohnarik returned to Skyrim, the other priests were waiting.The eight priests were furious that Kohnarik was responsible for the destruction of the Labyrithian and so they stripped away his power, stripped him of his name, and took away and locked up his mask, and erased all understanding of shouts or spells. Just as the Greybeards can bestow the knowledge of shouts to the Dragonborn, the priests can also take it away. Kohnarik was supposed to be killed by Alduin himself, but he was busy fighting a war. The execution would have to be delayed. Kohnarik then escaped the dragon priests, and fled again, this time to Cyrodill. He was stopped in Bruma by a group of Nord rebels. Among them was Felldir, the Old, who had an Elder Scroll. He had a theory that the Scroll could be used to banish people from time itself, but he never got the chance to test it. But now, he had captured the great dragon priest, Kohnarik, and he will pay for his crimes. Felldir used the scroll on Kohnarik to try to banish him. It failed, and Kohnarik ended up in the 4th era. It took time for him to adapt to the new time period, but eventually, after a few years, he became a well-respected blacksmith. But he was curious. Kohnahrik wanted to know more about what happened to the dragon cult and see what remained. He then traveled back to Skyrim where he walked into a stormcloak ambush, and you know what happened. When he saw Alduin for the first time in years, he was at first overwhelmed with joy. But then the started attacking. Alduin was going to finish what he started. Kohnarik felt betrayed. Alduin not only refused to help him, but he was going to destroy the world, when he was only supposed to rule it. Kohnahrik was going to enact revenge. He would kill the other eight priests, kill every dragon in sight (except Parthunax; he helped Kohnarik), and reclaim his power.

  • This Guy I

    Konahrik apparently does translate to warlord. So most likely #1.You are Konahrik.

  • Diablo Pale

    My assumption was that Konahriik is Miraak, but after his betrayal, his original mask was stripped from him (after all, his outfit is tentacle-styled and he was a dragon priest long before he started worshiping Mora) and hidden by the other priests on the mainland in Labrynthian, to further prevent his return to power. That's why the effect is called "Konahriik's Privilege", because it was the mask attributed to the ruler of the Dragon Cult and, with an ego like Miraak's, he would have wanted to claim his old mask upon return.

  • Darth Molalikith

    It is posible that Lord Harkon used to be a Dragon Priest but had gone Rogue and abandoned the Dragons? He has a Dragon Priest dagger in his castle.

  • Dirty Mashups Done Dirt Cheap

    Isn't it obvious? Jonah risk is Nazeem, the could district he was talking about wasn't the castle, 'twas the sky he was referring to, it all makes sense

  • Veronica D

    Can you just talk to me all day Graenolf? Your voice is hypnotizing

  • aaron cabral

    Here's my theory: among all the priest konahrik was the most powerful so powerful that rivald even Alduin thus he answered to alduin only and was the leader dragon cult. Near the end of the Dragon war, with Alduin gone Konahrik knew the defeat was near but he could not let his mask the sorce of his almighty power fall into the hands of the enemy. Konahrik tore a fabric in time creating something like a pocket dimension and hid his mask there where no one could reach it then gave up his physical form to create the wooden mask in hopes that another one of worthiness would caim the mask and its awsome power thus carying on Konahrik's legacy

  • Alex, That One Shitposter

    Obviously he likes pancakes more. They're way more fluffy.

  • skyquester

    i think Konahrik is a reward created during the dragon war for their most loyal dragon priest but since alduin was defeated a dragon cult hid it making sure that it would be acquired only in the presence of the other dragon priests or at least their masks

  • TheNewest Bard

    WAFFLESDon't care for eitherI'm a proud Loner

  • Jenny Syse

    Greanolf: Why dont you come over to my shrine and I'll tell youMe: *runs so fast that the ground gets skid marks*

  • Brody Sullivan

    YouTube gave me a notification for this 45 minutes late

  • Spooder Pig

    hang on a moment, how about the corpse left behind at the shrine? i mean yeah reading the letter left behind on the corpse pointed out that he is weak, stated that he cant go to the shrine alone and had to have protection, but also he said he was hiding the dragon priest masks, what if he was infact Konahrik and he was hiding his mask, waiting for the dragonborn in the prophecy (us) to claim his mask

  • Yolanda Blake

    I love your voice and intonations. Just sayin'. You put out great content, of course, but your voice is what really draws your listeners in.

  • Kaylee Keen

    WafflesTucked inFight me

  • PupyM0nkyBby

    Waffles #Waffelsforlife

  • Brian Deignan

    Waffles, not tucked in but swaddled in blankets, and single af

  • Dr Dopamine

    Ulfric Stormcloak is not dragonborn

  • WafflingMean44

    you really do put a lot of personality into your videos, adding more to the content you are speaking about.

  • ltshep

    I'll personally like the idea that Kohnariik uses to be a Dragonborn and has a connection to the Last Dragonborn. Mostly because it fits with my little roleplay thing that I always use. The backstory for my character is that he's in skyrim searching for the dragon priest masks he heard stories about as a child.

  • atticusphone

    you missed one yuge idea, Konahrik is you ......but because you are both incarnations of Shor (Shezarrine). Fits the reason for power (even over miraak), fits how he could dominate other mortals blessed by dragons, why he would have dragon like powers including shouts and was better at it, why he was most favored by dragons, and maybe - most importantly- why you never see him, shor, talos, or ANY other shezarrine in game.And since I am the first (that i know of) to come up with this, I'd suggest he loves crepes filled with honey or jam (that's the more nordic thing to eat) instead of boring ass pancakes and waffles.

  • Master of Fart

    I am single prefer waffles, and it does not matter if my blankets are tucked or not

  • Alexandre T.

    Konahrik is the guy that ended the young adventurer's path prematurely by shooting him in the knee with an arrow thus ending this young lad's promising endeavors.P.S: I'm single, hit me up Graenolf ;)

  • Dialask Isel

    I used to be a Dragon Priest like you, but then I took an Eggo to the knee...

  • RooplesPooples

    You’ve got it all wrong.Konahrik is Nazeem!

  • Sam DuPre

    Khonariik was a dragon priest that grew in power until his power was greater than all of the other priests. The priests and the Dovah were fearful of this immense power so they banished the priest himself to Oblivion. But what if Khonariik's mask wasnt supposed to be discovered? What if it isnt a reward? What if it isnt there so that something could get in? What if it is there so that Khonariik cant get out and the only way to unlock it is if all of the dragon priests agreed to release it by putting their masks on the shrine? Maybe Khonariik was just to powerful, too dangerous, too risky for the dragon priests to set free? The dovah and their priests imprisoned Khonariik in the Labyrinthian in another realm with one way in: the wooden mask. They banned anyone from ever accessing its power ever again. This idea would act as a safeguard for the dragon priests, because, after all, who could kill all of the dragon priests and Alduin?

  • TakenByLight 26

    I have a friend called conor Reid is that name close to his?

  • AbsolutelyBroken YT

    Why do i now want to go Roleplay a Dragonborn character named Kaval the Unchained and run with the Valak the Jailer reborn theory xD

  • MrDodo

    Konahrik is the last Dragonborn Your main character an immortal 8 ft tall Male Nord Dragon Priest that has been reincarnated Konahrik defeats Alduin and takes his place as leader of the DragonsThe Resurrection of the Dragon Cult soon follows afterwardsthat's my story

  • MasterGagnon

    i like the last theory.. that shalidor one was awesome! kuudos :)

  • Jacob Gottschalk

    Here's my theory: The gods created the mask as asecret reward to the dragonborn for defeating the dragons most loyal servants just as they created the dragonborn to defeat the dragons. As well they named the mask warlord because the dragonborn is in sense a warlord for waging war against the dragons and leading others against them

  • Astrion

    Doesn't matter who he is now. What matters is I now hold Konahriik, and this mask is mine. After all,dons KonahriikNobody cared who I was until I put on the mask.YEAAAAAAAH!!!

  • Brandon Willis

    2:35That's amazing, a second time haha

  • Tailin Sero

    Maybe the "Warlord" is the "guardian in the book Guardian and the Traitor. We know Miraak is the Traitor and that he was defeated by an even greater Dragon Priest. After their battle, the Guardian is made the ruler of Solstheim. Maybe he left his mask behind so that if he failed to defeat Miraak, his mask would not be lost as well.

  • Bradd Juangco

    My Theory:Konahrik is a mask made for who is worthy enough to have collected all of the Dragon Priests' masks in Skyrim. This means that whoever wears the mask is the King of Dragons or the King of Dragon Priests since it translates to warlord. This was also a test designed by the dragons to test someone's strength and worthiness.

  • Redstone Casey

    I like waffles because they're crispier. Especially chocolate chip ones.

  • August Van Buren

    My favorite part of Skyrim is learning about Dragon Priests. Thank you so much for uploading this vid!

  • The egg2

    Fun fact konahrik is an anagram for nazeem Coincidence I think not

  • Rock and Roll advocate

    I like it how so many people in the comments are arguing about the pancakes vs waffles thing. There is no argument, crepes are the best.

  • Outlaw Harvester

    I think konahrik is a soul bound to the mask and the soul was a very powerful dragon priest / dragon born who fell to power and tried ruling tamriel (sorry if I spelt it wrong) like Aludin or mirrak they could also be a unknown daedra lord

  • Pancakefatboy 669

    "do you prefer waffles or pancakes?""Avocado""Oh, I didn't expect that from you."

  • North Florida Outdoors

    love your videos man > keep up the great work and i just subscibed

  • Awad Shakoor

    What if Graenolf is actually Kohnarihk. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN

  • MrSauceke

    Even i thought konahrik is the dragonborn.And btw i prefer waffles and i sleep with my blanket tucked out

  • Daedrean_TV

    look. waffles are better, simply because they're pancakes, with pockets that they can hold you're chosen toppings in... btw, I sleep in a blanket cocoon, and yes. I'm single. - with love, Konahrik.

  • Connor S

    lol this youtuber reminds me of a friend of mine oh and p.s THIS YOUTUBER IS AWESOME

  • Aurora Harmony

    "And am I single? Well, that’s up to you to find out, gorgeous. Why don’t you come over to my shrine and I’ll tell you." 😍😍😍 I’m literally listening to those words over and over again.

  • Yulio oiluY

    It isn't pronounced as Conor RickBut Kho Nuh Rig with "R" like Russian pronounce "Rrrr"

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