Skyrim: Into the Void [Fan Film]

Dovahkiin, the noble dragonborn hero, is cursed in a fight with a vampire. He spends a considerable time wandering the realm before being captured by the Dark Brotherhood, who offer him a deal. Dovahkiin agrees to help the Brotherhood save a captured member from the Necromancers, in exchange for a cure to his vampirism.

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  • Doctor Pazuzu

    Inspired by the Skyrim franchise.The Skyrim franchiseSkyrim franchise.Morrowind Skyrim was the best Skyrim.

  • Bouncy Boar

    Woah! What ENB is this? The graphics are insane.

  • Ramble Lime 2

    "inspired by the skyrim franchise" skyrim is the game. elder scrolls is the franchise

  • dovahbob

    This was surprisingly good for a low-budget production.

  • Will Semple

    Cure Disease time... XD

  • deckire

    I guess he couldn't make it to a shrine in 3 days.

  • Logaton

    This fan-film is so underappreciated. If there were ever an actual full-length Skyrim movie I'd want these guys to work on it. Imagine what they could do with a bigger budget and more time. It'd be the 1st good video game movie in a long time.

  • Evan O'Keeffe

    16:17 Bro , wards block magic not swords... #NoobyNecromancer

  • Bobba Dickson

    And this is why I became a werewolf instead. None of that vampire crap to deal with.

  • Molag Bal

    Skyrim is my fav. Game ever

  • Vertigo

    Wait... instead of yelling "Dark Brotherhood", shouldn't they yell "Hail Sithis!" or "For Sithis!"?

  • Reiko Reseñas

    thats some weak ass dragonborn XD

  • Nate W

    Impressive Graphics, good choreography, and some decent costume designs and acting. I give it an A

  • Vintage Løuis™

    can't help but notice that dovahkiin is forgetting something when he was locked in the shed, if he can speak the words, he will use the thu'um, even if it's just a whisper. only stopping him from speaking will stop him from shouting. (sliced neck like tiber or gagged like ulfric ) and as you can see, he can speak. I guess he just didn't know he could.

  • Lucas Catão

    Astonishing. Really. Been too long since I've seen such good Real Life Skyrim material. I really loved this. I WANT PART 2!!! GIVE ME BRYNJOLF!!!!

  • Knight 77

    you made him extremely underpowered in this.

  • Justin Whitaker

    I dident like the teeth Everything else was awsome

  • Mike Wazofski

    Nice choreography in the shack fight, not the most realistic but, well done nonetheless.

  • tyler kane

    um why does a random prisoner be able to put up a fight against the dragon born an hero who kills mighty dragons but not a average man, and um the ward spell is not a shield it cant protect the user from weapons when the dragon born sword went flying would never happen and if he killed adulin wouldn't mere mortals fear the dragon born, and the he could still be cured by any shrine of the nine divines, it makes no sense they tried to make an good on but representation but i am pretty sure everyone who has played the game seems to be immortal even on the hardest level so the dragon born here is a bad representation of the dragon born itself

  • Constantine De Lioncourt


  • Ninja Conservador Zuero

    Okay, you guys REALLY need more budget to do a complete film.


    fighting vampire in broad daylight? but thats none of my business

  • Nuka Scotia

    The one thing i find hilarious about mages in skyrim is that they think a ward will stop physical attacks such as sword, axe or bow and arrow.

  • Erik Oleson

    This would have been a better introduction to the Dark Brotherhood, I think.

  • NIghtTerror

    No cure ? How about you go ask Falion on that after all Serana did


    i got to say, while this is notoriously fan made, it is one of the best ones i've seen in technical therms. some of the video edits were top notch. i believe this even surpasses Metal Gear Solid: Phylanthropy.

  • The Real Dovahkiin Miraak

    Why do the vampire eyes look like they are something out of a anime series?

  • Cr4pSnip3r

    Less "emo" haircuts would have been nice.

  • Kelian

    Why are there only danmers in Dark brotherhood? Cool film :)

  • Jeff King

    Bro... that doesn't look like a fan film looks like a real kickass movie

  • Flaming Curse

    Skyrim. The only place you can find idiots trying to stab a black mist with an Iron Sword.

  • Timestamp Guy

    vampire attack in the middle of the day, rly?

  • Anthony Dimarco


  • DestroyRebelScum

    Pretty awesome, but i feel like Dragonborn is pretty weak in this movie, if it were me fighting those necromancers I would just dice them up in stead of surrendering, but thats just my opinion.

  • Quinton Judge

    You people are so negative that was awsome

  • Manwathiel Erulassë

    Uh that kid in the shack was wearing sneakers...

  • James Cooley

    A bunch of people in this section have said that he could have used a cure disease potion. But you should all know that he was bitten by a Vampire Lord. The transformation is almost instantaneous

  • Aldaril Nightbranch

    The "skyrim" franchise? Umm, You mean The Elder Scrolls franchise? Its a bummer how no one pays attention to the classics anymore.

  • Renee Sanders

    Skyrim is the best game of all time. I spent hours playing this game. My family and friends would try to call my phone, but I would put it on silent and play Skyrim. This game is my drug.

  • TheLordUrban

    Haus come he didn't just chug a cure disease?

  • András Riczinger

    part 2 for the people!!!

  • Jamie Sauce

    He could have just loaded an old save :')

  • skyfan122

    I finished the dawngaurd dlc as a human and killed harkon but a few days later i decided to test what would happen if i corrupted ariels bow and shot the sun. turns out, i just finished the prohechy that i was trying to stop harkon from doing. i BROKE THE SUN AND DONT KNOW HOW TO FIX IT

  • ᗰEGᗩ ᗪᗩᑎK ᗰ8

    I dont understand why anyone would want to get rid of a "curse" such as that. I would love to be a vampire. Also, i would LOVE to see a part 2.

  • Ciarán Uí Néill

    Is it bad that I thought this was shit?

  • Lukas Kabaciauskas

    1 hit from and iron sword... dayum - and I thought I was overpowered

  • Laser Network

    Some may call us nerds, or geeks, or no-lifes, but we have done something great. We have delved into the depths of other worlds, to seek fame, fortune, glory, and memories. We returned triumphant. Long live the Nerevarine, and all of Tamriel!

  • Matthew Barnette

    This needs a sequel. Absolutely awesome.

  • Odosidy

    More! For gods sake more!

  • Eder Messias dos reis

    It's officiall this Dragonborn is the most weak dragonborn ever! If it was my character those dark brotherhood fellas would be history in like 40 seconds of fight.

  • Hailey Allen

    Who the hell made Astrid's outfit? Better yet. who CASTED her? Damn. :/

  • Kalona The Breathclaw

    I was kind of waiting for a random dragon to show up during the necromancer battle. It usually happen's to me.

  • I'm Not Impressive.

    It wasn't like the Avengers, but damn. The acting was really good, the fighting looked real to a certain degree,and the special effects were awesome.That necro was pretty badass too.Sure it wasn't all game accurate, but there was a lot of work put into it. Can't you guys appreciate it more?

  • Prapare your Anus

    Can somebody tell what is the name of the spell on 15:37 ?

  • A Welshman

    I really like this but he 1 hit a vampire Lord with a iron sword yet he struggles a lot with a stable boy. logic, where art tho?

  • Timmy G

    i like it it was really good

  • Morten Dahle

    The effects and effort is amazing from an amateur team, but two things bothers me:1. The acting. Horrible at times. Some times decent though. 2. If this story is supposed to be set after the demise of Alduin, shouldn't the hero be MUCH more powerful than this? I mean, at that point in the game, it would take 10 dragons and 100 guards together to stop you... I understand that he can't be as powerful, but for someone who kills dragons and zombies, he sure is weak here.

  • Indri Mirsaputra

    You made it great and professional guys. I salute you!

  • SoullessPotato

    "Inspired by the Skyrim franchise"Yeah, I love the Skyrim franchise! Skyrim 5 was the best, I can't wait until Skyrim 6!

  • Grantiford

    If only the vampire lord was that cool......or actually cool at all

  • Mythic Emperor

    Excellent job! As a long time Elder Scrolls fan, I found this video to be quite awesome. I loved the references to other quests such as Pieces of the Past and Rising At Dawn. I also appreciated the realistic fighting stance he took when battling, such as when he fought the necromancers.

  • dat guy

    they should make a part 2

  • Vincent Fernandes

    since when do they have a slave collar in skyrim? this aint fallout new vegas folks.

  • Rebecca Nelson

    I love that line. "I don't have it." looks overI'm gonna kill you face oh sh*t face"But I know where you can find it." That part always makes me laugh.

  • Timbo Slice

    his snarl face he makes made this whole this unbearable

  • Benjamin Kilian

    Wow. Great Cinamtic work

  • Luis Cardoso

    Man... this is beyond good... My congratulations.

  • frankygrime

    17:30 a car beeps in the background .

  • Tyler Draper

    This was very well made. The transition was beautiful and when they had the teaser at the end I was really hoping for a part 2. Seriously guys well done.

  • Zuther Dragonborn

    this is actually pretty good

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