Skyrim: Into the Void [Fan Film]

Dovahkiin, the noble dragonborn hero, is cursed in a fight with a vampire. He spends a considerable time wandering the realm before being captured by the Dark Brotherhood, who offer him a deal. Dovahkiin agrees to help the Brotherhood save a captured member from the Necromancers, in exchange for a cure to his vampirism.

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  • Ryan Swearingen

    who else is waiting for skyrim remastered?

  • Flaming Curse

    Skyrim. The only place you can find idiots trying to stab a black mist with an Iron Sword.

  • Reiko Reseñas

    thats some weak ass dragonborn XD

  • Dr. Nuggets

    I would only get rid of my vampire powers only to become a werewolf lol

  • Nuka Scotia

    The one thing i find hilarious about mages in skyrim is that they think a ward will stop physical attacks such as sword, axe or bow and arrow.

  • Get me to 1,000 subs with no vids Oreo

    That guy has some sick vans

  • Dr. Nuggets

    16:47 it's about time lol

  • David Connelly

    Does anyone know if they continued this???

  • Refrigerator !!!

    I kinda find it hard to believe Dovahkiin didn't someone Odahviig when he was captured by those followers of dagon.

  • Dokujitsu


  • nicolas green

    I think they should do another one (with differant armour damit!)

  • Tejas Patil

    And why was a civilian too much to handle for a dragonborn

  • Wellington Smith

    Sooo, that went well, right?

  • Jacoby Nero

    maybe the stable boy should've been dragonborn

  • ZzskilledbearzZ

    even without the dragonborn being underatted in this im surprised nobody else is saying...well done this is great

  • Dr. Nuggets

    Dam that vampire though lol I was my Vampire was that badass lol

  • Justin Whitaker

    I dident like the teeth Everything else was awsome

  • kakokapolei123

    13:42 imagine just walking through those woods and seeing a bunch of people dressed in black robes gathering in a circle and not knowing it was for a film

  • Hothy Memster

    cant tell if parody or not

  • i Werewolf

    Very good fan film. I enjoyed it

  • Steven M Cunningham

    Hello,In regards to what it is to do battle against static-non-entities it has no-thing to do with violence as violence is perversion. Honing your body with the use of it's weight, flora solely as sustenance, shelter & fuel though not in concentrated form unless at your #apex as flora is the only thing that is shelter, sustenance & fuel will accelerate your developing at any stage. Timber & alloy are also not to be used unless at your apex though alloy can & will be used where-as timber can not due to trees being flora as well though in concentrate. The misuse of any-thing enables crime/perversion. The United States will never permit it. The difference between trees & food/drink? Bamboo is food/drink where-as other trees provide food/drink in part not as their function. Sap for instance. Detoxification of sodium fluoride will empower you to tap in-to your genetic memory which even the corrupt have innately. #TamarindSincerely,A concerned citizen.P.S.Killing is perverse & thos who kill will never know any-thing but #torpor. Torpor...can be achieved thriugh proper nutrition (flora..) as well as exercise & solitude. Solitude being non-toxic shelter obviously & not in or on a living being or departed..

  • karatevaldi

    Oh wow, what ENB is this? Looks amazing.

  • Timestamp Guy

    vampire attack in the middle of the day, rly?

  • Galimir Nund

    Wow....he like fus ro da'ed his face in... lol

  • Deterjan Koftesi

    This video wrong , but good


    Is based in a fantasy world. Yet, the mage guy in the shack has on a fifty dollar pair of kicks.

  • Kalona The Wanderer

    I was kind of waiting for a random dragon to show up during the necromancer battle. It usually happen's to me.

  • Andre Bugi

    Its good to finally see a skyrim- fanmovie with a dragonborn that has some gainz

  • Trever Vanpelt

    I give this video fore thumbs up 🖒🖒🖒🖒

  • Jaime Lopez

    the girl that played as Astrid she got and cute

  • Liam Gosling

    just so you know, you cant block a sword with a blocking spell

  • ZzskilledbearzZ

    yer he took down alduin without a scratch and he cant fight 3idh assasins and he cant beat such a scronny weaknling in a shack

  • Advancer Gaming

    Why would Brynjolf make dragonborn vampire into human again? It should be Falion in Morthal

  • Sly Sniper Fox

    I don't know how so many people can dislike this,it's badass

  • Steven M Cunningham

    Out of 10 I give this a 9. A lot of effort was put in-to genuine combat while juggling the display of #lethality despite it being a flawed concept. The graphics were 6 out of 10 but considering the did well. The choreography was quite pleasant though not expert. I was impressed & am impressed. I recommend the obvious...😎...#MartialArtistry / #VeganFitness & pacing your-self.

  • Lea E.

    Georgeous! Very well done! Everybody is acting so good and look like the persons in the game... and I mean... look at this enormous jump in 14:52!!! Luv it! It's really realistic. Thumbs up! I want another part! 😃❤👍

  • leklo375

    The teeth prosthetics and eyes suck balls all else was ok

  • Thiago Adomaitis

    How many died to recue one?

  • ZzskilledbearzZ

    16:17 WHY USE A WARD...hold on the dragon born hasnt wrekt his face back to daggerfall yet...REALLY

  • OverjoyedTepig

    The Astrid character is very well thought out! She sa great actor as well

  • Blaine Wilder

    that one mage was a pussy he kept using that stupid( I forgot what it's called) magic shield

  • Chrissi G

    Love it, good work guys :) 💕

  • Rochendil Nenwe

    A part 2 would be cool

  • sam W

    I hate how they portray the Dragonborn as a little bitch that can get his ass whooped by some farmer boy any day.

  • Tyler Kissh

    This was well made I mean for a fan film that was good keep up the good work guys 😀

  • CloudSteele

    That was pretty cool. But does anybody remember the name of the series/creator of another live action series that was probably made in 2012. Really all I can remember about it was that it was great, and focused a bit around Belethors shop. I downloaded a copy of Skyrim (My ps3 disk broke, and I've since bought legendary + special edition), and It came with a folder that had the mini-series in it.

  • Rebecca Nelson

    I love that line. "I don't have it." looks overI'm gonna kill you face oh sh*t face"But I know where you can find it." That part always makes me laugh.

  • i Werewolf

    I wonder if vampires in TES believe vampirism is a blessing much like the Companions do for Lycanthropy.

  • TheLordUrban

    Haus come he didn't just chug a cure disease?

  • Jumbled Studios

    This is actually amazing for what it is. This is truly what a Skyrim movie should be

  • Zed

    thats a weak Dragonborn he cant beat a mage easily he even gets a lot of damage from the mage

  • Trash Creeper

    14:53 OUT OF NOWHERE !!!

  • James Christofer Trepus

    Such a great video!P.S. May we all join Sithis in the void.He should not use FUS RO DA, and use the fire breath, now that will give the dam Dark brotherhood something to cry about. ha!P.S.S.  Dovakkin instead of tryng to get rid of the the vampiric power, use it for good, and now since your immortal you can save lifes the dragon born is a vampire so he should be able to kill the guy much easer.Revive merune dagon, but deadric princes can never die. Merun dagon is nothing to the father of vampires Molag Ball.

  • George Flitton

    Will there ever be sequels to this masterpiece?!?!

  • NIghtTerror

    No cure ? How about you go ask Falion on that after all Serana did

  • LeaksOut

    plz make a complete movie named skyrim just like the game is awsom....

  • Whisper Darkling

    Absolutely fabulous work. You don't mess with the Dark Brotherhood. You know better. :T

  • lionesque35

    This should be a movie I always loved skyrim

  • GamerPanda178

    How did they get the special effects? I'm quite curious for things like that because next year is my senior year and I have to do a project and I want to do a short film with effects similar to this.

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