Skyrim Walkthrough: Level 100 Smithing

Learn how to easily get your smithing skill to100, all in 5 minutes, in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with IGN.

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  • Erik Hawkins

    So you want to apply to work at my daedric armour forge huh? What past experiences do you have in smithing, sir.I did nothing but craft iron daggers all day yesterdayYou're in.

  • Andrew Swanson

    how is the bar going up so much? it takes me like 35 daggers to level up 1

  • dave morris

    Guys if you are in 2016 craft golden ring or necklaces to get it up faster

  • Julian H

    This was patched. The bar does not go up that fast anymore and in addition vendors do not have that much ore anymore.How I skill smithing:Get the spell transmutation (transforms iron ore into silver ore and silver ore into gold ore)Get iron ore (vendor or mining)Transform it into goldCraft golden necklaces

  • Squidink


  • samlovesu

    Dear Skyrim Newcomers,This technique doesn't work anymore. It was patched a while ago. Your best bet to increase you smithing fast is either making arrows or jewelry.

  • Seth Hamel

    I'm going to tell you the best way to get to 100. Delete your title update from you memory unit and move your dlcs to a USB if you have any and remove the USB, start a new game and run through the tutorial. Make sure you get the worrier stone. Go get money from the hidden chests around skyrim and the iron dagger method will work, thanks and like so more people can see, thanks

  • Jacob Ross

    How did his Smithing level bar go up so fast?

  • clueless ben

    I think they reduced the leveling in skyrim special edition

  • Parsa Irani

    i have 20000 gold from the dark brotherhood

  • Twctlcc GM

    AMAZING NEW METHOD:The iron daggers are patched so i have made my own way of getting smithing to 100.You will need: Dwarven metal ingots (made from dwemer metals found in ruins) and iron ingots (mined in common places or bought)1st Get your smithing to 30 and get the dwarven smithing perk.2nd Make Dwarven bows3rd Sell them for gold that u can buy more gold with.4th Repeat.

  • Crimson Blue

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I rook roughly 743 daggers to the knee.

  • M1ST3R x MAYH3M

    6/17/15. Took me about 6 hours in real life to grind out leveling up by making any sort smithwork and that was with 100,000 septims mind you. Good Luck IMO the dragon armor makes it all worth it.

  • Markus Kreher

    This WAS great... Then the update happened... 

  • Tyler Miller

    Much better to perk it up to dwarven and switch to making dwarven helmets after a while. You actually MAKE money, instead of loosing it, so you can craft both iron daggers (for speed) and dwarven gear (for efficiency).

  • Jaffa Creeper

    who heard the people in the back ground

  • Cooper Marti

    I didnt lvl up NEARLY as fast as him. He must have on some some an amuelet and ring and well sleeping bonus (which i cant get because i have werewolf blood)

  • John Doe

    They must have patched it, I have to have make like 800 + iron daggers to get to 100 ( I was using warrior stone.)

  • Jon Pierre

    Make gold rings because they patched this a while back

  • Kira Ritter

    Hey I was wondering why did the blacksmith that you bought the iron ingot from have like over 120 stocked? When I buy he only has like 25 or so. It would be nice if he had over 120 stocked for me, I have the money for it...

  • smackedinthejaw

    Past level 50'ish it takes about 20 iron daggers to rise a level, so come level 90+ I can imagine 100 ingots and 100 leather strips wouldn't even get you 3 levels.

  • Nathaniel Larkin

    The Thing that pisses me off the most about this video isn't that the this was patched but rather the fact that in my game, War Maidens never carry that many iron ingots...😒

  • Cyclonus

    Poor me somehow these two people are dead.

  • Breanna Thompson

    If you get the transmute spell, save a bunch of gold, you can make gold necklaces.If you're further in the game, and you've completed the quest where you find all the stones of barenziah, save flawless diamonds and the gold diamond necklaces are worth like ×3 the regular necklace.

  • jason bourne

    Was this ever patched?

  • Ethan Bulger

    This an easier method so read my comment and like if it helped please1. Go inside Whiterun with a companion and step next to Warmaidens to do this quick2. Tell your companion to wait through dialogue 3. You'll need two ingots or more to duplicate, but you can't duplicate a single ingot 4. Go into your menu to inventory and find the ingots you want to duplicate 5. Drop one ingot only and get out of the menu to the game6. Now go back to your menu to inventory and drop a single ingot and get out of the menu to the game again 7. Now that you dropped all your ingots, tell your companion through Command Stare to grab the ingots 8. Now that your companion has grabbed the ingots, tell them to get out of Command State but do not go into dialogue with your companion, it is important your companion is still in wait 9. Get out of Whiterun 10. Go back inside Whiterun 11. Go to your companion and you'll see the ingots you dropped spawned, but the best part is your companion has extra ingots you dropped and had them pick up You can use the duplicated ingots to smith You can duplicate smithing materials tooYou can also do this glitch to duplicate swords and armor like the Ebony Mail armor or Dawnbreaker sword, but if you duplicate something Flawless or Legendary, the duplicated item will not be Flawless or Legendary

  • Ashley W

    Daggers has been patched, make gold rings (easier with Transmute spell), or Dwarven bows

  • Bum Boy Gaming

    Wtf it takes me 10 daggers to lvl once

  • J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟

    They fixed this ;(I made like 30 and leveled up like 2 times

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    Easiest way: Get under the map in whiterun. Make your way to the skyforge. wait for eorland Graymane to be on the grindstone. jump and talk to him by spamming his x on his foot. then train your smithing. once out of gold or levelled 5 times, go to the chest in front of you and take your gold back and or all of eorlands items. Rinse and repeat. Also a good way to level up! hope this helped.

  • MadLungz x

    Crafting Jewelry is faster... use transmute

  • Golden Gun

    Seriously the dagger trick don't work no more

  • allshallperish1100

    Played almost 3 hundred hours just got it to 100

  • gavin comes

    I had like 4K and a lil more

  • Nick Varrasse

    Smithing doesn't level like this anymore.

  • Grim fang the Hellhound

    iron nails is cheaper, only cost 1 iron ingot for 10 nails

  • _DEDSEC_TOR_ _

    Hey just a quick word this was patched just saying because people down below are saying it don't work it does if you have LOTS of ingots and leather you can use for the daggers and any left over leather use it in the leather armor category AND make sure you get the potions and a necklace or enchanted piece of armor for smithing you will level up plenty quick!

  • Rick

    Do the dark brother hood quest line.You get a lot of gold from that :P

  • Rflexion

    He leveled so many levels, he was lvl 17, waiting to level to 18. If he levels to 18, will he be able to level to 19 right away because he leveled so many times in lvl 17? I dont know and i need help about this

  • Riley Jones

    Does anyone know an easy way to do this now?

  • Luke Kv

    holy crap thanks man i subscribed

  • Steezy Glo Boy

    I found a better way instead of everything you've seen in videos!The best way to level up smithing is with leather, leather strips, craft as many chest plates as you can of leather this is leveling me up fast even from level 75 this has helped me, unfortunately, I found this quite late in my progress but it can be better for you if your looking to level your smithing for daedric, dragonscale, etc. Hope I helped! And this is for the current version.

  • GreenBanana

    First person view? Let me guess, playing as one of the dozen human races.Oh dear, and playing on a console, too. Oh dear.2:33 Because iron daggers have more mass than an entire ingot.Um. Yeah. This has nothing to do with getting 100 Smithing in five minutes.

  • Ayem Osum

    You had 1004 gold yet you bought 1242 worth of Iron Ingots how is this possible

  • _DEDSEC_TOR_ _

    Oh yeah and get the warriors stone thanks!

  • marie sykes

    on xbox smith dwarvon bows its faster then iorn daggers

  • Lord snuffaluffagus

    i went in with 35,000 and came out with 8 gold is that a problem


    Okay guys. Your probably gonna hate me for this but its patched. There is nothing we can do about it if you look at the date on when this video was made. It was made on November 16 2011 which is not that long after the games release so I suggest you try a different method. And its most likely that this doesn't work on legendary edition either.

  • Portal Pup

    On xbox I recommend banned iron armor and gold rings

  • Jonto Meyer

    Making iron daggers does not level up your character that much

  • J T

    So Not Helpful. The Idiot Literally Sold Her 150 Iron Ingots And Claimed She Started With it...

  • Drago Gamez11

    If your reading this in 2016 just make necklaces or rings and it should be fund

  • Bombsquad_zach

    complete the dark brotherhood story and get I think it was 20 or 40 thousand gold

  • Brian Alvarenga

    doesn't level up as fast on the ps4 remastered version

  • Sean Vu

    I play of Xbox 360 and it works -_-

  • sami alwajih

    Better way:Acquire Lydia (Protip use magnets for better acquiring)Acquire warrior stoneGo to Dwarf cafésForce feed Lydia metalReturn to WhiteballsSleep for 24 hoursSmelterMake dwarves bowsCongrats you just wasted a few hours of your life!

  • Explore Games

    People are saying that daggers have been patched and this method won't work any more but it does - just takes around 1000 daggers to get all the way to 100 IIRC.  You can attack the vendor and reload to restock their inventory, and if you enchant the daggers before selling them (with petty soul gems) you'll be levelling that up too AND making money.  There's no faster way - if you use the spell to change iron to gold, you get half the amount, so it will take twice as long (and cost more).  Also you won't be able to enchant them with the Banish enchantment, which is the one you want to use because it gains your skill quicker and the enchanted items are worth more to sell.

  • Ater Nefarium

    Will it work if you just mine your own iron ore and get your own leather strips because it's quite easy for me to do such and does it specifically have to be at that certain forge?

  • michael saucier

    My smithing bar goes up noooooooooooooooooo slowIt took me 4 hours to get to 40 from 25

  • Taylor Robinson

    hello,i am a new skyrim player,ABSOLUTELY love the game i have been doing the dark brotherhood kills i have like 100,000 gold how much it cost to do the iron dagger method to 100? i have 57 smithing at the moment.

  • Dr Dalek 2.0

    On PS3 it gets harder and harder as you go once you get to level 45 in smithing it might just be on the PS3 though

  • Shadow claws

    when i make iron daggers it goes slowly that means i have to get the warrior stone or a smithing perk?

  • ItsZaos

    Mine doesn't level up that fast :( It takes like 15 daggers to level up once at 30 :/

  • Mike Kay

    hey are your smithing level up so fast because your speech is up

  • Its ya boi William

    Or if you keep your dragon bones you can 3x you cash and mass produce

  • RogueTrident

    You're using a fast leveling mod. It doesn't take that little effort to level up off of iron daggers. You must think your teaching scrubs like yourself

  • Exo Spacer

    Feel like a newb now....and I just started playing Skyrim again

  • kokooos deathmolish

    This is incredibly helpful! thank you muchly sir, i think you deserve a sub - very well put together content as well as in depth presentation,Regards from the Uk!

  • Andrew Gibson

    How did you get the skill multiplayer to go up so high? When I make daggers, it doesn't go that fast!

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