Skyrim Walkthrough: Level 100 Smithing

Learn how to easily get your smithing skill to100, all in 5 minutes, in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with IGN.

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  • Erik Hawkins

    So you want to apply to work at my daedric armour forge huh? What past experiences do you have in smithing, sir.I did nothing but craft iron daggers all day yesterdayYou're in.

  • dave morris

    Guys if you are in 2016 craft golden ring or necklaces to get it up faster

  • Julian H

    This was patched. The bar does not go up that fast anymore and in addition vendors do not have that much ore anymore.How I skill smithing:Get the spell transmutation (transforms iron ore into silver ore and silver ore into gold ore)Get iron ore (vendor or mining)Transform it into goldCraft golden necklaces

  • Samuel Duarte

    Dear Skyrim Newcomers,This technique doesn't work anymore. It was patched a while ago. Your best bet to increase you smithing fast is either making arrows or jewelry.

  • M1ST3R x MAYH3M

    6/17/15. Took me about 6 hours in real life to grind out leveling up by making any sort smithwork and that was with 100,000 septims mind you. Good Luck IMO the dragon armor makes it all worth it.


    I have 1000 gold..MeanwhileMe having 176k gold and lvl 73 smithing..

  • Crimson Blue

    I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I rook roughly 743 daggers to the knee.

  • Apollo Shiro

    0 to 100 smithing real quick, real quick, No need to steal shit. Get it? lol I just had to

  • Rick

    Do the dark brother hood quest line.You get a lot of gold from that :P

  • Jacob Ross

    How did his Smithing level bar go up so fast?

  • Seth Hamel

    I'm going to tell you the best way to get to 100. Delete your title update from you memory unit and move your dlcs to a USB if you have any and remove the USB, start a new game and run through the tutorial. Make sure you get the worrier stone. Go get money from the hidden chests around skyrim and the iron dagger method will work, thanks and like so more people can see, thanks

  • Wally Mack

    AMAZING NEW METHOD:The iron daggers are patched so i have made my own way of getting smithing to 100.You will need: Dwarven metal ingots (made from dwemer metals found in ruins) and iron ingots (mined in common places or bought)1st Get your smithing to 30 and get the dwarven smithing perk.2nd Make Dwarven bows3rd Sell them for gold that u can buy more gold with.4th Repeat.

  • John Doe

    They must have patched it, I have to have make like 800 + iron daggers to get to 100 ( I was using warrior stone.)

  • Clueless Ben

    I think they reduced the leveling in skyrim special edition

  • Markus Kreher

    This WAS great... Then the update happened... 

  • Jaffa Creeper

    who heard the people in the back ground

  • Jon Hoot

    Make gold rings because they patched this a while back

  • Parsa Irani

    i have 20000 gold from the dark brotherhood

  • ApeZz

    `player.advancepcskill smithing 100Works for me doh

  • Cooper Marti

    I didnt lvl up NEARLY as fast as him. He must have on some some an amuelet and ring and well sleeping bonus (which i cant get because i have werewolf blood)

  • Luke Kv

    holy crap thanks man i subscribed

  • Golden Gun

    Seriously the dagger trick don't work no more

  • smackedinthejaw

    Past level 50'ish it takes about 20 iron daggers to rise a level, so come level 90+ I can imagine 100 ingots and 100 leather strips wouldn't even get you 3 levels.

  • Nathaniel Larkin

    The Thing that pisses me off the most about this video isn't that the this was patched but rather the fact that in my game, War Maidens never carry that many iron ingots...😒

  • Kerry Holloway

    THANKS SOOOO MUCH it helped A lot ( not sarcasm )

  • J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟

    They fixed this ;(I made like 30 and leveled up like 2 times

  • Breanna Thompson

    If you get the transmute spell, save a bunch of gold, you can make gold necklaces.If you're further in the game, and you've completed the quest where you find all the stones of barenziah, save flawless diamonds and the gold diamond necklaces are worth like ×3 the regular necklace.

  • pierce maloney

    Thanks for wasting 5 minutes of my life watching a technique that I have been doing.

  • Ashley W

    Daggers has been patched, make gold rings (easier with Transmute spell), or Dwarven bows

  • Patricia White

    THANK YOU! :-) so much your video on smithing was helpful.

  • Squidink


  • Winter Soldier AD

    doesn't level up that quick,I tried before

  • T.R.

    That's correct... but I think you should go back to school. level* quickly* and* you* more* I've* done* I don't know* times* you* level*

  • Skies From Below

    You have an unupdated Skyrim. I wanna delete my Skyrim updates but if I do, I can't use my 100 Smithing profile.

  • SnarlyTrain

    Errrr, won't they run out of iron?

  • DropTheNoise

    Does This Still Work On The Xbox 360?

  • JoeyRS

    I don't care if its patched but good thing I got like 471 leather strips

  • Skies From Below

    You don't neeeda remove the internet cable. It is possible to refuse Update.

  • Skies From Below

    Much higher level than anyone? I'm lvl 40 and I even thing it's low.

  • bryan hricko

    yep he got 9 000 000 daggers

  • hari ganesh

    seriously 17 is high r u fuckin retarded

  • Anthony Cipolla

    Guys if you want to level it up as fast as this, you can either get dwemer materials and make dwarven bows, or look up how to do it after the patch. There is a spell called transmute mineral ore, you get iron ore, and using the spell, you make iron into silver, then silver to gold. Then you smelt it and make gold rings and jewelry. Hope this helps :)

  • ammattilainen90

    on console, just clear your system cache, remove internet cable from console, and start smithing.. Clearing your cache clears all the game updates

  • Skies From Below

    Good... But patched...

  • Geomshadow XD

    Finally I can craft daedric daggers ! Thnx so much

  • Carlos Sampson

    The gold ring trick is better

  • alexisballard81

    Your right if you listen

  • Shaun Templey

    Cool vid on this guy showing u how to get rid of patch.. ill explain it. But this will wipe ur saved game, so use another profile to do this, All u have to do is go to system settings, go to storge, Select memory unit u use, go down to games and find Skyrim, select it. Go down the list of game things, ull find title update, Select it and delete, now u can play without the patch and do the glitch again. This comment was to help C.L. LeBeau out and prove that it works. REMEMBER USE A NEW PROFILE.

  • Shaun Templey

    But the dagger trick still works, I was at lvl 80, I tried Ebony daggers and it threw me up to lvl 86, Ran out, Found some more, That lot got me to 89, before running out again but I just finished off by making Dwarthen daggers or by Ebony ingots then boom lvl 90, This time ill use Deadric daggers to shoot up. I dont think anyone knew that until I tried it a couple of hrs ago, Had Ebony ingots, Made daggers, shot my smithing up, so it still works, Its just that u cant just stick to Iron daggers.

  • Shaun Templey

    It didnt throw it up but it helped, What Im saying is that the dagger trick still works but u have to use daggers from ur current skill, Like I just did with Ebony, When I found more Ebony I got from 86-89 before running out again, used Dwarthen daggers to help out and I finally made it to Deadric, U see u do need alot of Ebony ingots to level up from 80-90 but made it there, This time make Deadric daggers to lvl up now, Thats all u have to do. Ohh yea Leather strips are vital as well.

  • sad doombringer

    this got patched but u can still do it

  • ggGaming CommunityFFS

    i have 4 million but i dont want to waste all of it

  • jmike191

    this was patched out along time ago they changed it so now the best way is to make the highest value items you can

  • dirk boi

    Mibe doesnt level up that fast

  • aliface oliface

    it works for me dragon armor on all acounts

  • Lloyd Kasper Shail

    Mate. He's like level 17...

  • gunner task

    how do you delete your update?

  • Mr.2ndAmendment

    its patched.... for like years

  • What really grinds my gears

    I'm gonna delete my update

  • Olav Søhagen

    It really should be mentioned that this is //PATCHED// a loong time ago. About when dawnguard was released im assuming.

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