The Witcher 3 - High LvL Mage signs only gameplay - totally OP

The Witcher 3 mage gameplay lvl 30/31 only using signs. Such a Witcher 3 build is totally OP, even on Death March it's no challenge. Put as much into sign intensity as possible, max out Igni and Yrden. Use your Petri's Philter and Tawny Owl potion.
Also not equipping your swords will increase your sign intensity, but this will probably be fixed with patch 1.06.
This is probably the best build, better than a alchemy or combat build. In most cases you can one shot big monsters like a Griffin, Cyclope, Chort (big cow monster), Leshen or Fiend.
But you will have problems with killing the Wild Hunt generals Imlerith, Caranthir and Eredin, the final boss.
  • RockFour1

    Still, it was cool watching you burn the guards in Novigrad...

  • ShArp_47

    Lol that's trully OP as hell! Good video man, I hope CDPR will fix it.

  • admin8073

    Jeez. I have finally started to realize that Signs can be made so powerful. And here, I am taking about a hour to kill monsters with swords. Though it is challenging, it does get in my nerve because I can make so few mistakes.

  • Dvoumetrovej Jarda

    I playing only Swordsman build...but this..omg..awesome man..maybe i will change my mind and going to play new game+ and try something new

  • Thập Cẩm Xôi

    this build only for fighting monster , not for boss cos they immume to burn and knockdown ... i love this build but it's a pain in the arse when you fighting boss .

  • Tatsang Wang

    I think CDPR downgraded the power of signs with the new patch, sad... But this build was really powerful tho.

  • SnowninjaXZ

    Im pure Attack damage, level 44 but now I need to try pure magic just for fun! Though Id miss my 6% chance to insta kill enemies.

  • Tenebras

    dude its just a SP game... dont get over excited. just dont abuse it if it hurts ur fun. :/i play with no signs what so ever and could say the same about the sword/potion/oil tree... if you use them together you cut trough every enemy with huge resistance boosts to their dmg... just sain.

  • Julio Akamine

    Looks like the bug which increases damage when no swords are equipped is fixed. Can someone confirm?

  • bachhoangson

    Full sign build is very OP, no matter your opponent. You can easily beat the s*** out of your enemy, even they are 10 lv more than you. Until you meet the 3 Wild Hunt's boss, Imlerith, Calanthe and the last dude Eredin.The first fight with Imlerith, he is nothing to me until he dropped his shield. His teleport make him nearly invincible. I cannot use the Alternative Yrden, it need to much time to cast. If you use Igni, he will give you 3 staff in your face, and then you die. All you can do it's keep dodge and cast Queen to protect you, and when his final blow made him exhausted, you can strike him only 1 hit. And because our build is full sign, he will loose 50 hp per hit. Very long fight !!!It's become more harder with Calanthe and Eredin. They are both mass-teleport boss (hope you know what I mean), have plenty of "touch and die" skill. They have super ultra high resistance with Igni, the main waepon of a Witcher Mage. Eredin, even you use the alternative Queen, his kick will make you vulnerable with his slash, and 2 slash from him, you die.I beat the game yesterday, Death March mode, first playthrough. Lv 34, I have full mastercrafted Griffin set, all rune is the greater version, and I equip only those rune improved your spell damage, Igni rune and Queen rune. Imlerith cost me 15 minute to finish, and 45mn for each 2 remain boss, Calanthe and Eredin.I maxed out all of these skill and quip them: The first 3 Igni's skill, The last 3 Queen skill, the last 3 Yrden's skill, 3 general skill: griffin technique, the skill give you adrenaline for each Sign cast, and the skill made adrenaline gave you damage for both spell and sword damage. My mutagens, of course they are all greater blue.Sorry for my bad English !!!

  • Maximus COC

    skyrim mage : MUCH BETTER

  • Felix W.

    Whats the build you used?

  • Jean Marcel de Antoni

    that's almost like my build, but I really love sword fight XD and cast signs with adrenaline is awesome too. great video man.

  • steverua 761

    my character is level 600

  • SW PL

    Seems kinda boring, just spam Igni and doge

  • James Criss

    what is the sword you are wielding?

  • Pingapang

    Igni too op, I barely use sword now, which is boring.

  • Adam Wattad

    How do you cycle through your signs without going the menu?

  • djlowtek

    Honestly seems like a boring way to play eh?

  • marshall02'

    Signs are so op, it makes the combat boring because theres no parrying , no dodging, no counter attack, just spamming signs button it makes the game to easy

  • J. Jonah Jameson

    I don't know why you'd play something like this, you may as well be watching a movie.

  • Dallesse

    We're on patch 1.31 now... pretty sure this is no longer possible, sadly. :-( Weapon and armor upkeep can be so damn expensive. This would have been a nice alternative.

  • xd

    wespect bruvah, guud guid. hoop to cee moar in ze futuure

  • Dreamer23245

    i'm having problems casting axii alternative mode. sometimes it does the puppet cast and sometimes it doesn't. i hold it both times like i should. any ideas? what does alternate mode depend on? i have max stamina all the time and both times it seems to sometimes cast it and sometimes not. why?

  • Ty Budd

    How are you switch in Signs without going through the signs Menu

  • mhmMHMmhm

    my first play through i just melted absolutely every enemy with that flamethrower hand spell. hella fun

  • Sr Chalice

    now I see why people were on forums shooting off their mouths about how easy Death March is. and it is as I figured, BUGS... Unfortunately there is another side to the busBUGS, which is the opposite of all of that when wolves kill you in 2 hits. you cannot win a fist fight on death March (you for in 2 hits) but anyways signs were never OP it's clear that in this video you clearly had bugs that went in your favor. ha-ha, because any and everyone knows no creature should did that easily. but I'm glad I saw this video for sure. because my experiences were quite opposite, because I had the bad bugs that caused me to such hardcore. I first noticed when swallow was doing Less regen that food was.

  • Epicalyx

    What biuld are you using a video please

  • possum440

    I do not understand your logic. You state the game is too easy and yet you use all the best items to achieve the power level you show in game.You want CD RED to CHANGE the difficulty by increasing or decreasing something, whatever item/items.Are you not capable of doing this yourself with the tools available ingame to tailor your challenge level?You make no sense when you state the game is too easy and yet you use all the heavy hitting stuff. get a clue.

  • Ouroboros

    Ya going to have this game SO fixed that it'll become shit like every other game... Find something like this and dont like it dont do it, Have fun with it. its a one player game smh not an PVP game like the shit Destiny became..

  • Alfredo Pichardo

    sense I started playing this game i decided not to use any regular gear only witcher gear witch has made my experience not to hard but Its not easy ether. It's a good balance. If I wanted to get stronger I needed to explore the world (caves) and find all the witcher gear.I believe a true witcher should only use witcher swords and gear. soon as you start that new game only use witcher gear.

  • cheeseburgerzert

    I have the exact same build, but when it comes to quest boss fights (no spoilers), it can be a very long grind fest on deathmatch. Just a note to newcomers.

  • sedat arslan

    you are easy:D i am killing 80 level arcgriffin when i am 50 level on deathmatch

  • Zvonimir Šestak

    what is the name of the sword u are holding at 1:51 and where did u find it? :d


    that griffin has a very good and cool looking chest armor for me.called "Zireal"its pretty decent.

  • 87Julius

    Looks like the most boring way to play the game

  • SoIoCreep

    I avoided the igni skills for this reason. Thankfully they fixed it. Fire is still the strongest but no where near as OP as it was.

  • JustCallMeHomie

    Would be great if you use this with infinite stamina

  • sapienecks

    Guess this is why patch 1.07 nerfed Igni.

  • Ryan Castañeda

    What advice can you give on the early stages of the game using this build?

  • Dat Boi

    hehehe I fought that Arachas at about 10 levels lower than it with no build setup (I didn't know I could op on anything at the time), at least I know now that thing was a little shit no matter what and that I wasn't just crap at the game.

  • Asaf GamingIL

    how did you made your igni so strong ?

  • ZLOYTracer

    man, please tell me, what the diffence between first and second mode of Igni for damaging enemy? As i understand, 1st mode have much more chanses to set enemy on fire, but it have 1 shot, while 2nd mode have less chances, but more longer and can set on fire snemy even if the possibility of fire ignition have very little persentage in stat-window, because he produced stream of fire for a long time, so what would you recommend?

  • unknown

    the griffin master is op lol

  • Harshit Kumar

    Try killing DETLAFF with this in dm.

  • Wryse

    This would never work for the olgierd von everec fight, he dodges the spells like crazy

  • Mazeingpower

    what about elementals there fire resistant

  • Nguyen Le

    arachas can be set on fire, i'm sure of it, Igni can apply to almost enemies in the game except of the wild hunt generals and the wraiths =_=

  • Fares

    how to make the stamina crow fast? The Orange staminathrough the fight it grows so slowhow to make it grow fast?

  • Ragian Azariah

    what skill makes yrden attack enemies?

  • mr. nice

    how do you change between your signs so quickly?

  • Siorata

    how u can chang the key bindigs of ur controller?

  • kampa03

    Seems like Polski akcent xD

  • You Doubt Me ?

    what weapon u using on 1:41 ?

  • Lord Johnny

    This guy is actually pronouncing the w in sword. Illiteracy to the max.

  • blindwillie99

    That Yrden knock back lightning skill is awesome.  It does NOT appear in the tips for the skill tree in this line!  Can you confirm which skill to upgrade for this please. BTW i am playing on PC. I do hope the PS4 version alone has this ability.

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