Forsworn Army VS Imperial Army! - Skyrim Remastered NPC Battle

In this Skyrim Remastered NPC Battle we see a group of Forsworn Savages ambush an Imperial Legion patrol.
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  • Wisemen - NPC Battles

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  • Fuzzy Monkey

    I think of this romans vs celts

  • Phil Historia

    It's like ancient rome vs the celtic and brittanic tribes. im erect

  • Bilbo Baggins

    No wonder the Empire lost to the Thalmor if they can't even handle a group of uncivilized brutes.

  • TheFriley4

    lol omg why in the hell were those Imperials doing the Afflicted vomiting attack at 1:47??

  • TheZoneRanger

    This is just like the romans invading the celts in northern Europe

  • Mr.Fuggetaboutit

    The battle for solitude, Stormclokes vs Imperials, advanced version

  • JuiceHead

    it's been too long since the last one of these. Great work man!

  • Magkno

    better directing than micheal bay

  • Jochem Langen

    Next battle do Morag Tong vs Dark Brotherhood please

  • John Smith

    I like how I saw an Imperial use the Infected magic power and vomited over a Forsworn.

  • Craniac 324

    Welcome back wisemen no one can top your npc battles

  • Jaded Ninny

    This is... this is just awesome... As a fan of NPC battles in general, this was a beauty to behold. The shots, the music, the epicness!

  • Byzantine Phoenix

    Long live the Empire !

  • iTz_ Hughjassballs

    Who saw the imperial spit out acid?

  • Flip3nt _42

    0:51did anyone else notice the random gaurd who taged along with the imperials

  • BlueHunter

    Great job dude, keep producing great content

  • Mama Bacon, hi there. i was hoping you you could do forsworn vs stormcloaks...

  • Imperial Renaissance

    This is awesome ! Can I use some scenes in a video I'm making? I'll give you credit

  • Antonio

    The camera work is amazing as always! Also I really like how this one forms a story.

  • Chris Pulsar

    loving the skyrim se npc battles! you could have someone attempt to assassinate a king or jarl etc.

  • G.O.D.

    Really cool! Wish it ran 60 fps

  • The really bad Animation show

    This is why I wanted to FULLY join these people!Have ALL their camps be friendly if we join them in that quest!Actually there is probably a mod for that...

  • Cody Disciple of Night

    Wait I'm not even subscribe I just stumbled across when this was new lol wow.

  • Remy McSpanky

    Do I smell improvement?

  • MLP sentry

    Damn dude there was actually a nice story in there no words were needed just epic camera work

  • Justin Jemas

    ok we get it you don't like the imperials

  • Duane Epps

    Very well-made video, I can see you put in work to give some story/cinematic feel to the randomlolwat behavior of NPCs

  • Steven Mansfield

    PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONYeah so does anyone know how to fix the floating npcs when you spawn to many for a battle?

  • Cadet Grant

    Hold guard approaches briarheart after witnessing the deaths of Imperial soldiers and officersGuard - "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people, what say you in your defense"Briarheart - (PTSD to when he met Dragonborn) "I have seen this power only once before, and even then it scared me"

  • rodepandakanker

    Why were THERE stormcloacks. In the imperial arny?

  • Wandering Matt

    The new 64 bit engine is great for this, you dont get those npcs just standing around nearly as much any more.

  • _ TyragR _

    Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator... SKYRIM EDITION B*TCHES!!!!!!

  • Drake Fire

    Forsworn-Hit and run tactics, they know the terrain, alongside better use of magic.Imperial Legion-Mostly better armor and weapons, especially in the bow department.

  • DorzayS

    Wisemen youre alive yay best videos

  • alex

    there s a stormcloakck troppe in The empire army

  • abominable yeti 56

    The Cinematography is awesome!!!

  • LoveyMcstuffy AJ

    Do my eyes deceive me or is there like one StormCloaks in there? 😂

  • Ezra Something


  • Nando

    WHAT MOD DID YOU USE?!?!?!?!?!

  • Saul Moses

    Dragonborns vs 5 alduins on legendary

  • The Rogue Leader

    everytime i try to do a npc battle the npcs go flying away even when collision are on, any ideas

  • Finalph_KUN

    can i use this footage in a video im making i will include the credits of your name

  • loganjames210

    Legionnaires lose to Stormcloaks and to Forsworn. But yeah, they're definitely the only ones who can stop the Thalmor, right?Skyrim belongs to the Nords!

  • ragnard lothbrok

    gg great video but the imperial legion has forsaken the reach that why ulfric had to clean that mess

  • Nikita Smolyar

    Do stormcloaks vs forsborn becuz this battle really was

  • Beowulf Sanchez

    That's one stormcloak took an icicle to the head. Classic :')

  • Alpha BloodMoon

    Stormcloaks and Imperials VS Forsworn Army*

  • Mason White

    Keep up the great work these videos are sick

  • Blackbeard 4231

    really nice work! as always ;)

  • Night Thief

    Stormcloaks in the imperial armyslow clap

  • Stygia

    Remastered by still he sticks the sword in the heart in the air

  • Austin Dean

    If Skyrim had battles like this, I'd play it more often

  • Your Dad

    Loved the video,always Glad to see a new upload from you. Also a suggestion; Dwemer machines against draugr

  • Cole P.

    Is nobody gonna talk about the stormcloak at 0:51?

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    i dont know what it is but, this is one of the most cinematic looking skyrim battle vids ive ever seen

  • Average lad

    0:38 Aren't the Stormcloaks against the Imperials?

  • Winterbatch

    Oh am I actually first? well. ok.

  • ed champagne

    npc battle but im controling the main guy lmao

  • Antione Brown Jr

    I don't know if you have the fallout 4 nuka world dlc but is it okay that you can put a fight between a deathclaw vs a gaterclaw

  • Finn Driessen

    Where is Alduin from the Imperials ?

  • CocowashX13

    is that a stormcloak? 0:51

  • TheRealGrizzly 1

    2:50, dumbledore vs Gandalf

  • Draconis Wolfenstien

    all hail the imperial legion!!

  • War Hunter o7

    who saw the stromclock

  • Radical Gaming

    way more intense than fallout 4!

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