Forsworn Army VS Imperial Army! - Skyrim Remastered NPC Battle

In this Skyrim Remastered NPC Battle we see a group of Forsworn Savages ambush an Imperial Legion patrol.
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  • Wisemen - NPC Battles

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  • Fuzzy Monkey

    I think of this romans vs celts

  • JuiceHead

    it's been too long since the last one of these. Great work man!

  • Bilbo Baggins

    No wonder the Empire lost to the Thalmor if they can't even handle a group of uncivilized brutes.

  • Phil Historia

    It's like ancient rome vs the celtic and brittanic tribes. im erect

  • TheFriley4

    lol omg why in the hell were those Imperials doing the Afflicted vomiting attack at 1:47??

  • Chris Mercuro

    This is just like the romans invading the celts in northern Europe

  • Magkno

    better directing than micheal bay

  • Mr.Fuggetaboutit

    The battle for solitude, Stormclokes vs Imperials, advanced version

  • rodepandakanker

    Why were THERE stormcloacks. In the imperial arny?

  • Jochem Langen

    Next battle do Morag Tong vs Dark Brotherhood please

  • TDBH Gaming

    I am going with Imperial Legion LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!!!

  • Craniac 324

    Welcome back wisemen no one can top your npc battles

  • Jaded Ninny

    This is... this is just awesome... As a fan of NPC battles in general, this was a beauty to behold. The shots, the music, the epicness!

  • Byzantine Phoenix

    Long live the Empire !

  • Imperial Renaissance

    This is awesome ! Can I use some scenes in a video I'm making? I'll give you credit

  • Antonio

    The camera work is amazing as always! Also I really like how this one forms a story.

  • auysters_for_sal

    Just some advice, cut a lot of the "cinematic" shit and just do an over the top view, the cinematic stuff makes the battle much harder to follow, and you can't see how large scale the battle is

  • Chris Pulsar

    loving the skyrim se npc battles! you could have someone attempt to assassinate a king or jarl etc.

  • Cody Disciple of Night

    Wait I'm not even subscribe I just stumbled across when this was new lol wow.

  • John Smith

    I like how I saw an Imperial use the Infected magic power and vomited over a Forsworn.

  • Mama Bacon, hi there. i was hoping you you could do forsworn vs stormcloaks...

  • Flip3nt _42

    0:51did anyone else notice the random gaurd who taged along with the imperials

  • The Darksoul

    Who saw the imperial spit out acid?

  • G.O.D.

    Really cool! Wish it ran 60 fps

  • BlueHunter

    Great job dude, keep producing great content

  • Justin Jemas

    ok we get it you don't like the imperials

  • Cesar _

    0:18 Well, if an infection don't kill him, nothing else will.

  • Remy McSpanky

    Do I smell improvement?

  • Radical Gaming

    way more intense than fallout 4!

  • Intergalactic Human Empire

    The Reach belongs to the Forsworn!

  • Josh Hearn

    all hail the empire death to its enemys for skyrim!!!!!!!!

  • MLP sentry

    Damn dude there was actually a nice story in there no words were needed just epic camera work

  • Finn Driessen

    Where is Alduin from the Imperials ?

  • Shredboi423

    This looks like a movie I would see

  • Blackbeard 4231

    really nice work! as always ;)

  • _ DorzayS _

    Wisemen youre alive yay best videos

  • Your Dad

    Loved the video,always Glad to see a new upload from you. Also a suggestion; Dwemer machines against draugr

  • Joshua

    Wizard101 has better graphics than this

  • Milos Talic

    How do you make those battles?

  • ragnard lothbrok

    gg great video but the imperial legion has forsaken the reach that why ulfric had to clean that mess

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    i dont know what it is but, this is one of the most cinematic looking skyrim battle vids ive ever seen

  • MasterOwl

    this is movie worthy camera work

  • MrFantocan


  • Master RJ

    That troll face at 3:01 after one shotting that little brat

  • The Game

    What is the Imperial Legion if they can't defeat a couple of Forsworn?

  • Soedinennye Shtaty Ameriki

    Why there was SW scene at the end of video?

  • iZaiahTV

    Who all saw the stormcloak soldier?

  • brocalfur

    Afflicted vomit attack lol

  • Agent Bill Wilson

    every citie's blacksmith vs bears

  • Fuzzy Monkey

    Without the magic of course

  • Marijn Mes

    Why were there two stormcloaks tho? Were they prisoners or some thing? Would have been cooler if you had tow bound stormcloaks who would run away or sumthin

  • dasbukes

    You by far make the best npc battles I've seen. You have amazing camera angles and clips and I just love the"little" things like following a guy around for the whole clip till he gets killed out gets a kill.

  • A Ray826

    Giants vs senterians "dorvin mech"

  • Ronnie Palacio

    i see some of the Imperial Soldiers using the vomit attack used by the Afflicted, why is that?

  • BlastphamousHD The white

    The reason thee imperials lost was because their use to flat plain battle fields and warriors not mountains savages with bird witch commanders and their archers are sneaky. elves charge jump and use mages forsworn will even eat people in battle the empire should've sent heavy armor soldiers and Calvary with Skyrim horses witch can climb mountains unbelievably well-Tamriel Scholars Guild

  • BlastphamousHD The white

    As well forsworn have unbelievably good magic and mages and increased Magicka.- Tamriel Scholars Guild

  • Daniel L. Lort

    Without mods, I never felt that the imperials & stormcloaks were as bothersome as the foresworn. Which is why it's kinda odd that they don't rule Skyrim..

  • Mr Dragonborn

    i'd love to see the fight between all named dragon vs all named dragon priest

  • Drone Guy

    The imperial soldier's army is almost like the Roman Legionnaires armor

  • Piotr Skiba

    Anyone else think once we develop some decent AI robots someone will use them to create arena battles like all those npc battles but in real life ?

  • Fragonus

    I got a request! How about the Dawnguard vs Vampires?

  • GodAmongGods

    Did anyone else see some Imperial soldiers using that power the Afflicted people have? (The green vomit thing) Watch from 1:45 and you should see it.

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