Skyrim - Soul Cairn, Reaper Gem Gragments, Reaper's Lair, And Reaper Boss (FULL WALKTHROUGH)

A video showing you the entire tutorial and guide and on how to face the Reaper in Soul Cairn. This will show you the locations each of the Gem Fragments and the location of the boss for where to use them Good Luck.

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  • Jair Artis

    Nice video, useful walk through but shitty loot for such a cool looking boss

  • Brayden Jensen

    That was totally not worth it

  • Pomegranate Mistress

    Soul Cairn is only a good placd because there's Arvak

  • Saurabh Sawant

    The only good thing in soul cairn was arvak & serana's mom velarica.

  • Jauzness87

    No unique weapon?? nothing?

  • BallerinaGirl

    Ugh. It took me around three hours to clear that confusing vast underworld. I got all the summoning tomes, and even an additional horse summon. As a result I had figured defeating the reaper would result in a reaper summoning spell tome, but oh well. Thanks for leading me on Bethesda.

  • Denner Santos

    WTF, all this work to nothing? No item? Soul Cairn is shitter than I thoughtPS.I played 90% on 2x hahahahahahahh LOL

  • Jorgen Pakieto

    What a half pie questI literally finished it before I watched this video and I thought I glitched the game because I soul trapped the reaper before killing him but turns out, you actually do get nothing from such a massive amount of effort.

  • Risen

    A thing I like about the soul cairn is you can pretend its the destroyed future like the one in DB Super right now. All you need are some black clothes(Black Mage outfit is best option hood is optional but it looks more realistic without it) 2 destruction spells: sparks(or the mod that makes you do a kamahamaha) and lightning cloak(when you use it go into 3rd person view, hit RS if you don't know how to get to 3rd person view, it makes you look like you have an aura similar to Black or Black Goku whichever you prefer, and you need the dual casting perk on the destruction skill tree so if you don't have mods it's the closest to kamahamaha(frost is also an option but to me sparks is better but it's your choice both spells are obtained extremely early in the game so you should have both so you can switch them or pick the one you like best) reason for dual casting perk is it makes it so if you have the same spell in both your hands, such as sparks,frost,fire, ect... you get a more powerful spell(pulling both triggers on the controller at the same time with the perk cause you to fire your spells in your hand as one beam or ball- remember it only works if you have the same spell in each hand, unfortunately you can't have fire in one and sparks in the other hand for this to work, it has to be the same spell) and you need your hair to look like Blacks or Gokus(their hair looks the same) though this is optional and to make it all come circle you can pretend the mistman,boneman,wrathman, and all the other enimies are the humans( or whatever race you want, if you want to be Black then they would be humans since he wants to kill all humans in the name of justice even though Black and Zamasu are both evil) and your set! You are now ready to pillage and kill soul cairn residents as you please! Also the human ghosts in the soul cairn are actually human so include them if you wish to.Another thing is you can pretend the reaper is Trunks because it is the strongest enemy in the soul cairn and it has a weapon so you can pretend its trunks using his sword(the reaper is very easy to kill so you can make it like the first encounter we see of Black and Trunks in which they fought and Black easily deafeted Trunks and almost killed him before Trunks escaped to the past again) enjoy killing and destroying at your leisure, you are the strongest alive! NOTE: you HAVE to be a vampire to enter the soul cairn but there is a wizard in Morthal if you wish to turn back afterwards

  • Meme Machine

    It be a shame if I ruined those 666 likes

  • Delmari Dragon

    I went to those locations and I only got two fragments, so I went to the other possible locations and I can't find the other one. That really sucks.

  • Kuro Karasu

    "Gragments"... alright, did u never noticed that?!

  • ryan wassermann

    could have just used the horse

  • Jack Shroom

    At least in dragoborn dlc you could summon the boss after but this gave you jack squat.

  • WexMajor82

    I actually forgot fighting him untill I saw him again. That was anticlimatic.

  • trey hicks

    why didnt you take the deadra heart!?!?!!!😥😂

  • Angel Eyes

    I followed the steps but the reaper didn't show up wtfrig

  • MrZerMaR

    If only he dropped an existing item like the iron battle axe with just a custom name to keep it as a trophy, I'd be okay with it.

  • sten faille

    and i discovered not only then...

  • Wild

    Its an easter egg, there should have been a quest for it just so you could atleast get markers for where you need to go, otherwise the Cairn can be hard to navigate and loose your barrings

  • Yi Zhou

    OH Thank you! I can't find the way in the Soul Cairn. This video helps a lot!

  • Annoyedusually

    You'd  kinda think that blocked teleporter would come unblocked and take you somewhere interesting.  Such a tease.

  • MemeMachine

    Do u need dlc for this

  • Franco Alexander Castellanos Monteserin

    I don't knew it about this boss.

  • Spiritpaw Dragon

    Wtf for some reason for me (I hadn’t killed the third keeper yet) a keeper spawned in the door when I went into reapers lair, and he reaper spawned without me having to put the fragments down so I was getting beaten up but I didn’t die one time in the lair, IDK HOW I DIDNT DIE WHEN A KEEPER 3 WRATHMAN 6 BONEMAN AND A REAPER WERE ALL AT ONCE FIGHTING ME

  • Karl Osladil

    This was exactly what I needed, thank you so much!

  • Sen Masters

    I'm glad the reaper doesn't give you jack shit: I followed the video, go into face the reaper, and I don't have enough reaper gems... wtf? Then I noticed going back through the damn video, that I was getting ONE reaper gem to the videos TWO per chest. F*ck It! I'm glad it doesn't equal nothing but a waste of time because I'm DONE wasting my time! FML!

  • Antje Kempke

    Wieso benutz er nich Arvark

  • Larry Stevenson

    Now I understand why there's so many complaints about this Reaper Boss. The loot you get is from the chests with the fragments. When you try to search the embers of the bonemen at the Reaper HQ you get nothing and it doesn't open. Press "E" and nothing happens. The Reaper Boss is not worth the trouble. If you do it you only need three Reaper Gem Fragments. I had five.

  • Tony Flamingo

    What spell is he casting

  • Chris Zammit

    That sword sure as hell better be a GUARANTEED drop, cuz I'm gonna be pissed if I have to fight him more than once :P

  • Brett Reid

    Idk why, but the reaper's mask looks similar to the gray fox

  • Sianic12

    I can't get into the souk cairn, maybe someone can help (?): There were no issues when I first entered it, but after I cured my vampirism I somehow can't get into it anymore. Does someone know how to fix this?

  • Cerberus GMR93

    why all the hate? I like the soul carin 😊

  • Joshua Howe

    Got his robes and an amulet that rots enemiea if they get too close and a sythe called grim reaper

  • Joshua Howe

    Dude I totally got cool shit from killing him

  • WhyNotJay

    oh look at you another Skyrim player who thinks he is good because he uses the same shit build as all the other shitty skyrim Youtubers

  • josh sanderson

    you don't talk, you on the map wasn't very clear, shittest youtuber

  • josh sanderson

    fragments not gragments dumbarse

  • MLGPanda17

    What is the healing spell he is using?

  • Asriel Dreemurr, god of hyperdeath

    What spell is he useing?

  • Kyle Davis

    ahhh i should've read the comments before wasting 16 mins of my life for a handful of soul gems....

  • BoringAhh

    Wat r u lvl 81 WAT am I lvl 60 u took billions of hits to kill him I'm on legendary 5 hits

  • Kim haining

    Sooooo I watched the whole video knowing that the loot was sh*t due to all the comments but was still curious because, from what I've read, no one said what the loot WAS. You get a black soul gem (3), deadra heart and an iron battleax. SO, yea, bummer...

  • Spingle Bungus

    How do you unlock that teleporter? And is it even worth it?

  • Robin Roy

    does any one here have Xbox 360

  • alejandra alvarenga

    Oh and I never really tried to do this but it looks like it sucks

  • musle_car_lover v8

    how did u got in I try but it doesn't let me go in

  • Matthew Zank

    This video is annoying

  • Risen

    Watch DB Super to find out more about Black and Zamasu they are both pretty interesting.

  • Ferp

    if i get a mod in going to get the one that fixes npcs stuck in wait mode

  • Ferp

    realy... i mean come on i watch youtube to help me find the gems and thats it! come on bethesda at least let us take his armor

  • Rayden

    for all you guys that said that this was not worth it: download the "Tenebrae" sword from the nexus. It appears after defeating the reaper, basically after doing this walkthrough in other words

  • Wyatt Lyons

    What is that stamina spell

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