Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough - Part 4 The Bloodstone Chalice

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough Part 4
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Dawnguard is the first DLC made available for skyrim, the story line of Dawnguard revolves around a prophecy from one of the elder scrolls that tells of the permanent obfuscation of the sun. The player is given the choice as to whether they fulfill the prophecy or stop it entirely dependent on how they follow the quest-line.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is available on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC platforms.

Gameplay & Live Commentary by IFreeMz

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  • Caleb Shanklin

    not so secret skooma any more

  • Stephaine Felger

    at night break into people's houses Crouch and then go up to them and drink the blood

  • elijah lawrence

    Feed on sleeping peeps And sometimes killing someone with claws counts as feeding

  • jaiden mapes

    Who else hates when he goes into 3rd person?

  • Josh Eckdahl

    you can be a vampire and and a werewolf at the same time because they are powered and it is a glitch. look it up it is cool to have.

  • Konstantine Vlahos

    ur a fucking retard u literally dont notice anything u fucking passed the skooma

  • DarkshadowXD63

    Does anyone have else have a glicth when you get turned into a vampire Lord you get the quest and you have to talk to the guy but he won't bring up the little question he just keeps saying your not allowed here

  • Yautjahuntres

    after I did the vampire lord I was stuck in theird person tried to fix it now stuck in first person Help

  • Donald Ward

    I love how everyone bitches about you being either bad or slow at this while they are the ones looking for a walkthrough

  • VideoGameManG

    I like the vampire side because I like Harkon and Serana

  • Bob Verwijs

    You really sound like Frankieonpcin1080P!

  • Mari Hampton

    I watch your first 4 skyrim dg vids and notice you like doing Hannibal lecter impressions lol.

  • Linda Montgomery

    How is his bow worth that much

  • Oliver Cassidy

    F?ck that werewolf for the win

  • Ashley Banana

    u can feed on people when there sleeping if ur a vampire so u pickpocket them  and u will see the option

  • David

    You should have done this as a ware wolf

  • Gunslinging Kitten

    if you ever play this DLC again as vampire install better vampires mod then you can customiseyour vampire a bit

  • cade sigafoos

    Looking for a fix haha she's like u look like your tweeking

  • Germain Eriksen

    How could he miss the skomma it was in the r section

  • landon clarke

    u can be a vampire while still being human and fowolling quest for vampire

  • landon clarke

    ok i like ur vids and all but u are kinda slow at this

  • Alexander Henteleff

    this guy is a firikkin noob

  • Lone Wolf

    What happens if you don't be a vampire

  • Tyler Love

    Ka Ne Ha Me More Thus series is beast love it dude continue :)

  • King Bob

    your funny but stupid and slow at skyrim

  • ShadowLilly89

    love watching your skyrim videos,their so entertaining and you're so hilarious to listen to.

  • rampaging rudd

    too feed u need to go to a sleeping person crouch and press feed

  • QueenTato

    And to feed u need to be naked and crouching also it needs to be night time

  • QueenTato

    You vampire bastard I can't believe you chose vampire i was gonna say dawnguard but didn't have a account

  • Max Steele

    Dawnbreaker is a dederic artefact. ^_^

  • Jimpaulo Abon

    I play skyrim but i did not accept the offer i will be the dawnbreaker

  • Aaron graveling


  • Some Dovahkiin

    or simply calm any enemy and make them a thrall for 30 secs then drink their blood

  • Mr P

    PLEASE HELP I CANNOT COMPLETE THIS QUEST i have the chalice and when i go back to Garan , the option of completing it wont appear, even if the marker is on him . im on PS3.

  • MarEXksz

    Tsh' this is way better than that "rader" or whatever gameplay, seriously the guy can't aim for crap. Thank you IFreeMz for uploading.

  • Eli Joke

    What? That's Spellbraker.

  • ace chasteen

    Sleeping people better resiet to s

  • Sean Grimes

    Have u ever played an elder scrolls game?

  • Ryan Franulovich

    you power attack like hold the attack button

  • Jordan Moore

    No No NO that is only in Oblivion. I don't like vampires so I don't know how to bit people.

  • Jake Murphy

    search in youtube "auriel's shield skyrim"

  • Hi,my name is

    .....attacked at stage 4 of vampirism and they only have 50% weakness to fire awesome

  • Hi,my name is

    For everybody that doesn't know.with dawnguard the vampires are no longer attakes

  • lovemtndew

    15:27 LOL wheres my skooma

  • imthebest912

    That skooma is some heavy shit!

  • Dustin Crowley

    it's out on playstation

  • bigT tmoney

    what happen if you try to go back to fort dawnguard will they banish you or something

  • LeanLantern

    dont fuckin LOOK at me in that tone of VOICE lol

  • Thora Dorn

    lucan valerius in riverwood with the investor perk as 10.5 grand every day

  • GunterBjörn

    If your a vampire whill the dawnguard reject you?

  • Marvin Amaya

    IFreeMz, love your videos keep it up! Vampire lord rules!

  • TheGnome224

    No, if you are a vampire, you can become a werewolf but it gets rid of vampirism. Once you are a werewolf there are ways to heal yourself, but you cannot become one again. After that you can once again be a vampire.

  • Commander Sire

    is it possible to be a werewolf and a vampire? (new to skyrim. no rage comments)

  • ldysea14

    Been trying to collect gold but its not easy. You mentioned in the 3rd clip about a money glitch of some man in a small town but couldn't remember his or the towns name. It's been some time do you remember and is the glitch still good.

  • Keaton Powell

    im only watching this cuz i have a fucking PS3 -_- and no money for a brand new xbox and brand new skyrim

  • Ernie2399

    Werewolf is a lot better

  • alec cusick

    Werewolf is way better than vampire

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