The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough - Part 1 One Hour Special Let's Play

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough - Part 1 One Hour Special Let's Play
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Dawnguard is the first DLC made available for skyrim, the story line of Dawnguard revolves around a prophecy from one of the elder scrolls that tells of the permanent obfuscation of the sun. The player is given the choice as to whether they fulfill the prophecy or stop it entirely dependent on how they follow the quest-line.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is available on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC platforms.

Gameplay & Live Commentary by IFreeMz

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  • Altomågnus

    Skyrim's nature at night is so beautiful, it actually made me cry once

  • Zeen The Guy with No Profile Picture

    Using frost spells on vampires is a really good idea! -_- Not like fire is gonna hurt them more anyways. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • landon clarke

    has a daedric bow...uses ancient nord arrows

  • Declan Long

    "Don't want to die.... Not yet anyway" DUN DUN DUN

  • Max Davison

    Anyone know of a channel where the player just plays without speaking at all? Just want to see content before I buy, don't have the time to listen to an annoying voice the whole time.

  • Jay Large

    not even going to watch this because he talks the same way syndicate does -.-

  • Teddy Davis

    With mods its even more beautiful

  • NSTK

    Dang bro you gotta a lot of gold....I would probably have that much if I quit pissing off guards all the time and having to pay crazy bounties lol

  • Piano Antics

    woah dude how did you get all that money???

  • FposeChris

    I've played skyrim for so long, yesterday I was playing cod and I was throwing smoke bombs everywhere

  • lps pawsome87

    Everyone is hating on this guy and I'm like why are you guys even watching if you him so much

  • Metally


  • Xenolord


  • william oestrai

    Rule one: don't walk past mirrors in the dark. Rule two: don't leave any doors open when you go to bed tonight. Ask your son what rule three is and remember, a creak means you're falling behind, a rustle means you've almost lost. When the lights go down, hopefully you won't see the dark shadow standing in the corner of the room. Hopefully you won't hear it breathing as your eyes shut and you begin to drift off. And if you hear a bang? Well, hopefully you never hear a bang."His face fell and he sucked in a deep breath. "Rule three. Knowing all three rules makes you a player."

  • Keegan Riggan

    Mine started by talking to a white run guard

  • Clementine

    24:03 My pa's axe! Someone help me I think I'm dying.

  • Super Sandwich

    46:50 the guy drowned lol

  • Jess Helen

    This character voice is Nord right?

  • Tdog

    when I was playing trying to find durak I finally found him but he tried to kill me for some reason so yea...his body is in falkreath now....

  • RobbyThePsycho

    Lol a vampire joined a vampire hunters group.

  • Chinnappa muckatira

    is he playing in god mode??

  • Shevela 321

    Being the vampire made me feel like I could take on the world

  • Dylan VerHelst

    When doing this quest does any one else get kicked off the game when they try to enter the Dimhollow Cavern

  • Dose of Spicyness

    Skyrim is like Game of Thrones

  • Kristyle Parsons

    This is not a hour its 54:32


    Do you have to finish the main Skyrim quest before you can do any dlc quests?

  • Crafty The Creeper

    Dark brother hood for the win you get to be the leader at the end and get your own sanctuary

  • AkiName

    man is it just me or did he know all the questions to Serana before they even showed

  • Benjii

    I have 800 armour rating and I am level 41

  • Kane Bradford

    Would it be cool if you had a game where you are a vampire In a massive world where you can feed on humans, climb up building, stalk your victim Hide from humans, change form into a gargoyle thing, have super speed like as fast as Edward from twilight. Basically be a proper vampire in a game as you might be in real life. If there is a game where you can do all of that let me know pls

  • Alagisto

    If you joined the vampires you get good spells. :-)

  • The Dominant 4

    Is anyone watching while waiting for Skyrim special edition

  • hurryporter

    If I become a vampire before I meet the leader of dawnguard, still could I join them ?

  • Matthew Bendyna

    Don't like fast travelling? Don't play Elder Scrolls: Arena

  • Jay Evans

    Where did you find the daedric armour and weapons?

  • titansgo135

    Legendary Edition anyone?

  • Alagisto

    Good videos of Dawnguard they helped me through some missions.

  • Dextrio Redfox

    is this a playable dlc with out the game it self??????????????????

  • leandro del mistro

    For this DLC do you have to finish the main story first cause I have not done it but I'm level 81 of all the bonus stuff

  • chillidoug

    The other guy was just legit and ran past into fort dawn guard without care 😎

  • Wolf Hoarder

    Dafuq, why was there an ad before this of candy bars making out?

  • EdwardO95

    I'm playing a new character I made ps3 now level 50 and I've started dawnguard and changed the difficulty to master so there are higher level vampires and all that but one of the first quests where you go back to the fort and vampires attack celann was killed and I had no appropriate relevant saves so he's dead and that's the end of it which is kind of annoying :/ but changing to master it seems friendlies are dying much easier like when you go and get the troll guy and you have to fight the bear there are two giants in there which wrecked him and my companion I'm just wondering if you change to master doesn't everyone else around adapt to that level or are you and friendlies much weaker than the vampires ?

  • Joanne Hale

    Anyone watching or still playing skyrim in 2018?

  • Alhanoof Alomani

    Can't you use more expert playing you can do double wielding you can use the shouts in the right time and when you loot the items and you want every thing in the loot just press X button you will loot every thing and out from the same chest at the same time . There are more things that the expert player can do you should be more than just a player the real player will try to improve his own way I know earlier you don't like fast traveling but if the destination was undiscovered so you have to travel to the nearest known location on the map and continue to it I've already know that you leaved the game for a while but maybe I could refresh your mind ? Ask me cuz I the best FEMALE gamer the age 16 close your mouth °o° am from ksa

  • The Shaman

    talks about how great his bow is in the beginning, Dawnguard's main long range weapon is actually the crossbow

  • Aaron Page

    2:33 the orc member is one way of starting it, I actually had it start when a random guard mentions the dawnguard, oh um...the only consequence free way to be a vampire is to follow the Volkihar path of the dawnguard story (although not as fun in the faction quest it does have the added benefit of no more vampire attacks so you're safe to enter the holds at night) I wouldn't recommend vampirism unless you have a good strategy for feeding often, no more than 3 days without

  • Allen Tony

    i like it but add more gameplays

  • Aluminum Oxide

    U should du top ten RPG"S EVER...(NO ORDER) KOTOR...MASS EFFECT....SKYRIM...etc.

  • Angel Williams

    the maskes are called dragon priest masks

  • Ryan Gessler

    my bow does 350 fire damage

  • endoplush 13

    and the slow time shout is good for slow motion

  • Carson Riley

    Isran's voice reminds me of Ulysses from the Fallout: New Vegas dlc Lonesome Road

  • cliffy f

    thanks for the videos man great job

  • Notification Squad

    "No mature content" uh huh, YouTube.

  • TheSilveryShadowWolf

    My followers always end up carrying the books i find. Gotta collect EVERYTHING! From books to weapons to scrolls to spells!!! 🤓 Collector at heart.

  • michal

    Hello . please where did you get to Xbox Dawnguard? bought it or downloaded it? thanks for the reply

  • Stark Man

    Where do you find that guy that gives you that weapon

  • BLAcK N1gHtt

    also why did he never run

  • Tim Panda

    you should edit out the loading screens hint hint :)

  • The Shaman

    17:57 Bottom right, wood pile shadow looks like a face.

  • Jordan Spencer

    dude i thought the addsacly the same thing which is were i would be able to craft a deadric crossbow but the only two you can make is the dwarfan crossbow and the steel crossbow

  • ChaCha Games

    U sound like Lewis blog gaming

  • ezequiel sanchez

    you act and play just like me you earned my sub you remind me of me 😂😂

  • Honoured LeGaCy

    Do you cheat stuff in? You probably haven't because you're on Xbox (even though you can do the full computer thing) but I thought you said you've only played it a bit. Like you could have went to the Collage and got full daedric stuff in two seconds, but I'm confused.

  • Moo Poo

    Dark and evil and loloblablablo

  • Jason Miller

    Hey man. I recently made a new channel because my other glitched. We should play sometime. I could really use the help getting it up and going. I'm sure you know how I feel.

  • Khoolhwhip

    dragonborn walkthrough?

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