Half-Life 28:48.863 World Record Speedrun

Any% Scriptless, non-segmented/RTA


Previous WR: 28:50 by ProtoAus
My Previous PB: 29:00

I recon, not so unreasonably, that I can shave off like 40 seconds from this run relatively soon.

Watch me do live attempts in my journey for the sub 28 over at https://www.twitch.tv/maxam1337

I stream regularly (close to daily).
Also subscribe to this YouTube channel and you might catch me live occasionally here on my YouTube livestream (I stream mostly on twitch though).

-- Live Highlight with Twitch Chat and 100 fps https://www.twitch.tv/videos/255013040
  • Jetr Pelínek

    Mom: "You have 28:48.863 to play, then u go sleep"Me: "bruh"

  • Rufus

    how to prove virginity

  • Nothing Funny

    - Private! Can you see that "Freeman" guy on the cameras?!- He's still in the test chamber sir!- Ok, so now...- Wait, he's now in the office!- What? How could he...- He's at the rocket silo- How the hell...- Railway- He's moving that fast?!- Oh, now he's at Lambda Core- What?!- Nevermind, he's just defeated Nihilanth. Can we go home now sir?- Yeah...

  • J [Max Ignoramus] J

    I bet these guys were good at CS jump maps

  • Jack Le

    I've so glad to see this game still actively being run.

  • Oğuzhan Doğan

    I couldn't even finish this game normally

  • M M

    He blinks EVERY time he jumps, atleast in the beginning.

  • musicfaber

    28:48.8632+8+4+8+8+6+3=3939/13=3half life 3 confirmed?

  • Alerine

    0:00 WTF IS GOING ON?!

  • Nothing personal kid

    When she home alone but you have to kill some aliens first...

  • Dimitrios Sin

    at 28 min i would propably be to the tutorial STILL!

  • TurdFurgeson571

    Need more wobbling. Headache isn't at maximum yet. I think 1000mg will still make it go away.

  • H Koizumi

    Barney in HL2: Do you remember me Gordon? It's Barney.Gordon: Do you remember me too? I was the orange blur.

  • Captain Aizen

    Не всегда увидишь как доктор Кляйнер спидранит HL1


    будто я вернулся в 2007 год)) лайк если есть русские

  • Radio Editz

    Here is the perfect walkthrough of this game !

  • barbara gill

    Faaaaake . Im talkin paid actors everywhere

  • Owldoctor

    But why you must shake that mouse like mad?

  • Deaderelas

    Can't wait for him tout speed run Half Life 3

  • l k d

    4:10 can I get a walkthrough of this?

  • dewert2

    the game that gave birth to steam

  • Operose

    He looks like the dude in the thumbnail

  • Biroman

    Why do he blink every time he jumps?

  • PSPfanboys

    Oooh i have bus in 30 min oh well im gonna playthrough and finish half-life

  • VegasDeSouza

    27:16 -Lotok vsem privet? 0_o

  • Covex

    Doctor) you have 30 mins before you dieMe) this

  • CrazyKosai

    He's got that Black Mesa scientist hairline

  • Carta Gora Ramone

    with cheats? Commands..

  • Moyo

    I feel bad for his hairline

  • Kirill Veko

    Привет Муразор, держи лайк.

  • Rasim Efe


  • waitwhat

    i took 1 year to complete what this nig did in 29 mins

  • Lautta 17


  • Kevin

    I think he proved his virginity

  • wtfmangoo

    hairline has left the chat

  • KenjiDanCSM

    Good ol’ Half Life....days when we still played CS 1.6

  • Niels

    Only now I see how slow I am at Half-Life

  • Morten Bakke

    Because of the jumping and wriggling, Half-life 1 speedruns always give me headache. Fast, but not stream friendly

  • oczo22

    thats was INSANE bro...good job:)

  • Vebster

    Mom: Please, do a pause.maxamswe: i can't pause, it's speedrun.

  • Aleksandr Ostrovskyy

    It is called: "When you know the map"

  • Serhat Bozkurt

    yaman işsizmişsin kardeşim.

  • Artem Iordanyan

    Когда я учился в школе, эту игру я прошел за неделю)

  • Dynamite Dinosaur

    For anyone wanting to post about quadrazid's Speedrun:the HL21 speedrun holds the World Record For Segmented Speedruns of HL1.This speedrun holds World Record for Unsegmented Speedruns of HL1.Solved.Edit: Woah, this exploded. also, yes, HL21 was heavily scripted


    Damn, didn't realize minecraft stole it's graphics from half life

  • Brian Shannon

    Just flew through a game took me days and hours to beat. Lol

  • FuckYouGoogle

    I never reached the part of the last 10to 15 minutes

  • Loan Shark Joe

    holy crap nice job man! what an insane run. your movement control is absolutely ridiculously awesome to watch

  • ameerhamid89

    Feeling sick as a dog now.

  • M!stake

    Wow, Johnny Sins is really good at this game.

  • scott KENNEDY

    I pld AG MOD was the best years of my childhood :)

  • LP Jones

    Mom: Dinner is in 28 minutes 49 secondsMe: I'll be there 0.137 seconds early!

  • Sharky

    Why is he blinking with every bhop?

  • LetMePlayDoto

    Im Is Pro Half Life SpeedrUn How To Prove IS FAst

  • w13d0w

    Barney: Morning Mr. Freeman, looks like your running Late.This Guy: OK

  • Igor N.

    Jeez, man, nice one! It's always great to see a WR speedrun :D

  • James Epp

    I just want to know what was going on with Barney and all those tripmines at 0:00

  • CisforCock

    What a run, man! THIS is a speedrun - not that glitched out 12 minute one.

  • LOL Gamer

    When you have 30 mins left before you will die.

  • Wir machen das Ding

    ok i sea it's not glitchless. but everyone how he wants hf i'm out

  • Doshirak s kurochkoy 3

    Rocket jump, grenade run (10:53), what next?

  • Nadie xd

    14:51 g-man: OH SHIT FREEMAN IS FLYING!

  • Woody

    I taked 2 weeks to get un the 50% of the game and i found this

  • Proximo Overwatch

    This guy rules Half Life, but I think he may have some social issues. LMAO

  • madi

    He blinks too much especially when Bhopping :D

  • Russell G

    "i can't hold on much longer...""byeeeeeeeeeeee"

  • khronosfateless

    Is Michael J Fox controlling the mouse?

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