Half-Life 28:48.863 World Record Speedrun

Any% Scriptless, non-segmented/RTA


Previous WR: 28:50 by ProtoAus
My Previous PB: 29:00

I recon, not so unreasonably, that I can shave off like 40 seconds from this run relatively soon.

Watch me do live attempts in my journey for the sub 28 over at https://www.twitch.tv/maxam1337

I stream regularly (close to daily).
Also subscribe to this YouTube channel and you might catch me live occasionally here on my YouTube livestream (I stream mostly on twitch though).

-- Live Highlight with Twitch Chat and 100 fps https://www.twitch.tv/videos/255013040
  • Jack Le

    I've so glad to see this game still actively being run.

  • Rufus

    how to prove virginity

  • Captain Aizen

    Не всегда увидишь как доктор Кляйнер спидранит HL1

  • Sudowiec

    - Private! Can you see that "Freeman" guy on the cameras?!- He's still in the test chamber sir!- Ok, so now...- Wait, he's now in the office!- What? How could he...- He's at the rocket silo- How the hell...- Railway- He's moving that fast?!- Oh, now he's at Lambda Core- What?!- Nevermind, he's just defeated Nihilanth. Can we go home now sir?- Yeah...

  • waitwhat

    i took 1 year to complete what this nig did in 29 mins

  • I have an edgy profile picture

    When she home alone but you have to kill some aliens first...

  • Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin

    I've never seen male pattern baldness on a 16 year old. And holy shit is it bad!

  • EmZav

    0:00 WTF IS GOING ON?!

  • Victor Dutra

    I wonder what marines thinks when they see gordon bunnyhopping like this lol

  • oczo22

    thats was INSANE bro...good job:)

  • Aldo Zulfikar

    Brought to you by michael bay...

  • id13

    29:45 is not so long for refunding ?

  • Radio Editz

    Here is the perfect walkthrough of this game !

  • J [Max Ignoramus] J

    I bet these guys were good at CS jump maps

  • Loan Shark Joe

    holy crap nice job man! what an insane run. your movement control is absolutely ridiculously awesome to watch

  • Lautta 17


  • KenjiDanCSM

    Good ol’ Half Life....days when we still played CS 1.6

  • NotWizaRD

    27:15 он сказал привет ?

  • Michael Choe

    i've never played half life, so it's nice to get a quick overview

  • Moyo

    I feel bad for his hairline

  • Aldo Zulfikar

    The power of ultra instinc is in your blood

  • Wasder Lavni

    5:58 6:42 Нэвэльный7?77

  • Jeremy King

    This is the most amazing speed run I have ever seen. I am a good bunny hopper but you make me look trash.

  • gota0l

    27:15 what ? 1toxen prevet ?

  • CrazyKosai

    He's got that Black Mesa scientist hairline

  • tel elfo no

    perma quick save+quick load .... speedrun = 1 run &no deaths /unlimited trys

  • Aymen

    Half life 3 confirmed. Jk excellent job man. I'm so happy to see that people still care about this game.

  • Aleksandr Egorov

    На самом деле, я могу ему только посочувствовать...

  • Operose

    He looks like the dude in the thumbnail

  • Rasim Efe

    lol world record is 19 minuteswtf

  • AF detona

    Eu me lembro da primeira vez que tentei zerar esse jogo na lan house e passei dias e não zerei, só vim zerar quando tive meu pc, o cara ae deve ter jogado muito para conhecer tão bem o mapa assim, parabéns!

  • StokieMokie

    You make half life look like some mod for Quake Live Race xD

  • Ha1tz

    Can someone pls tell me how to loger fps in halflife with a bind pls😩😩

  • Sharky

    Why is he blinking with every bhop?

  • Nepuutunes

    I love how these butthurt kids consider quad's run is considered the actual WR. It was segmented, this one isn't.There's also these kids who kept saying that he's using cheats.I bet y'all can't do better than him, just a fair warning for those who kept complaining.

  • RetroWarcraft

    so i didnt watch the video but i gave a like anyway

  • Klonter77 von Planet77

    I love the music in this game <3

  • Dynamite Dinosaur

    For anyone wanting to post about quadrazid's Speedrun:the HL21 speedrun holds the World Record For Segmented Speedruns of HL1.This speedrun holds World Record for Unsegmented Speedruns of HL1.Solved.Edit: Woah, this exploded. also, yes, HL21 was heavily scripted

  • Mama Ruslana Gitel'mana


  • RockyFistsCats

    All i can do is clap,mad skills.

  • Shiny Fox Anaconda Channel

    When you're late for school . .

  • James Epp

    I just want to know what was going on with Barney and all those tripmines at 0:00

  • snuffeldjuret

    I dont understand what happens when he dies.

  • Furkan Selim

    World Record??!?!?!?!?!? Record quadrazid

  • Range Ryder

    inb4 30 year old boomer comments

  • Alejandro Julián

    World record? What about Quadrazid?

  • nice looking puppet

    Guy pls if u look closely and focus on his breathing and blinking during bunny hop he recorded the original gameplay and he is just reviewing the video in fast mode which means the video 3x time faster than normal only when he bunny hoops cuz he dont wanna get caught when someone talks

  • Joshua 84826 Gamer

    You're awesome man your movement control is incredible fast I can't believe it I like it this speedrun in HL

  • Distinct

    Imagine playing against guys like these in multiplayer. Youd be dead before u even spawn.

  • Dennis NessiD

    u speedrun guys are insane!

  • Wesker JHG

    27:50 close your eyes, it looks like he’s getting a blowjob

  • Robert Pendell

    Speed runs so close you had to record in thousandths of a second.

  • TankerD18

    That was ridiculous, good job.

  • arcmatter

    is he using a bhop macro? or like auto-spacebar or smth

  • Brian RNS

    Great. Now try unsegmented, unscripted, glitchless and no save/load speedrun

  • Hunter Ruschli


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