STRIPPING MOD? - Skyrim Mods - Week 170

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Full Version of Shia Labeouf Scene:

Shia Labeouf Song by Rob Cantor

Elder Blood ENB by CommanderBrigthside
Nephilim by Antonio Colasurdo
Shia Surprise! sneak attack sound replacer
Andromeda by Hullaballoonatic
SerialStrip v1.0.3-beta
  • MxR Mods

    Gonna try to make a full version of the Shia Labeouf thing and upload it this week.  Thanks for all the awesome comments :)

  • P R

    The Shia Labeouf song killed me

  • eatign ass

    I'm proud to be in 99% off the perverts

  • Faith T

    WOO 5% team!Oh.. Just me?okay

  • Tacocasablanca

    But wait! He runs a craft store! Shia Supplies!

  • Kyuute Anime Grill

    Did you just say all the love to tacos? Or Otakus

  • David Mobeck

    Stripping mod? Most important mod.

  • Josiah Duff

    He mentioned everyone except for us alone Wanderers.... Interesting.

  • Farez Mohammed

    Dude...please...just stop with the thumbnails, man...please...keep the porn in the pornsites...

  • Lucifers Angel

    You. Are. A. God. That clip for Shia Surprise was phenomenal.

  • Ariel Fetters

    Original Skyrim Install file size? 9.5 gigs. After modding? 34 gigs...

  • Vixen Dais

    When you're part of that 5%

  • The Imposter

    "What do women love? Strippers" of course I get that ad here

  • Destiny McVey

    That Dragon Age music, though.

  • Casey Stratton

    Thanks for featuring andromeda a second time. I've been hard at work on her lately, and you're great motivation as always. Congrats on your sub numbers and keep up the great work.

  • maria39866

    I am the 5%! Congrats :D

  • Bioshock Bombshell

    Hurray for the 5%!!! :3

  • Titus Gray

    Shia LaBoeuf song 100/10

  • Chris Reim

    Andromeda is actually the closest galaxy to the milky way which is also expected to collide with us in the very far future, also the Andromeda galaxy has twice as many stars as ours which is somewhere around 1 trillion...

  • BurkeyyyBoy

    First time instagamr hasn't commented is the last 3 months


    Congratulations on 700,000! May the you be blessed by the Nine and beyond!

  • cass

    Proud to be part of the 5%!

  • Risktacer

    "so, to turn yourself into syphilis.. oh shi-"laughed so hard i pissed myself

  • Cloud Striker

    Please make more Fallout Vids!

  • danielbr1993

    That thumbnail makes me mad. I gotta go and beat my meat.

  • Archon WF

    hi.. what's the name of the armor your character is wearing? thanks in advance

  • Prof.Feelgood

    Skyrim game/witcher ENB/ Dragon Age music lol nice combo

  • Emily III

    Proud to be one of the 5% of females! #FemaleButIWatchMxR

  • Swarley

    9:47 supernatural reference

  • Eirikur

    Dat thumbnail do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Philo Jewett

    Lol, that's my favorite song at the end... from WoW Classic.

  • General

    Reminds me of heavens lost property,i might make a ikaros build

  • Angel Eduardo

    Im only here for the tittle

  • Nick Ramos

    That Shia Surprise backstory was so funny xD

  • Kookie Kusu

    I just saw your videos recently and I've been so addicted. Can't stop watching!!

  • PurpleDjango

    That second achievement is impressive!

  • ralvbzma

    ...........and the very old people (+40)

  • Nathan del Rosario

    Dragon age music in skyrim?!? What is this?!?

  • Eli

    The Nephilim backstory and name is based on the Bible!

  • itzaguy

    Just some knowledge, the Andromeda concept comes from the MOBA Heroes of Newerth of the hero with the same name.

  • Smith Smithinson

    Does anyone know where I can download that armor? I have looked everywhere :(Also, if you already have it, could it be sent through skype?

  • Jessica Lewis

    I'm 22 and STILL play skyrim and love it! I love watching his videos. He's freaking hilarious 😂😂😂

  • TLCBonaparte

    wait... is that supernatural angel blade!?!?! YOU MEAN I CAN NOW ROLE PLAY AS CASTIEL!?!

  • Michelle Lepera

    The Mortal Cup 😍 as us TMI fangirls know. 😅

  • no im not high its euphoria

    apart of the 5 percent of females...but im also a pervert huehue

  • Jacob Ross

    Is there a way you can get mods on ps3

  • parkwoojin'sdarkpast

    lol I'm one of the 5% female's

  • TipsyDrow

    The Nephilim backstory is right out of the bible (old testament)

  • Captiiva

    MXR pre adpocalypse "I love you all so much" -------- MXR post adpocalypse "U guys are ok i guess, but now that Utube money fountain is drying up, I really love Patreon peeps now"

  • Dalton Powell

    For all you folks out there here for the strip 8:10 is where you are looking..

  • kristanmaree

    Hearing World of Warcraft music play in the background... Such happiness

  • LSPrincess

    Aw, you're welcome, MxR!

  • IronSheep

    That Shia Lebeouf mod + the awesome scene thing you did was one of the funniest things ive ever seen (honestly)

  • RocketLawnChair

    Being a bisexual woman I really appreciate the slutty outfits and looking at how beautiful they make the female npcs and characters look. And also the occasional sexy male outfit too. :)

  • Jan The Can

    That's too little of a percent for girls..Come on, let's go with 5.9%

  • Instagamrr - It's all Pun and Games!

    Damnnnn you were just at 666 thousand, congrats man! The 5% women say you're welcome :P

  • McGalcri

    So tittle is "stripping mod" ... where is the stripping? LOL

  • Max Kenji

    what mod is the dark elven armor at the beginning?

  • PVT Cannon

    you forgot all the redneck gamers out there bro

  • Avaris

    All the Freshmen and 12 year olds: You're welcome :D

  • Yor Ki

    I have a some words for you SHIA SURPRISE

  • Satan

    5:01 how did he roll O:

  • Lazor

    Your next upgrade: GTX Titan X.

  • Aenigma66

    We love you too MXR <3

  • MMedic

    YouTube recommended a striptease video on the recommended tab. I don't have anything else to say.

  • CommanderLink

    why doesnt he link a lot more information in the description? i want to know what mod he uses for his character, what the music was during the enb mod showcase, what mod is it that gave him glowing green eyes 

  • Waarg

    Nephilim.. Diablo 3 anyone?

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