STRIPPING MOD? - Skyrim Mods - Week 170

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Full Version of Shia Labeouf Scene:

Shia Labeouf Song by Rob Cantor

Elder Blood ENB by CommanderBrigthside
Nephilim by Antonio Colasurdo
Shia Surprise! sneak attack sound replacer
Andromeda by Hullaballoonatic
SerialStrip v1.0.3-beta
  • Miked

    I'm proud to be in 99% off the perverts

  • MxR Mods

    Gonna try to make a full version of the Shia Labeouf thing and upload it this week.  Thanks for all the awesome comments :)

  • headhunter 9865

    damn I thought it was a stripper mod

  • Müffel Mopp

    Fckn angel period blood!!!

  • Epic Emz

    Proud to be one of the 5% of females! #FemaleButIWatchMxR

  • Meteoricknave7


  • Michael Moser

    What armor mod is that? I've looked over the last few videos and I can't find it. Love that elven/corset hybrid.

  • Knight of Lothric

    now why are all the mods porn?

  • Dalton Powell

    For all you folks out there here for the strip 8:10 is where you are looking..

  • kawaiicreator5

    Proud to be part of the 5%!

  • NightGhost

    What that golden dog mod in this video?

  • Jessica Lewis

    I'm 22 and STILL play skyrim and love it! I love watching his videos. He's freaking hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Icebubbykins The Great

    And every minute or sumpin she will Change color

  • Hexenkönig 707

    the nephilim are a race from darksiders the are a bound of angels and demons

  • Grazvydas

    i did thing that was yuor intro 0:00 to 1:13

  • Sister Lilia

    what was the armour mod?

  • Vixen Dais

    When you're part of that 5%

  • Grade and Under

    MxR what is the music in the background whilst you reviewing the elder blood mod?

  • Archon WF

    hi.. what's the name of the armor your character is wearing? thanks in advance

  • Ryan Derpingsøn

    "To Unlock this Syphilis"    Died.

  • Trinity Huntley

    if you toggle the nephilm mod off can you go back to being able to go underwater

  • no im not high its euphoria

    apart of the 5 percent of females...but im also a pervert huehue

  • Grade and Under

    MxR what is the music in the background whilst you reviewing the elder blood mod?

  • Ruhman Khalid

    andromeda gets featured again :/

  • Nicholas Alawine

    What is the elven armor mod he is using?

  • Josiah Duff

    He mentioned everyone except for us alone Wanderers.... Interesting.

  • Avaris

    All the Freshmen and 12 year olds: You're welcome :D

  • Harry Chaplin

    what armour mod is he using in this episode?

  • Satan

    5:01 how did he roll O:

  • Hyon Kwang

    Stop. 1:31 YOU don't know Andromeda! (yes I'm yelling at you.)

  • Bogdan Larchenko

    The face expressions of Alex are so adorable, omg

  • Tristan Smith

    what is the walk animation you use

  • Swarley

    9:47 supernatural reference

  • Lance McCoy

    believe it or not the shape of the valentine heart actually comes from the shape of a woman's backside when they bend over 😁

  • ChillPachi

    How does he get this neck-braking Animation when he sneaks up on someone?

  • Hyon Kwang, you didn't thank the 40-something year old parolee.

  • ymke1000

    one of the 5% females!

  • Austin Moffatt

    gotta stop using WoW music in your vids, too much nostalgia, makes me wanna resub until i remember that Blizzard murdered it and then i get sa again....


    Nephilim mod is definitely based around the tv show supernatural

  • Sierra Benson

    Nephilim is a race from The Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunters. Antonio's mods are all inspired by TMI 👌🏻

  • Kostas Kavourinos

    As a fantasy nerd that belongs to the 30% of his male viewers I do approve.While the rest 65% is still males,but it sounds that we are more unique that way.

  • STΛI

    3:37 could u tell me this gras mod name please??

  • Poiichy

    Nephilim omg one of my fav books

  • PiperTheos


  • Taylor Lewis

    I was just watching the Shia labouf music Vidio: canable

  • Eli

    The Nephilim backstory and name is based on the Bible!

  • Emory Honey

    dude are u mental again nor a stripping mod I'll just stop watching u

  • Alex

    sees the title Huh, stripping mod? Meh.Sees its made by MxR THIS GONNA BE GOOD :D

  • Burnt_Jah

    Damn dat female storm cloak around 10:20

  • Bob Bobbington

    did anyone else see the dragon in the background at 7:08...

  • Vermilion

    1:03 what is this song called and i know its not darude sandstorm ;)

  • multifandom______

    lol I'm one of the 5% female's

  • Tan Zhen Ming

    I swear this commentary defeats the latest episodes

  • Alex Denton

    OMG is that the angel blade from Supernatural ? 10:42Why have I not downloaded this yet? Thanks again dude :)

  • Philo Jewett

    Lol, that's my favorite song at the end... from WoW Classic.

  • Mist Prowen

    HE FORGOT FURRIES IN THE INTRO!!!!!!!!!!!!-#-#--###--#--#----#-------#---#---#----###--###----###---###--###-- --#----#--#--#--#----#-#-#-#---#---#-----#-------#-------#----#---#----##----- --#----###-###----#---#----#--###--###------#-------###---###-###---

  • DestroyerChan

    Aw, you're welcome, MxR!

  • Reverse

    am i the only one that gets the nephilim reference... to the book... yes? ok...

  • Kayli HiddlestonLover

    I'm such a nerd but Andromeda reminds me of singularity from the marvel universe :) therefore DOWNLOAD

  • MrPenguano

    Update the intro please like fallout 4 mods weekly

  • Puffy Puff

    Die, you fucking pervert.

  • George Cowsert

    I have an issue with the nephilim mod.I CAN'T FIND THE DAMN RINGSomeone please give detailed instructions on where, and how, to find it.

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