STRIPPING MOD? - Skyrim Mods - Week 170

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Full Version of Shia Labeouf Scene:

Shia Labeouf Song by Rob Cantor

Elder Blood ENB by CommanderBrigthside
Nephilim by Antonio Colasurdo
Shia Surprise! sneak attack sound replacer
Andromeda by Hullaballoonatic
SerialStrip v1.0.3-beta
  • MxR Mods

    Gonna try to make a full version of the Shia Labeouf thing and upload it this week.  Thanks for all the awesome comments :)

  • Edwin Mejia

    Hahahaha that shia labeouf skit was hilarious af 😂😂😂

  • Jana Türlich

    How is this elven armor mod called?

  • Yor Ki

    I have a some words for you SHIA SURPRISE

  • danielbr1993

    That thumbnail makes me mad. I gotta go and beat my meat.

  • headhunter 9865

    damn I thought it was a stripper mod

  • MaxNeu14

    is the angels dagger a reference to supernatural?

  • Müffel Mopp

    Fckn angel period blood!!!

  • N7 Special Operatives

    Im proud to that 1% of people to watch his mods for the mods

  • MountainRain

    I'm one of those 5% females :D

  • SageNode

    wait, your only like 22 years old? thought you were at least 24. well no matter, cause you a sexy dude. btw your videos are cool too.

  • ღ miked.

    I'm proud to be in 99% off the perverts

  • Michael

    What armor mod is that? I've looked over the last few videos and I can't find it. Love that elven/corset hybrid.

  • MountainRain

    Nephilim... angel race. Lol you have no fucking idea what the race of Nephilim was

  • MC


  • Epic Emz

    Proud to be one of the 5% of females! #FemaleButIWatchMxR

  • Knight of Lothric

    now why are all the mods porn?

  • Icebubbykins The Great

    And every minute or sumpin she will Change color

  • Vintage_Cassette

    Proud to be part of the 5%!

  • Dalton Powell

    For all you folks out there here for the strip 8:10 is where you are looking..

  • Jessica Lewis

    I'm 22 and STILL play skyrim and love it! I love watching his videos. He's freaking hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Grazvydas

    i did thing that was yuor intro 0:00 to 1:13

  • Hexenkönig 707

    the nephilim are a race from darksiders the are a bound of angels and demons

  • Sister Lilia

    what was the armour mod?

  • Zuquan

    What that golden dog mod in this video?

  • RateGrade

    MxR what is the music in the background whilst you reviewing the elder blood mod?

  • Vixen Dais

    When you're part of that 5%

  • Superschlafanzug

    Being German Shia suprise sounds like Scheiße prize to me.

  • The Last Methbender

    You're not going to tell us what that cool elf armor recolor is?

  • no im not high its euphoria

    apart of the 5 percent of females...but im also a pervert huehue

  • Nokcer

    "To Unlock this Syphilis"    Died.

  • Trinity Huntley

    if you toggle the nephilm mod off can you go back to being able to go underwater

  • Archon WF

    hi.. what's the name of the armor your character is wearing? thanks in advance

  • RateGrade

    MxR what is the music in the background whilst you reviewing the elder blood mod?

  • Ra'Meil Morgan

    His character runs so fucking weird that shit just throws me off. Her arms look ready to start spinning around on her shoulders they go up so far onto her back. You know like that spinning head from the 1970's exorcism movie. Like some crazy spinning action type shit. Then when she walks her spin is constantly flexing around like she's made of some damn jello. Does this turn you on? Seeing sick movements like that. What if someone walked in on your right now walking like that. Tell me you wouldn't scream like a little bitch at the sight of someone bending there bones in such a horrifying ass way. Anyways whatever makes ya'll's dick hard. (like that double apostrophe back there I sure as hell did. Shut the fuck up and deal with it. I can type whatever the fuck I want to because this is the internet)

  • Ruhman Khalid

    andromeda gets featured again :/

  • Bluebins

    Heh, I'm part of the 5% female.

  • Nicholas Alawine

    What is the elven armor mod he is using?

  • Avaris

    All the Freshmen and 12 year olds: You're welcome :D

  • Straydog27

    Stop. 1:31 YOU don't know Andromeda! (yes I'm yelling at you.)

  • Harry Chaplin

    what armour mod is he using in this episode?

  • Bogdan Larchenko

    The face expressions of Alex are so adorable, omg

  • Tristan Smith {Rhamos}

    what is the walk animation you use

  • Satan

    5:01 how did he roll O:

  • STΛI

    3:37 could u tell me this gras mod name please??


    Nephilim mod is definitely based around the tv show supernatural

  • Lance McCoy

    believe it or not the shape of the valentine heart actually comes from the shape of a woman's backside when they bend over 😁

  • Straydog27, you didn't thank the 40-something year old parolee.

  • nananana FAREZ

    Dude...please...just stop with the thumbnails, man...please...keep the porn in the pornsites...

  • ymke1000

    one of the 5% females!

  • Sierra Benson

    Nephilim is a race from The Mortal Instruments / Shadowhunters. Antonio's mods are all inspired by TMI 👌🏻

  • PiperTheos


  • Eli

    The Nephilim backstory and name is based on the Bible!

  • Faith T

    WOO 5% team!Oh.. Just me?okay

  • Emory Honey

    dude are u mental again nor a stripping mod I'll just stop watching u

  • Vermilion

    1:03 what is this song called and i know its not darude sandstorm ;)

  • Light's Blade

    5:45 What mod are you using to make snow go on your Armor like that?

  • Reverse

    am i the only one that gets the nephilim reference... to the book... yes? ok...

  • Burnt_Jah

    Damn dat female storm cloak around 10:20

  • Bob Bobbington

    did anyone else see the dragon in the background at 7:08...

  • SeriousGamer753

    Isnt the nephilim from the Darksiders 2 ???

  • parkwoojin'sdarkpast

    lol I'm one of the 5% female's

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