SKYRIM How To Get Morokei Mask In Labyrinthian Commentary + Tutorial

SKYRIM How To Get Morokei Mask In Labyrinthian Commentary + Tutorial
  • Invirus

    Winterrun and morokel XD

  • SuperDr gus3

    im not trying to be mean but morokei is not a mage,he is a dragon priest

  • Seal

    I died when he said " Wizard School" lol 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Danarang

    3:20"With my... err... errr... Dwarven elven warhammer..."

  • hugo malmqvist

    "MAAASK" that pronounce made me die a little bit inside x)

  • Foxy Pirate


  • xfoxgames

    @ReynumMC lol no problem, thanks for the words!

  • xfoxgames

    @iTHEbrothority thanks!

  • xfoxgames

    @houussee1 very nice, yeah i cant do sneak or bows etc... my guys to much of a brute!

  • echteBilbo

    its said aah lay laaa and the companions are in WHITE RUN

  • Unstrict

    WhiteRun not WinterRun.

  • Marc Devine

    Why not just level up when you almost die ..? :)

  • Teriyaki Sauce

    see my video if you want it without doing guest

  • Josh Youwa

    i love this tactic bro, cheers for the help :3

  • elaine priest

    sneak 100 2 handed 100 heavy armor 100 will demolish him

  • BerkerIzmir35TR

    Thank you so much for Commentary but how do I get it there? You didn't show and said anything about it at all.

  • Pink Socks

    whiterun, not winterun...

  • astronomologist

    I just defeated morokei without taking any damage on lvl 19 by summoning a flame antronach to distract him

  • baldian3

    also i have two of the 10 masks, i have: morokei, naahrim

  • Specter Whitefish

    I killed Krosis and some other dragon priest don't remember his name he was right bottom corner of the map that's his location I can't wait tell I kill morokei

  • baldian3

    when i first faught (however you spell it) this guys he kicked my ass. then i made my enchanted blade called Death Bane, and i kicked his ass. how do you like them apples?!

  • Tom Black

    *Cough cough* Console commands ;D Naaah, I'm just kidding, great tutorial on killing Morokei :D

  • Nyle Dalessandro Bletso

    I killed him with my ebony arros

  • Nyle Dalessandro Bletso

    I killed him with my ebony arros

  • Dan Cezar Ciobanu

    Sneak 100 archery 100 3 shoots and he was dead

  • Raymond Vu

    lol i was level 4 level 28 destruction

  • rhonda canter

    I ran in and killedl 6 of them vokun was hard but I was level 13 when I killed him and I haven't done the mages quests.

  • The Sewp Group

    wow. thanks for the tips man im going to go try that right now!!!!!! such a good technique to use againts bosses

  • reptile lover

    I used the Wuuthrad? weapon to kill him easily

  • nonickerson

    Dude I killed him in 30 seconds at level 21 and taking only one hit with no helper

  • The_ring_maker

    I used ur way and it worked thank u

  • Odd World

    Hey have you taken the skeleton with arrows who is in the labytinth, he as 2 shouts/powers 1 is disarm and other you get pushed bakc and it takes like 2 seconds to get upp. i think he is hardcore. i used dvarfen armor nad he 1 shooted me when i was in level 16 i am not sure if i can take him now in lvl 20 buti try:)

  • BigPoppieMushrooms

    dude you messed up on alot of words

  • Danarang

    The Windsheer can really mess dragon priests up..They literrally cannot hit u... Just run in and BAM BAM BAM!!!


    shoulda used sanguine rose...You could have filled it....

  • TheWhateverChild

    Before I did this quest I got full daedric amour and a daedric sword and Lydia with daedric amour and a sword So Lydia drew ALL of the fire and I came up begins him and smacked him around until he died

  • Jeamileth Lopez

    magic n master destuction spells with some master robes

  • Gambit

    Too easy. I shot him three times with my bow.

  • Caleb Coultis

    were you purposely saying everything wrong??

  • Gamers21ful

    With windshear not big damage but it causes stager

  • Mathias N

    I'm level 21 and I'm in level 63 in destruction and I can take him easy.

  • Horse Gladiator

    yeah im not doing your way because i am the type who always says in a battle"lets see are you effected from ice form ok prepare to die from my dwarven warhammer" thats happens to work out a lot for me [exept for when im fighting spiders thats when i say"follower dont be a wuss go in there ill stay back and watch with my bow oops shot you in the head follower sorry"]yeah thats me

  • Wyatt Lagerquist

    No words describe how much I wanna murder you for miss pronunciation!!!

  • Brandy Turner

    If you work on your character and do the right perks I was 3-4 hitting the dragon priests at lv 29-30 with Ebony mace and sword

  • mavuyouma humeyestewa

    who do you talk to to get the mask.

  • Parker Weston

    whiterun not winterun lol lol lol hhahahahha

  • xvsero

    What I would do is use unrelenting force, attack him for a bit, run like a baby, fire breath, attack, and then repeat. Circle strafe also works great I did this to get one of the mask and it works great. I would also avoid power attacks because while they do hurt more the accuracy is a great deal worse.

  • João Santos.

    in my case that guy got stuck on the pool and i didnt let him come out.

  • Optik Jaaet

    I'm a level 52 and I have a follower named Marcurio from Riften's Bee and Barb. I can kill him in one blow. Or like 5 blows. PS3.

  • Kinder Egg


  • Brozdi

    This guy is sooo easy to kill. i used the shout that makes that one man come help out and used firebolts. if you update your destruction, when you do a firebolt two handed, it will stagger them. it took me 2 minutes and 2 potions of magika and he didnt damage even once.

  • preston martin

    and he called aela a "he" LOL FAIL ON THE GRAMMER

  • preston martin

    ive also never heard of naharkin but i know of a nahkriin

  • houussee1

    My archer (forget what level) made quick work of this guy. From the doorway I killed both mages who were holding him in stasis and about four to five arrows later, he's dead. I really leveled my archer before doing a lot of the quests. Oh, by the way, my sneak level was pretty high also. Some think sneak is lame but I find that the more shadows you're in the better, which is nice.

  • preston martin

    me neither and ive never heard of aev either its aela

  • cypermanz

    I just ran straight up to him and killed him with dual-wielded macesxD

  • Moosh


  • Darien Evans

    basically the way who beat this guy is by being a little sissy and hide while shooting arrows at him all day. Well, I didn't do that, that why I died like 20 times lol. I was lucky that my companion was helping me, cause it's almost impossible to beat him one on one.

  • Wulfanator72

    i used the doors to block alot of the sparks and spammed with health spells and sneak arrows. Because sneak arrows do 2x damage it killed him really fast

  • Indingu

    the fireball spell did the most damage

  • Indingu

    yeah i beat him using my magic spells and my summoning flame astronach difficulty was set on adept my level was 17 my distruction was 50

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