How to Get Gold Fast and Easy in Skyrim | 100,000+ Gold/Hour

Hello everyone! The video pretty much explains everything except for how to make the Riverwood trader rich and how to get your speech to 100. I have videos on both of those things so here are the links:

How to make the Riverwood trader rich:

How to get 100 Speech fast:

So like I said in the video, you can still do this glitch without making the Riverwood trader rich and without having a high speech level. It is just recommended to make this go by a lot faster. If you can't do this, simply wait 48 hours and then continue to sell the books to any shopkeeper. As shown in the video, this does earn you over 100,000 gold per hour.

Thanks for watching! As always, leave a comment if you have trouble. Please leave me a like if this helped you! Have a good day!

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  • Echo

    On the path you might run into a bear, or frost trolls. I ran into a frickin dragon!

  • Frankie

    i used to be an exploiter like you...but then i took an arrow to the knee

  • Nero Knight

    4 years later it still works 😂

  • RealToxicHam

    Am I the only one who stole the golden claw back after giving it to the river wood trader 😂

  • Dabacon BossBro

    Horses:Newtons worst nightmare.

  • Branden Hickling

    This is the first vid ive watched on ur channel and i love the intro.."high guys its the leuzer"

  • Otis Murdoch

    Regarding the horse suggestions at the begiing of this video, the easiest way to get a horse early in game is head straight to Whiterun and take the carriage to Riften. The stable is right next to you when you arrive. Look around for the stablemaster (he should be right there, unless he's in his home. Just wait in place until daylight hours). I forget his name but he's a burly fellow with a gruff voice and an intimidating name, and should be the only NPC around besides guards, the carriage driver and a few Khajiit if their caravan stops by. Talk to him and mention that it seems dangerous living outside the city walls. That will lead you to a brawl offer. Like other brawls, if you beat him he becomes your friend and you can take most of his stuff without stealing. That includes BOTH horses, who respawn if the one you take dies. They are both free for the rest of the game, and you can fast travel back to Riften Stables whenever you need a new horse.IMPORTANT! Make sure you don't challenge him on his way in or out of his home (indoors make sure he's sitting, outside make sure he's leaning against the stable). When you challenge someone, there's those few seconds before they go hostile, and if he's in the middle of heading in or out when you take the bet and he manages to leave the cell you're in, he'll never get hostile for the fight and you can never challenge him again.

  • Gavin da Silva

    no amount of skyrim money can bring Glenn back

  • xbubbahotep

    so pissed at my horse. he ran like a mile away while I was getting g the books

  • Budderstuff

    I kind of killed the riverside trader

  • Jeff Poirrier

    Fastest way of doing this...1 Play the PC version.2 Open Console.3 Type this: player.additem F 1000004. Press `Enter` key.5. Done


    This works on Playstation 3 (Still working: 6/28/2016)

  • Dakoda Dorsaneo

    Anyone try this in the special edition yet?

  • ICe 7056

    Btw don't take ALL the books. You have to leave one or you just ruined the glitch.

  • Esteban Castro

    I used ice storm spell against te skeleton and he flew away now i cant find him :(

  • Seamus Murphy

    Skeleton de-spawned how long does it take to come back

  • Agent Vermont

    im playin skyrim i go to winter hold get on my horse and a dragon pops out the middle of no where im like bruh ;_;

  • Nyarlathotep Flagg

    You're already bugging the game to duplicte the books, why not just outright cheat? Wastes less time, and is essentially the same.

  • Jack Ross

    You are a winner, and don't you forget that.

  • Nate Jones

    I tried to do it 2 times but it disappeared

  • Damir S

    The Merchant guy is patched he only has 700 gold

  • Jon Doe

    Lol, i hate these kinda videos, get rich get ur alchemy up to 100 fast, etc...what you fail to show us is the grinding you need to do before, it isnt that fast and why spoil the game?

  • The English Spud

    THIS IS FAST BUT NOT THE FASTESTIn the quest:Blood On The Ice, (Murder solving one) in Windhelm enter Hjerim and grab the strange amulet. After that head on down to Collixto and sell it to him. Then pickpocket it back, and then repeat the sell, steal cycle and you can make 3000 Gold every minute with a moderate speed device, even faster depending on how fast the menus load. Doing this for an hour can give you 140,000 (unlucky pickpockets) to 200,000 (quick device and good-ish luck) Enjoy



  • ForeverKIS

    If you are happy to use in-game bugs to stock on illegitimate gold, why not spare yourself an hour and simply give yourself as much gold as you want via a console?

  • Hayden L.

    I killed the skeletons and did the glitch then went and sold all the books. I went back, but the skeleton lying down on the table thing wasn't there anymore. How do I get it to respawn?

  • Will

    If you can fast travel while on a horse then why stop doing it at the weight cap?

  • Zekeram12

    I got to the Throat of the World before meeting the Greybeards thanks to my horse.

  • Jaden Espino

    Or make iron daggers with the enchantment bansnish daedra+petty soul gem 1 dagger with the enchanmet- 2200 dollars

  • Blackeagle8909

    Or if you have the Dragonborn dlc find an east empire company pendant then go down to the Ratways in Riften with a follower just before you enter the Ragged Flagon tell the follower to wait drop the pendant order your follower to pick it up enter the Ragged Flagon and then leave through the same door you entered and go back up to where you dropped the pendant and there will be another one then grab the one in your followers inventory and drop both of them and order your follower to pick them up go into the ragged flagon and back out like you did earlier and there will be 4 pendants in all this time do this as much as you want then sell them to Fethis Alor in Raven Rock I got 100,000 gold in maybe 20 minutes Side notes: You can't drop the pendants in stacks they have to be individually You need 200 pendants for 100,000 gold You can find an east empire pendant in Brodir Grove just Northeast of Raven Rock

  • adminos15

    Valerius wanna give me only 789 gold. I will use some cheat to give him some gold, then i will sell my books to him, and finally, i haven't cheated. He is the cheater ;D

  • Wolf 5050

    does this work on the remaster

  • Ashley Wagner

    This works on Special Edition on Xbox One 2016

  • Avenue 462

    well it's 2016, does it still work? and on pc?

  • toot heh

    how long does it take for the monster to respawn ?

  • Harrison leek

    hidden chest in dawnstar loot gold and all potions keep gold sell potions to mage in jarls longhouse wait 2 days repeat

  • Captaingaefieldi

    Fastest way for console get power spell black market then you have personal trader with at all times

  • Friedrich

    Personally I just use a plater to clip in the side of the companions building (The easiest wall to clip through in the game by the way, at least a 90% success rate) and go under the skyforge, loot money from the chest, which without any points in speech will have 1100 gold.jump and use the forge to get out, save. attack him. load. ask what he has to sell. back out. do the platter clip again and repeat it all over again.If you make it so he is rich, you could easily get half a million gold within an hour.

  • Zachariah

    The skeleton is gone after the first time for me I've waited 24 hours like 3 times. Tip for waiting (Xbox 360): When you hit A to wait also hit the home button and it will freeze for a second then the menu will show up and you'll hear fast ticking then when the ticking is done you get done waiting like 10x faster. You're welcome (;

  • TheSniperLord55

    I’m so sad. My river wood trader and his sister were killed by vampires

  • Dix Fox

    He said when your going up the mountain you'll find a bear and some trolls, I found 2 Sabre cats and a dragon

  • BroBear

    4:51 I laughed way harder than I should’ve

  • Aryan Kyatam

    Or you can just press "~" key and type player.add f 100000

  • Chxmicxl Prisoner

    hey guys i did this on Xbox and it worked!!! dont say he's lying it accually works!!!! i got over 50000000 coins!!!!

  • Random

    Works with the unoficial patch?

  • Jan Moors

    Is this patched or does it still works?

  • FlysBy

    Carry weight 420, genus :D

  • natalie jayne

    thanks mate for the video helped alot, u have some awesome videos for skyrim :)

  • Mika Tarkela

    But I don't have money for a horse :(

  • this guy

    LOL "Hey guys, it's the loser" XD

  • 5

    For me they don`t duplicate D:

  • Thorus Zwolf

    Ha Ha, he only gave you what he had, not the full value of the books xD

  • Arannez Oblivion

    Just tried it on my Nintendo Switch Still works thank you! 11-28-17

  • Jake B

    To do it twice as fast, press loot all instead of backing out. I got 100 per minute like this, which is twice as fast as him. I would recommend selling to the thieves guild if you don't have 100 sneak. They have like 5k gold if you're the guild master.

  • Queen of the Shivering isles

    Thank I can lvl up in skills faster!!

  • Aneurihn QUINN

    after you leave the area can you come back

  • TMRW Mourning.

    I went to the spot with the skeletons but I cannot fast travel to the pit or whatever it's called because it didn't say area discovered yet. Any help would be very appreciated:)

  • Brighton Young

    You can just get Frost at Riften.

  • Jamie Kestle

    1:52 "there will be a couple goats"Awww... Shit I'm not a high enough level to beat those guys :,(

  • GrungyEmu0

    Does this only work one time, or does the area reset/respawn?

  • OneMinute Clips

    Hey thx btw... But i already knew this and my prob is that when i got like 100 books i gonne to sell them and when i came back to the altar thing the skeleton is gonne like not even in the ground. Can someone help pls?

  • Timefall l

    wow. skeleton despawned after doing this twice to get only 7000 gold

  • Cameron Hooper

    can you use arvak? the dlc horse

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