The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Wall of Spain in 50:26 - AGDQ 2018 - Part 6

Run starts at 10:30

This speedrun was recorded live at Awesome Games Done Quick 2018, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Prevent Cancer Foundation. Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on AGDQ2018, find us at:

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  • zaperzero

    "To be fair you have to have a very high iq to defeat alduin."

  • Zenyl

    "I can't believe you're speaking to me after... Alright."

  • JC Holmanation

    I missed my wedding twice to watch this run.

  • Raptor Dave

    This game is held together with scotch tape and cheap glue.

  • Jani SIr

    Cries in unofficial Skyrim patch

  • Mike T

    Now this is a GDQ run! Just fun and fast and glitchy and chaotic. I thought the couch would be way more awkward but they really kept things together. Godmode saved the 'run' and without it then they would be way over estimate or DNF. This was so good.

  • Zach Noorman

    “Listen, the skyrim speedrunning community... to be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to-“

  • Madeej555

    Literally, it was the quintensence of AGDQ. It was not about going for WR, but showing the game from "kinda" funny point of view.It took over hour of my life, and i do not regret it at all :D

  • Nooblord Derpington

    10:32 where stuff begins

  • Jacob Chapman

    This run was freaking hilarious! More fun then anything

  • F1akeO

    44:00 where it goes wrong

  • Josué Morera

    Dude!!!!! i loved this run so much!!! :3 im happy to see the good old funny AGDQ again... also shout outs to the audience! they were very supportive

  • Ischke

    I really love that binary timer behind the timer.

  • GreatFireDragon

    DrTChops is the king of skyrim!

  • Diogo Silva

    That's a lot of skooma

  • ETCReviewers

    isn't the guy in the middle the same guy from that infamous Mirror's Edge run?

  • Jorgo or Eli

    Don’t you DARE talk shit, this run is funny as hell. Don’t take yourself so seriously, he made money for charity and had a good time doing it. Be entertained, people.

  • Isaac Delgass

    Honestly I prefer these runs to the super clean WR worthy runs. Theres something glorious about the sheer chaos and pandemonium of these sorts of runs that gives GDQ its flavor.

  • The Gray Market Safari

    But what about playing it for 500 hours? Is there a games done long channel?

  • Exponaut R-01

    Oh boy I'm watching a GDQ vid and it's not old

  • Outlaw Hazz

    This is such a bad speedrun it’s hilarious

  • DreamBigPig `

    A beautiful example of how a speedrun doesn't have to be good to be great. Watched it live and loved every second of it.

  • Matzewrath

    I enjoyed every second of this truly hilarious run! Thank to you guys :)

  • Dalitas D

    is this a speed run or a glitch exhibition? Glorious!

  • Kleavers

    47:27 "I'm such a fraud" - lol. Love it!

  • miketv101

    This guy tilted hard in more ways than one, good on him for seeing it through. Takes a lot to put yourself infront of a crowd and massive amount of streamers. Good to see him take it mostly in good spirits.

  • Joel Mann

    Marcurio is the true hero of this run.

  • LemonCakeXXL

    I love seeing parts that took me hours and hours to reach, then there’s him who reaches it in 20 mins..

  • Woofs123

    Extremely fun run to watch! Seems like the runner was really embarrassed, but he shouldn't be! Turning on God Mode because of one little mistake was no big deal in a gdq. The couch was great and the runner had a good attitude. Well done guys!

  • Dat Fish

    Bethesda will always make perfect games.

  • Timbobway

    SHOUTS"Thats the wrong dragon!"I laughed for like 10 minutes

  • Youtube Sucks

    38:17deafening sound of silence

  • Kel

    "Is tilting a glitch?"

  • Sunbleached Angel

    Oh my god it's hilarious

  • Cronos46

    I loved this run! It may not have been the best speedrun but it was one of the most entertaining

  • Falborian

    I just noticed that the timer has a background with bars representing the time as well, damn!

  • Zach Noorman

    What computer did he use for this run and how much do I have to pay to get one

  • BrokenOpus

    Awesome video, that horse tilt speed glitch is crazy! Been playing Skyrim VR a little lately so I have a question...has there been any VR game speed runs yet at AGDQ, and would the tilt glitch work in VR too?

  • MicManGuy

    This is one of my favorite agdq runs of all time now. When the shit hits the fan it goes absolutely everywhere and everything is ruined. I love it! The craziest stuff happens in marathon runs.

  • [ IFDIFGIF ]

    I couldn't stop laughing at the Alduin fight hahaha

  • Leto85

    43:49 I think that's exactly why I still prefer the orc.

  • Lord Touch Me

    My name is Dragonborn and I’m the fastest man alive14:10

  • Padraig Faolin

    Just reminds me how atrociously broken unmodded Skyrim is...

  • Metal_Horror_Gamer

    Lol, love the Blazing Saddles reference at 24:08

  • pashkay

    Is it just me or does the commentary sound very similar to the Skyrim run they did a few years back?

  • Liam Mackey

    They're right, this is definitely the way Todd Howards intended the game to be played

  • Massive Breaker

    It's the guy that memed the Mirror's Edge run!

  • Kyle Lee

    This run had me laughing so hard!!! Gold...absolute gold! 😂

  • Porkpie Johnny

    "This is a little known strat called literally cheating"

  • Jack Marks

    So this is how skyrim is intended to be play hmm...

  • ProjectDT88

    "Quantum Entangle the horse" That part kills me every time I listen to it, thankfully I left a quick save before watching this.

  • Gohobogo

    My favorite thing about this run is that after making fun of the fact the Bucket Adventure is outdated, they screw up all the new strats until they actually got a worse time than the Bucket Adventure on Legendary difficulty.

  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict

    Only in Skyrim could a speedrun go this badly, and yet only in Skyrim could have such a bad speedrun become so good. Best laughs of my life here.

  • Mrtntgotyou

    Best run I have seen for a while!!! So funny!

  • wonda

    isnt this the mirrors edge guy

  • Heavyw8

    when comes the skyrim glitchless category? estimate: 50 hours+

  • Justin Hurowitz

    I suddenly feel really sorry for the guys who worked on the unofficial patches for this.

  • Gaines Hall

    How to explain any weirdness in Skryim.1.Nod and mumble, "Bethesda"

  • EikichiOnizuka

    I still wonder which version you need to do the sell/buy glitch, and a good explanation of the glitch if someone has it.And, for the dupe glitch, how do you do this version ? The one I know is the city gate (drop item save, get item, go outside, quick load and the items are back), but in this one there is only save load on the same spot, and it just dupe the sword ? :-|

  • iunary

    Oh really? if you aggressively break the game it can crash on you?? NOOOO that cant be right!

  • LunarBear

    Quick question; would it be worth saving the game mid horse tilt, so all the tilt speeds will be consistent?

  • Cody Small

    On a speedrunning view, it was alright at best. On an entertainment angle, this was gold.

  • Reaverbro

    I want to propose a new Skyrim speedrun category: matrimony%. The run ends when you marry Marcutio

  • AWM - Alexandre White de Mello

    50:26 Run07:49 Skip introThats almost one hour.This Run start in 10:50

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