Mortal Kombat 11 Shao Kahn Vs. Kotal Kahn All Fight Cutscenes (MK11)

Mortal Kombat 11 Shao kahn Vs. Kotal Kahn All Fight Cutscenes (MK11) 2019

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  • Revlis Morningstar

    Everyone remember when messing with shao khan was like suicide?

  • Danny Younger

    5:27 when you come to the classroom and you see someone sitting in your spot

  • I love Hispy

    Nobody:Not a single soul: Liu Kang:wataaaaaa wtwguahaheuakjahama

  • Will 2139

    Talk about an easily pleased crowd.

  • Grey Joker Service

    Hahaha , offering Shao Kahn refugee status xD . Kotal savage .

  • JhonnLT

    shao kahn used to be the strongest and the nearly undefeatable.. now he gets his ass kicked by everyone WTF

  • RaxuRangerking

    Apparently, part of being Khan means delaying your captives' execution long enough for the plot to barge in.

  • Mav Rick

    Love how the crowd agrees to everything anyone had to say 🤣

  • Mecha_Frieza xSKA_GhosTx

    Just remember we were robbed of seeing khan rip dvorah to pieces

  • G-Master Sub-Zero

    I suppose Raiden could heal Kotal of his paralyzed legs........No? We’re not doing that? Ok.

  • velstadt_royal_aegis

    Shao Khan is out here lookin like he eats walnuts with the shell

  • DamienNightmarish

    "Empires must expand or die!"Now I think I've already chosen a side.

  • Rakshasa

    5:08Kotal: Jade...Shao: No! You will look at ME as your long lost lover!!!

  • Rose Purdon

    Me seeing Kotal get his back broken: HOLY SHIT THIS GAME HAS PHYSICS NOW???

  • Kryptnyt

    "He's a man of honor, but beware his nasty bite, and also his Sand-Attack"

  • lightning boi

    Can't help but feel like Shao Kahn became too underpowered in MK11

  • Crunch Steak_09

    5:41Shao Kahn: “it’s just a flesh wound”

  • Mrboy21ful

    Kitana was able to kill Shao Khan? Nah I don't buy it, the writing for this game is terrible.

  • BeyondGods

    3:05 - 3:48: How the entrance should look like3:49: How it really is

  • Galt Nudarga

    Shao Kahn - not the strongest but the greatest boss(villain) in Mortal Kombat history

  • Mark Lucchese

    Kotal Kahn looks like he exclusively does chest day.

  • Juaquin Delgadillo

    Shao Kahn should've killed D'Vorah already for Mileena

  • Ad Pecle

    Kotal Kahn be all like POCKET SAND!

  • Nima Ebd

    Tf is this.this is shao kahn we’re talking about he was the sole survivor of Armageddon(the old timeline)he was the one who defeated blaze for god’s sake.

  • NoTiC_MiNiON 510

    I love that Shao Khan actually cares about his daughter Mileena 😢

  • PaulieM91

    Shao Kahn takes a sword to his shoulder that nearly severs it and brushes it off like its nothing, this is the Kahn we all know.

  • pro is back

    4:47Shao kahn : what game are we playing raiden? Well its mk11 LUL

  • Qardo

    "The Throne is yours. You have united Outworld, Kitana Kahn."Crowd cheers."She is officially out of your league now."FATALITY!

  • Magnus Tonitrum

    Either they shrunk Shao Kahn or Kotal Kahn grew. Shao Kahn is 7’2” and Kotal is 6’10” and they look the same size in these cutscenes.Edit: Also why does Shao only have claws on his left hand?

  • Ralph Jimenez

    8:56 Only a true alpha-male skips steps like that.

  • Fawnodin 123

    Remember when you fought Shao khan in 9 he spam his spear and taunts Good times But know not even Shao khan is a semi boss it’s just a simple character know DAMM YOU ED BOON AND YOUR STUPID EYEBROWS

  • Tommy Bear

    WTH happend to my childhood game

  • Beyblade

    Shao kahn vs Kotal Kahn vs Sharukh Kahn vs Amir Kahn vs Salman Kahn would be the ultimate fight lmao

  • King Kunta

    Kronika reminds me of the Ancient One from the MCU

  • Mitch B

    5:22 how Shao Khan really is the GOAT

  • djrandomuk

    Raiden: "I have not yet met kotal but hear he's a man of honour" Kotal: bites shao Kahn and throws dirt in his eyes.

  • White Alliance

    Damn barakka just killin all the failed interns drawings for new characters lmao

  • Emo Supremo

    Shao Khan in this game doesn’t have access to the all the souls he’s consumed, this is the Shao from mk2 the one defeated by Liu KangStill broke Kotal’s back though

  • BBmetalhead04

    Kotal better get a bitchin' Aztec wheelchair in MK 12.

  • Menna Anwar

    Kornika remunds me of the Ancient one in Dr Strange

  • Mwai Jamu

    That crowd is fickle, they changed sides twice

  • Gabriel Mascitti

    everyone's talking about shao kang in MK9, but nobody remembers the good old times in UMK3

  • Bbgun Gaming

    Let's face itKatana shouldn't have took his mask off

  • luiz henrique Domingues

    They nerfed my man Shao Kahn so hard. Dude was like a god in MK9.

  • Steve Hashbrown

    I liked Shao Kahn’s entrance, but they made him look like a toddler struggling to use a plastic mallet.

  • Arkillo

    And his name is KAHN LESNAR!! (16:44)

  • Vince V

    Shao Khan is so badass in this, too bad he went out the way he did

  • TransAce

    0:34 " Kill me Kotal, or bring Antler and I shipment of stealthboys "

  • Lsrrr

    As much as I would say I like the story, I believe Shao Kahn was killed off too easily

  • Srm Mojahed

    Shao kahn before defeat:Praise The me you mortals!Shao Kahn after defeat:Cheaters!cheaters every where!

  • Kittywampus Drums

    Meh. Story is getting dumber. I want to see Super Shredder become Kahn. FOOT CLAN 4EVAR!

  • Blazkowicz

    5:10 is pretty badass. Kahn at his baddest

  • Jay Zapanta

    Endgame and Mortal Kombat past meets present wow

  • Vari210

    No One:Literally Not A Single Soul:Raiden: "BY THE ELDER GODS...":/

  • joe crusher

    You gotta admit the crowed are the real winners here, payed to see a simple execution and ended up watching a full on Civil War

  • The Fanatic,Fikrul

    Me: hey raiden,we going somewhere?Raiden: yesMe: yay! Where shall we-Raiden: i must consult with the elder godsMe: Man COME ON

  • Davy jones

    Kotal Gets The New Stephen Hawking Loadout Ive heard

  • Anubis

    "There is something in you that makes me feel like a conqueror again !" -Shao Kahn

  • name surname

    For those that are confused about why Shao Kahn is weak in this game compared to MK9, this incarnation is the MK2 Shao Kahn, before he consumed the souls.

  • BulgaroSlav

    Liu Kang effortlessly beat Kitana in MK9, so how is it possible that she can beat Shao Kahn?

  • Valordread Valordread

    Kotal Kahn using a classic Dale Gribble move, POCKET SAND.

  • cornelxbox25

    Will your Outworld armies defend it?They Shao.

  • Alexandre Veilleux

    Kotal Kahn X Jade is one of MK ships. Look how adorable they are togheter

  • Tory DIXON

    Erron Black without a mask! Right on!

  • HitThe Clips

    8:35 love how eeron bust open doors in MK11 lol

  • RIPLemmyKilmister

    2:22-2:28"By the elder gods, I don't feel so good"

  • Beep

    excited to play kotal kahn's crippled loadout

  • Magnus Tonitrum

    7:18-7:29 Kotal is a badass

  • Breath Of West Borneo

    Man, maybe Thor need kratos to defeat thanos

  • Tiago Lopes

    O Shao Kahn parece o bandido da luz vermelha oaksoaksaoksaoksoaks

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