Skyrim Mod: Requiem - Magic

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Requiem - The Introduction

Part I - The Leveling System

Part II - Skills and Perks

Part III - Magic

Part IV - Combat and Attributes

Part V - Atmosphere

Part VI - Items

Part VII - Finale

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  • Daniel Kwiatkowski

    Yes because it uses more Magika to cast a spell in heavy armor...cause ya know...I really can't think of another reason other than it takes "more energy" to move your arm...goddamit this guy that made this mod must really really really had a bad time in other games with heavy armor

  • Mike Mouse

    Shouldn't Teleportation be an Alteration Spell? Alteration is used to alter the space time continuum and the laws of physics. Wouldn't teleporting be altering the universe in two spots and having them swap places?

  • Cole Peerce

    Making NPC's suicide? DOWNLOADED!

  • Robert House

    Been playing with SkyRE for about a year now, maybe its time to check this out :)

  • Jojostarjr

    Does this work with Perkus Maximus?

  • Autistic Birb

    It's cool and all, but I personally like being able to change standing stones. If there was a system including your birthsign, like in past games, alongside standing stones, weak by comparison to the birthsign bonus, that would be great. Also, learning that way is cool, but can you still learn them via books?

  • Richard Jordan

    As if mages weren't OP enough in game...

  • Cipher

    This mod seems so much about nostalgia for old RPGs. Am I the only one who doesn't have that or something?

  • Robert Pyne

    they removed equilibrium :( now how do i train restoration? :'(((

  • Andrew Markus

    A mod by neckbeards for neckbeards.

  • Sparkz Mentalz

    The more I watch these vids, the more this overhaul seems like Skyrim Survival - the unnecessary grind

  • Qwerds

    requiem the anti-heavy armor lod

  • HexManiacCiaran

    I love the perk based spell learning, it contributes more to the roleplaying of being a sorcerer against being a wizard, to me a wizard is studying/channelling the magic from a scroll/book/staff whereas a sorcerer's magic is internal and part of their blood so just being able to learn spells with perks sets that distinction 

  • Waruth KiloNine

    This requiem playlist have me confused. The question is 3:58 how to get Spell? its from the book spell or perk skill? looks like i missed a lot.

  • Almark

    I a oldschool guy, gaming back in 1988, so just love the limits in the mod.

  • Häijy Velho

    This is how the DEVELOPERS should have made the game... It is sad that they leave it up to the community to fix broken things and change stupid decisions that the devs made.

  • lilrico21

    Whooaa, some gods won't except me?? Because I ate a taco.

  • miazmatic

    People don't seem to get why Magic is linked to Armor weight and Stamina.Well how about this:Try jogging 20 miles and sprinting 10 miles in full metal armor and after that do the most complex Yoga you can think of perfectly with the threat of getting your head chopped off if you make a mistake.What? You can't?Well that is because you can't focus.Magic, like yoga, takes focus to do properly, and you can't focus properly if you've just jogged halfway across the country in a 100lb suit of armor (yes, our character does jog almost everywhere, and I'm not including the incessantly random jumping and sprinting players tend to do) and are under pressure of potentially dying.If your character can't focus properly, the magic isn't as perfect as it could be, and takes more effort to do it, thus draining more Magicka from your reserves than normal.If you can't accept that then at least accept that it is an excuse to actually use robes instead of Enchanted Heavy Armor for your mage.

  • Kyle

    Installed this mod, and everything one shots me right out of the starting area. Reduce damage via options menu to 10% from 100%, now im getting two shot by the stormcrows i see immediately after getting my beginning gear. Game is way to hard...

  • Damian Skrok

    I just came here to learn about Requiem. And you give me a Dovahkiin dancing with a shrunken head. It's so hilarious, I can't stop smiling

  • sidewaysfcs0718

    i'd prefer if the standing stones weren't so "forever locked mode"i mean, yeah you can't change your date of birth, but your "star sign" should not influence your character so muchi really like the idea of leveling skills by using them more often, so in theory, becoming a "jack of all trades" character should till be possible, but just much harder to do , i don't think the game should lock you into an archetypefor example a playthought i always loved to do was start out as a common thief, then progress into an assassin, then learn magic and slowly progress to a hybrid, then slowly progress into an evil necromancer, and in the end learn to use heavy daedric armor and become a deathknight jack-of-all-trades.

  • jordan999fire

    I kind wish Skyrim with have made it were you could be a mage and know the basics of every type of magic, or were you could master one type. I don't mean like destruction, illusion and things like that but instead have it as pyromancer, cryomancer, necromancer, etc. or have it as benders, such as Earth, Air, Water (or Ice), Fire, Light, and Dark benders. Also were each one gives you a basic ability, that will scale with the player. For example, in vanilla the main destruction spell is probably flames, but after you get to like level 20 flames is impractical to use. What I am suggesting is as you level up you learn better and cooler spells but flames levels up with you. Think of it almost like a Call of Duty game, were they give you default classes in the beginning to use then at the end you can have you own tricked out class, but that doesn't mean that class is any better then the default.

  • DumDum

    ahaha.. 2:07 that guy died by hand cut 

  • Sammy

    what about a system that gives you a chance to learn a spell if you see someone cast it?

  • Moregasm the Powerful


  • Brodual

    That'll be in the last episode of the series! :)

  • Aidan P OHara

    4:27 he looks like something out of TF2

  • Adrian Sanchez

    2:02 Sven use cut hand its super effective

  • Mister Shire

    2:07 cuts hand,'s better than nothing I guess

  • SixStringsOfHeart

    SPOILER It's the animation when you enter Sky Haven Temple, the Dragonborn cut his hand to activate the blood seal.

  • TheViverlin

    is there a level cap for requiem? or can you slowly get all of the perks if you keep playing?

  • marcianito 100% real ayy

    I just installed the mod AND IT'S AWESOME!, it makes the game much more harder, even when you are in god mode!.

  • Peter Menzies

    Wish it didn't require dawnguard.

  • biosonic417

    Skyrim mod weapons and race: BIONICLE

  • Mightycactuz Oster

    Does this mod disable fast travel? It seems i can't fast travel with this mod installed i don't know if that's supposed to happen? :/ Kinda hate not being able to fast travel

  • Karan Tekwani

    Is there a way to get the perks from SkyRe to work with Requiem.

  • adam wickens

    what inventory mod are you using?

  • NarlepoaxIII

    Not to mention that the direction he slashed wouldn't do anything.

  • PachaKay

    I have an idea! There's the animation where Septimus stabs himself with that Dwemr thingy full of the blood of Bosmer, Altmer, Dunmer, Orsimer, and Snow Elves. The author's of requiem could use that animation but with a dagger!

  • JTO1214

    Is this mod on Skyrim se for xbox one?

  • TheEnderLeader1

    How would this combine with Chesko's mods?

  • Balthizar101

    Is there a place where I can find a list of all the new spells that this mod offers? Their manual only lists their illusion spells.

  • BlasterICe

    dat dovahkin at the end

  • A Guy Who cares.

    *smiles* the mod works quite well, especially when you deal with the clean saves, and doesn't impact your fps much, it is a good mod that worksn very well. Any changes I wish to make I simply use BYOG to finish o=it off along with Skytweak. Overall, the video explained stuff that confuse me, so thank you brodual. I did notice something though: MXR has a mod with him as a follower, and I would like to ask if I'd make one for you as well. Thank you for the video.

  • Ghastly

    I quit playing skyrim some time ago but videos of it still entertain me...

  • general allahu akbar

    well partially true some kil move mods like dance of death uses kill moves that where locked behind allot off code they still exist however bethesda dint use them so its not quite new but there are also spell mods that creates new animations plus mods like poser's also pretty sure the lich in the mod undeath have custom animations as-well its possible but not all modders want to invest time in them

  • Myztik

    You should do a video about the various compatibility patches needed for Requiem.

  • K Infiniteuniverse

    You clearly have something against imperials =D

  • Bartoc

    The more I watch the happier I am not to have picked Requiem in my playthroughs

  • Flipendo

    can followers use the spells

  • Rockstarbop

    The gameplay distracted me because he got hit by a few arrows by walking in a straight line and he also stood still while getting hit by draugr scourges.

  • Maxentius

    step one: download with mod manager step two: play

  • Barry Jones

    Can someone tell me how Brodual gets that Gothic text in his SkyUI?

  • Scharlach Nachtfalter

    Mages in requiem are so op...Without spell resistence most enemy mages can kill you within 3 secs, high level mages have insane protection and infinite magic pool which means they can just spam one-shot magic without any cool down. If you are heavily armored, good luck even get to their feet before got one shotted.


    Work with civil war overhaul

  • Brady J

    Actually animations like this can easily be added in the command line in Skyrim..... All you have to do is press the "~" key and type Player.Add_Cool_Animation(animation description) 1 and press enter. The game will then add build the animation you typed, export it to a format Skyrim can read, apply it to the base skeletal mesh and set up context for the npc's to use it..... the key is to be as descriptive as possible........

  • Good vibrations

    The last time i updated requiem,every time my character runs for a while (not sprinting)my stamina start running low and it only stops if i stop moving for a not sure if this is a glitch or something added by the last update.If anyone is using the latest version can you tell me please?

  • Alex7077

    Hey brodual I really find this mod cool and appealing, and what I want to ask you is what do you you personally recommend, Skyre or Requiem? I find them to be both very cool and interesting overhaul mods that change my Skyrim experience, but I'm undecided on which one should I choose for my next play-through, I already tried Skyre and enjoyed it very much but this mod seems so cool as well...... Also really nice vid I really like your mod reviews :)

  • Noah Gornik

    do these require the DLC's

  • RadiationIsStrongInThisOne

    this is awesome but still how do i start as a magic user? i waste magica in a half a second.

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