Skyrim Mod: Requiem - Magic

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Requiem - The Introduction

Part I - The Leveling System

Part II - Skills and Perks

Part III - Magic

Part IV - Combat and Attributes

Part V - Atmosphere

Part VI - Items

Part VII - Finale

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  • Häijy Velho

    LOL at the suicide spell... Sven just slices his palm and dies?

  • Sammy

    what about a system that gives you a chance to learn a spell if you see someone cast it?

  • washabe

    Shouldn't Teleportation be an Alteration Spell? Alteration is used to alter the space time continuum and the laws of physics. Wouldn't teleporting be altering the universe in two spots and having them swap places?

  • Robert House

    Been playing with SkyRE for about a year now, maybe its time to check this out :)

  • Sparkz Mentalz

    The more I watch these vids, the more this overhaul seems like Skyrim Survival - the unnecessary grind

  • Autistic Birb

    It's cool and all, but I personally like being able to change standing stones. If there was a system including your birthsign, like in past games, alongside standing stones, weak by comparison to the birthsign bonus, that would be great. Also, learning that way is cool, but can you still learn them via books?

  • sidewaysfcs0718

    i'd prefer if the standing stones weren't so "forever locked mode"i mean, yeah you can't change your date of birth, but your "star sign" should not influence your character so muchi really like the idea of leveling skills by using them more often, so in theory, becoming a "jack of all trades" character should till be possible, but just much harder to do , i don't think the game should lock you into an archetypefor example a playthought i always loved to do was start out as a common thief, then progress into an assassin, then learn magic and slowly progress to a hybrid, then slowly progress into an evil necromancer, and in the end learn to use heavy daedric armor and become a deathknight jack-of-all-trades.

  • Ceasless Discharge

    I prefer Ultimate Skyrim.

  • Oneshotgone

    Yea it does, but there are new teleporting spells and you can still take the carriage

  • Mightycactuz Oster

    Does this mod disable fast travel? It seems i can't fast travel with this mod installed i don't know if that's supposed to happen? :/ Kinda hate not being able to fast travel

  • SirDrShotgunMD

    Lieutenant, download faster, and if you say "im given it all shes got capin' she cant go any faster" i will slap you for making me repeat myself.

  • Balthizar101

    Is there a place where I can find a list of all the new spells that this mod offers? Their manual only lists their illusion spells.

  • TheViverlin

    is there a level cap for requiem? or can you slowly get all of the perks if you keep playing?

  • Noah Gornik

    do these require the DLC's

  • adam wickens

    what inventory mod are you using?

  • RyanMWeeks

    I love you, more people need to watch Robbaz, BECOME A VIKING TODAY PEOPLE!!!

  • Tommy Wiseau

    I know it would be tough, but I wish there was a mod that made combat based on skeletal system rather than HP.

  • Munitia Blastpaw

    I have both installed, and so far they aren't conflicting, strangely enough. (I would have only installed one, but I already had skyRE, and it emebeds itself so deeply that you'd need a wipe to get rid of it).

  • rtwonmac

    great review of requiem!

  • Da Secret Ingredient

    I just installed the mod AND IT'S AWESOME!, it makes the game much more harder, even when you are in god mode!.

  • Uknowwho360

    Is there a mod to where you age until you get arthritous yeah Rory no one wants a aging mod

  • Rory More

    Is there a mod that means you age over time and eventually die?

  • Peter Menzies

    Wish it didn't require dawnguard.

  • Brady J

    Actually animations like this can easily be added in the command line in Skyrim..... All you have to do is press the "~" key and type Player.Add_Cool_Animation(animation description) 1 and press enter. The game will then add build the animation you typed, export it to a format Skyrim can read, apply it to the base skeletal mesh and set up context for the npc's to use it..... the key is to be as descriptive as possible........

  • Erick Willett

    why are you people asking questions about compatibility w/ other mods and such on here instead looking on the mods page? There are a lot of users that actively help people w/ questions like that on there so you are likely to get an answer much quicker.

  • Nathan Wilburn

    thank god. I was worried I wouldnt be able to play it with my mods. My many, many, MANY quest mods.

  • Adrian Sanchez

    2:02 Sven use cut hand its super effective

  • Robert Pyne

    they removed equilibrium :( now how do i train restoration? :'(((

  • Dayrien010899

    Will i need compability patches for mods like Frostfall Hunterborn Wet and Cold Cloaks of Skyrim Winter is coming realistic needs and diseas and so on? Cause i couldnt live without them.

  • Svetlana Rodriguez

    True. I always have a cheap weapon till I can get more spells and use more mods to start with.. I have 80 mods from Steam and Nexus that help me.

  • Jacob Cornwell

    This plus Skyrim Unbound is almost impossible. Starting with clothes and no weapons, every enemy in the game one hit kills me.

  • Tito

    I believe thats supposed to happen. There might an option to turn that feature off in the MCM menu.

  • Waruth KiloNine

    This requiem playlist have me confused. The question is 3:58 how to get Spell? its from the book spell or perk skill? looks like i missed a lot.

  • biosonic417

    Skyrim mod weapons and race: BIONICLE

  • Mopbrain

    Hmmmn... seems that the items this mod adds are invisible...

  • Erick Willett

    download the 1.7 w/ mod manager, then manually install the hotfix.

  • Erick Willett

    no, since both are major overhauls for the game they are not compatible.

  • DumDum

    ahaha.. 2:07 that guy died by hand cut 

  • Good vibrations

    The last time i updated requiem,every time my character runs for a while (not sprinting)my stamina start running low and it only stops if i stop moving for a not sure if this is a glitch or something added by the last update.If anyone is using the latest version can you tell me please?

  • desu38

    Heavy armor makes magic cost more? As a canned mage, I think I'll pass on that.

  • desu38

    So you express your hatred for it... by bringing it up at a video that has absolutely nothing to do with it? I don't think that's how hate works.

  • AlexTheLie

    Hey brodual I really find this mod cool and appealing, and what I want to ask you is what do you you personally recommend, Skyre or Requiem? I find them to be both very cool and interesting overhaul mods that change my Skyrim experience, but I'm undecided on which one should I choose for my next play-through, I already tried Skyre and enjoyed it very much but this mod seems so cool as well...... Also really nice vid I really like your mod reviews :)

  • HexManiacCiaran

    I love the perk based spell learning, it contributes more to the roleplaying of being a sorcerer against being a wizard, to me a wizard is studying/channelling the magic from a scroll/book/staff whereas a sorcerer's magic is internal and part of their blood so just being able to learn spells with perks sets that distinction 

  • Twm757

    wtf you doing talking about it in here?!!??!!?

  • NordicGoji

    compatible with skyRE?

  • Cipher

    This mod seems so much about nostalgia for old RPGs. Am I the only one who doesn't have that or something?

  • Aiden Gibson

    He is out fighting dragons.

  • Edenko

    What happened to your brother?

  • Heinrich6745

    Should cover Skyre next after this is fully covered

  • Brodual

    That'll be in the last episode of the series! :)

  • Shower Power

    the Magica System remembers me at Diablo

  • general allahu akbar

    well partially true some kil move mods like dance of death uses kill moves that where locked behind allot off code they still exist however bethesda dint use them so its not quite new but there are also spell mods that creates new animations plus mods like poser's also pretty sure the lich in the mod undeath have custom animations as-well its possible but not all modders want to invest time in them

  • Don Hinds

    Why does Requiem not work for me. Whenever I go to instal the mod on mod manager or even manually it says either files are corrupted or my computer blue screens. Should I turn off all other mods before this one?

  • miazmatic

    People don't seem to get why Magic is linked to Armor weight and Stamina.Well how about this:Try jogging 20 miles and sprinting 10 miles in full metal armor and after that do the most complex Yoga you can think of perfectly with the threat of getting your head chopped off if you make a mistake.What? You can't?Well that is because you can't focus.Magic, like yoga, takes focus to do properly, and you can't focus properly if you've just jogged halfway across the country in a 100lb suit of armor (yes, our character does jog almost everywhere, and I'm not including the incessantly random jumping and sprinting players tend to do) and are under pressure of potentially dying.If your character can't focus properly, the magic isn't as perfect as it could be, and takes more effort to do it, thus draining more Magicka from your reserves than normal.If you can't accept that then at least accept that it is an excuse to actually use robes instead of Enchanted Heavy Armor for your mage.

  • devlin9871

    yes, you can add new animations to the game. there are mods that add, and i repeat, ADD dozens if not hundreds of animations. skywind alone has had to create at least 50 new animations for their mod. and then there are special kill mods that increase the normal 20 or so kill cam scenes to somewhere around 50 or 60. YOU CAN ADD NEW ANIMATIONS!!!!!!

  • Jerem Pillot

    You can add animations using FNIS ( the ones for the flying mod for instance ) ;)

  • Jojostarjr

    Does this work with Perkus Maximus?

  • JDcrafter

    and you can't add new animations to the game you can only replace ones.

  • Autism Is Unstoppable

    watch gophers series on how add mod to skyrim user/GophersVids

  • Phum Keaos

    i have a few problems. after i download this mod, everything work perfectly but the enemies take no damage, no matter how i try to kill it, and later i realize i take no damage too, i dont know if its a bug or what, i try re-download and re-install, but nothing happen, plz help, thanks

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