Outlast by Saint Connor in 20:39 - Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 - Part 62 [1440p]

This is a speedrun of Outlast by Saint Connor from Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. The run starts at 4:20.

AGDQ2016 raised over $1,200,000 for Prevent Cancer Foundation, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Games Done Quick.

To download high quality MP4s of every run at the event, visit our Archive.org page here:


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  • Comic Sans MS

    When I heard the doctor guy say "...bible thumping"I could only imagine twitch chat at that moment

  • TKsuperturbo

    He'd make a great commentator for golf games

  • Menozit.

    Seeing the runner tear up at the end like that is really heartbreaking.poor guy. If he reads this, my condolences go out to you.

  • Eric Hernandez

    Wow, poor guy. He really built up that glitch, and then it just fails.

  • Drew Noel

    Hey, I actually knew Dan from school. I saw he went quiet in Sept but I didn't know. Pretty unreal to hear about it from SGDQ.

  • Emily Yeager

    He moved so fast through those walls that some fingers came off and his camera cracked, wow.

  • Austin

    The [1440p] tag reminds me of when people used to put HD in their video titles. XD

  • CallMe MFor

    immensely scary gameguy pops out with sickle in handgoes around himno reaction, calm afWtf

  • Hitoshi Kirako

    ...the game that scared the everlasting shit out of me for weeks of struggling... reduced to the scariness equivalent of a child going down the high slide at the park for the first time... un-friggen-belivable...

  • Numbingbird

    Love how he just parkours through the whole game Dying Light style. Very interesting because in my playthrough it was the complete opposite lol

  • El Spudman

    How do people find these tricks?

  • Jacob Code

    The runner misplaces a finger or two during the run. he must have dropped 'em in a wall or something.

  • Will

    Man people don't know how speedrunning works. Glitchy and exploiting the game is how it's supposed to be done.

  • Jpks_BR

    05:13 wall rider huh? ironic

  • raptor

    one of my favorite speedruns of adgq this year

  • Paul Vandergriff

    The most stressful 20 minutes of my life

  • dat boi

    i love speedruns of this game

  • ThePokeTesla

    Years ago my friends came over my house and I downloaded this game and were hype. Quickly after we were all scared sh*tless and telling each other to play next. XD

  • Mr. Anders0n

    I'd like the devs of this game to watch this run and realise : breh our game engine stinks you can jump inside doors :/

  • maiko.

    Why is this getting re-uploaded?

  • The Mad Chemist

    its possible to do this in 9 minutes too am i right?

  • [GD] RawSpark

    The wallrunner glitch reminds me of a glitch in roblox

  • Chrionz

    "You saw the wall rider, didn't you?""I AM the Wall Rider."

  • rettiryggen

    Kind of suprised to see such a disturbing game at GDQ but he skips the entire game by wall clipping so I guess they let him on xD

  • Layne Parlor

    Saint Connor seems like he plays a lot of fighting games by the terminology he uses. You don't hear neutral jump and active frames from even speedrunners.

  • Sebastian Bartko

    Finath should have went there lmao

  • Jacky Lucas

    "I'll find you" Sure man, sure u will get this guy... lol

  • Litiers2 Ivanov

    can someone link video where he makes the bonus glitch after dr trager dies ?

  • mortalwombat2011

    Saint Connor still speedrunning? Was hoping he'd do O2...this is one of my favorite vids to watch

  • whyte.

    scary music mean grunting we can just jump through this water here. walks a little out of bounds

  • Tariq Johnson

    Can you do this on console?

  • Game Vault Guides

    What is that song playing at the start of the video? It's so familiar to me.

  • DemonAlter

    what a really good cause

  • paloma piromana

    why the final part doesn´t count?

  • You Are Alone, Child. Burning In Meme Hell.

    The timing on the speed-run start was lit.

  • DerpTV Gaming

    This makes me look like a joke at the power part 0_0Actually THIS MAKES EVERY PART I DID LOOK LIKE A JOKEExcept for the last one

  • R.O.T. Studios

    "to squeeze through, move towards the gap" glitches through wall insteadClose enough lol

  • 1nfection

    Am I the only one who sleeps to this?

  • Jani SIr

    Wait, 20 minutes for an all chapters run? This game is broken. Or just really shot. I haven't played it.

  • lane1

    Mission impossible completed.

  • octavio

    He sounds like he's so nervous he's about to throw up at any second! Other than that this was a great run, really loved it ;)

  • Dsennack

    a Trick called Wallrider in Outlast .... XD

  • Toby G.H

    Is this posible on ps4

  • Ratcode

    What evil demon would want to speed run this game...

  • LeonSKennedy21

    What difficulty was this on?

  • Meatloaf

    His T-Shirt, I think they mean Project walrider? And is he just a huge fan or a maker?

  • Nepgee

    And I believe Finath break his record

  • ToxicFox113

    Can someone tell me where to find the last glitch that he had failed to do?

  • DDelisi 77352

    I didn't think it was possible to speedrun a horror game, but games done quick proved me wrong. Great job and keep up the good work!

  • Alvin Davis

    great run. kinda weird to see em take the piss out of thishorror game though


    I'm sorry but isn't he recording for journalism, imagine that story with this kind of footage, people will say he's the true monster

  • Mirshhhh

    You made the whole game look garbage but mad respect sick play

  • Mohammad Sibtain Ali Raza Qadri

    How to do that glitch ?

  • Ted Stares At

    what is that song playing in the background, after he announces twitch commercials? I need to find that game.

  • 『Hitler loli』

    even with all the exploits and shit the game is still scary

  • Pika7820

    What was that music at the beginning?

  • BoostedDoge

    Aww man i felt so bad for this poor guy

  • Isaac Witherden

    can you do these on console?

  • Be Careful Clem!

    I want his tshirt <3

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