fus ro dah

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  • Just a Youtuber

    I died when the guy hit the bus and it exploded

  • porxshot

    Like like like55555+LOL

  • SuperSam

    its from Kazakhstan Special forces training, well, as i know.

  • MotoZuckerZer

    Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah Fus Ro Dah 55555555555+

  • Antares23xma

    He freaking punched through is desktop screen LOL

  • LightMrT

    LOL) 0:26 Nyan Cat!!:D

  • xSeg Steven

    0:58 rest in peaces lydia .... god i always hated thta bitch

  • Carlos Zurcher

    HAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHA funniest thing on youtube ;)!

  • bassguy1423

    lol i was crying (laughter wise) by the end of this video

  • Jaden D

    @ 00:34 OWN3D BITCH!!

  • Mokami Family

    0.53 จะสงสารคนหรือสงสารคอมดีฟะ

  • Brandon Lunderstedt

    Too much hurting people

  • Patipan Thongma

    fuh ro dah pen palo Oh hippo Oh mangon I'm the fuck

  • tjottney11

    00:55 to 00:56 best thing ever made me silent laugh and just clap like a retard

  • FighterBG FighterBG

    they come with DOVAKHIN dragonporn mustard jar it's a bot, fucking cool, OMG!!!

  • -OVH- Willi

    00:37 best ever !! :D

  • mrStroke88

    @GruntProX oh, thanks)

  • Brandon Clarke

    0:34 suicide bombing at its finest

  • Alec nguyen

    Check our our channel formore fus ro dah.

  • Mario Jump-man

    What are you guys saying???

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